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Yantai, China, "City in East China Reduces Noise, Can Hear Birds Sing" (Aug. 12, 1998). China Daily reports noise control measures have been used to reduce noise in Yantai, a coastal city in East China's Shandong Province. Cars are forbidden to blow their horns in the urban districts and no sirens are allowed to sound. Broadcasting music and advertisements outdoors has also been forbidden in commercial areas since June 1.

Yarrowlumla Shire, Australia, "Queanbeyan Council in Australia to Ask Yarrowlumla Shire for More Land After Council Takes Heat For Approving Development Under an Existing Canberra Airport Flight Path" (Jun. 4, 1999). The Canberra Times reports that Queanbeyan Council will meet with Yarrowlumla Shire in an attempt to obtain more land for residential development. In 1996, the Council approved a proposal for a 500-unit development under an existing flight path for nearby Canberra Airport. The transport minister criticized the approval then and now as irresponsible, since the current flight path has already been moved several times in response to resident protests. The Minister of Planning is to make a decision on the proposal in about a month.

Ybor City, Florida, "Businesses in Florida Protest Noise Ordinance" (Mar. 21, 1998). The Tampa Tribune reports that some Ybor City, Florida, business owners in the Latin Quarter say a proposed citywide noise ordinance would put them out of business.

Ybor City, Florida, "Restaurant Owners in Ybor City, Florida Upset at City's New Ordinance Forbidding Excessive Noise from Outside Entertainment" (Nov. 20, 1999). The Tampa Tribune reports that against protests from local restaurant owners, Ybor City, Florida has passed an ordinance to forbid excessive noise in several districts.

Ybor, Florida, "Proposed Ordinance in Ybor, Florida Is Aimed to Quiet Loud Clubs; Other Noise Sources Still Make Up Majority of the Problem" (Aug. 2, 1999). The Tampa Tribune reports that a proposed new ordinance in Ybor, Florida will limit noise levels in residential areas to 55 decibels at the listener's property line, and downtown businesses will be limited to 85 decibels at their property line. Critics say that bars are only part of the problem, and note that many noisemakers are exempt.

Yellowstone National Park, Montana, "'Snowmobile' is a Fighting Word in Yellowstone National Park; Man and Motor Versus Natural Quiet" (Feb. 28, 1999). The Chicago Tribune reports the snowmobile's noise and pollution in Yellowstone National Park is the latest topic in a larger debate of how to appreciate nature on public lands in the United States.

Yellowstone National Park, Montana, "Snowmobile Debate in US Parks Goes National with Petition from Green Groups" (Feb. 12, 1999). USA Today reports a coalition of environmental groups in the United Sates is calling for the ban of recreational snowmobiles in national parks, setting off a contentious debate covering issues from noise and pollution to local economies and civil rights.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, "Limits on Snowmobiles in Yellowstone Are Unavoidable" (May 8, 1997). The Idaho Falls Post Register printed an editorial that explores the issue of how many snowmobiles should be allowed in Yellowstone National Park and its six adjacent national forests in order to avoid conflicts with wildlife and other recreational users and damage to natural resources. The editorial writer says that the scientific answer to the question is fairly straightforward, but a political solution acceptable to everyone is not so easy.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, "Snowmobiles Plague Yellowstone" (Feb. 19, 1998). USA Today published an editorial about the effects of snowmobiles on Yellowstone National Park and advocates banning their use in National Parks.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, "US National Park Service Hoping to Reduce Motor Vehicle Use in Parks" (Apr. 2, 2000). The Deseret News in Salt Lake City, Utah recently published an article that originally appeared in the Christian Science Monitor. The article reports that the National Park Service is considering reducing the use of snowmobiles, cars, and airplanes in some of the country's national parks, including Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon. The Park Service hopes to be able to decrease noise and air pollution in the parks to keep them more pristine and to allow visitors to experience a more unspoiled environment.

Yeovil, United Kingdom, "Residents and Environmental Health Officer Worry that Granting a Late-Night Entertainment Licence to a Yeovil, U.K. Bar Would Cause Noise Problems" (Nov. 29, 1999). The Western Daily Press reports that a neighbor of a Yeovil, U.K. bar worries that a late-night entertainment licence -- which the establishment has applied for -- would worsen noise for her and other residents. The local environmental health officer agrees.

Yeovilton, England, "English Residents Say Helicopter Noise Disturbing Their Lives" (Feb. 10, 1999). The Western Daily Press reports complaints from villagers in the English countryside about helicopter noise from a nearby air base has prompted a meeting with local officials to address their concerns.

Yokohama, Japan, "Japanese Residents File Lawsuit Against Japanese Government for Noisy U.S. Navy Air Base" (Apr. 28, 1998). The Mainichi Daily News reports that a group of 1,607 people living near U.S. Navy Atsugi air base in Yokohama, Japan filed a class-action lawsuit Monday in Yokohama District Court seeking 1.27 billion yen as compensation from the Japanese government for noise from U.S. and Self-Defense Forces (SDF) planes. The Japanese government is in charge of the base, which stretches over seven municipalities. The article notes that the lawsuit is the third of its kind regarding noise from the Atsugi base.

Yokohama, Japan, "Yomiuri, Japan Residents Disappointed in Court's Rejection of Night-Flight Ban; One Resident Particularly Angry Since Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Forced Her Son to Give Up His Dream" (Jul. 24, 1999). The Daily Yomiuri reports that the Tokyo High Court rejected a bid by residents of Yomiuri, Japan to ban noisy night-flights at Atsugi Air Base. The court required the government to pay 170 million yen in damages for pain and suffering to residents and to continue soundproofing homes in the residential area, but set no date to move night operations to another location. The article goes on to tell the sad story of a particular resident's son, which included his being forced to give up his dream of musical arrangement because of noise-induced hearing loss caused by lifetime exposure to the airport noise.

Yorba Linda, California, "Residents Plan to Appeal Building of California Monastery" (Feb. 21, 1997). The Los Angeles Times reports that residents of Yorba Linda, California will appeal the approval of a community monastery and meditation center; residents think traffic and noise will be a problem during large celebrations.

Yorba Linda, California, "Noise is a Hot Topic in Yorba Linda, California" (Sep. 17, 1998). The Orange County Register reports two of the hottest topics before the Yorba Linda City Council in California were discussed at the council meeting Tuesday. Both issues concerned noise and noise mitigation.

York County, South Carolina, "York County, South Carolina Tourism Councils Plan to Spend $4,000 on New Noise Study of Airport" (Nov. 16, 1999). The Herald reports that York County, South Carolina's tourism councils want to merge, and spend up to $4,000 on a new noise study for the county airport.

York, South Carolina, "Residents in South Carolina Town Complain About Noise from Gun Range and Water Treatment Plant" (May 6, 1997). The Herald reports that two residents of York, South Carolina brought noise problems to the County Council Monday. Charles Plyler complains about noisy gunfire at a nearby police shooting range, and Bud Rushin can't sleep because of unmuffled pumping at a water treatment plant near his home. The council agreed to investigate both complaints.

Youngstown and Toledo, Ohio, "Ohio Turnpike Commission Refuses to Hear Neighbors' Noise Complaints" (Dec. 13, 1999). According to the Plain Dealer, the Ohio Turnpike Commission is spending $1.3 billion to enhance rest stops and add lanes, but it refuses to listen to residents who want sound barriers to block traffic noise.

Youngstown and Toledo, Ohio, "Ohio Turnpike Trustees To Develop Noise Policy" (Dec. 14, 1999). An editorial in the Plain Dealer discusses the obligation of the Ohio Turnpike Trustees to develop a noise policy because of the dramatic increase in traffic over the years and its subsequent impact on homes that have been built during that time.

Yucaipa, California, "Road to Be Moved Closer to Mobile Home Park in Yucaipa, California Despite Protests" (Jan. 13, 1998). The Press-Enterprise reports that despite protests, the Yucaipa, California City Council voted Monday to move Sunnyside Drive to within 22 feet of Lakeview Mobile Estates to make way for the construction of Community Park along Oak Glen Road in Yucaipa. Mobile home residents, angry that the heavily traveled road will be moved, presented a petition with more than 100 signatures and spoke out against the proposal at Monday's city council meeting.

Yucaipa, California, "Residents Think Planned Water-Treatment Plant in Yucaipa, California Will Be Too Smelly and Noisy, While Officials Say It Won't" (Dec. 2, 1999). The Press-Enterprise reports that a proposed water-treatement plant in Yucaipa, California has residents worried about noise, odor, wildlife habitat and property values. Officials say that none of those problems will occur.

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