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Union Beach, New Jersey, "Union Beach, New Jersey Activist Says Noise Study of Flight Paths from New York City Area Airports -- Which Said Ocean Routing Would Increase Noise for Coastal Residents -- Was a "Big Lie"" (Jan. 2, 2000). The Asbury Park Press prints a letter from a Union Beach, New Jersey resident who says a noise study which showed ocean routing of aircraft at New York City area airports was a big lie manufactured by the airlines. He says that contrary to the study, ocean routing would take the planes farther out to sea and coastal residents would not receive additional noise.

Union Mills, Maryland, "County Commissioners in Union Mills, Maryland Hear Public's Noise Concerns Regarding a Local Firing Range" (Jul. 13, 1999). The Baltimore Sun reports that county commissioners in Union Mills, Maryland held a meeting to hear resident's concerns over a loud firing range in the community. The county has no authority to regulate the firing range, but the judge in a pending lawsuit could issue a court order requiring the business to quiet down. A noise expert said that the 100 decibels coming from the firing range is as much as 30 times worse than at other ranges; the increase results from a trend towards noisier games with moving metal targets.

Union Mills, Maryland, "Maryland County Judge Will Visit Gun Range Before Ruling on Noise Case" (Mar. 17, 1999). The Baltimore Sun reports a Maryland county judge will visit the site of a gun range before ruling on the noise case.

Union Township, Ohio, "More Traffic Causes Ohio Town to Consider Noise Barriers Along Interstate 75" (Mar. 4, 1998). The Cincinnati Enquirer reports Union Township leaders are considering erecting noise barriers in anticipation of increased traffic along Interstate 75 near West Chester.

Union, New Jersey, "Union, New Jersey Politician Urges Unity Among Residents in Supporting a Live Test of Ocean Routing for Aircraft, Saying It Will Reduce Noise" (Sep. 15, 1999). The Asbury Park Press prints several letters to the editor, including one from a Union, New Jersey politician who asks for support of a live test of ocean routing for aircraft. Ocean routing is intended to reduce noise over communities, and the writer says that New Jersey residents should unite in supporting a policy that could benefit them all.

University Park, TX, "University Park, TX Neighborhood Battles Church over New Play Areas" (Jun. 16, 1999). The Dallas Morning News reports residents of a University Park neighborhood are at odds with a local church over the latter's new playground and basketball court.

Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania, "New Noise Ordinance in Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania Specifies Decibel Limits for Different Zones and Regulates Firing Ranges" (Apr. 28, 1999). The Morning Call reports that a new noise ordinance in Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania tightens existing language, specifying decibel limits for different types of zones; the ordinance comes in response to resident complaints and an ambiguous definition of what constitutes a firing range. In residential and conservation zones, noise may not exceed 64 dB from 7 AM to 9 PM Monday through Saturday, and may not exceed 58 dB at other times. Noise from commercial zones must be kept under 70 decibels from 7 AM to 9 PM Monday through Saturday, and below 65 decibels at other times. Noise from industrial and agricultural zones must be below 74 decibels at all times.

Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania, "Overwhelming Majority of 50 Residents at Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania Town Board Meeting Oppose a Proposed Noise Ordinance to Restrict Firearm Discharge" (May 27, 1999). The Morning Call reports that only three of more than 50 residents at a recent Upper Saucon, PA Town Board meeting supported a proposed ordinance to enforce noise levels; the ordinance would restrict shooting ranges to industrial zones.

Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania, "Noise Ordinance Voted Down in Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania After Nearly 90 Citizens and Business People Spoke Against It; Committee Formed to Better Define Commercial Shooting Range for Another Noise-Related Ordinance" (Oct. 15, 1999). The Morning Call reports that the Upper Saucon Town supervisors voted at a recent meeting not to approve a noise ordinance after the vast majority of attendees against it. 100 petitioners originally requested an ordinance to get relief from the noise of motorcycles and other vehicles. The supervisors also stopped working on another noise-related ordinance that would restrict the use of firearms, and a committee will try to define a shooting range so it includes commercial ranges, but does not prevent "professional target shooters and local hunters and farmers [from continuing] to practice shooting on their own properties."

Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania, "Residents of Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania Petition Town Supervisors to Stop Ordinances That Would Limit Noise from Firearms and Other Sources" (Sep. 8, 1999). The Morning Call reports that 200 residents of Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania have signed a petition protesting two noise ordinances. The ordinances have already been revised once after resident protests; maximum decibel levels for industrial, residential/agricultural/conservation, and commercial zones are now set at 80, 60 and 68 depending on time of day, and 65 and 70 depending on the time of day, respectively. An original two-week limit on sighting-in hunting weapons on one's own property has been removed. Residents still feel they should be responsible for determining when they can use their firearms.

Urbandale, Iowa, "Urabandale Bars Near Residences Can No Longer Host Live Bands, Says Recently Enforced Zoning Law" (Nov. 16, 1999). The Des Moines Register reports that at least three bars near residences in Urbandale, Iowa have lost their ability to legally host live entertainment after residents complained. Bars in "commercial neighborhood" zoning can't have live entertainment.

Usti Nad Labem and Pilsen, Czech Republic, "Two Czech Cities Decide to Wall Off Their "Problematic" Gypsies" (May 25, 1998). The International Herald Tribune reports that officials in Usti Nad Labem and Pilsen, Czech Republic have decided to wall off what they call "problematic" public housing residents, mainly low-income Gypsies, because officials say they destroy the quality-of-life of their neighbors. The walled-off areas will be guarded by round-the-clock police patrols. Some say the walled-off areas will be the equivalent of a ghetto for the residents, the article says.

Utica, Kentucky, "Kentucky Environmental Group Fights River Barge Company Over Noise and Growth" (Mar. 25, 2000). The Courier-Journal reported that a Louisville company wants to build a barge-unloading site in the Indiana bank of the Ohio River, but environmental group River Fields objects because noise from unloading barges threaten the historic district on the Kentucky side, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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