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March 1, 2000

Benefits of Active Noise Reduction Headsets in the Workplace. Occupational Health and Safety reports that workers who are routinely subjected to long-term, low-frequency background noise such as vehicles, machinery, engines, large compressors, and air conditioning units are suffering many adverse health effects, particularly hearing loss.

Benefits of Uniform Attenuation Hearing Protection in the Workplace. Occupational Health and Safety reports on the technical and scientific aspects of workplace noise and how it affects human hearing and communication.

Oldsmobile Aurora Has Features That Make for Quiet Ride. Automotive Manufacturing and Production printed a review of the new 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora. Part of the review discusses features that make the Aurora's ride more quiet.

Silencer Muffler Developed for Truck Engine "Jake" Brakes. Fleet Equipments reports on the benefits of engine brakes for the trucking industry. The Jacobs Vehicle Systems "Jake" brake is the most commonly used in the industry. Much of the article discusses the safety and technology behind "Jake" brakes. Part of the article is devoted to talking about the noise these brakes produce.

March 12, 2000

Belvedere, California Residents Complain About Homeowner's Chicken Coop. The Los Angeles Times reports that a resident, Dr. William Rothman, in Belvedere, California has had many complaints lodged against him because of the chicken coop and chickens he keeps on his property. The case has become a controversial symbol of the fight between wealthy newcomers and longtime residents. The city invoked its noise ordinance two years ago when the complaints first started, but they did not pursue that tactic because the hens do not actually make any noise. It's the appearance of the chicken coop that is really bothering those who want the chickens to go.

Condo Owner Questions Whether Neighbor Can Legally Complain About Noisy Children in Condo Complex. The San Diego Union-Tribune published a question-and-answer column for renters and landlords, written by Certified Property Manager Robert Griswold, host of Real Estate Today! (KSDO Radio, 10 a.m. Saturdays) and by attorneys Steven R. Kellman, director of the Tenants' Legal Center, and Ted Smith, principal in a law firm representing landlords. A reader posed a question about a condo owner in her association who complained about children making noise.

Hong Kong Residents Subjected to Thunderous Traffic Noise Daily; No End in Sight. The South China Morning Post reports that the noise from traffic, especially trucks, on Hong Kong streets keeps increasing. It is an annoyance and a health danger to residents, and computer models indicate that the problem will get much worse in coming years.

Proposed El Toro Airport in Orange County, California Subject of Debate Over Effects on Property Values. The Orange County Register in California published an editorial by Wallace Walrod, vice president for research and communications of the Orange County Business Council. Walrod presents reasons why property values of homes close to a proposed airport at El Toro might actually increase, rather than decrease as many opponents claim. A vote on the county-proposed airport could take place in November.

Residents Concerned About Safety and Expansion at Burbank Airport in California. The Los Angeles Times published four letters to the editor about safety concerns and opposition to expansion at Burbank Airport after an incident in which a jet skidded off a runway after landing. The letters are reprinted here in their entirety:

March 13, 2000

Anti-Noise Group in England Finds Quiet Vacation Hideaways for Stressed-out Brits. The Birmingham Post in England reports that the Noise Network, a voluntary group headquartered in Kent, England, is putting together a list of quiet vacation retreats around the country.

Business Owner in Torbay, England Forced to Go to Court Over Loud Bird. The Western Morning News of Plymouth, England reports that Derek Sharp, owner of the Alpine Lodge residential home in Torbay, has had to go to court over his noisy cockerel. This is not the first time that Sharp has been served with orders to silence his cockerels.

Cassette Tape Mimics Office Sounds for Those Who Work at Home. The Raleigh, North Carolina News and Observer published an advice column that includes a tongue-in-cheek review of a device called "Office White Noise," which is a cassette recording of background office noises for people to use when they work at home and are feeling lonely.

City of Randleman, North Carolina Considering Water and Sewer Plant Repairs; Residents Request Quieter Blowers. The Greensboro, North Carolina News and Record reports that the city of Randleman, North Carolina is considering a $3 million project for improvements to the city's wastewater treatment and water plants. Resident Rick Scott wants the improvements to include quieter blowers.

Delta, British Columbia Residents Want Town to Construct Sound Barriers to Block Traffic Noise. The Vancouver Sun reports that Delta, British Columbia residents Miles and Lois Barker are concerned about traffic noise that they can hear in their home, and they want the town to construct an earthen berm or a sound-barrier fence to decrease the noise.

FedEx Hub in Greensboro, North Carolina Could Be Noisier Than Environmental Impact Study May Indicate. The Greensboro, North Carolina News & Record published an editorial by John Licata of Greensboro, who is concerned about the noise impact from the planned Federal Express hub in Greensboro.

German Company Wins PACE Award for Designing Automotive Vehicle Noise Management System. Crain Communications' Automotive News recently presented the eight winners of the "2000 Automotive News PACE Award." Rieter Automotive Systems AG of Winterthur, Switzerland, won an award for its Ultra Light Vehicle Noise Management System.

Loud Motorcyclists in Daytona Beach, Florida May Get Ticketed. The Orlando Sentinel reports that police in Daytona Beach, Florida have instituted a "Ride Quiet" campaign to try to crack down on noisy motorcyclists during the annual Bike Week. Riders can be fined up to $44, and must also repair the problem that caused the noise.

Louisville, Kentucky International Airport to Expand; Regional Airport Authority to Sponsor Public Forums. The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky, reports that Louisville International Airport will be undergoing major development in the coming years, and airport officials want the public to be involved in studying the airport's Master Plan and giving officials input on the plan.

Noise Bylaw Exemption Requested for Filming of Movie in West Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada). The Vancouver Sun in Canada reports that a movie filming project needs a noise bylaw exemption from the West Vancouver district council in order to film before 7:30 AM, after 5:30 PM, or on Sundays. The council will vote tonight.

Noise, Water, and Air Pollution Levels in Hanoi, Vietnam Reach Unacceptable Levels. The Vietnam Investment Review reports that the city of Hanoi is suffering from increasing and unacceptable levels of water, air, and noise pollution. High pollution levels are due to the fact that businesses are mostly unregulated, and the city is overpopulated. The country wants to modernize, and the government is willing to sacrifice the environment for increased growth and industrialization which would allow Vietnam to compete in world markets. Meanwhile, citizens' health is being risked as they are exposed to carcinogens and to loud noise.

Noisy Motorcycles Annoy Daytona Beach, Florida Residents During Annual "Bike Week". The Orlando Sentinel reports that Bike Week, an annual event in Daytona Beach, Florida, is becoming just too noisy for many residents. They don't mind the event, but they are increasingly irritated about motorcycles driving through town without mufflers.

Owner of Noisy New Car Sues Ford and Dealership; Case Dismissed for Lack of Evidence. Crain Communications' Automotive News reports that a woman who owned a 1996 Mercury Sable sued Ford Motor Company and the dealership from which she bought the car because of a loud, unidentified noise that first started on the day she drove the car out of the dealership. The Michigan Court of Appeals has dismissed the lawsuit, stating there was not enough evidence to substantiate her "lemon law" complaint. The owner, Meryland Harris, claimed that the noise devalues the car and causes her not to drive it as often as she would have liked.

Reader Asks the "Car Talk Guys" About Noisy Minivan; It's Probably the Differential. The Charleston Daily Mail published a column by auto experts Tom and Ray Magliozzi. A reader wrote in with a question about a 1995 Ford Aerostar that began making a whining noise starting at about 75,000 miles.

Reader From England Complains About Motorbike Noise. The Gloucestershire Echo in England published a letter to the editor from a reader who is concerned about motorbike noise near a cemetery. The letter is reprinted here in its entirety:

Residents in Bristol, England Annoyed by Noise from Local Pub. The Bristol Evening Post in England reports that residents who live near to the George Pub in Chipping Sodbury are disturbed by the noise from the pub. The South Gloucestershire Council has investigated the complaints.

Stuart, Florida Businessman Annoys Residents with Plan to Land Large Jet at Local Airfield. The Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News in Florida published a letter to the editor from a member of Stuart's Airport Planning Advisory Team, who is annoyed with a local businessman who wants to land his Boeing 737 at a local airfield. The letter is reprinted here in its entirety:

March 14, 2000

Application for Building of New Wildlife Park in Jeopardy Due to Noise and Other Concerns. The Evening Herald of Plymouth, England reports that the South Hams, England city council is not recommending approval of a 104-acre wildlife park to be built in the community. The park is planned to be located on the site of the National Shire Horse Center in Yealmpton.

Hutt, New Zealand City Council to Test Noise Levels At Church. The Evening Post in Wellington, New Zealand reports that a neighbor has complained that the congregation of Taita's Hosanna Baptist Church creates too much noise. The Hutt City Council plans to test the noise level, but has been unable to conduct the tests so far because of winds.

Libertyville, Illinois Residents Question Need for Electrical Power Plant in Their Community. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that Concerned Citizens of Lake County, a residents' group in Libertyville, Illinois, opposes Indeck Energy Services' proposed electrical peaker power plant in their town. The group is concerned about the noise and air pollution that the power plant would generate, and question whether there really is a need for such a plant. They asked three experts in the field to make a presentation to the town before residents vote next week on whether or not to allow the plant to locate in Libertyville.

Louisville, Kentucky Residents Encouraged to Attend Public Meetings About Airport's Future. The Louisville, Kentucky Courier-Journal printed an editorial about Louisville International Airport, in which the editor encourages readers to get involved with helping to plan for the airport's future by attending a series of meetings that will address public concerns. The editor believes it is the reader's duty to get involved in the process before complaining about airport improvements.

New Hearing Aid Can Better Distinguish Voices From Background Noise. The London Daily Mail reports on a new type of hearing aid that more closely mimics the function of the human year. The new hearing aid is called "Claro," and is manufactured by Phonak, a Swiss company.

Newcastle, England Stadium Considering Adding Stock-Car Racing; Residents Protest Over Noise. The Evening Chronicle of Newcastle, England reports that residents near Brough Park are vehemently protesting plans to add stock-car racing there. North East Stockcar Promotions is seeking a lawful development certificate, which would allow them to legally add stock-car races to the park

Noise From Caf's Live Music Disturbs Downtown Dunedin, Florida Residents. The North Pinellas Times reports that residents who have moved to downtown Dunedin, Florida as part of the city's revitalization plan are now annoyed by live music late at night at a local cafe.

Noise Study Conducted by Conservation Groups in Yellowstone National Park May Convince National Park Service to Implement Parkwide Snowmobile Ban. The U.S. Newswire reports that the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) and the Greater Yellowstone Coalition recently collaborated to study snowmobile noise in Yellowstone National Park. Based on its results, the National Park Service announced that it is seriously considering imposing a ban on snowmobiles in the park.

Palmerston North, New Zealand Police Need to Do More to Enforce Speeding and Noise Violations. The Evening Standard in Palmerston North, New Zealand reports that the Palmerston North City Council is concerned that police in the city are not doing enough to enforce speeding vehicles and noise offenders.

Reader Bothered By Noise From All-Night Discos. The New Straits Times published a letter to the editor from a reader who has been bothered by the noise from all-night discos. The letter is reprinted below in its entirety:

March 15, 2000

European Hushkit Ban Will Affect Tulsa-based Nordam and Other U.S. Hushkit Manufacturers. The Tulsa World reports that recent disagreements between the United States and the European Union (EU) over the EU's proposed ban on hushkitted aircraft will severely impact the Nordam Group, a Tulsa-based hushkit manufacturer. Hushkits are engine mufflers installed on older airplanes to reduce noise and air pollution. Other U.S. hushkit manufacturers include United Technologies, Federal Express, and Northwest Airlines. The EU ban is scheduled to go into effect on May 4.

Noise Complaints Lodged Against Local Pub. The Derby Evening Telegraph reports that residents in Belper, England have lodged letters of complaint against a local pub because of excessive noise.

Noise From Vehicle Sound Systems Annoys Business Owners. The Manawatu Standard reports that police in Palmerston North, New Zealand, do not believe that they should be dealing with complaints about loud music coming from vehicles as they drive through the city. They would rather see the city council deal with the problem.

Noise Ordinance Approved by City Council in Perris City, California. The Press-Enterprise reports that Perris City, California has approved a new city noise ordinance. Other unrelated city issues discussed by the council also appear in the article.

Patrons Object to Loud Live Music in Restaurants. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published a column by staff writer Kelly D. Burgess who complains about the loud music in a local pub. The column is reprinted here in its entirety:

Proposed Dog Kennel Causes Concern by Neighbors in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The Aberdeen, Scotland Press and Journal reports that plans for a dog boarding kennel at New Pitsgligo have met with resistance from neighbors who are worried about increased traffic and noise.

Relocation of Train Tracks in Littleton, Colorado Causes Disturbing Vibrations and Increased Noise in Affected Neighborhoods. The Denver Post reports that ever since the Burlington Northern railroad moved some of its tracks 100 feet closer to homes in a Littleton, Colorado neighborhood, the increased noise and vibrations have shaken the houses and disturbed the residents. The tracks were moved to accommodate the Regional Transportation District's (RTD's) new light-rail line along South Santa Fe Drive. A meeting will take place at Littleton City Hall tonight to discuss the issue with railroad and RTD officials.

Residents Concerned About Noise and Other Disturbances at Saratoga (New York) County Fair. The Times Union of Albany, New York reports that Ballston Spa, New York resident Richard Gorman presented a petition concerning the management of the Saratoga County Fair, and its negative effects on residents in the area.

Residents of Richmond, California Disturbed By Nighttime Jet Flight Paths. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that over 400 residents of Richmond, California, who have noticed an increase in nighttime flights and subsequent noise from Oakland and San Francisco International Airports, have signed a petition. They are asking that the Oakland Airport Community Noise Management Forum allow the city of Richmond to join the group so that they can be a part of discussions about noise issues and flight patterns at the airports.

Street Drummers in Bath, England Annoy Residents. The Bath Chronicle in England published a letter from a reader who complained about the noise from a drumming group that was collecting for charity on the streets of Bath. The letter is reprinted here in its entirety:

March 16, 2000

Atlanta Plans Beefed-up Public Safety and Noise Ordinance Enforcement Presence in Buckhead District for St. Patrick's Day Weekend Celebrations. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reports that Atlanta's Buckhead bar district is planning on huge crowds during the upcoming St. Patrick's Day weekend, and the city is preparing ahead of time to make sure that the area is well patrolled for safety and crowd control, and to make sure that the city noise ordinance is enforced.

Construction Project on Vancouver, Canada's Cleveland Dam to Be Delayed One Year; Residents Concerned About Construction Noise. The Vancouver Sun reports that work on the Cleveland Dam has been delayed and will begin in March 2001 instead of this year. The delay is due to continuing questions about the dam upgrade's effect on the nearby Capilano salmon hatchery. There have also been complaints about the noise that will be generated by the construction project and the district engineers are attempting to address the concerns.

Costa Mesa, California Will Allow New Target Store, But Noise Issues Must Be Addressed. The Orange County Register reports that the city of Costa Mesa, California will allow Dayton Hudson Corporation to proceed with building a Target store on Harbor Boulevard. However, after residents expressed concerns about noise from the new store, the store's plans were amended somewhat. A Planning Commission meeting was held on Monday. Many residents do not feel that the changes address all of their concerns about noise, however.

European Union Disappointed that United States Filed Complaint Over Upcoming EU Hushkit Ban. The Xinhua News Agency reports that the European Union is disappointed that the United States filed an Article 84 complaint with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) concerning the EU's ban of older non-EU aircraft outfitted with hushkits (airplane engine noise reduction mufflers.) The EU said that the action will make it more difficult for the EU and the U.S. to arrive at any type of agreement on this issue.

Farmington, Utah Decides to Keep its Public Pool Closed on Sundays. The Deseret News reports that the Farmington, Utah city council recently voted not to open the city pool on Sundays, despite some residents' opposition to the closure. Most proponents of the closure cited religious reasons, but some residents were also concerned about increased noise and traffic if the pool were allowed to open on Sundays.

Federal Airport Bill Will Allow Airports to Spend More on Noise Mitigation; Will Also Cause Airport Growth and Increase in Air Traffic. USA Today reports that airports around the country are waiting for President Clinton to sign the aviation bill recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. If the president signs the bill, many U.S. airports are expected to begin building programs next year. Los Angeles International Airport will use some of its allotted money on noise mitigation programs.

Floating Nightclub Might Be Moved to Different Dock Mooring to Reduce Noise. The Bristol Evening Post reports that a nightclub aboard a ship moored at the Bristol, England City Docks might be moved to a different mooring because of noise complaints from nearby residents.

Introduction of Substrate Noise Analyzer Announced by CadMOS Design Technology, Inc.. A press release was issued through the Business Wire by CadMOS Design Technology, Inc. The company announces the introduction of its SeismIC (tm) substrate noise analyzer. The press release is reprinted here in its entirety:

McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, California to Be Focus of Noise Study. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that a noise study will be conducted at McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, California. Residents have become increasingly bothered by noise from the planes using the airport.

New Carmel,Indiana Library Popular With Residents, Though Building's Air-Conditioner Noise Poses Problems. The Indianapolis Star reports that the Carmel,Indiana Library Director, John Fuchs, is leaving his post after eight years. He was instrumental in getting the $24.5 million community library built. Library usage is up. However, there have been complaints about the noise levels outside the building due to the library's new air conditioning system.

Noise Mitigation Program at Tulsa International Airport to Begin As Soon As Federal Aviation Plan is Passed. The Tulsa World reports that the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $40 billion aviation bill that will include $2 million to be allocated to a noise mitigation program at Tulsa International Airport. The program can begin as soon as President Clinton signs the bill.

O'Hare Noise Levels Monitored by City of Chicago and Suburban O'Hare Commission for Past Three Years Have Not Yet Been Properly Analyzed. The Chicago Tribune reports that noise data accumulated by the Suburban O'Hare Commission over the last three years has not been properly analyzed, causing continuing disagreements between O'Hare International Airport and its surrounding communities over noise remedies and who qualifies for them.

Proposal to Convert Savage, Maryland Home into an Inn Causes Residents to Worry About Noise and Traffic. The Baltimore Sun reports that residents in a Savage, Maryland neighborhood are concerned that an historic home, which may be converted to an inn, will increase noise and traffic in the area.

Quarry in St. Clair, Missouri May Need County Approval to Begin Operations. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Capitol Quarries of Jefferson City wishes to operate a quarry on the Suntrup Farms property on Dry Branch Road in St. Clair. Many residents oppose the quarry operation because of the noise that it will generate. Legal technicalities concerning Missouri state statutes that govern quarry operations may or may not work in the quarry's favor.

Reader Expresses Concern Over Jet Noise at Upcoming Augusta, Georgia Skyfest 2000. The Augusta, Georgia Chronicle published reader comments on a variety of topics in its "Rants and Raves" column. One is from a reader who expresses concern about noise at Skyfest 2000. The comments are reprinted here in their entirety:

Reader in Bristol, England Comments on Low-Level Low Frequency Noise. The Bristol United Press in Bristol, England printed a letter by reader M. Ashby concerning low-level low frequency noise. The letter is reprinted here in its entirety:

Residents Concerned About Size of Earthen Noise Shield at Gloucestershire, England Construction Site. The Gloucestershire Echo in England reports that the "doughnut building" construction project at the GCHQ spy center is angering area residents. It is the largest construction site in Europe, costing GBP 300 million.

Residents in Plympton, England Bothered by Noise From Nearby Industrial Park. The Plymouth, England Evening Herald reports that there have been many noise complaints lodged by Plympton residents against businesses at the Valley Road Industrial Estate. Residents says that the noise has become increasingly loud over the last few years.

Residents of Island Falls, Maine Vote to Recall Prohibited-Uses Portion of Zoning Ordinance. The Bangor Daily News reports that Island Falls, Maine voters recently recalled a portion of the town's zoning ordinance in order to protect the National Starch and Chemical Company factory in town. The zoning ordinance from 1974 said that the town would prohibit "all uses that are obnoxious or injurious to health or property by reason of odor, dust, smoke, refuse-matter fumes, noise, vibration or similar conditions."

Sarasota County Commission Approves Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport Expansion Plan. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports that the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport will probably begin implementing its expansion plan this spring. The plan will include building a longer runway and a larger passenger terminal, as well as adding a parking garage and as many as 144 airplane hangars.

Some Practical Solutions to Personal Computer Noise. The Sacramento Bee reports that a reader wrote in to expert Cheryl Leff to ask her if the bothersome noise coming from her new computer is normal, and how she can help to make it quieter.

South Shore Boston Town Representatives Meet to Discuss Forming Regional Task Force to Fight Logan Airport Noise. The Patriot Ledger reports that twenty-five residents from towns on the south shore of Boston harbor met at the Hingham Town Hall to discuss forming a regional task force to fight against Logan Airport jet noise. Residents complain that the airport noise continues to increase, disturbing their sleep and other activities.

United States Government Officially Protests European Union Proposed Ban Against Hushkitted Aircraft. The M2 Presswire reports that the United States government today filed a formal "Article 84" action with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) against the European Union (EU). The complaint concerns ongoing controversy surrounding the EU's proposed ban of aircraft that use American hushkit technology to make the planes quieter.

March 17, 2000

Beaufort, Georgia Air Station to Generate More Jet Noise as Navy and Marines Begin to Share Base. The Savannah Morning News reports that the U.S. Navy is going to begin sharing space with the Marines at the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort, Georgia. Twenty-two Navy jets will mean that more than 100 planes will be at Beaufort, and the base's active-duty population will be increased by 500 people.

Burbank Airport Begins Home Insulation Program That Extends Beyond Burbank City Limits. The Los Angeles Times reports that the Federal Aviation Administration and the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority have undertaken an ambitious home soundproofing program that for the first time extends into the city limits of Los Angeles. The Salazar family have become the first homeowners outside the city of Burbank to receive soundproofing.

Causes of Interior and Exterior Noise in Multi-unit Buildings and Ways to Make Them Quieter. Newsday reports that home columnist Al Ubell is concerned with the noise that tenants experience living in apartment buildings. Ubell is also a home inspector who discusses both interior and exterior noise and ways to combat it.

Fort Knox Expansion Creates Concern About Noise and Wildlife Habitat Destruction. The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky reports that residents in the area of Fort Knox have noise and environmental concerns over an urban-warfare training facility that will be built by the Army. The project will involve much logging and disruption of wildlife habitat. The Army has agreed to conduct an environmental study. [Editor's Note: This story has already been addressed in another article. We are reporting here only on details that were not in the previous article.]

Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine's "Nifty Fifty" Award Won by Donaldson Company's Silent Partner (tm) Truck Muffler. The Donaldson Company announced to the press that its Silent Partner (tm) muffler system has won a "Nifty Fifty" Award from Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine. The press release was sent over the PR Newswire and is reprinted here in its entirety:

Musician Fined For Playing Loud Drums Late at Night. The Nottingham Evening Post in Nottingham, England reports that the Broxtowe, England Borough Council has fined Daniel Bachelard GBP 100 after receiving complaints from neighbors about loud music late at night.

NCT Hearing Products, Inc. to Buy 60% of Pro Tech Communications, Inc. in Exchange for Rights to Use NCTI Noise Reduction Technologies. The Business Wire published the following press statement released by NCT Group, Inc. The press release is re-printed here in its entirety:

Norman, Oklahoma City Council Strengthens Noise Ordinance. The Daily Oklahoman reports that the Norman City Council has agreed to change the city noise ordinance so that it will be enforceable twenty-four hours a day.

Petition Opposing Burbank Airport Terminal Construction Rejected by City; Issue May Be Brought to Public Vote Anyway. The Los Angeles Times reports that a recent initiative concerning the construction of a $300 million terminal at Burbank Airport was disqualified from the ballot on Wednesday by City Clerk Judie Sarquiz. The petition was signed by 7,400 voters, but its two most important proponents, former City Councilman Ted McConkey and Howard Rothenbach, neglected to add their signatures to the petition, which legally disqualified the initiative.

Pratt & Whitney Rocket Testing Facility Causes Noise Pollution in Nearby Stuart, Florida. The Palm Beach Post published a letter to the editor by Jeanne Waldrop of Stuart Florida, who has complaints about noise pollution from a nearby rocket-testing facility. The letter is reprinted here in its entirety:

Pro Tech Communications Sells 60% of Common Stock to NCT Group, Inc.; Pro Tech Granted Rights to Noisebuster (r) and ClearSpeech (r) Noise and Echo Cancellation Algorithms. Pro Tech Communications, Inc. announced to the press the sale of 60% of its common stock to NCT Group, Inc. The press release appeared on the PR Newswire and is reprinted here in its entirety:

Reviewer Please With New Nissan Ultra. The Calgary Sun reports that auto reviewer Harry Pegg is enamored of the 2000 model of the Nissan Altima. He particularly likes its quiet ride.

Russian Space Station Module Noise Levels Deemed Unhealthy and Dangerous to Astronauts. The United Press International reports that the United States Government Accounting Office (GAO) recently testified before the U.S. House of Representatives that continuing to collaborate with Russia on the International Space Station program may be problematic due to Russian safety violations. Excessive noise inside the Russian modules is the most severe of the four violations mentioned. The other violations concern "protecting the modules from penetration by space debris, verifying that the windows are strong enough to withstand years of space exposure, and designing the equipment so it can function even in an emergency when air leaks out of the station."

Stonehaven, Scotland Restaurant Owner Requests Permission to Build Apartments Above Restaurant. The Aberdeen Press and Journal in Scotland reports that a restaurant owner has asked the Stonehaven council to approve his request to add apartments upstairs from his restaurant. The council has been hesitant to grant approval because of noise concerns. The restaurant owner says, however, that only he and his family will be occupying the apartments and will be unaffected by the noise from their own restaurant or surrounding areas.

U.S. Army Plans Urban Training Center at Fort Knox; Plans to Study Environmental Impact. The Associated Press reports that a new military training ground planned for Fort Knox has many environmentalists concerned over the negative impact such a facility will have on the environment. The Army has stated that it will conduct an environmental impact study to assess the situation.

March 18, 2000

Alleged "Throat Clearing" Noise in London, England Audience Actually Electronic Noise From Science Exhibit. The Daily Telegraph reports that an intrusive noise from the audience during a speech delivered by the Princess Royal was thought to be throat-clearing, but it was actually an electronic noise coming from a science exhibit.

"Car Talk" Column Responds to Reader's Question About Whining Differential in Minivan. The San Diego Union Tribune's "Car Talk" Column contains a question by a reader who hears a whining noise coming from the rear of his minivan. "Car Talk's" Tom and Ray Magliozzi address his concerns.

Charleston, South Carolina Storage Container Yard in Possible Violation of City Noise Ordinance and County Zoning Regulations. The Charleston, South Carolina Post and Courier reports that a container storage yard in East Cooper generates noise that bothers area residents and may have violated the city noise ordinance. Additionally, the State Ports Authority violated Charleston County law by not receiving appropriate zoning permits before building the yard.

Coventry, England Nurses Concerned About Lessening Night Noises for Patients. The Coventry Evening Telegraph reports that Coventry nurses have implemented a Night Noise Standard to help ensure that patients get a good night's rest. They believe that patients will recover faster in a quiet, less stressful environment. Some of the noise-control measures include having the nurses wear soft-soled shoes and speak as quietly as possible. Other efforts will include oiling squeaky trolley wheels and offering patients earplugs if they are disturbed by snorers. Patients who disturb others may be moved to a side room.

Fans Complain About Rules on Remaining Quiet During Football Matches. The Mirror reports that spectators at Old Trafford football matches must remain quiet. Fans have a history of being boisterous at football matches, and think it's not right to have to remain quiet during a game.

French Hotel Chain Promotes Quiet for Guests. The Calgary Herald reports that there is a French hotel chain, started in 1968, that promotes a noise-free stay for guests. The chain, based in Paris, is known as Relais du Silence, or Silencehotel. Its 302 independently-owned hotels are located in 12 European countries, and there is now one in Canada: the Domain of Killen in Haliburton, Ontario.

Oracle Corporation Jet Temporarily Prevented From Nighttime Landings at San Jose International Airport. The Associated Press State and Local Wire reports that Larry Ellison, head of Oracle Corporation, has been issued a temporary restraining order preventing his jet from landing at San Jose International Airport between the airport's curfew hours of 11:30 P.M. and 6:30 A.M. The city has warned Ellison more than once during the past eighteen months that he has allegedly violated the curfew. The city's attorneys allege that Ellison has violated "the city's noise ordinance, breached the terms of his airport lease, and engaged in unfair business practices by breaking the rules." City Attorney Rick Doyle said that the issue will now be resolved in the courts.

Reader Has Question About Traction Control System and Anti-Lock Brake System Noises. The Montreal Gazette reports automotive questions from readers that are answered in a column by The Car Doctor. A reader, S. Cournoyer of Beloeil, complains about an odd Traction Control System (TCS) noise in his/her Honda Odyssey.

March 19, 2000

Blount Count Commissioners Hear Complaints About Noise From Smoky Mountain Raceway. The Knoxville News-Sentinel reports that Blount County, Tennessee commissioners held a meeting recently to discuss complaints about noise coming from the Smoky Mountain Raceway.

Burbank, California Rejects Petition Barring New Airline Terminal Construction at Burbank Airport. The Los Angeles Times reports that the Burbank City Council recently rejected a petition filed by Restore Our Airport Rights (ROAR) asking the city to deny Burbank Airport the right to construct a new terminal. The FAA agreed that the petition should not stop the airport from adding the terminal.

Dayton International Airport (Ohio) Expansion Plans Cause Controversy in Surrounding Communities. The Dayton Daily News reports that Dayton International Airport's new expansion plan has caused much controversy in surrounding communities such as Tipp City, Butler Township, Monroe Township, Vandalia, and others. Officials maintain that community growth was planned based on previous plans presented to them by the airport, and now the airport has changed those plans. Many homes will now be affected by the noise from new runways that will be built close by.

Navy Moves Live Bombing Test Site from Puerto Rico to Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. AP Worldstream reports that many residents who live near Eglin Air Force Base are not opposed to the Navy's recent decision to move its live bombing test site from Puerto Rico to Eglin. Most are used to the noise and realize that the military is important to the Florida Panhandle area.

Proposed Amendment to Oklahoma City Ordinance, Designed to Reduce Nightclub Noise, Causes Concern Among Business Owners and Some Residents. The Sunday Oklahoman reports that Oklahoma City Councilwoman Amy Brooks has drafted a proposed amendment to a city ordinance as a result of complaints from many of her Ward 2 constituents about late-night bar, nightclub, and restaurant noise in the Crown Heights neighborhood. Some other residents, and many business owners and concert promoters, strongly oppose the measure.

Resident Lodges Complaint Against Temecula Speedway in California For Violating City Noise Ordinance and Operating Without Appropriate Permits. The Press-Enterprise of Riverside, California reports that the Temecula Speedway has had a complaint filed against it by nearby resident Eion "Scotty" McDowell, who states that the noise levels are too high and that the raceway is operating in violation of city noise ordinance and without proper permits. The city of Temecula is conducting tests to determine the sound levels at the speedway.

San Fernando Valley Residents Unfairly Burdened with Burbank Airport Noise. Los Angeles Times reports that Tom Lucente, President of the Studio City Residents Association, believes that southeast San Fernando Valley residents are unfairly burdened with noise from Burbank Airport. He wants other surrounding cities to share the noise burden. He opposes adoption of the settlement agreement offered last fall.

San Fernando Valley Residents Unfairly Burdened with Burbank Airport Noise. Los Angeles Times reports that Tom Lucente, President of the Studio City Residents Association, believes that southeast San Fernando Valley residents are unfairly burdened with noise from Burbank Airport. He wants other surrounding cities to share the noise burden. He opposes adoption of the settlement agreement offered last fall.

Suburban Houston Resident Complains About Noise from Neighbors' Automotive Machinist School. The Houston Chronicle reports that Houston resident Roy Ruffin has resorted to drastic measures over the noise he hears from his neighbors' school for automotive machinists. He maintains that the noise is too loud, and that the business should not be allowed in a residential neighborhood. However, the property is now zoned commercial and city officials do not believe that the noise is loud enough to warrant action.

Witham Field in Stuart, Florida Opens New Control Tower; Citizen Group Concerned About Increased Noise as a Result. The Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News reports that Witham Field is holding ceremonies on Monday to celebrate the opening of a new control tower. The Witham Field/Martin County Airport Watch Committee has objections to the new tower because it will increase noise levels in the area.

March 20, 2000

Chicago, Illinois Automobile Owner Hears Grinding Noise in Car Brakes. The Chicago Sun-Times automotive question and answer section reports that a reader has a problem with his 1999 Dodge Intrepid. When the reader puts on the brakes, he hears a grinding noise. A Dodge dealer told him that condensation had built up on the brakes and was causing the noise. The dealer wiped off the brakes, but indicated that the grinding noise will come back.

Colorado State University Engineering Students Attempt to Build Clean and Quiet Snowmobile. The Denver Post reports that local university teams are competing in Jackson, Wyoming to design cleaner running snowmobiles. The competition is taking place during a time of intense debate over a possible snowmobile ban in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks....

Construction Industry Works With Federal Government to Ensure Worker Hearing Protection. The Engineering News-Record reports that an upcoming conference in Washington, D.C. will discuss noise levels and hearing protection in the construction industry. Several government agencies are working toward enacting new rules for new rules that employers must adhere to, but many in the industry believe that new rules are not the answer. Instead, they think that worker education is the key to preserving life-long hearing.

Creve Coeur, Missouri City Council Divided on Need for Sound Barrier Construction Along Interstate 270; Public Hearings to be Held. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Creve Coeur, Missouri City Council met recently to discuss the need for sound barrier construction along Interstate 270. Some members do not believe there is a need, and feel that the cost is too high. The Council discussed ways to request the state to change its funding formula in order to have the state pay more of the cost of the sound barrier construction.

English Businessman Files Appeal with the English Government Against a Local Government Ban Prohibiting Him From Constructing and Using a Personal Helicopter Landing Near his Home. The Birmingham Evening Mail reports that Mr. Simon Farmer, a local resident and businessman, is concerned by the refusal of his local town councilors to allow him to build a helicopter pad on his property and use it to take off in and land his privately-owned helicopter. He has filed an appeal with Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, who is Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions. The government's Planning Inspectorate will handle the appeal.

Owens Corning Announces Use of its Silentex (tm) Noise Control System on Many Mufflers of European-built DaimlerChrysler Automobiles. Canada Newswire reports that Owens Corning has announced that Silentex (tm), its new noise control system, has been chosen by DaimlerChrysler for use in the manufacture of muffler systems on many of its European-built vehicles. The Silentex (tm) system will be used on the mufflers of several Mercedes-Benz models.

Papillion, Iowa to Hold Noise Ordinance Hearing. The Omaha World Herald reports that the Papillion, Iowa City Council will hold a hearing on a proposed city noise ordinance.

Point Pleasant, New Jersey Beach Bar May Lose Mercantile License for Violation of Borough Noise Ordinances and May Also be Shut Down for Fifteen Days For Illegally Conducting Sports Pool Gambling.. The Asbury Park Press reports that J.P. Bailey's, a Point Pleasant Beach bar and restaurant, has violated the borough noise ordinance dozens of times and has allowed sports pool gambling to take place. Two people have been arrested for the sports pool gambling.

Reader Questions Whether Low Automobile Oil Pressure Could be Reason for Unsettling Car Noise. The Charleston Daily Mail reports a question posed by a reader to Tom and Ray Magliozzi, syndicated personalities of the "Car Talk" radio program on National Public Radio. The reader states that he has a problem with low oil pressure after stopping his car, which is a 1994 Pontiac Transport with a 3.8 liter V-6 engine and 29,000 miles. He wonders if the problem with his oil pressure could also be related to a "clattering noise" that he hears when he starts the car after it has not been driven for a week or more.

Residents Bothered by O'Hare Airport Noise Want Village of Mount Prospect, Illinois to Address Their Concerns. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that the Concerned Citizens of Mount Prospect met recently to discuss airport noise with the Village of Mount Prospect. The group believes that the village should take the same measures to study and act upon airport noise as it has taken in dealing with train noise in the town.

Rugby Superstar Jonah Lomu of New Zealand Plans to Attempt to Break World Car Audio Sound Pressure Record of 176 Decibels. The Dominion (Wellington) reports that rugby star Jonah Lomu attended the Car Audio New Zealand sound-off central regional finals. He plans to attempt to break the world record in six months. The sound-off is a competition to create the loudest sound-pressure level using a car stereo.

Springfield, Oregon Residents Question Wal-Mart Site Location, Noise and Traffic Implications. The Register Guard reports that residents of neighborhoods surrounding a proposed Wal-Mart site are concerned about the traffic and noise that will be generated by the retailer's operations. Some options have included requiring Wal-Mart to adequately address traffic congestion by possibly building additional interchanges along Highway 126. Springfield has no planned commercial center that would allow for development without adversely impacting residential neighborhoods.

U.S. State Department Files Petition with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Concerning Possible International Law Violation by European Union for Banning Hushkitted Transports. Aviation Week and Space Technology reports that the United States is concerned that the European Union's ban of hushkitted transports is illegal. The U.S. hopes that the petition it filed with the ICAO on March 14 will help settle the dispute. Hushkits are devices that were developed to help powerplants and aviation companies comply with the ICAO's Chapter 3 noise-emissions standards. Most hushkitted aircraft have been built in the United States. The United States claims that by banning hushkitted aircraft, the EU is unfairly penalizing U.S. aircraft companies, while simultaneously favoring European manufacturers who do not install hushkits, particularly Airbus Industrie.

March 21, 2000

Indiana Residents Cry "Foul" Over Stockyard Deal. The Courier-Journal reported that a proposed $1 million stockyard deal in Little York is a source of contention between cattlemen and some town residents who project a positive economic impact and other residents who fear that it will hinder residential development from a neighboring county.

NY Home Depot Too Big, Too Noisy, Too Much Traffic for Neighbors. According to an article from Newsday, the new 24-hour Home Depot bordering Forest Hills and Glendale attracts so much vehicular traffic that its neighbors can no longer open their windows or get a good night's sleep.

Navy Exercises Investigated After Death of Eight Beached Whales in Bahamas. According to an article by the Associated Press, the US Navy is under investigation because of the death of eight beached whales shortly after Navy sonar exercise in the northern Bahamas and an environmental group is calling for an end to the testing.

Residents in UK Town Protest New Construction Project. The Leicester Mercury reported that residents in this small town oppose a new warehouse because the building is a huge, ugly structure towers over their homes. They also state they were not informed of its significant size.

Senior Citizens in UK Protest Early Morning Truck Noise. The Bath Chronicle reported that several senior citizens have complained to their local environmental health officers about loud early morning noises from trucks at the Gammon Plant. According to the article, they have made several attempts to speak with the plant's owner, to no avail.

South Carolina's State Port Authority Noise Underestimated and Residents are Angry. According to the Post and Courier, residents in a subdivision of Mt. Pleasant are angry at the State Ports Authority (SPA) over noise from the Wando Welch Terminal and the SPA's plans to expand the port.

US National Park Services Restricts Use of Personal Watercraft in National Parks. An article by Business Wire printed commentary by the Personal Watercraft Industry Association (PWIA) regarding the National Park Service's decision to allow some personal watercraft (pwc) use in selected parks while banning the watercraft in other parks.

March 22, 2000

California Racetrack Gets OK For Expansion; Opponents Not Happy. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Sonoma County officials unanimously approved the expansion of the Sears Point Raceway despite concerns of neighbors about traffic, noise and crowds.

Construction Project Near School Cause for Excessive Noise and Gas Fumes. The Los Angeles Times reported on a construction project that is the source of problems for an elementary school because of gas fumes and excessive noise during school hours. Because the developer had a permit and was not in violation, local officials claim they cannot do anything.

Indiana Diner Reduces Parties and Loud Music in Response to Neighbors' Complaints. The Des Moines Register reported that local residents want to impose a decrease in the number of motorcycle and classic car events at a local diner because of the noise activity.

Jupiter Farms, Florida Residents Meet With Walgreens Officials To Voice Concerns: Walgreens Noncommittal. According to the Jupiter Courier, around 150 local residents met as a group with representatives of Walgreens to discuss their concerns about a planned 650,000-square-foot distribution center at the Palm Beach Park of Commerce. The article said residents asked questions about noise, lighting and traffic.

Machine Control Noise Levels in Singapore Hospital. According to the Straits Times of Singapore, Tan Tock Seng Hospital has installed a machine that warns to be quieter when a certain decibel is reached.

Metropolitan Area around D.C. to Endure Months of Loud Bridge Construction. The Washington Times reported that Alexandria residents will soon experience the inordinately loud sound of pile driving as work crews begin construction on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

Minnesota Appeals Court Gives Noise Variance to Amphitheater. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the grassroots group Preserve Our Environment will take its case against a local amphitheater to the state's Supreme Court.

Nevada Airport Officials Face Vocal Residents Over Review of Aircraft Weight Limits. An article by the Associated Press reported that when the Minden-Tahoe Airport Advisory Board called for a review of the airport's weight limit for aircraft, the airport's neighbors became suspicious that the board planned to expand the airport and increase air traffic.

New Noise in Papillion City, Nebraska Will Silence Boom Cars and Other Loud Noise Makers. The Omaha World-Herald reported that to ensure the peace and tranquility of the town, the Papillion City Council will impose a new noise ordinance that will crack down on loud noises, boom cars in particular.

Oklahoma City Councilwoman's Fight Against Noise Said to Interfere with Development. According to the Daily Oklahoman, an Oklahoma City councilwoman's fight against noise prompted other council members to delay any change in the city's noise ordinance because they are worried that inner-city development may suffer because of it.

San Jose Officials Delay Ban on Night Flights Rather Than Lose Federal Funds. The San Jose Mercury News reported that San Mateo County officials delayed a ban on night flights at San Carlos Airport because they could lose federal funding and anger pilots, but did ask pilots for voluntary compliance until November.

March 23, 2000

Baton Rouge City Council Tries Noise Ordinance a Second Time. According to the Baton Rouge Advocate, the Metro City Council is enforcing an amended noise ordinance after much of it was declared unconstitutional in 1997.

Bullhead, Arizona City Council Passes Noise Ordinance. An article from the Associated Press reported that the Bullhead City Council recently passed a new noise ordinance that restricts people from playing loud radios, musical instruments, television sets or stereos in "a reckless manner." Emergency vehicles are responding to a call are exempt.

Canada Should Pay More Attention to Noise Pollution. The Ottawa Citizen printed this letter to the editor regarding jet noise over residential areas. The letter is printed in its entirety.

Creve Coeur Missouri Residents Want Sound Barriers on Interstate But State Must Pay. According to the St. Louis Dispatch, residents of Creve Coeur want sound barriers around Interstate 270 among other requests to the city council as it reviews projects under the town's capital improvement plan.

Hume, Maryland Winery Must Decide Whether To Attract Business or Be a Better Neighbor. The Washington Post reported on a public hearing regarding the Oasis Winery, in Hume and its increased noise level.

Local City Council in UK Calls for Public Forum on Airport Noise. The Birmingham Evening Mail reported that a Midland city councilor asked for a public forum for residents to discuss Birmingham International Airport.

New Zealand Government Has No Plans to Monitor Noise Around Homes Near Bypass. The Nelson Mail reported that the New Zealand government says it won't monitor noise from the proposed widening of a bypass. It will, the article said, consider complaints on a case by case basis.

New Zealand Homeowner Moves Because of Noisy Church. The Press reported that a New Zealand man sold his house and moved because the church next door was too noisy and adversely affecting his marriage.

Seattle-Tacoma Airport's Change in Flight Plan Gets Support From City Officials. According to the News Tribune reported that town officials in Washington state support a plan to reroute dozens of flights from Sea-Tac (Seattle-Tacoma) Airport, a plan which other cities do not support. flight paths.

South Carolina Noise Complaint Puts Police Against Crowd. The Post and Courier reported that a police officer, in pursuit of a vehicle with a loud stereo system, attempted to arrest the driver when he stopped his car, angering a crowd of people that had gathered.

Town in South Wales Implements Faster Noise Complaint Policy. The South Wales Evening Post reported on plans by the Swansea Council to find a newer and faster noise complaint policy.

Virginia Noise Walls Not the State's Job. The Virginian-Pilot printed this letter to the editor regarding noise walls around interstates. The letter and its response are both in their entirety.

March 24, 2000

Alaska Airport Releases Biased Studies on Airport Expansion. According to the Anchorage City News, four studies by Anchorage's international airport state that expanding the airport won't have much noise, air and traffic impact. {Editor's Note: One might conclude that a study sponsored by an airport might vastly differ from a study sponsored by advocates for noise abatement.]

Albuquerque City Council To Hire Noise Enforcement Officer. The Albuquerque Tribune reported that Jay Czar, head of the Albuquerque International Sunport is scheduled to interview four people for the newly created position of Noise Abatement Officer.

British Government Invests 760,000 on Road Noise Reduction. The London Evening Standard reported on a 760,000 noise abatement grant from the Government to reduce road surface noise on a major highway, A52.

Camden, Maine Residents to Decide on Skateboard Park With Quiet in Mind. According to the Bangor Daily News, residents in Camden, Maine will decide on whether to build a skateboard park for young people and where that site will be.

Farmington Utah Residents Say No Sunday Pool and a Ban on Snowmobiles in Yellowtone. Should swimming pools be closed on Sunday? An article from the Associated Press reported on such a dilemma in one town in Utah.

Indiana Residents Want Noise Barriers Along I-465. According to the Indianapolis Star, Indiana residents from Northeastside want the state highway department to build a noise barrier when they rebuild Interstate 465 this year, and sent a petition to the Indiana Department of Transportation.

Legislator's Incessant Car Alarm Angers NYC Residents. According to the New York Times, the incessant blaring of a State legislator's car alarm in TriBeCa angered residents because the police, in response to complaints, guarded the car rather than towed it. The noise lasted from morning until 7pm.

Search for Loch Ness Monster Means No Royal Airforce Training. According to the Herald, a scientist studying Loch Ness in search of the lake's famous monster, Nessie, complained that jet noise was adversely affecting sensors beneath the water's surface and pilots were requested to avoid the lake while "the hunt is on."

South Carolina Residents Record Jet Noise and Play for State Legislators. The Post and Courier reported that the State Ports Authority (SPA) plans to hire a noise expert to investigate ways to reduce noise during the expansion of the Wando Welch Terminal.

Tampa, Florida City Council Restricts Weekend Construction Hours. The Tampa Tribune reported on construction noise beginning at 7am has prompted the City Council to propose a noise ordinance banning construction on both Saturday and Sunday morning until 10am, whether the work is professional or a "do it yourself" homeowner.

UK Invests 1.5M on Noise Abatement. The Derby Evening Telegraph reported that in an announcement by transport minister Lord Macdonald, the British Parliament is poised to spend 1.5m on noise mitigation for two English towns, Sawley and Sandiacre.

March 25, 2000

Alexandria, Virginia City Council Restricts Construction Hours on Bridge Job. According to the Washington Post, the Alexandria City Council will vote to limit construction hours on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, from 9am to 6pm on weekdays and 10am to 4pm on Saturdays. No construction is permitted on Sundays.

Fairlee, New Zealand Man's Complaints Over Noisy Machine Forces Company to Act. The Press reported on the success one Fairlee man experienced in his determination to regain the peace and quiet of his tranquil home. He complained to the right people and got results in one week.

Interstate Divides Virginia Neighborhoods but not Virginia Neighborhood Organizations. The Washington Post reported on three neighborhoods in Arlington that were divided by Interstate 66 in 1982. Spokespeople from three civic associations in Bluemont, North Highlands and Arlington-East Falls Church commented on what the division has meant to their neighborhoods-an increase in noise and traffic as well as a determination to remain united.

Kentucky Environmental Group Fights River Barge Company Over Noise and Growth. The Courier-Journal reported that a Louisville company wants to build a barge-unloading site in the Indiana bank of the Ohio River, but environmental group River Fields objects because noise from unloading barges threaten the historic district on the Kentucky side, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Letters to the Editor About California Airport Facility. The San Diego Union Tribune printed letters to the editor regarding Miramar military base as a choice for an international airport. The letters are printed in their entirety.

London's Heathrow Airport Faces Legal Challenge of Night Flights. The Daily Telegraph reported that flying into Heathrow airport at night could be a violation of one's right to undisturbed sleep, and a test case on "unacceptable night noise" affecting a million people will heard in the European Court of Human Rights in April of 2000. Plaintiffs are asking the court to cut back night flights to before 1993 levels.

New Mexico Noise Activists Hire National Noise Experts. The Albuquerque Journal reported that Airport Neighbors Alliance, a grassroots campaign against jet noise, received the help of two national noise experts to help them challenge jet noise from the Albuquerque International Sunport.

North Carolina Police Ticket Protesters for Noise. An article in the Asheville Citizen-Times that protesters who yelled at an employee of a women's health clinic were ticketed by police for "unreasonable, loud, disturbing, unnecessary noise."

Pilot Training at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida Includes Dropping Live Bombs. An article from the Associated Press reported on a live bombing exercise on Eglin Air Force Base in the Florida Panhandle--that was moved from Puerto Rico because of complaints against the Navy's use of the island for the bombing.

St. Louis City Officials Criticized for Dismissing Residents' Airport Noise Concerns. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on a news conference where regional officials, clergy and neighbors of Lambert Field sharply criticized St. Louis city officials for dismissing their noise concerns regarding the construction of a new runway and other improvements.

UK Officials Change Noise Rules With Support from Neighbors. The London Free Press printed an op-ed challenging a recent column that criticized city officials for changing noise rules at outdoor concerts because of complaints.

UK Promises Residents in Scotland to Help Soundproof Homes Against Military Jet Noise. The Glasgow Herald reported that the British government promised to review soundproofing "arrangements" for residences around the UK's most northerly fighter base, Leuchars in Fife.

UK Residents, Town Council and Environmental Group Fight Noise and Pollution With Trees. An article from the Press Association Newsfile reported on a local effort by residents and environmental group Trees for London to fight noise and fumes from a major highway, the A102(M).

Yelling is Noise Violation in South Carolina. An article from the Associated Press reported that an anti-abortion protester was cited for violating a local noise ordinance because he was yelling.

March 26, 2000

Barking Dogs Are a Health Hazard in California. A guest editorial in the San Francisco Times about barking dogs, health and personal responsibility is a compelling argument for anyone wishing to lodge a noise complaint and important information for anyone writing local noise ordinances.

California Airport Prompts Noise Discussion. The Los Angeles Times printed a letter to the editor regarding jet noise from Burbank Airport. The letter is printed in its entirety.

California Residents Protest Antennas on High School Campuses Because of Noise. An article in the Sacramento Bee reported that the proposal to place wireless antennas on two 85-foot-high light standards at a local high school has won support from the Carmichael Community Planning Advisory Council but not from some of the neighbors.

Dallas Historic Airport To Develop Master Plan for Growth and Expansion. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that, Love Field in Dallas is facing increased commercial air traffic and city officials must develop a long-term plan for the airport since it is already overcrowded and cannot accommodate more traffic.

Live Music Outdoors Divides St. Petersburg Florida Neighborhood Residents. An article in the Neighborhood section of the St. Petersburg Times addressed the loud, live music of a new neighborhood outdoor club and its impact on residents of a nearby senior citizen apartment complex. Opinion is divided over the loud live music.

March 27, 2000

Hong Kong Legislator Calls for Noise Reduction on City Streets. An article in the Hong Kong Times reported that a survey on noise in that city revealed that of the people interviewed, over 90 percent voiced their complaints over the city's traffic noise, and half of those people said that noise disrupted their sleep and caused stress.

Increased Traffic in St. Louis Prompts Requests for Sound Barrier. An article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch printed an op-ed article about increased traffic in the St. Louis area, prompting some mayors from area cities to take action against the noise.

Noise Dispute in Canada Results in Controversial Police Action. The Vancouver Sun reported on a noise dispute that resulted in a police arrest in which the subject's arm was broken. The Supreme Court in British Columbia ruled that the police officer is not liable for damages.

Pennsylvania Town's Noise Ordinance Could Be Too Strict. According to an article by the Associated Press, a proposed local noise ordinance in Penbrook, Pennsylvania can be interpreted so narrowly that children could be banned for roller-skating or bouncing a ball.

Residents in Aberavon, Wales To Experience Construction Noise From Morning to Night. The South Wales Evening Post reported that Baglan Moors Hospital is scheduled to begin construction and its neighbors were warned at a public meeting to expect noise from pile driving 11 hours a day.

March 28, 2000

California Residents Protest Rezoning in Community Because of Noise and Traffic Congestion. According to the Los Angeles Times, a new citizen group is protesting the rezoning of land from residential to commercial because of traffic congestion, additional light and noise. The article said an environmental impact on the rezoning sparked controversy in the community.

EU and US Negotiate Hushkits and Ban on Older Aircraft. According to London's Financial Times, talks between the US and the European Union may lead to a compromise over "hushkits" because EU officials may delay the registration date for non-EU airplanes equipped with the engine mufflers to fly I into the 15-nation bloc.

Hong Kong Traffic Becoming a Serious Issue. The South China Morning Post reported concerns from Chinese legislators over potential noise from a planned 11.4-kilometer rail link. According to the article, the construction noise will disrupt life in homes and nearby schools even though steps such as glazing have been taken to mitigate the noise.

Neighbors of US Air Base in Okinawa File Lawsuit Against Japanese Government Over Noise. The Daily Yomiuri reported that almost 6,000 neighbors of the U.S. Kadena Air Base in Okinawa filed a lawsuit against the government because of jet noise from night and early morning flights, twenty-one of whom are demanding that the Japanese government order the U.S. to stop the flights. According to the article, the residents seek 6.2 million zen.

US Base Too Noisy for Okinawans: Court Action Taken. The Mainichi News reported a story about jet noise from the US Kadena Air that has prompted over 5,500 residents near the base to sue the Japanese government and are asking for 6.2 billion zen in damages and calling for a ban on night flights after 7pm.

March 29, 2000

Aircraft Noise in River Forest and River Grove, Illinois Within Acceptable Limits, O'Hare Commission Says. The Chicago Sun-Times reports on several newsworthy events in Chicago's suburbs. One item concerns recent monitoring of O'Hare International Airport noise levels in the towns of River Forest and River Grove.

Belton, Missouri Candidates for Aldermen Discuss Opinions on Airport Expansion and Highway Widening. The Kansas City Star reports that upcoming elections for aldermen in Belton, Missouri hinge on issues that include developing an "intermodal hub" at Richards-Gebaur Memorial Airport, and widening a highway, both of which could bring increased noise to nearby neighborhoods.

Bibb County, Georgia Transportation Plan Likely to Include Highway Noise Barriers. The Macon Telegraph reports Bibb County, Georgia's transportation improvement plan and long-range transportation study are currently being updated. Draft plans will be available for public review next month.

City of Surprise, Arizona Discusses Developing Land Near Luke Air Force Base. The Arizona Republic reports that the City Council in Surprise, Arizona has voted to support Luke Air Force Base and will encourage property owners to voluntarily follow a law that says that cities should build sound-insulated homes and should encourage low-density residential building within a noise contour around Luke Air Force Base that was established in 1988. The law does not require that cities follow these building protocols. Surprise, however, requires that any new homes built within the city limits be insulated against the noise of jets from the base.

Fruit Heights, Utah Business Owners Protest Installation of Highway Sound Barrier. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that two businesses in Fruit Heights, Utah are angry that the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has installed a sound wall along U.S. Route 89 in front of their businesses, blocking drivers' view of the businesses from the highway, possibly causing them to lose business, and devaluing their real estate.

International Comfort Products Announces New Line of Quieter Air Conditioners. The PR Newswire printed a press release issued by International Comfort Products announcing the company's new line of air conditioners. The press release is reprinted here in its entirety:

Is "White Noise" Helpful in Getting a Good Night's Sleep?. USA Today printed a question and answer column about sleep problems. One question involved using white noise to help a reader get to sleep.

Marion, Texas Residents Displeased With Auto Racetrack. The San Antonio Express reports that residents in Marion, Texas are angry about the noise, lights, and air pollution generated by a new race track facility, the River City Raceway.

Muslims in Oslo, Norway Allowed to Use Loudspeaker to Broadcast Calls to Prayer. The Associated Press Worldstream reports that a neighborhood council in Oslo, Norway has granted permission to the World Islamic Mission to broadcast calls to prayer on outdoor loudspeakers every Friday.

O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission Discusses "Fly Quiet" Program. The Chicago Tribune reports that the O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission is creating a recognition awards program that will give airline companies an incentive to comply with its "Fly Quiet" program. Commission Chairwoman Arlene Mulder, who is also mayor of Arlington Heights, made the announcement at a public meeting recently in Arlington Heights. Airlines would be rated according to their compliance with Fly Quiet.

Planning Officer from Hong Kong's Civil Aviation Department Responds to Complaints About Airport Noise. The South China Morning Post printed a letter to the editor from a reader about excessive noise from a new airport in Hong Kong. The letter is reprinted here in its entirety:

Protesters Would Like New Highway in Exeter, England to be Resurfaced to Make it Quieter. The Express and Echo in Exeter, England reports that a newly-opened highway, the A30 running east from Exeter to Honiton, has been the focus of many complaints from residents who say that the noise from the road is excessive. They want the brushed concrete road to be resurfaced with bitumen, which is quieter.

Reader Protests Federal Express Hub in Greensboro, North Carolina. The News and Record in Greensboro, North Carolina printed a letter to the editor protesting the Federal Express air hub. The letter is reprinted here in its entirety:

Reader Worried About Noise Increase at Witham Field in Stuart, Florida. The Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News printed a letter to the editor about opening Witham Field to larger jet aircraft. The letter is reprinted here in its entirety:

Suburban Memphis, Tennessee Subdivision Must Deal With Increased Traffic Noise From Williams and Sonoma Distribution Center. The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Tennessee reports that a Williams and Sonoma distribution plant is being built near the thirty-year old Pleasant Grove subdivision in Memphis, Tennessee. The project has met with mixed reviews from residents.

US Department of Defense Launches Program to Develop Low-Noise, Supersonic Aircraft. Jane's Defense Weekly, a British publication, reports on recent US Department of Defense discussions concerning research and development of a new low-noise supersonic aircraft that could conduct long-range reconnaissance missions without being detected.

US Government Announces Limits on Flights Over Grand Canyon. The Arizona Republic in Phoenix reports that President Clinton announced on Tuesday that the number of flights that tour airplanes and helicopters may make over Grand Canyon National Park will be limited. The limits were established by the National Parks Service in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Flights will be limited to 90,000 per year.

March 30, 2000

Attempts to Revitalize Beleaguered Phoenix, Arizona Neighborhood Meet With Opposition From Some City Officials. The Phoenix New Times in Arizona reports that some city officials and residents wish to revitalize the neighborhood of Central City South. Residents there are faced with many obstacles, including noise pollution. The plan is getting little support from the city, however.

Flight Limits Placed on Grand Canyon National Park Tours Do Not Meet Goals of 1987 Law. The Arizona Republic printed an editorial that discusses the recent limits placed on the number of flights in Grand Canyon National Park. However, the goals of a 1987 law that established flight-free zones over the park and called for "substantial restoration of natural quiet" still have not been attained.

Metal Fabrication Plant Approved in Estover, England Despite Resident Noise Concerns. The Evening Herald in Plymouth, England reports that the city council in Estover, England has granted approval for West Wise Manufacturing, Ltd. to build a new factory, despite concerns by residents over noise.

Navy Jets Use New Orleans International Airport For Special Mission Due to Inadequate Size of Navy Air Station's Runways. The Times-Picayune in Louisiana reports that residents in Kenner and St. Charles Parish have been warned that they will hear louder than usual takeoff noise from New Orleans International Airport today. The military is using the airport for the departure of two of the Navy's giant airborne tankers and a squadron of F/A-18 fighters for training exercises in Guam.

Neighbors File Lawsuit Against Noisy Factory in Hampton, Iowa. The Des Moines Register in Iowa published three short local news articles. One of them concerns a lawsuit over noise in Hampton, Iowa.

New Federal Legislation Will Increase Air Traffic at Kennedy and Laguardia Airports in New York. Newsday reports that US President Bill Clinton is due to sign legislation this week that would allow more regional jet traffic at Kennedy and LaGuardia Airports in New York. The legislation will also allow the "high-density rule," which has set strict flight number limits at the two airports for the past thirty years, to expire in less than seven years. The bill was approved by Congress on March 15.

Noise Complaints Prompt Consideration of Rules Against "Touch-and-Go" Training Exercises at Witham Field in Stuart, Florida. The Palm Beach Post reports that Martin County officials are trying to respond to community complaints about noise at Witham Field in Stuart, Florida by drafting a law that would restrict "touch-and-go" takeoffs and landings there. They will closely study a similar law enacted by the city of Pompano Beach five years ago as they draft the Witham Field law.

North Lincolnshire, England Council Must Pay Compensation to Resident for Failing to Take Timely Action Against Noisy Club. The Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph in England reports that the North Lincolnshire Council has been required to apologize and to pay GBP 750 to a local woman after failing to take action on a noise complaint against a working men's club located next door to her home.

Opponents of Outdoor Amphitheater in Vancouver, Washington File Lawsuit Against County and Developer. The Columbian in Vancouver, Washington reports that two citizen organizations have sued Clark County, Washington, and Q Prime, a developer that wants to build an 18,000-seat, 800,000-square foot amphitheater in Clark County. The suit alleges that the amphitheater would cause noise pollution, harm the environment, and lessen the quality of life for area residents. This is the third time that opponents have filed a lawsuit trying to stop the project.

Readers Complain That Radio Stations Compromise Drivers' Safety By Use of Horns and Sirens on Radio Shows. The Washington Post published several letters to the editor in a column called "Dr. Gridlock," complaining about drivers' safety when local radio stations broadcast the sounds of horns and sirens on-air. The letters are reprinted here in their entirety:

Scientific Research on Sound Has Many Possible Worldwide Applications. The Daily Telegraph in London reports on many scientific studies being conducted on sound and its applications.

Telephone Headset Recommendations. The Louisville Courier-Journal in Kentucky reports on telephone headsets that allow for completely hands-free conversation. Different models are recommended.

United States and European Union Attempt to Reach Hushkit Compromise. The Journal of Commerce in London, England reports on another effort between the European Union (EU) and the United States to settle the controversy over hushkits. The EU law banning hushkitted aircraft takes place on May 4. This would affect more than 700 US aircraft.

Village of Long Grove, Illinois Sues Dog Owner Over Noise Ordinance Violations. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that dachshund breeder Lucy Huck of Long Grove, Illinois has been continually violating the village's noise ordinance. The village board has decided to file a lawsuit against Huck, who has 25 noisy dogs in her home. This is the second lawsuit filed against Huck in two years.

March 31, 2000

Burbank, California Airport Loses Request to Close Terminal Overnight. The Los Angeles Times reports that FAA administrator Jane Garvey has recently declared that Burbank Airport will not be allowed to close its terminal overnight until it completes a noise study that could take up to two years to complete. The city of Burbank was hoping that closing the old terminal would help speed along their plans to build a new terminal at the airport. The project will now have to be put on hold.

Canadian Hunter's Guide, Widely Distributed to Children, Makes No Mention of Importance of Ear Protection. The Toronto Star in Canada reports that the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and the ministry of natural resources recently distributed a Hunter's Guide to Ontario schools. Nowhere in the guide was ear protection discussed. The Deafness Research Foundation says that shotgun blasts register at 130 decibels.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida Nightclub Considers Attracting Different Clientele in Order to Reduce Club Noise. The Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida reports that the Roxy nightclub has been the target of noise complaints by area residents. Club owner Stuart Konecky has been considering changing the type of music that he offers at the club so that the current club crowd, mostly African-Americans, will go elsewhere. He claims the move is not racially motivated.

Port of Seattle Nearing Completion of Soundproofing Work on Homes Near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The Seattle Times reports that the Port of Seattle, which operates Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington state, has been diligent in using federal funds to help soundproof approximately 8,000 homes near the airport (which is also known as Sea-Tac). Work began on the homes in 1985, and has cost $163 million. More than 1,000 flights land at Sea-Tac each day.

Reader Protests Preschool Noise in Vancouver, Washington Neighborhood. The Columbian in Vancouver, Washington recently printed a number of letters to the editor. One of them is from a reader who is disturbed by noise from a preschool in her residential neighborhood. The letter is reprinted here in its entirety:

Reader in Arizona Doesn't Mind Noise from Luke Air Force Base. The Arizona Republic printed a letter from a reader who thinks that people should not complain about jet noise from Luke Air Force Base. The letter is reprinted here in its entirety:

Suburban High School District Near Chicago Responds to Residents' Complaints About Air Conditioner Noise. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that the noise from air-conditioning units on the roof of Hoffman Estates High School was annoying neighbors. Palatine-Schaumburg Township High School District 211 has responded by agreeing to install sound insulating material around the units. According to the article, the state has been dealing with noise complaints about the high school's air conditioning system ever since it was first installed one and a half years ago. Residents had complained because the air conditioning units were running seven days a week. Assistant Superintendent Robert Rozycki said that it was necessary because of community programs that take place at the school on weekends. They tried turning on the units at 9:00 AM instead of 6:00 AM in an attempt to placate residents.

Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) Resident Says Stop Complaining About Airport Noise. The Ottawa Citizen printed an indignant letter from a reader who believes people should stop complaining about airport noise. The letter is reprinted here in its entirety:

Westwood, Tennessee Residents Complain to State About Highway Noise. The Knoxville News-Sentinel in Tennessee reports that residents in Westwood feel that the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is not living up to its responsibilities to alleviate the traffic noise that the residents are now subjected to as a result of widening Interstate 40.

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