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Bahamas, Freeport, "Navy Exercises Investigated After Death of Eight Beached Whales in Bahamas" (Mar. 21, 2000). According to an article by the Associated Press, the US Navy is under investigation because of the death of eight beached whales shortly after Navy sonar exercise in the northern Bahamas and an environmental group is calling for an end to the testing.

Bahamas, Nassau, "Bambardier Announces its New Personal Watercraft is Quieter" (Sep. 17, 1997). Business Wire released a press release from Bombadier, a manufacturer of personal watercraft, that says all models of their Sea Doo watercraft and jet boats will have the D-Sea-Bel Noise Reduction System by model-year 1999.

Bangladesh, Dhaka, "Research on Noise in Dhaka, Bangladesh Presented at Meeting Suggests Measures to Quiet the City" (Sep. 19, 1999). The Independent reports that noise research, gathered in Dhaka, Bangladesh and presented there yesterday, discussed the dangers of excessive noise in the city and some possible solutions. Noise in the city ranges from 68 to 106.2 decibels, although the World Health Organization has said that 65 decibels is the highest acceptable level. The article notes that attendees of the seminar included several government leaders.

Bangladesh, Dhaka City, "Study in Dhaka City, Bangladesh Reveals Surprisingly High Levels of Noise; Public May Now Become More Aware of Associated Health Risks" (Sep. 20, 1999). The Independent reports that a study on the presence of noise pollution in Dhaka City, Bangladesh revealed that many parts of the city have high levels of noise. Noise in the city exceeded World Health Organization recommendations in many places. Factors that contribute to the problem include densely packed structures, construction, loudspeakers, and lack of green spaces to absorb sound waves. Ailments such as tinnitus, vestibular symptoms, irritability, blood pressure and stress may result from continued exposure to noise above 65 decibels; exposure to noise higher than 80 decibels can permanently damage hearing.

Belgium, Brussels, "European Group Wants European Union To Set New Noise Rules For Airports" (Apr. 29, 1997). The publication Airports reports that the European Center of Enterprises with Public Participation (CEEP), the union of public-owned enterprises in Brussels, Belgium, has said that the European Union should take a leading role in combating airport noise levels by issuing new rules on land-use planning for its 15 member states and tighter noise restrictions for aircraft. The CEEP's comments came in response to the European Commission's November 1996 "green paper" on noise pollution, the article says.

Belgium, Brussels, "Charter Airplane Operators Complain About New Nighttime Noise Rules at Brussels Airport" (Jun. 4, 1997). Aviation Daily reports that charter airlines and other operators using noisy aircraft are complaining about new nighttime regulations at Brussels Airport International.

Belgium, Brussels, "Protesters Sleep Over at Brussels Airport to Protest Nighttime Aircraft Noise" (Nov. 25, 1997). The Daily Record reports that hundreds of protesters dressed in pajamas bedded down for the night at the Brussels (Belgium) airport to protest nighttime aircraft noise. The article says that residents are demanding a cut in the 65 flights allowed at the airport every night.

Belgium, Brussels, "EU Will Strive for Consistent but Flexible Nighttime Aircraft Standards" (Apr. 28, 1998). Airports(R) reports the European Union plans to define a common approach to nighttime movements of aircraft and created a new policy, particularly for cargo shipments, at Europe's airports.

Belgium, Brussels, "European Union to Label Noise Levels on Outdoor Machinery" (Jan. 26, 1998). The Financial Times Limited of London, England, reports that the European Commission, meeting in Brussels, Belgium, is expected to recommend noise levels be labeled on various outdoor machinery in an effort to limit noise that's dangerous to citizens of the European Union.

Belgium, Brussels, "Resident Groups in Belgium Threaten Action if Noise at Two Airports Doesn't Decrease" (Mar. 20, 1998). Aviation Daily reports that resident groups in Belgium are threatening action against two airports in the Brussels area to protest what they say are lax noise standards. Residents living near the Brussels South Charleroi Airport are demanding a halt to night flights and training flights, and residents and city officials in Woluwe-St.-Pierre, a Brussels borough near Brussels Airport International, say the airport is not monitoring or enforcing noise rules for older aircraft.

Belgium, Brussels, "EU Freezes Number of Hush-Kitted Aircraft; They're Legal, but Not So Quiet" (Mar. 13, 1998). AFX News reports the European Commission is proposing a directive so that "hush-kitted" aircraft - aircraft with older engines muffled to meet tighter modern noise pollution standards - cannot be added to the registers of the EU after April 1, 1999.

Belgium, Brussels, "European Commission Proposes Ban on Aircraft with Hush Kits" (Mar. 12, 1998). The Journal of Commerce reports that the European Commission has moved to ban certain types of aircraft in a controversial move against noise pollution that has angered the Continent's express carriers and threatens trade relations with the United States.

Belgium, Brussels, "European Aircraft Muffler Law Tightened to Calm U.S. Fears" (Apr. 26, 1999). The AFX News reports that European air transport legislation may be tightened in order to address U.S. concerns that planes not fitted with the proper muffler may be prohibited from flying into the EU and will lose value for resale.

Belgium, Brussels, "European Union Defers Hush Kit Legislation Until 2001" (Dec. 10, 1999). According to AFX European Focus, the European Commissioner for transport, Loyola de Palacio, said that EU passed legislation requiring certain aircraft to be equipped with "husk kits" to make them quieter may be delayed until after an international aircraft noise conference in Sept 2001.

Belgium, Brussels, "EU May Postpone New Hush-Kit Rules that Would Ban Most US Aircraft from European Skies" (Mar. 2, 1999). The Journal of Commerce reports Undersecretary of State of Economics, Business and Agricultural Affairs Stuart Eizenstat said in Brussels Friday there were signs that European governments would postpone new rules that would ban some US aircraft from their airspace.

Belgium, Brussels, "EU/US Continue to Disagree over Hushkit Regulations" (Mar. 27, 1999). According to the European Report, the US Transportation Secretary told the press in Brussels that the airplane-hushkit dispute between the US and the European Union risks a new trade dispute

Belgium, Brussels, "EU Delays Hushkit Ban for One Month, Will Consult with US" (Mar. 30, 1999). The New York Times reports the European Union today delayed for a month a law on aircraft noise that that has given rise to fears of a trade dispute with the United States.

Belgium, Brussels, "EU Delays Vote to Ban Hushkitted Planes to Allow US to Propose Compromise" (Mar. 30, 1999). The Hartford Courant reports the European Union's transport ministers have postponed a vote on the ban of older aircraft, giving U.S. officials more time to work with European Union executives on a compromise.

Belgium, Brussels, "US Urges EU to Reconsider Noise Law that Will Forbid Additional Stage 2 Aircrafts -- Even When Muffled with 'Husk-Kits' -- from Operating in Europe; US Says Companies Have Already Lost $2.1 Billion in Aircraft Resale Value and Hush-Kit Sales" (Sep. 20, 1999). The Business Times reports that the US is urging the European Union (EU) to reconsider noise laws that would ban additional Stage 2 aircraft from operating in Europe. The US says that the laws discriminate against older US Stage 2 planes with hush-kits which meet noise standards. The EU has already postponed implementation of the law. Now the US wants withdrawal of the legislation, and the EU seems willing to consider it if the US makes commitments to developing new Stage 4 international noise standards in the near future; talks on the new standards are currently at a stand still.

Belgium, Brussels, "EU Must Respond to Ban on American Hush Kits" (Apr. 15, 2000). An article by the Associated Press reported that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has given the European Commission (EU) until the end of June respond to the United States' complaints over its ban on hush kits--noise reducing technology for noisy jets.

Belgium, Brussels, "US Files Complaint With ICAO Over EU Ban on Hushkitted Aircraft" (Apr. 14, 2000). The Associated Press reports that the United States government filed a complaint last month with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) over a proposed European Union (EU) ban on aircraft outfitted with "hushkits," which are mufflers that reduce noise on older planes. The ban is to take effect May 4. The ICAO has given the European Commission a deadline of June 30 to respond to the complaint.

Belgium, Brussels, "Press Release Report of the 2240th Meeting of Agriculture Council of the European Commission" (Feb. 16, 2000). The Agriculture Council of the Commission of the European Communities recently issued a press release of its meeting on February 16, 2000. M. Luas Capoulas Santos, President of the Agriculture Council, spoke about "the main priorities of the Portuguese presidency for the next six months." He spoke about labeling, food safety, forests, animal health, the hops market, fisheries, energy, labor and social affairs, and finally, about noise emissions. The section on noise emissions is reprinted here in its entirety:

Belgium, Brussels, "Brussels, Belgium Will Ban Night Flights After 2003" (Jan. 3, 2000). AFX European Focus reports that Brussels, Belgium will ban all nighttime flights starting in mid-2003, as well as restricting noisy flights after 11 p.m starting in 2001.

Belgium, Brussels, "Belgian Express Mail Company Seeks Solution to Ban on Night Flights at Brussels Airport" (Jan. 13, 2000). According to an article in AFX European Focus, the CEO of a Belgian express mail company pledged to find a solution to the Belgian government's proposed ban on night flights to Brussels National Airport.

Belgium, Brussels, "European Union Disappointed that United States Filed Complaint Over Upcoming EU Hushkit Ban" (Mar. 16, 2000). The Xinhua News Agency reports that the European Union is disappointed that the United States filed an Article 84 complaint with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) concerning the EU's ban of older non-EU aircraft outfitted with hushkits (airplane engine noise reduction mufflers.) The EU said that the action will make it more difficult for the EU and the U.S. to arrive at any type of agreement on this issue.

Belgium, Liege, "Study Finds that Cargo Development at Belgium Airport Will Bring Noise Problems" (Feb. 18, 1997). The publication Airports reports that two independent studies have been done on the Bierset Airport near Liege, Belgium, and one of them has found that noise problems would result from expanding the airport into a major cargo hub.

Boston, "Major US Airlines Poised to Comply With January 1, 2000 Noise Standards; See How Well They're Doing" (Aug. 20, 1999). The Boston Globe reports that major U.S. airlines have spent $100 billion to comply with quieter Stage 3 engine requirements by January 1, 2000, and appear to be positioned to do just that. Major carriers are in good shape, but smaller carriers have approached the FAA, asking that they be allowed to fly with some Stage 2 aircraft after the deadline. Not all airlines are at the same point in converting their fleets. Though residents say the efforts are "admirable," they say that the difference for airport neighbors is negligible.

Boston, "Students and Scientists Study Noise Impact on Whales" (Jul. 6, 1999). According to an Associated Press article, scientists have studed whale feedings in the Massachusetts Bay between Cape Ann and Provincetown, and think that too much human noise from fishing vessels, whale watch cruises and leisure boats may have a negative impact on their health. Now students will begin a five-day study of the impact of noise on whales that feed along Stellwagen Bank one of the nation's 12 aquatic sanctuaries.

Britain, South Wales, "Plans for Road Development through Welsh Gorge Brings Protests of Noise Pollution" (May 17, 1998). The Independent of London, England, reports Clydach Gorge, a three-mile enclave of wildlife in South Wales, is under consideration for road development. Locals oppose the plan, citing environmental impacts and noise pollution.

British Columbia CANADA, Richmond, "British Columbia Town Restricts Noisy All-Night Dance Parties" (Apr. 5, 1999). The Vancouver Sun reports the town of Richmond, British Columbia, has drafted a bylaw that will restrict all night dance parties, known as raves, in response to residents' noise complaints and criticisms of other kinds.

British Columbia CANADA, Vancouver, "Canadian Race Officials Offer Compensation to Residents Hit Hardest by Noise from 3-Day Event" (Mar. 30, 1999). The Vancouver Sun reports in response to a health board's noise findings on last year's race, the Molson Indy is offering a noise compensation package to residents of a housing complex in Vancouver, British Columbia, during this year's three-day event.

British Columbia, Burnaby, "Noise and Lead from Gun Clubs Incompatible with Urban Growth Decides Town in British Columbia" (Jan. 20, 1998). The Vancouver Sun reports that the city council of Burnaby, British Columbia, ordered three Burnaby Mountain gun ranges to close by the end of September.

British Columbia, Calgary, "Residents Distressed by Outdoor Dinner Parties Decide to Take Action" (Aug. 14, 1998). Calgary Herald reports that a group of residents are upset about the late-night noise emulating from the Cross House Garden Café in Calgary, British Columbia. They say the outdoor parties are ruining the quiet tranquility of the community and are circulating a petition that requests the city to withhold permission for the garden tents to go up each summer.

British Columbia, Coquitlam, "British Columbia Residents Object to New Bus Route on Grounds of Noise and Congestion" (Oct. 29, 1997). The Vancouver Sun reports that the British Columbia town of Coquitlam has received a 500-name petition calling for the shut-down of a Town Centre bus service. The residents of Town Centre Boulevard complain that the bus service adds noise, congestion and the potential for crime in the area.

British Columbia, Shaughnessy, "Human Powered Gardening Replaces Noisy Power Tools in British Columbia" (Aug. 13, 1998). The Vancouver Sun reports about the peaceful home gardening business of Shaughnessy's Graham Clark, whose human powered gardening replaces noisy power mowers and leaf blowers.

British Columbia, Vancouver, "Vancouver, British Columbia's International Airport Concentrates Operations On One Runway As Two Others Are Repaired; Complaints Don't Increase" (Jul. 12, 1999). The Vancouver Sun reports that the north runway at Vancouver International Airport in British Columbia is being used more while two other runways are being repaired. The $4.25 million project will last 28 days, and will strengthen the runways, improve the electrical system, and resurface several areas. Airport officials say that many planes have taken off over the water, keeping increased noise away from residents, but some residents have definitely noticed the increase.

Brussels, "US to Discuss Aircraft Noise With EU" (Feb. 18, 2000). The London Financial Times reported on plans for the US to join in a discussion with the European Union on aircraft noise in order to settle the controversial issue on "hush kit" technology. [Editor's Note: "Hush Kits" are not so quiet as the newer Stage 3 aircraft, and they pollute more.]

Brussels, "EU and US Negotiate Hushkits and Ban on Older Aircraft" (Mar. 28, 2000). According to London's Financial Times, talks between the US and the European Union may lead to a compromise over "hushkits" because EU officials may delay the registration date for non-EU airplanes equipped with the engine mufflers to fly I into the 15-nation bloc.

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