Firing Ranges

Residents in Washington State To Expect Loud and Late-Night Gun Fire (Apr. 20, 2000). The News Tribune reported that residents near Fort Lewis, Washington will expect late-night mortar fire from 1am through midnight on April 17.

Nightime Army Training in Ft. Lewis, Washington Means an Increase in Noise (Apr. 18, 2000). According to the News Tribute, gunfire and demolition sounds will disturb nights for neighbors of Ft. Lewis as the army conducts nighttime combat training

Clay Shooting Range in Jenkins County, Georgia Prohibited from Operating on Sundays (Apr. 10, 2000). The Fulton County Daily Report reports that a clay shooting range at Hanging Rocks Plantation in Jenkins County, Georgia had a lawsuit filed against it last year by Leroy Clayton, who complained of noise from the firing range. He won the case, and in March the shooting range was told it must not conduct sport shooting on Sundays on property adjacent to Clayton's land. Clayton was not awarded monetary damages in the case.

Resident in Moore Township, Pennsylvania Wants to Prevent Gun Club From Building Firing Range (Apr. 7, 2000). The Morning Call in Pennsylvania reports that the zoning board in Moore Township, Pennsylvania have revoked an excavation permit that had recently been granted to a local gun club to build a rifle range. After the permit was challenged by neighbor Maynard Campbell, the zoners realized that the proposed firing range might lie within the floodplain of the Hokendauqua Creek.

Residents Annoyed by Gun Noise at Shooting Range in Lenexa, Kansas (Apr. 5, 2000). The Kansas City Star reports that the Powder Creek Shooting Park in Lenexa, Kansas has been the focus of numerous complaints about gunfire noise. The shooting range is open on Tuesdays and all weekend long. Resident Scott Elsom has recently moved to Lenexa, and he and his family were immediately bothered by the noise.

Canadian Hunter's Guide, Widely Distributed to Children, Makes No Mention of Importance of Ear Protection (Mar. 31, 2000). The Toronto Star in Canada reports that the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and the ministry of natural resources recently distributed a Hunter's Guide to Ontario schools. Nowhere in the guide was ear protection discussed. The Deafness Research Foundation says that shotgun blasts register at 130 decibels.

Navy Moves Live Bombing Test Site from Puerto Rico to Eglin Air Force Base in Florida (Mar. 19, 2000). AP Worldstream reports that many residents who live near Eglin Air Force Base are not opposed to the Navy's recent decision to move its live bombing test site from Puerto Rico to Eglin. Most are used to the noise and realize that the military is important to the Florida Panhandle area.

Canadian Rifle Range Unwanted in Neighborhood (Feb. 20, 2000). The Edmonton Sun printed a letter to the editor opposing the controversial location for a proposed rifle range in Canada. The editorial said that three other sites nearby were rejected as well. Public opposition, danger and noise pollution were given as reasons for the controversy.

A Range of Noise from Slight to Loud Can Damage Hearing (Feb. 16, 2000). According to the Cincinatti Enquirer, damage to the ear that can eventually result in a hearing loss is not always caused by a prolonged, loud noise.

Maryland Senate Committee Wants to Limit County's Authority to Set Local Noise Ordinances (Feb. 16, 2000). According to an article in The Capital, a state Senate committee in Maryland is looking at legislation that would preclude county officials' setting their own local noise limits on regulating a Pasadena gun club. The reason: business would be at risk if legislation were enacted.

Proposed Skeet Shooting Range at Fort Meade in Maryland Is Scrapped Because Environmental Controls Would Cost Too Much (Jan. 26, 2000). The Capital reports that a proposed trap and skeet shooting range at Fort Meade in Maryland is being scrapped because environmental controls would cost too much to implement. Residents say they're glad, and also criticize the Army for poor communication throughout the process.

Los Angeles City Council OKS $100,000 to Soundproof Firing Range (Jan. 15, 2000). The Los Angeles Times reports that complaints about a police firing range prompted the City Council to approve $100,000 to improve existing soundproofing for the facility. Residents complain that gunfire can be heard two miles away.

Canadian Residents Challenge Shooting Range in Neighborhood (Jan. 11, 2000). According to the Edmonton Sun, about 200 Edmundton residents signed a petition opposing a shooting range at a local park because of safety and noise concerns. The Edmonton Nordic Ski Club proposed the park.

Connecticut Gun Club and Neighbors At Odds As City Councilman Mediates (Dec. 16, 1999). According to the County Record, a New Jersey city councilman is trying to mediate a dispute between a local gun club and some of its neighbors.

New Jersey Gun Club's License Challenged by Neighbors: Township To Investigate (Dec. 14, 1999). The Bergen County Record reports that the West Milford Township Council is in an intense, five-year-old dispute between a gun club and some of its neighbors. According to the article, at issue is whether the council should renew the club's operating permit for another year.

New Hampshire Gun Club and Neighbors Fueding (Dec. 13, 1999). An Associated Press article reports that neighbors of a gun club in Hollis, New Hampshire have organized into Citizens to Stop the Noise.

Los Angeles Police Commission Rejects Proposal to Shift Some Firearms Practice From One Firing Range to Another (Dec. 1, 1999). The Los Angeles Times reports that the Los Angeles Police Commission rejected a proposal to move some firearms practice from one firing range to another. Residents at the second facility have complained substantially about the noise, and the Los Angeles Police have recently designated $100,000 for sound-reduction panels there. A council member had proposed that firing range hours at the first facility be reduced gradually, until it was finally closed.

Resident Says Allendale, New Jersey Has Money to Enclose Pistol Range, But Continues to Stall Construction (Dec. 1, 1999). The Record prints a letter to the editor from an Allendale, New Jersey resident who says that although the town has the money to enclose a pistol range in the area to reduce noise, it continues to stall construction.

Residents and Government Officials in Granada Hills Near Los Angeles, California Want Police Firing Range Soundproofed (Nov. 22, 1999). The Los Angeles Times reports that residents and government officials in Granada Hills, California want a police firing range to lower its volume. A $100,000 sound-absorbing wall is being considered after a barrage of complaints. To further complicate matters, neighbors of another police firing range in the city want more police to go to the Granada Hills facility, especially if it becomes soundproofed.

Peace Group Protests Military Raid Rehearsals in Columbia, South Carolina, Citing Noise Complaints (Nov. 12, 1999). The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reports that a peace organization in Columbia, South Carolina are saying that practice military operations in downtown areas creates too much noise. he operations are designed to train Marines in urban warfare situations such as those that could arise in places like Kosovo.

Resident in Brownsburg, Indiana Presents a Case Against the Proposed Conversion of a Trap Shooting Range Into a Police Firing Range (Nov. 12, 1999). The Indianapolis Star reports that a resident living near a trap-shooting club in Brownsburg, Indiana urged the town not to convert the facility into a police firing range. She came with substantial evidence, including maps and guidelines for the creation of firing ranges. The town is currently conducting a study that will look at noise and safety issues.

Gravel Mine to Replace Shooting Range Near Salt Lake City, Utah; Planning Commission Tried to Shut Down Range Because of Noise Years Ago, But State Legislature Stopped It (Nov. 9, 1999). The Salt Lake Tribune reports that a shooting range near Salt Lake City, Utah will be closed down within a year or two. Noise complaints have been a problem, but the reasons behind the decision seem to be strictly financial. The planning commission had tried several years ago to close the noisy range, but the state legislature passed a bill preventing noisy establishments from being shut down by complainants who knew the noise was there when they moved.

Warwick, U.K. Shooting Range Appeals Noise Abatement Notice that Would Limit Them to Several Days a Week for Shooting Activities (Nov. 8, 1999). The Coventry Evening Telegraph reports that a shooting range in Warwick, U.K. will finally get to appeal a noise abatement notice in court this coming February.

Fort Kent Shooting Range Approved Against Residents' Opposition, But Conditions May Make the Venture Too Expensive (Nov. 5, 1999). The Bangor Daily News reports that the Fort Kent Planning Board approved a proposed shooting range on a farm in the area. The range must meet National Rifle Association and National Skeet Shooting Association standards for shooting ranges, which could make the project too expensive. Residents oppose the range because they fear noise, safety, and pollution from lead pellets.

Late-Night Military Combat Drills at Fort Lewis, Washington to Increase Noise for Three Days (Oct. 15, 1999). The News Tribune reports that late-night military drills at Fort Lewis, Washington will increase noise around the base for three upcoming days.

Noise Ordinance Voted Down in Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania After Nearly 90 Citizens and Business People Spoke Against It; Committee Formed to Better Define Commercial Shooting Range for Another Noise-Related Ordinance (Oct. 15, 1999). The Morning Call reports that the Upper Saucon Town supervisors voted at a recent meeting not to approve a noise ordinance after the vast majority of attendees against it. 100 petitioners originally requested an ordinance to get relief from the noise of motorcycles and other vehicles. The supervisors also stopped working on another noise-related ordinance that would restrict the use of firearms, and a committee will try to define a shooting range so it includes commercial ranges, but does not prevent "professional target shooters and local hunters and farmers [from continuing] to practice shooting on their own properties."

Residents in Worcestershire, U.K. Oppose Opening Local Police's Firing Range to Outsiders, Thus Allowing More Noise (Sep. 14, 1999). The Birmingham Evening Mail reports that residents in Worcestershire, U.K. oppose the proposed lifting of a rule at the local police's firing range that would allow outsiders to train there. Officials say that training with other area officers is important for public safetey, but critics don't want noise to increase.

Residents of Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania Petition Town Supervisors to Stop Ordinances That Would Limit Noise from Firearms and Other Sources (Sep. 8, 1999). The Morning Call reports that 200 residents of Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania have signed a petition protesting two noise ordinances. The ordinances have already been revised once after resident protests; maximum decibel levels for industrial, residential/agricultural/conservation, and commercial zones are now set at 80, 60 and 68 depending on time of day, and 65 and 70 depending on the time of day, respectively. An original two-week limit on sighting-in hunting weapons on one's own property has been removed. Residents still feel they should be responsible for determining when they can use their firearms.

Westminster, Maryland Resident Brings Noise Case Against Gun Club (Aug. 29, 1999). The Baltimore Sun reports that a resident of Westminster, Maryland has brought a legal complaint against the Deep Run Rifle and Revolver Club. Evidence from another lawsuit has revealed that the gun club generates 90 decibels, while 45 decibels is the usual sound level in the area. Lawyers for the gun club also note that there is no evidence that there have been safety problems or damaged property values, and say that the club is exempt from noise laws because it opened before their institution.

Fort Kent Planning Board to Decide If Shooting Range is Approved in the Face of Resident Concerns (Aug. 20, 1999). The Bangor Daily News reports that many residents of Fort Kent, Maine are concerned about noise and pollution from a proposed shooting range. Resident concerns include lowered property values, lead pollution from shotgun pellets, noise, and impact on wildlife. The owners of the property have measured the noise levels from gunfire and say that it is comparable to soft music, but residents say that independent consultants should take the measurements.

Delafield, Wisconsin Shooting Club Draws Complaints from Residents, but Appears to Be In Compliance with Local Laws (Aug. 19, 1999). The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel residents of Delafield, Wisconsin are upset by noise from a shooting club, while owners and local officials say they by noise restrictions. The Town Board is being criticized as ineffectual, but they no longer have any jurisdiction in the matter since the city annexed the club two years ago. Nevertheless, town officials have asked the new city administrator to look into the matter when he takes his post next week.

Scottish Soldier's Claim that Army Damaged His Hearing Is Rejected (Aug. 6, 1999). The Herald reports that a claim from a former soldier in Scotland, who says his 53% hearing loss is due to excessive noise he was subjected to in the army, has been rejected. Since his army discharge was in 1990, the judge decided he had waited too long beyond the usual three-year period.

Army Weapons Range in West Melton, New Zealand to Be Upgraded; Upgrade to Include Trees and Berms to Increase Safety and Reduce Noise, But Some Residents Are Still Concerned (Aug. 3, 1999). The Press reports that an army weapons range in West Melton, New Zealand will receive trees and 3-meter as part of a $1-million upgrade to address residents' safety and noise concerns. Most residents were happy with the army's efforts, and thought that safety issues were well addressed, but they still worried about noise.

County Commissioners in Union Mills, Maryland Hear Public's Noise Concerns Regarding a Local Firing Range (Jul. 13, 1999). The Baltimore Sun reports that county commissioners in Union Mills, Maryland held a meeting to hear resident's concerns over a loud firing range in the community. The county has no authority to regulate the firing range, but the judge in a pending lawsuit could issue a court order requiring the business to quiet down. A noise expert said that the 100 decibels coming from the firing range is as much as 30 times worse than at other ranges; the increase results from a trend towards noisier games with moving metal targets.

Illinois Shooting Range Faces County Opposition Over Staying Open (Jul. 7, 1999). According to the Des Moines Register, an indoor shooting range in rural Polk County is in danger of closing because its neighbors and county officials claim the noise is too much. They want it to move to a new location.

California Residents Upset Over Gun Range Noise: Current Reduction Measures Not Working (Jul. 6, 1999). According to the Ventura County Star, some residents who live near Grant Park's Gun Range have filed numerous complaints about the noise from 9mm gunshots. And the sound-reduction measures, an earth berm and metal barriers, are required by the city, but aren't effective.

South Carolina Judge Denies Residents' Challenge To Neighborhood Firing Range (Jun. 1, 1999). The Asheville Citizen-Times of South Carolina reports that a Buncombe County Superior Court judge has denied some Emma landowners a preliminary injunction against the owners of a Shelby Road firing range near their property, which is located in a residential area. A trial date has yet to be determined.

Overwhelming Majority of 50 Residents at Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania Town Board Meeting Oppose a Proposed Noise Ordinance to Restrict Firearm Discharge (May 27, 1999). The Morning Call reports that only three of more than 50 residents at a recent Upper Saucon, PA Town Board meeting supported a proposed ordinance to enforce noise levels; the ordinance would restrict shooting ranges to industrial zones.

New Noise Ordinance in Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania Specifies Decibel Limits for Different Zones and Regulates Firing Ranges (Apr. 28, 1999). The Morning Call reports that a new noise ordinance in Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania tightens existing language, specifying decibel limits for different types of zones; the ordinance comes in response to resident complaints and an ambiguous definition of what constitutes a firing range. In residential and conservation zones, noise may not exceed 64 dB from 7 AM to 9 PM Monday through Saturday, and may not exceed 58 dB at other times. Noise from commercial zones must be kept under 70 decibels from 7 AM to 9 PM Monday through Saturday, and below 65 decibels at other times. Noise from industrial and agricultural zones must be below 74 decibels at all times.

Ventura, California, Resident Says Firing Range is a "Noise Generator" Spewing "Aural Graffiti" (Apr. 11, 1999). The Los Angeles Times published a letter from John W. Wagner of Ventura, California. Wagner vehemently opposes the noisy pistol range in his city. Wagner writes:

Noise Barrier at Rifle Range in N. Warwickshire, England, Welcomed by Environmentalists (Apr. 10, 1999). The Birmingham Post reports the Defense Estates Organization has requested approval to build a sound wall at a rifle range near a nature conservation area in North Warwickshire, England.

Acoustic Ecology: Hearing Care and Preserving the Rare Sounds of Silence (Apr.1 1999). Cooking Light Magazine reports natural quiet in the United States is difficult to find in these modern times of more cars, more planes, more appliances, and more people. What we hear and how well we hear it is a major concern of both audiologists and a movement called acoustic ecology.

Maryland County Judge Will Visit Gun Range Before Ruling on Noise Case (Mar. 17, 1999). The Baltimore Sun reports a Maryland county judge will visit the site of a gun range before ruling on the noise case.

Maryland Residents Seek Noise Relief in Court from Popular Gun Club (Mar. 11, 1999). The Baltimore Sun reports neighbors of a gun club in Carroll County, Maryland, have filed a nuisance suit seeking court-ordered relief from the noise created at the shooting range.

Residents Bothered by Noise from Wisconsin Sports Center Dissatisfied with DNR Report (Mar. 1, 1999). The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources has developed a long-range plan for improving the McMiller Sports Center, including seeking ways to reduce gunfire noise, but nearby residents say more focus should have been placed on mitigating noise.

Shooters Say Texas Gun Club Closing Unwarranted, Residents Cite Noise and Safety Concerns (Feb. 26, 1999). The Forth Worth Star-Telegram reports a gun club in Fort Worth, Texas, closed yesterday after a number of lawsuits and noise complaints from nearby residents.

Mississippi House Approves Noise Pollution Immunity for Shooting Range (Feb. 10, 1999). The Commercial Appeal reports Mississippi state government endorsed civil immunity from noise pollution for a proposed firing range.

Virginia Senate Approves Bill Giving Counties Power to Control Noise (Feb. 9, 1999). The Associated Press reports the Virginia Senate approved a proposal to give county commissioners in their state the power to control excessive noise.

Ohio Residents Oppose Firing Range; Noise and Loss of Property Value Among Objections (Nov. 24, 1998). The Plain Dealer reports a proposed police shooting range in Brunswick Hills, Ohio, brought our dozens of residents yesterday who voiced their objections to noise and loss of property value.

North Carolina County to Create Noise Ordinance Before Allowing New Racetrack (Nov. 19, 1998). The Asheville Citizen-Times reports Henderson County Commissioners on Wednesday considered a first draft of a noise ordinance they will finalize before lifting a moratorium on the construction of any racetracks in the North Carolina county.

Ventura, Calif. Residents Protest Firing Range Noise; Police Officers Say Facility is Necessary (Nov. 19, 1998). The Los Angeles Times reports residents of Ventura, California, want to close nearby firing range because of incessant noise, but county law enforcement agencies say range provides vital service.

RI Town Delays Gun-Club Permit to Conduct More Noise Tests (Nov. 18, 1998). The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports a Rhode Island zoning board delayed voting on a gun club permit so that the town can hire a sound expert to study how noise from the club would affect nearby residents.

Mass. Resident Says Noise Escalating from Local Gun Club (Nov. 17, 1998). The Patriot Ledger reports a Pembroke, Massachusetts, resident says the noise is escalating from a gun club on her street.

South Carolina Police Gun Club Cooperates with Neighbors about Noise Complaints (Nov. 16, 1998). The Herald reports a Rock Hill, South Carolina, police firing range has drawn several noise complaints from neighbors, but the owners promise more quiet.

Noise from New Jersey Firing Range Pits Neighboring Towns (Oct. 13, 1998). The Record reports the neighboring New Jersey towns of Allendale and Waldwick are engaged in a dispute over noise from a Waldwick firing range.

'Quiet on the Lot' for Universal Studios if County Noise Restrictions Approved (Oct. 10, 1998). The Calgary Herald reports Hollywood's Universal Studios may be the first southern California studio to have noise restrictions on its lots.

European Study Shows City Noise Leads to Serious Ill Health Effects (Oct. 9, 1998). The Evening Standard reports Londoners were warned today that big city noise may be responsible for heart disease.

Residents Demand Formal Oversight at California's Universal Studios, Citing Existing and Projected Noise Problems (Oct. 8, 1998). The Hollywood Reporter reports the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission voted to recommend noise restrictions at Universal Studios in an effort to balance importance of film industry with noise concerns of residents.

Hearing on Rhode Island Gun Club Permit Request Continued; Neighbors Strongly Object to Club's Relocation (Sep. 30, 1998). The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports a Rhode Island zoning board last night continued a hearing to a fourth night of review on a gun club's application for a special-use permit that would allow it to relocate, frustrating the club's lawyer.

RI Planning Board to Hear Residents' Noise Concerns about Gun Club (Sep. 28, 1998). The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports West Greenwich, Rhode Island, residents will have their turn tomorrow to present arguments to the Zoning Board of Review against allowing a gun club's request for re-location.

Eagle Town, Wisconsin Needs State Action to Stop Clay Shooting Noise (Aug. 21, 1998). The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a new state law prohibits the restriction of gunfire noise at the McMiller Sports Center in Eagle Town, Wisconsin. The article says Wisconsin's Range Protection Bill prohibits local governments from using noise as an issue to regulate existing shooting ranges.

No Peace and Quiet? In Maryland, Call Noise Cop (Aug. 2, 1998). The Sun reports in an effort to respond to a new focus on noise, Maryland's Department of the Environment now employs a state noise cop.

Some Residents Near Tacoma, Washington Find Military’s Nighttime Firing a Nuisance; Others Say the Blasts Are “Sounds of Freedom” (Aug. 1, 1998). The News Tribune reports that Fort Lewis is again training artillery crews at Fort Lewis during the nighttime hours which has set off a series of complaints. Some find the booms and vibrations a nuisance. Others believe these noises are the sounds of freedom.

California Resident Complains About Noise From Gun Range (Jul. 29, 1998). The Ventura County Star printed the following letter-to-the-editor from Mike Barton, a Ventura, California resident, regarding noise from a gun range in the area:

Proposal for Police Shooting Range in England Draws Concern (Jul. 16, 1998). The Northern Echo reports that the police force in County Durham, England has proposed using the site of an old quarry at Running Waters, three miles southeast of Durham City, for an outdoor shooting range. But, the article says, some residents and councilors are objecting to the plan.

Rhode Island Zoning Board Postpones Public Hearing on Gun Club Permit (Jul. 15, 1998). The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports that the Zoning Board of Review in West Greenwich, Rhode Island postponed a public hearing last night on a special-use permit sought by the Wincheck Gun Club, because the club's two expert witnesses were unable to attend and because board members requested site plans for the proposed club. More than 50 residents concerned about noise attended the meeting and waited two-and-a-half hours without getting a chance to speak. The Zoning Board moved the public hearing to its August 25 meeting.

Neighbors Claim Noise Increase at Firing Range in Grafton, MA (Jul. 8, 1998). The Telegram & Gazette reports the Grafton, Massachusetts, Board of Selectmen last night held a hearing last night to discuss complaints from neighbors of a firing range who claim noise have dramatically increased in recent years.

Gun Club Relocation Endorsed by Rhode Island Planning Board Despite Opposition from Residents with Noise Concerns (Jul. 7, 1998). The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports the West Greenwich, Rhode Island, Planning Board voted last night to recommend that the Zoning Board of Review approve an area gun club's relocation. The recommendation came despite two dissenting votes and a number of residents expressing noise concerns.

Residents of Rural LA County Say Peace and Quiet Ruined by Hunt Club; They Will Appeal Club's Permit and Seek Legal Action if Necessary (Jul. 5, 1998). The Los Angeles Times reports that neighbors of ranch land that is being used for "bird shoots" by a hunting club are upset at the noise and have appealed a decision to allow the activities to continue. They promised to file lawsuits if necessary.

Wisconsin Town Wants to Beef Up Nuisance Ordinance to Quiet Motorbike Noise (Jun. 26, 1998). The Capital Times reports residents of Dunn, Wisconsin, say motorbikes racing on a nearby track keep them awake at night, but the owner of the property says he's a good neighbor who regulates racing hours.

Local Residents Annoyed by the Sounds of Soldiers at Camp Graying, Michigan (Jun. 21, 1998). The Detroit News reports that the sounds of war games is annoying local residents living in the pristine area near Northern Michigan's Camp Grayling Site. The noise is coming from an almost 50% increase in summer training exercises at Camp Graying. Citizens and summer residents say the expanded training at the camp offends the solitude and drives away potential tourism. Military sources, however, say noise is a small price to pay for the opportunity to provide terrain that will prepare soldiers for war.

Tennessee Man Mounts Siren on Tractor to Retaliate Against Nearby Gun Club (May 28, 1998). The Tennessean reports that J.C. Hillin, a resident of Wartrace, Tennessee, was cited for disorderly conduct after he mounted a siren on his tractor to retaliate against noise from a nearby gun club. Yesterday, Hillin, a veteran county commissioner, waived his right to a preliminary hearing in Bedford County General Sessions Court and was bound over to the grand jury. The next session of the grand jury convenes on June 22, the article says.

Some Say Police Firing Range Incompatible with Quiet Use Redevelopment Plans for WA Army Post (May 15, 1998). The Columbian of Vancouver, Washington, reports Clark County commissioners decided Thursday that a redevelopment plan for a former Army post should include police firing ranges, much to the dismay of nearby residents.

Board Orders RI Gun Club to Conduct More Sound Tests (May 5, 1998). The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports the West Greenwich, Rhode Island Planning Board last night rejected noise tests performed by a gun club seeking a special-use permit to relocate. The Planning Board requested further noise tests as well as a second traffic study.

Connecticut Residents Object to Skeet Shooting Proposal (Apr. 16, 1998). The Hartford Courant reports that about 15 angry residents in Durham, Connecticut turned out for a planning and zoning commission hearing Wednesday night to oppose a proposal by the Durham Rod and Gun Club to allow skeet shooting in a farm residential zone. The commission decided to continue the public hearing at its May 6 meeting.

Study Says Noise Acceptable from Georgia Firing Range; Neighbors Disagree (Apr. 15, 1998). The Atlanta Journal reports a study of noise from a Georgia police firing range shows that noise levels acceptable.

Noise from Firing Range Incites the Retaliatory Noise from a County Commissioner Leading to His Citation for Disorderly Conduct (Apr. 2, 1998). The Tennessean reports about the case of a cantankerous county commissioner riled about the noise from a club of cowboy wannabes. The commissioner retaliated with noise from a siren and foghorn resulting in a citation for disorderly conduct and summons to court.

Idaho Environmentalists Fight Air Force Training Range Expansion (Mar. 12, 1998). The Idaho Statesman reports environmentalists don't believe the Air Force will adequately protect Owyhee Desert wilds from a training range expansion, so they are in Washington, DC, trying to halt the project.

West Virginia Noise Bill May Not Get Through Senate (Mar. 5, 1998). The Charleston Gazette reports a bill that could help secure a little peace and quiet for a West Virginia resident was approved by a Senate Judiciary subcommittee Wednesday. However, the deadline is fast-approaching for the Senate to act on its own bills, and this bill may not make it through in time.

Wisconsin Town Loses Lawsuit for Rejecting Shooting Range Due to Noise Complaints (Feb. 26, 1998). The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a judge ruled Wednesday that the Town of Eagle, Wisconsin did not follow proper procedure when it rejected a conditional use permit for a clay pigeon shooting range at the McMiller Sports Center. Noise complaints from neighbors resulted in town officials' decision.

Florida Legislation Concerning Gun Ranges Unfair (Feb. 18, 1998). The Tampa Tribune published an editorial concerning a Florida bill about gun ranges that is currently being introduced. The proposed bill may make it harder for neighbors of gun ranges to successfully complain about noise and other matters.

Vancouver Resident Questions Closing of Rifle Ranges (Jan. 22, 1998). The Vancouver Sun printed an editorial by Peter Hiebert, a resident of Coquitlam, Vancouver, in which he expresses his displeasure at the closing of the rifle ranges on Barnet Highway. Mr. Hiebert writes:

Noise and Lead from Gun Clubs Incompatible with Urban Growth Decides Town in British Columbia (Jan. 20, 1998). The Vancouver Sun reports that the city council of Burnaby, British Columbia, ordered three Burnaby Mountain gun ranges to close by the end of September.

Progress Made in Two Year Dispute Over Waldwick, New Jersey Firing Range (Jan. 8, 1998). The Record reports that Waldwick, New Jersey officials are seeking architectural plans and cost estimates for enclosing an outdoor gun range that has been the target of a lawsuit by residents in neighboring Allendale, New Jersey. The article reports that Mayor Rick Vander Wende said the borough plans to hire an architect to look at several ways the Capt. George H. Bunning Police Training Facility could be enclosed, diminishing the gunfire noise Allendale residents have said disrupts their peace.

Sports Center in Eagle, Wisconsin Seeks Permit for Clay Shooting Despite Noise Complaints by Residents (Jan. 7, 1998). The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Wern Valley Inc. plans another attempt to obtain a conditional use permit to allow sporting clay target shooting at the McMiller Sports Center, part of the Southern Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest in Wisconsin. Last year, Eagle, Wisconsin officials declined to renew Wern Valley's permit for sporting clay shooting for another year because of noise complaints from nearby residents.

Minnesota Gun Clubs Raise Tensions With Neighbors (Dec. 24, 1997). The Star Tribune reports how gun clubs around the nation are under fire.

New Zealand Court Affirms Rights Of Gun Clubs (Dec. 18, 1997). The Evening Standard reports that a New Zealand court recently affirmed the rights of a local gun club.

Michigan Town Wants To Stop Sporting Clay Shooting (Dec. 12, 1997). The Milwaukee Journal reports that town officials of Eagle, Michigan have asked the state Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to halt shooting of clay pigeons at the McMiller Sports Center.

Wisconsin Residents Complain About Noise From Shooting Clay Range (Dec. 8, 1997). The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a public hearing will be held Wednesday by the Eagle (Wisconsin) Town Board on a request of Wern Valley Inc. for another conditional use permit to allow sporting clay shooting at the McMiller Sports Center.

Planned Firing Range Fiercely Opposed by Connecticut Neighbors (Dec. 2, 1997). The Hartford Courant reports that residents in Cheshire, Connecticut pummeled officials from the state Department of Correction with questions and concerns over a planned firing range Monday. The state's planned 75-foot firing range would be located at The Maloney Center for Training and Staff Development, a former prison. The site is less than 1,000 feet from some homes, and is located near homes on Chestnut Street and a few hundred feet from Jarvis Road.

Connecticut Neighbors Oppose Outdoor Shooting Range (Nov. 26, 1997). The Hartford Courant reports that residents in Cheshire, Connecticut are opposing a new outdoor shooting range being built by the state. Residents fear both the noise of gun blasts and the possibility of stray bullets, and are planning to protest at a public meeting on Monday.

Residents in Formerly Rural North Carolina Area Target Gun Ranges as Too Noisy and Unsafe (Nov. 20, 1997). The News and Observer reports that there is a growing battle in the Durham, North Carolina area between residents of new subdivisions and proponents of gun ranges. In one recent fight, Duncan Floyd, a property owner who wanted to expand his private shooting range, met with strong opposition from neighbors and dropped his request for a permit, the article says.

New Zealand Judge Hints that Rifle Range Use Might Have to be Restricted (Nov. 19, 1997). The Evening Standard reports that an Environment Court judge in New Zealand hinted yesterday that the use of the Turitea rifle range might have to be severely restricted in order to comply with the Resource Management Act. Judge John Treadwell made the comments at the conclusion of a hearing initiated by the Palmerston North City Council, which argues that the judge should grant a declaration stating that land owned by the rifle club is being used for activities contrary to the Act. The decision in the case was reserved, the article says. However, in closing, the judge said that any such declaration could be over-ridden by a section of the Act that stipulates that occupiers of such land must ensure that noise emissions don't exceed a reasonable level.

North Carolina Officials Look for Site for New Firing Range to Replace Range Near Residents (Nov. 19, 1997). The News and Observer reports that officials in Chapel Hill, North Carolina are continuing to look for a site for a new firing range, as residential development and complaints have sprung up around the old firing range. In a related matter, commissioners in Wake County voted Monday to build a new firing range near Holly Springs.

County Commissioners Approve Firing Range Near North Carolina Town, Angering Residents (Nov. 18, 1997). The News and Observer reports that county commissioners in Wake County, North Carolina voted Monday to approve a firing range near Holly Springs. The decision angered residents and officials in Holly Springs, who said their town is becoming a dumping ground for facilities no one else wants.

Some Wisconsin Residents Say Peace and Quiet Shattered. Others Urge Compromise (Oct. 31, 1997). The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that some residents of Eagle, Wisconsin, are upset about a proposal from a private gun club, the McMiller Sports Center, to use state land for a sporting clay pigeon range. The land is in the Kettle Moraine State Forest.

Wisconsin Opponents Prompt Reduced Hours for Shooting Range (Oct. 30, 1997). The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a shooting permit request by the McMiller Sports Center, located in Eagle, Wisconsin, was revived when McMiller agreed to trim hours and days of operation for a clay pigeon range after a year-long dispute over gunfire noise from the center.

Hong Kong Residents Complain About Army Shooting Practice (Oct. 29, 1997). The Ping Kuo Jih Pao of Hong Kong reports that residents in the New Territories have complained about shooting practice noise from the People's Liberation Army [PLA] Hong Kong Garrison. Recent shooting practice, conducted day and night, makes it difficult for them to get to sleep. Residents are also concerned about other dangers from the firing range. Despite their complaints, the police are at a loss to know what to do.

North Carolina Resident Asks Residents Near Firing Range to Get Over Their NIMBYism (Oct. 25, 1997). The News and Observer printed the following letter-to-the-editor from John Posthill, a Garner, North Carolina resident, regarding a meeting for a proposed firing range in Holly Springs:

Navy Officials Say Moving Military Jets to Virginia Would Have Little Impact on Coastal Bombing Range (Oct. 24, 1997). The Virginian-Pilot reports that Navy officials said at a meeting Thursday night in Manteo, Virginia that if 180 F/A-18 aircraft are moved from Florida to Oceana Naval Air Station near Virginia Beach, there would be only a slight increase in activity at the Dare County Bombing Range, and no impact on the surrounding environment. Navy officials' comments were made at an informational meeting, followed by a public hearing regarding the draft environmental impact statement on the proposal to shift the jets to Virginia. The article notes that only one Dare resident attended the meeting.

Georgia County Commission Decides to Test Noise Levels From Firing Range in Response to Resident Complaints (Oct. 23, 1997). The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reports that Eugene Holder, a resident of Cobb County, Georgia, has been lobbying county officials to do something about the noise from a firing range that opened near his home three years ago. Last week, Cobb County commissioners voted to spend $16,503 for experts to analyze how loud the gunfire is when it reaches Holder's neighborhood.

Proposed Indoor Gun Club Brings Up Noise and Safety Concerns in Massachusetts (Oct. 22, 1997). According to The Patriot Ledger of Quincy, Massachusetts, some Brookline residents are in favor of opening an indoor gun club in Quincy Center for the training of law officers and for recreational shooters. But Sgt. Robert Perchard, chief of firearms inspections for the police department, questioned the appropriateness of the downtown location, citing safety and noise concerns.

North Carolina Residents Still Oppose Proposed Firing Range, Despite Revised Plans (Oct. 21, 1997). The News and Observer reports that a revised, smaller proposal for a firing range near Holly Springs, North Carolina, owned by Wake County, was presented to county commissioners Monday. However, the article reports, many residents continue to oppose the firing range, saying the site is inappropriate.

Constant Noise Exposure Can Lead to Hearing Loss (Sep. 7, 1997). The Telegraph Herald reports that constant exposure to loud noise can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss depending on the volume, duration, and repetition of exposure, according to experts. The article goes on to outline how hearing is damaged from noise pollution.

Hearing Problems Are Increasing From Noise Pollution (Aug. 25, 1997). Newsweek reports that research has shown that excessive exposure to noise is one of the leading causes of hearing loss and ear damage, contrary to the popular belief that hearing loss is a natural process of aging. The article goes on to discuss the risks to hearing of noise pollution, the ways in which noise damages the ear, the levels at which noise is dangerous, and practical steps people can take to protect their ears.

Wisconsin Town Rescinds Ban on Sporting Clay Shooting Due to a Legal Technicality (Jul. 14, 1997). The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that officials in Eagle, Wisconsin have lifted a ban on sporting clay shooting at the McMiller Sports Center after they discovered they made a mistake earlier this week in establishing the prohibition. According to town chair Don Wilton, officials made the mistake Monday when they rejected a Department of Natural Resources request for a year extension on a conditional use permit to operate the range. Town officials later realized they could not legally initiate a ban before the current permit, which was agreed to last year by officials, expires July 27. Wilton said officials would ban the shooting clay range again, if necessary, once the current permit expires.

Proposed County Noise Ordinance in Virginia Will be Reworked after Residents Complained it Unfairly Targeted Gun Owners (Jul. 3, 1997). The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that the New Kent County (Virginia) Board of Supervisors agreed to rework a proposed noise ordinance after members of the public convinced them that the ordinance unfairly targeted gun owners.

Legal Worries Complicate Passage of Florida County Noise Ordinance (Jun. 18, 1997). The St. Petersburg Times reports that the Pasco County (Florida) Commission and sheriff's office have been trying to create and pass a noise ordinance to respond to frequent noise complaints, but have been delayed by legal worries about whether the ordinance would hold up in court.

Virginia County Postpones Decision on Noise Ordinance (Jun. 10, 1997). The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that the New Kent County (Virginia) Board of Supervisors last night deferred a decision on a proposed noise ordinance, after the board heard from gun owners and others who said the ordinanc would take away personal rights.

Angry Neighbors in Connecticut Take Farmer to Court Over Noise From "Corn Cannons" (May 27, 1997). The Hartford Courant reports that residents from the Bell Court subdivision of Portland, Connecticut have taken their farmer neighbor to court over noise from propane corn cannons that scare off blackbirds from his sweet corn crop. Judge Richard Stanley is considering the case in the Middlesex Superior Court.

Residents in South Carolina Town Complain About Noise from Gun Range and Water Treatment Plant (May 6, 1997). The Herald reports that two residents of York, South Carolina brought noise problems to the County Council Monday. Charles Plyler complains about noisy gunfire at a nearby police shooting range, and Bud Rushin can't sleep because of unmuffled pumping at a water treatment plant near his home. The council agreed to investigate both complaints.

Army Wants Residential Development Restricted Around Fort Knox Due to Potential Noise Complaints (May 4, 1997). The Courier-Journal reports that army officials are worried that the Fort Knox army base could be threatened due to increases in noise complaints if landowners are allowed to build homes near the base in Radcliff, Kentucky. Army officials want a noise buffer zone to surround the base. Meanwhile, in a lawsuit to be heard May 12 at the Hardin fiscal court, homeowner Dale Irwin is expected to win permission from the court to build a home near the base.

Preventative and Protective Measures Needed Against Hearing Damage and Loss (Jun.1 1996). Electronic Musician reports that hearing damage and hearing loss can happen to young and elderly people alike. Hearing damage is permanent, yet usually preventable, provided that you are aware of how to protect your ears. Visiting a trained audiologist and using the proper ear protection can help prevent hearing damage, or help prevent further damage if some has already occurred. Musicians, their assistants, and anyone else exposed to repetitively loud noises need to take special precaution.

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