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Queanbeyan, Australia, "Official From Australia's Canberra Airport Is Cleared of Allegations Made By a Developer Who Said He Had Broken the Trade Practices Act" (Jul. 29, 1999). The Canberra Times reports that the executive director of Queanbeyan, Australia's Canberra International Airport was cleared in court of making statements forbidden by the Trade Practices Act. The judge said that his comments, which condemned a planned development near the airport that he fears will block future airport expansion, were legal since they weren't made in the course of commerce. The judge acknowledged that the comments was misleading, since airport projections for 2020 place the development out of the areas most affected by airport noise.

Queens, New York, "Jet Noise Problems Faced by Queens, New York Residents Look to Get Worse, Not Better" (Jan. 11, 1998). The Daily News recently reported on the jet noise problem experienced by Queens, New York residents who live nearest to Kennedy International and LaGuardia airports. The article stated that their noise problem looks to get worse before it gets better as more and more airlines are being given the okay to land and take off at the borough's two airports. This, despite a federally enacted High Density Rule that places limits on the number of flights into and out of Kennedy, LaGuardia, Chicago's O'Hare and Washington National airports.

Queens, New York, "Queens Residents Vehemently Object to More Flights at New York Airports" (Apr. 4, 1999). The New York Times reports New York residents have a hard time believing "The skies will be getting quieter" as the Federal Government considers eliminating flight caps at La Guardia and JFK Airports.

Queens, New York, "FAA Accused of Having "No Decency;" Residents of Queens, NY, Say More Flights and Noise at LaGuardia and Kennedy Unacceptable" (Mar. 31, 1999). Newsday reports residents who live near New York's LaGuardia and Kennedy Airports met in Queens last night to tell FAA officials they are dead set against increased flights and the accompanying noise.

Queens, New York, "New Federal Legislation Will Increase Air Traffic at Kennedy and Laguardia Airports in New York" (Mar. 30, 2000). Newsday reports that US President Bill Clinton is due to sign legislation this week that would allow more regional jet traffic at Kennedy and LaGuardia Airports in New York. The legislation will also allow the "high-density rule," which has set strict flight number limits at the two airports for the past thirty years, to expire in less than seven years. The bill was approved by Congress on March 15.

Queens, New York City, "Noise from Queens Nightclub Draws Frequent Complaints from Nearby Residents" (Aug. 16, 1999). Newsday reports that a popular nightclub in Queens draws regular complaints from neighboring residents about loud music and voices from patrons that continue until 4 a.m. The article notes that a shooting in February outside the club made for bad publicity, but the club has been law-abiding with legal noise levels and precautions such as designated parking lots and soundproofing. One more criminal activity in connection with the club would allow the police to shut the club down, but they say they would rather see a decrease in noise complaints.

Queenstown, New Zeaand, "Expansion of New Zealand Airport Raises Noise Issues" (Oct. 29, 1997). The Southland Times reports that a hearing into controversial air noise and runway issues at Queenstown Airport in New Zealand was delayed when the Queenstown Airport Corporation asked for more time to put its case together. The corporation had been scheduled to present technical evidence in relation to air noise boundaries and flight paths.

Queenstown, New Zealand, "Developer in New Zealand Wants to Build Near Airport" (Nov. 20, 1997). The Southland Times reports that at a hearing in Queenstown, New Zealand yesterday, officials from the development company Remarkables Park argued that their proposed subdivision zoning near the Queenstown Airport should be allowed, in conjunction with acoustic insulation in the homes. The developer's comments came after two days of Queenstown Lakes District Council district plan hearings in which opponents of the proposed zoning change -- developer Terrace Tower and airlines Air New Zealand and the Mount Cook Group -- spoke.

Quincy, Massachusetts, "Noise Tests of Nightclub Along Massachusetts Coast Show Mitigation Measures May Be Working" (Jun. 2, 1997). The Patriot Ledger reports that residents in the Marina Bay area of Quincy, Massachusetts who complained last summer about noise from the WaterWorks seaside club may have a quieter summer this year due to new noise barriers at the club. License board Chair Joseph Shea said tests show the noise barriers are successfully blocking the loud music from the club. Shea said license officials will review the noise test results at a 10 a.m. meeting tomorrow, and because the noise problem is being curbed, the board also may vote on requests by the club owner to raise the patron capacity from to 1,250 to 1,600 and extend the 11 p.m. live music curfew until 1 a.m.

Quincy, Massachusetts, "Residents Applaud Massachusetts Water Authority's Decision to Build Deep-Rock Sewage Tunnel" (Oct. 16, 1997). The Patriot Ledger reports that the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority voted unanimously to build a deep-rock tunnel instead of a marine pipeline in Fore River to relieve sewage overflows in Braintree and Weymouth. The decision has pleased residents in the nearby area, who feared massive construction impacts from the marine pipeline option.

Quincy, Massachusetts, "Proposed Indoor Gun Club Brings Up Noise and Safety Concerns in Massachusetts" (Oct. 22, 1997). According to The Patriot Ledger of Quincy, Massachusetts, some Brookline residents are in favor of opening an indoor gun club in Quincy Center for the training of law officers and for recreational shooters. But Sgt. Robert Perchard, chief of firearms inspections for the police department, questioned the appropriateness of the downtown location, citing safety and noise concerns.

Quincy, Massachusetts, "Massachusetts Golf Course Construction Bothers Neighbors" (Feb. 14, 1998). The Patriot Ledger reports that noise and dust from the construction of a golf course on a former land fill in Quincy, Massachusetts has been casing problems for neighbors.

Quincy, Massachusetts, "Massachusetts Residents Complain About Motorcycle Noise" (Jul. 20, 1998). The Patriot Ledger reports that residents on Wollaston Beach in Quincy, Massachusetts are complaining about noise from motorcycle drivers in the area. The article says that both Wollaston and Nantasket Beaches are patrolled by state troopers instead of local police, making enforcement of noise laws more difficult.

Quincy, Massachusetts, "City Officials in Quincy, MA, Act to Restore Quiet in Neighborhoods" (Sep. 10, 1998). The Patriot Ledger reports city officials in Quincy, Massachusetts, are taking action to give residents relief from noise made by barges unloading oil and early morning dumpster pickups.

Quincy, Massachusetts, "Noisiest Section of Expressway in Massachusetts to Get Noise Walls After Eleven Years" (Jul. 31, 1999). The Patriot Ledger reports that a $2 million construction of noise walls along the Expressway in Quincy, Massachusetts is scheduled to begin soon, 11 years after the highway section was rated noisiest in the state. 190,000 vehicles use the section of the Expressway every weekday. The article discusses the structure of the walls in more detail than most articles do.

Quincy, Massachusetts, "Quincy, Massachusetts Residents Ask MBTA for More Noise Barriers, Better Bus Service to Stations" (Jul. 28, 1999). The Patriot Ledger reports that a public meeting attended by over 50 residents and the MBTA illuminated two main resident complaints: noise and insufficient bus service to railroad stations. The MBTA says it will try to speed up wall placement, and will institute a pilot program to determine if more frequent bus service is feasible and necessary.

Quincy, Massachusetts, "Trash Truck Terminal in Quincy, Mass., Ordered to Keep Quiet Until 7 A.M." (Mar. 10, 1999). The Patriot Ledger reports the city license board of Quincy, Massachusetts, voted to keep a trash truck terminal quiet until 7 a.m. after residents complained of losing sleep due to early morning noise made by the company.

Quincy, Massachusetts, "Quincy, Massachusetts License Board Mediates Dispute Between a Noisy, Magazine Distribution Operation and Its Neighbors" (Nov. 20, 1999). The Patriot Ledger reports that the chairman of the license board -- Mr. Shea -- in Quincy, Massachusetts is voluntarily mediating a long-time dispute between a noisy magazine distribution operation and its neighbors. Mr. Shea has suggested several noise-reduction measures.

Quincy, Massachusetts area, "Neighbors Near Massachusetts Rail Line Fear More Noise from Helicopters Patrolling Tracks" (Jul. 21, 1998). The Patriot Ledger reports that residents who live near the Old Colony rail line in the Quincy, Massachusetts area are critical of a recent decision by the MBTA, the transit authority, to patrol commuter rail lines with helicopters. MBTA officials and state police are undertaking the action to clear the track of trespassers and bands of partying teens, the article says.

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