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December 1997

Boaters Should Consider Noise And Its Effects On Others. Trailer Boats reports that boaters should consider the nuisance of noise on others.

Federal Aviation Administration Considers Noise Plan For North Carolina Airport. Business & Commercial Aviation reports that the Federal Aviation Administration will examine a noise compatability plan for the Charlotte/ Douglas International Airport in North Carolina.

Innovative San Diego Wastewater Treatment Facility Reduces Construction Noise By Careful Scheduling. American City and County reports that the San Diego, California Wastewater Department purchased and set aside a pristine habitat covering 30 acres. Impacts like traffic and noise were addressed by limiting construction hours, employee work hours and delivery times.

December 1, 1997

Hong Kong Airport to Move; Massive Truck Convoy Will Cause Massive Noise. The South China Morning Post reports that the Kai Tak Airport in Kowloon, Hong Kong is scheduled to close next year, and the city is expected to thunder with early morning noise from heavy trucks making hundreds of trips as equipment is moved to the new Chek Lap Kok Airport.

Louisville Airport Officials Struggle to Relocate Residents Displaced by Noise from Airport Expansion. The Courier-Journal reports that officials from the Regional Airport Authority of Louisville (Kentucky) and Jefferson County are considering building 450 homes on a site in southern Jefferson County, on Cedar Creek Road, in order to relocate residents displaced by noise from Louisville International Airport's reconfigured runway project. Altogether, 1,650 households are eligible to move in Minor Lane Heights, South Park View, Edgewood, and nearby areas. Governor Paul Patton said recently he'd be willing to use $20 million of the state's surplus to help the people move. However, the article reports, many residents already see problems in the relocation process.

Musicians and Artists Say the Grand Canyon is Losing its Essence Due to Increased Noise and Air Pollution. The Dallas Morning News reports that musicians and visual artists are increasingly saying that the Grand Canyon is losing its distinctive essence due to increased noise and air pollution. The article goes on to explore how the works of artist Curt Walters, musician Paul Winter, and other artists have changed over time as the Grand Canyon has experienced increasing impacts from more visitors.

Neighborhood Relocation Near Louisville Airport Leaves Residents Uncertain and Distrustful. The Courier-Journal reports that the Edgewood neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky has been designated a "relocation area" due to noise from the Louisville International Airport. As a result, the neighborhood is slowly being emptied, and the residents who are left wonder continually when they will leave and where they will go, the article says. The situation has left many residents uncertain, resigned, and distrustful, according to the article.

New Flight Paths For Australian Airport Would Spread Noise Impacts Around the City. AAP Newsfeed reports that new airport flight paths for the Sydney, Australia airport were unveiled today by federal Transport Minister Mark Vaile. According to Vaile, the plan would direct as many take-offs as possible over water and non-residential land, which would have the effect of more fairly sharing the aircraft noise around the city.

Polar Air Cargo Asks U.S. Government to Impose Restrictions on Certain Airlines to Compensate for Strict Noise Restrictions at Amsterdam Airport. The Journal of Commerce reports that officials from Polar Air Cargo, a growing U.S. airline that has its European hub at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, have asked the U.S. government to take steps to punish Dutch air carriers in retaliation for strict noise restrictions set at the airport. Polar Air officials say the airport's new regulations will drive them out of the air cargo market.

Report Available on Health Effects of Noise Exposure and Relation Noise Information. The Industrial Health & Hazards Update reports that a report is available containing up to 250 abstracts of available studies, reports, papers, and other documentation related to the health impacts of noise pollution and other noise-related information.

Rhode Island Town Considers Proposal for Auto Racetrack. The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports that the final session of a public hearing regarding a zoning change that would bring an auto racetrack to Richmond, Rhode Island will take place tonight. The article notes that a noise expert has testified on behalf of the developers that noise from the racetrack will meet the town's noise limit.

December 2, 1997

Arlington Heights Takes a Step Toward Joining Supporters of a Third Airport in Chicago Area. The Chicago Tribune reports that the Village Board in Arlington Heights, Illinois has asked its Advisory Committee on O'Hare International Airport noise to consider the merits of joining a coalition of supporters of a third airport in the Chicago area. If Arlington Heights decides to join the coalition, the article reports, it would be the first northwest suburb other than those in the Suburban O'Hare Commission (a group opposed to O'Hare expansion) to back a third airport.

Connecticut Town Council Tables Proposed Noise Ordinance. The Hartford Courant reports that the Town Council in South Windsor, Connecticut voted Monday to table action on a proposed noise ordinance. The ordinance had been supported by residents and others earlier, but at Monday's meeting several residents and councilors spoke against it. Some opponents said the ordinance shouldn't be stricter than state noise regulations, because it would discourage business.

Environmentalists Band Together To Oppose Commercial Airport Near Florida's Everglades. The States News Service reports that a group of environmentalists is calling for more study before the federal government signs off on a plan to convert defunct Homestead Air Force Base near the Everglades National Park in Florida into a commercial airport.

Environmentalists Call for More Study on Plan for a Commercial Airport Near the Everglades. The States News Service reports that a coalition of environmentalists sent a letter to President Clinton dated Monday calling for more study before the federal government signs off on a plan to convert the defunct Homestead Air Force Base, near Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park, into a commercial airport. The group is worried that the noise from the airport could harm the area's wildlife and ruin visitors' experience, and that the project could cause problems for the area's water systems.

Louisville Airport Gets a New Runway. The Courier-Journal reports that the new West Runway at the Louisville (Kentucky) International Airport opened yesterday, joining the parallel East Runway that was completed in 1995. The new runway, which is the key feature of the airport's nearly completed $700 million expansion, will allow two planes to land or take off simultaneously, considerably boosting the airport's capacity. The new runway is expected to give UPS, the airport's largest user, the ability to expand.

New York Resident Sues Delta And Boeing Over Claim That Airplane Engine Noise Damaged His Hearing. The Buffalo News reports that a Batavia, New York man claims in a $200,000 lawsuit that he began suffering from a constant roaring noise in his ears after he sat next to the engine on a commercial airline flight almost three years ago.

Planned Firing Range Fiercely Opposed by Connecticut Neighbors. The Hartford Courant reports that residents in Cheshire, Connecticut pummeled officials from the state Department of Correction with questions and concerns over a planned firing range Monday. The state's planned 75-foot firing range would be located at The Maloney Center for Training and Staff Development, a former prison. The site is less than 1,000 feet from some homes, and is located near homes on Chestnut Street and a few hundred feet from Jarvis Road.

Secret Memo By National Park Service Says New Grand Canyon Air Flight Rules Will Not Reduce Noise Enough. Greenwire reports that according to an article by Steve Yozwiak in the Phoenix Arizona Republic, a "secret" National Park Service memo obtained by the newspaper says the new rules for air flights over the Grand Canyon will do almost nothing to reduce noise over the national park.

Virginia Community Questions Runway Extension. The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that the Hanover (Virginia) Planning Commission unanimously approved a recommendation last night to extend the runway at the county airport by 750 feet, despite concerns of area residents that the extension would bring on greater air traffic and noise.

December 3, 1997

Army Training Exercises Bombard New Zealand Residents With Noise. The Evening Post reports that an Army training exercise in the middle of the night in Upper Hutt, near Wellington, New Zealand has angered residents.

California Judge Attempts to Resolve Dispute Between Wedding Retreat Center and Neighbors. The Los Angeles Times reports that a hearing held by a state judge in California was intended to avoid a trail over legal arguments between a fancy retreat center in Triunfo Canyon and residents who say the resort causes noise and traffic problems.

California Officials Consider How To Limit Noise Of Rafting Groups On Kaweah River. The Fresno Bee reports that Tulare County, California wants to impose limits on noise river rafters can make as they shoot the rapids on the rocky and challenging Kaweah River.

Chicago Area Considers Third Airport To Reduce Noise From O'Hare. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that the Arlington Heights (Illinois) Advisory Committee is considering whether a third Chicago airport would reduce noise from O'Hare International Airport.

Illinois Town Asks Why O'Hare Airport Does Not Follow Noise Abatement Procedures. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that the town of Arlington Heights, Illinois is sending a letter this week to the city of Chicago asking why O'Hare is not following the "Fly Quiet" noise abatement procedures.

Kentucky Residents Angry About Relocation Plan For Victims Of Airport Noise. The Courier-Journal reports that residents of the Cedar Creek area of Louisville, Kentucky angrily sounded off last night about a proposal to build a 450-home subdivision nearby for people now living in a handful of neighborhoods plagued by excessive airplane noise.

Maine Residents Voice Concerns About Noise From Proposed Gas Station Expansion. The Portland Press Herald reports that the Planning Board has approved Cumberland Farms' proposal to build a new store in Saco, Maine to replace its building on Route 1 and double the number of gas pumps from two to four. Area residents are concerned about the impacts that the expansion would have on the area including noise pollution at night.

New Orleans Residents Protest Airport Changes. The Times-Picayune reports that Kenner, Louisiana officials spent two hours Tuesday telling a Federal Aviation Administration representative that they don't want a taxiway at New Orleans International Airport turned into a runway for private aircraft. Residents and Council members from communities surrounding the New Orleans International Airport fear the noise increased traffic would cause.

Newark International Airport Will Reroute Planes To Relieve Residential Areas From Noise. The Asbury Park Press reports that planes using Newark (New Jersey) International Airport will be rerouted next month over industrial areas and the Arthur Kill in an effort to provide noise relief for Central New Jersey residents, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Vancouver Area Residents Plan Legal Action To Fight Airport Noise. The Vancouver Sun reports that Vancouver, Canada area residents are preparing to take legal action to fight airport, noise and the third runway at the Vancouver International Airport which has prompted a rise in noise complaints.

December 4, 1997

Boca Raton Resident Shares Concerns Over Pollution From Airport. The Sun-Sentinel printed the following letter to the editor concerning pollution from the Boca Raton, Florida Airport:

California Recycling Center Closed For Noise Pollution. The Los Angeles Times reports that Los Angeles' City Council will shut down a recycling center behind a supermarket because of noise issues.

Chicago Area Considers Third Airport. The Chicago Tribune reports that Chicago officials are meeting to consider a third airport in the Chicago area rather than an expansion of O'Hare International Airport.

New Jersey Resident Speaks Out About Airport Noise. The Record printed the following letter to the editor concerning airport noise in Bergen County, New Jersey:

Residential Day Care Center Bothers Washington Neighbor. The Spokesman-Review reports that a Spokane, Washington resident, weary of noise and traffic from a residential day care operation, is filing a lawsuit.

December 5, 1997

British Residents Concerned Quarry Proposal Will Increase Noise. The Northern Echo reports that officials from a quarry company near West Cornforth, England have been told they will have to wait for a decision on whether they can proceed with proposals to install a mobile crusher and screening plant.

California Community Resists Plan For Football Stadium. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports that homeowners in Northridge, California expressed concern Thursday about potential increases in noise and traffic if a proposed football stadium is built in the North Campus area of California State University.

California Officials Attempt To Set Curfews For Airport Noise. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports that the city Airport Commission voted Thursday to expand the curfew for airplanes at Van Nuys (California) airport, but delayed new limits on noisy jets located at the airfield after hearing opposition from tenants of the facility.

Colorado Airport Could Face Sanctions if it Rejects Charter Flights. The Rocky Mountain News reports that managers from the Federal Aviation Administration said the Centennial Airport in Arapahoe County, Colorado might face sanctions if its board rejects a charter company's proposal to offer regular daily flights from the airport.

Irish Employers Take Notice Of Growing Claims For Damaged Hearing From Work Related Noise. The Irish Times reports that many businesses in Ireland are not aware of their vulnerability to claims for hearing loss.

New York Community Shelves Proposed Noise Ordinance. The Buffalo News reports that East Aurora (New York) Village Board this week tabled a noise ordinance after several trustees and residents expressed concern that the law may prove unenforceable.

Park Service To Fly Quieter Helicopters Over Grand Canyon. The Helicopter News reports that the U.S. National Park Service will lease a state of the art quiet-technology helicopter for use over the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

Planners In New Mexico Consider Airport Noise In Decision About Proposed Development. The Albuquerque Tribune reports that Albuquerque, New Mexico area officials are considering a proposal for an enormous development project on a vast tract of open mesa. Among the concerns for the project are the impact of jet noise from a nearby airport on the potential community.

Sacramento Residents Rally To Ban Leaf Blowers. The Sacremento Bee printed the following letters to the editor concerning banning leaf blowers in Sacramento, California:

December 6, 1997

Bangkok Residents Complain That Boat Noise Causes Hearing Problems. The Bangkok Post describes how residents of Bangkok, Thailand are weary of the noise pollution created by boats in Bangkok's canals.

Florida Community To Decide Whether To Outlaw Outdoor Concerts. The Tampa Tribune reports that Pasco County (Florida) commissioners will decide Tuesday whether to grant a permit for an outdoor concert at Harmony Park.

New York Community Cracks Down On Ice Cream Vendor Noise. The Asbury Park Press reports that the Board of Commissioners in Long Beach Township, New York last night approved new restrictions on ice cream vendors, limiting the amount of noise vendors can make.

Ottawa Plans Airport Expansion. The Ottawa Citizen reports that due to increased demand, the Macdonald-Cartier International Airport in Ottawa, Canada will need to expand soon. Citizens are concerned about noise traffic and the expense of the new facility.

Proposed Kennel Expansion in Britain May Be Rejected Due To Noise. The Northern Echo reports that a proposal to expand a dog kennel in Copley, England may be rejected due to the concern for noise pollution that would be created by the additional animals.

December 7, 1997

New Jersey Town Fights Proposed Recycling Plant. The Ashbury Park Press reports that Millstone Township, New Jersey residents and township officials are uniting to fight a proposed recycling plant.

New Jersey's Newark International Airport Changes Flight Paths To Reduce Noise. The New York Times reports that the Federal Aviation Administration has authorized a shift in flight patterns of planes heading west out of Newark (New Jersey) International Airport, to begin Jan. 1. The shift is an attempt to respond to complaints from nearby residents about noise from jetliners.

Virginia Community Proposes Annual Study to Track Effects of Growth on the Environment. The Washington Post reports researchers at George Washington University are seeking to initiate an annual study of Loudoun County, Virginia's environment in an effort to portray the pressures, such as development, traffic and noise, that rapid growth inflicts on the county's natural and historic resources.

Cleveland Officials Express Frustration Over Airport Expansion Project at Conference in Philadelphia. The Plain Dealer reports that Cleveland (Ohio) City Councilmen Edward W. Rybka and Michael Dolan came to the 1997 National League of Cities conference to pick up new governing ideas that would energize them for the year ahead and expressed frustration over delays in expanding the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Florida Resident Shares Perspective on Commission's Denial of Bikini Contest. The Orlando Sentinel Tribune printed the following letter to the editor concerning the Kissimmee (Florida) City Commission's decision to deny a bikini contest proposal.

Community Fights New York City Night Club. The New York Times reports that New York City's economic development committee of Community Board 12 is pushing for rejection of licensing for a night club. The Board's essential concerns are that the club would cause excessive noise and parking congestion.

Los Angeles Negotiates Noise Standards With Universal Studios. The Los Angeles Times printed the following letter to the editor concerning stricter noise standards recommended for Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California:

Austin Texas Awaits New Airport. The Houston Chronicle reports that Austin, Texas is preparing to open a new airport.

December 8, 1997

Japanese Residents Sue Government For Noise Pollution At U.S. Air Base. The AP Worldstream reports that nearly 3,000 Japanese living near a U.S. Navy air base filed suit Monday, demanding that the government pay for allowing the noise of the base to disrupt their lives.

Ice Cream Truck Jingles Annoy Los Angeles Resident. The Los Angeles Times printed the following letter to the editor concerning ice cream trucks in residential areas of Los Angeles.

Kentucky Resident Complains About Airport Noise. The Courier Journal printed the following letter to the editor concerning noise abatement at the Louisville, Kentucky airport:

New Orleans Takes Zoning Measures To Confront Noise Problems. New Orleans City Business reports recent changes in permitting in New Orleans to protect residents from noise and to preserve the character of neighborhoods.

Wisconsin Residents Complain About Noise From Shooting Clay Range. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a public hearing will be held Wednesday by the Eagle (Wisconsin) Town Board on a request of Wern Valley Inc. for another conditional use permit to allow sporting clay shooting at the McMiller Sports Center.

Missouri Community Weighs Zoning Requests That May Cause Noise Pollution. The St. Louis Post Dispatch reports that Bridgeton (Missouri) City Council is considering two zoning requests, one from Dierbergs Markets and another from a church that wants to build an assisted-living center for the elderly. One major issue in the determination concerns the amount of noise pollution the proposals might produce.

Florida Community Prepares To Revise Noise Ordinance. The Sarasota Herald Tribune reports that the Sarasota (Florida) City Commission will tackle two controversial issues - outdoor music and sidewalk cafe dining - during public hearings tonight.

North Carolina Resident Claims Raleigh's Noise Ordinance Inadequate. The News and Observer printed the following letter-to-the-editor concerning the inadequacy of the Raleigh noise ordinance:

Artists Speak About Air and Noise Pollution At The Grand Canyon. The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Curt Walters is locked in battle with the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. He charges forth with his brush to capture the quintessential essence of the canyon's beauty, even when the atmosphere is layered in leaden veils. It is a battle he sometimes wins, producing $50,000 works that hang in galleries from Tokyo to New York. They reveal the canyon as America's great natural cathedral, a place to breathe in the pleasure of its awesome silence, if not to pray. But the canyon's fine grace often eludes him these days.

Atlanta Area Communities Say Airport Expansion Is At Their Expense. The Atlanta Journal reports that the dollar cost for expanding Atlanta, Georgia's Hartsfield Airport may exceed $9.5 billion. But the cost in community dislocation may be even higher.

December 9, 1997

California Officials Delay Rule Change At Van Nuys Airport. Airports reports that changes in rules at the Van Nuys Airport in California are on hold.

Kentucky Community Demands Deeper Look Into Airport Noise. The Courier Journal reports that Louisville, Kentucky Alderman Greg Handy said yesterday he hopes the Regional Airport Authority will do more than the minimum in helping residents affected by airport noise.

Airlines Voice Opinions On Changes At Love Field Airport In Texas. Airports reports that airlines are voicing their opinions about changes at the Love Field Airport in Texas.

Florida Community Proposes Noise Ordinance. The Sarasota Herald Tribune reports that about 100 people packed the Sarasota (Florida) City Commission chambers Monday night to weigh in on a proposed noise ordinance designed to quiet the sounds coming from bars that play outdoor music.

Noise From Trucks Disturbs Toronto Neighborhood. The Toronto Star reports that an ill-planned bypass in Toronto, Canada torments residential community with noise.

Colorado Communities Fight Commuter Flights. The Denver Post reports that Board members of the Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority got an earful Monday from opponents of a controversial proposal to allow commuter charter flights at Centennial Airport.

Connecticut Gravel Company Appeals Decision Denying Permit. The Hartford Courant reports that a gravel excavation company in Vernon, Connecticut has appealed a recent planning and zoning decision that denied it a permit to remove gravel from land near Route 83. The Commission denied the permit, saying the work would create dust and noise that would bother area residents.

Lousiana Airport Expansion Plans Continue. The Times Picayune reports that the Kenner and New Orleans Ciy Council's are working together on plans to improve the New Orleans International Airport.

British Haulage Facility Worries Neighbors Over Noise. The Northern Echo reports that neighbors claim they could suffer from noise and pollution if a company wins permission to use agricultural land behind their homes in Leases Lane, at Leeming Bar, near Northallerton, England.

Ottawa Salvation Army Tones Down Holiday Bells. The Ottawa Citizen reports that things are a lot quieter than usual around Salvation Army kettles in Ottawa (Canada) this Christmas season, as volunteer fund-raisers seek to attract the attention of passing shoppers without irritating nearby merchants.

December 10, 1997

Neighbors Complain About New Grocery Store. The Arizona Republic reports that the morning sun no longer shines on some homes in the Islands. The patio homes are in the shadow of a grocery store giant under construction to the east, and two neighborhood leaders are worrying about future noise and traffic.

Kentucky Neighbors Consider Airport's Relocation Subdivision Plan. The Courier Journal evaluates the Louisville, Kentucky's Regional Airport Authority's plan to build a new subdivision for people overwhelmed by airport noise. For people displaced by noise to get comparable homes, builders say they must get breaks on land costs or fees.

New Plans To Reduce Fumes and Noise in London Squares. The Associated Press reports how some of London's tourist areas long troubled by traffic noise are up for some improvements. The report describes London's Trafalgar Square: Pigeons. Stone lions. Lord Nelson on a fluted column. And, of course, the relentless roar of traffic. Those are the impressions carried home by the millions of tourists who trek through Trafalgar Square, home of the National Gallery and a major traffic hub located at the geographic center of modern London. But soon, visitors can scratch traffic from the list.

New Zealand Residents Propose Extra Fees For Noisy Planes. The Evening Post reports that proposals to charge noisy Boeing 737 aircraft more for landing at Wellington Airport in New Zealand have been deferred until February.

Chicago Area School Sues City For Soundproofing From Airport Noise. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that area schools are fed up with the noise from the nearby O'Hare International airport. One school intends to sue the city for soundproofing.

Florida Community Prepares To Revamp Noise Ordinance. The Ledger reports that the Polk County, Florida 5-year-old noise ordinance needs to be fine-tuned to make it easier to enforce, county commissioners were told Tuesday.

Noise Patrols Enforce London's Noise Act. The Press Association News File reports that Christmas revelers are being targeted by 24-hour anti-noise patrols as councils get tough on noise pollution. Noisy neighbors face eviction and on-the-spot fines as several local authorities in London pursue a policy of "Silent Night, Holy Night."

Political Party in India Fined for Political Noise Pollution. The Agence France Presse reports that a political party in India has been fined 10,000 rupees (256 dollars) for causing noise pollution, it was reported Wednesday.

Pompano Beach, Florida Suffers From Airport Noise. The Sun-Sentinel printed the following letter to the editor concerning the effects of noise pollution from air traffic on Pompano Beach, Florida:

Los Angeles Leaf Blower Ban Goes Into Effect. The Copley News Service reports that a Los Angeles City Council committee Wednesday made a series of 11th-hour changes to a gas-powered leaf blower ban that goes into effect next month, but rejected a proposal to further delay its enforcement.

Protestors Demand A Second Airport in Sydney. The Agence France Presse reports that traffic was slowed to a crawl around the Sydney, Australia airport for several hours Wednesday because of a protest by officials from 11municipalities demanding a second international airport.

Ottawa Area Considers Airport Expansion. The Ottawa Citizen reports that more than 200 area residents expressed concerns last night about expansion at Macdonald-Cartier International Airport.

December 11, 1997

California Residents Protest Proposed Road Relocation. The Press Enterprise reports that residents of Lakeview Mobile Estates in San Bernadino County, California are angry about a new park that would cause a heavily traveled road to be moved to within 22 feet of their homes. They have collected more than 100 signatures on a petition and plan to protest at a Planning Commission meeting next week.

Washington Community Plans City's Vehicle Maintenance Complex. The Spokesman-Review reports that an estimated 400 cars and trucks are expected to arrive at and depart from a proposed fleet maintenance complex in the Garry Park neighborhood of Spokane, Washington each morning, around the same time students are on their way to school. Neighbors voiced concerns about the noise, traffic and potential danger to school-children during a community meeting with city officials Tuesday.

Chicago Noise Pollution Activists Struggle for Airplane Curfews. The Chicago Tribune reports that Jack Saporito, activist against airport noise and pollution, sits alone in his Arlington Heights home pondering his next move: trying to get a curfew on overnight flights at O'Hare International Airport.

Minneapolis Plans to Rebuild Stretch of Highway 100. According to the Star Tribune, Hwy. 100 through Brooklyn Center, Crystal, Robbinsdale and Golden Valley, Minnesota will be rebuilt between 1999 and 2003 as a six-lane freeway from Glenwood Avenue to County Rd. 81 and as a four-lane freeway from there to 50th Avenue N., the Department of Transportation has announced.

Alaska Becomes First Major U.S. Airline to Fly Quieter, All Stage 3 Fleet. According to a Business Wire Press Release, now in addition to having the youngest fleet among the nation's 10 largest carriers, Alaska Airlines has the quietest. Business Wire released the following press release:

Florida Retirement Community Fights Noise From Trucks. The Orlando Sentinel Tribune reports that more than 100 people in Orange City, Florida who have taken to civic activism have a litany of complaints from loud trucks to speeding cars to the proliferation of all-terrain vehicles frolicking on vacant property nearby. This week, the Orange City Council promised to help.

Connecticut Neighbors Threaten Legal Action Against Industrial Noise. The Hartford Courant reports that the president of the town of Deep River's landmark Piano Works condominium complex is threatening to take legal action against the town's biggest taxpayer, Uarco Inc., claiming it is violating state noise standards.

Los Angeles Considers Two Proposals to Ban Leaf Blowers. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports that more than a year after first moving to ban gasoline-powered leaf blowers, a city panel came up Wednesday with dueling proposals: outlaw the noisy devices next month or phase them out over five years. In both proposals, the severity of the penalty would be reduced from a misdemeanor to an infraction and the fine for any one violation would be $ 270.

Proposal for Go-Carts Upsets Rural Kansas Residents. The Kansas City Star reports that the Leavenworth County Planning Commission and several county residents met last week to debate whether the county should grant a special-use permit for a go-cart track at Eisenhower Road and 20th Street Trafficway.

December 12, 1997

California's Oakland Airport Preparing to Expand. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Oakland (California) International Airport will undergo a $600 million expansion intended to capture 50 percent more passengers within three years and to triple cargo traffic by 2010, port and city officials said yesterday.

Nebraska Ampitheater Plan Shelved. The Omaha World-Herald reports that the fate of a proposed open-air amphitheater halfway between Omaha and Lincoln remained up in the air Thursday night after the Cass County Planning Commission chose to table the proposal.

Neighbors In Illinois Town Ask University For Night-Game Ban. The Chicago Times reports that residents of Evanston, Illinois are fed up with noise and lights from Northwestern University's Ryan Field. A group of Evanston residents is asking the school to ban night football games.

Michigan Town Wants To Stop Sporting Clay Shooting. The Milwaukee Journal reports that town officials of Eagle, Michigan have asked the state Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to halt shooting of clay pigeons at the McMiller Sports Center.

Virginia Confronts Suburban Sprawl. The Roanoke Times and World News reports that a lumber company expansion and the Brush Mountain subdivision case in Christianburg, Virginia show the limits of the law intended to contain suburban sprawl. The article says the two cases may be catalysts for change.

Airport May Compensate Tulsa Residents For Diminished Property Values Due to Airport. The Tulsa World reports that airport consultants are proposing a publicly-funded program that would assist 800 homeowners affected by excessive aircraft noise near Tulsa (Oklahoma) International Airport to sell their properties, airport officials said Thursday.

Plans Approved For Florida K-Mart. The Sun Sentinel reports that a "Big Kmart" superstore was given final approval on Thursday and will be built at the northeast corner of Pines Boulevard and Dykes Road on the west side of Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Commercial Land Use in Pennsylvania Brings Noise. The Morning Call reports in an editorial that a Wal-Mart store is planned at a 41-acre commercial site in Lower Macungie Township, Pennsylvania. Vexed residents have organized for a fight.

Two Nebraska Land Developments Vie For Commission's Approval. The Omaha World-Herald reports that a debate over a proposed amphitheater between Omaha and Lincoln is shaping up to be a choice between the amphitheater complex or an expansion of the nearby Quarry Oaks Golf Course that would include single-family homes and townhomes.

December 13, 1997

California Company Develops Quieter Leaf Blower. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Metallic Power Inc. is developing technology for quieter leaf blowers.

Barking Dogs Land North Carolina Resident In Prison. The News and Observer reports how Central Prison in Littleton North Carolina has housed its share of notorious criminals over the years -killers, rapists, robbers and such. But the Big House has seldom locked up the likes of James Melvin. Melvin, who is 69, deaf, legally blind and diabetic, walked out of Central Prison a free man Friday after pulling time for violating Section 13 of the Animal Control Ordinance of the Town of Littleton. His dogs were barking too much.

Task Force to Consider Noise Over Neighborhoods Near Los Angeles Airport. The Los Angeles Times reports that a meeting with Federal Aviation Administration officials and Los Angeles International Airport representatives resulted in the decision to create a task force to consider noise issues relating to proposed expansion at the airport. The two issues are turns that are made too soon and low-altitude approaches made by landing aircraft.

Texas Neighbor Strikes Deal Over Bells in The Colony To Ring Five Times Daily Under Arrangement. According to the Dallas Morning News, the Calvary Christian Center has turned down the volume of its Westminster chimes, which will now ring only five times daily instead of 13 times, under an agreement announced Friday. The article reports that church pastor Thomas Jackson and Lawrence Cumings, a neighbor who complained about the bells, said they had reached a compromise.

Chicago Area Builds Berm To Shelter Homes From Traffic Noise. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that about 1.1 million cubic yards, will be used to build a berm along Interstate 290 from Addison to Mill roads to protect nearby houses and condominiums from traffic noise.

Noise Keeps Louisiana Airport Talks On the Ground. According to a Times Picayune report, lease negotiations between a New Orleans airport and several major airlines have become so deadlocked that a city councilman has suggested that local business leaders mediate before the airline leases expire this month. Jim Singleton suggested the Chamber of Commerce step in to help bring the two sides together.

Noisy Houses And How To Fix Them. The Seattle Times printed an article about real estate construction and noise transmission.

Committee Wary Of Atlanta Airport Expansion. The Atlanta Journal reports that a committee advising Hartsfield International Airport took a preliminary vote Friday against expanding the present airfield, but kept three options for handling growth on the table. Only one of those three calls for a sixth runway ---and it would be built on the north side of the airport.

December 14, 1997

Atlanta Airport Expansion Disturbs Historic District. According to the Atlanta Journal, an airport expansion option released Friday by a committee advising Hartsfield shows the possibility of a new runway north of the existing airport--a runway College Park Mayor Jack Longino believes would direct jets over his house and could mean construction in areas of the city near Woodward Academy, which sits in the historic district.

Dallas Bells Take Toll on Church Neighbors' Nerves. The Washington Post reports that since the new chimes began ringing on the hour at his church in this north Dallas suburb, the Rev. Thomas Jackson has learned an odd lesson: One man's peace is another man's pest. The article describes how to Jackson and his flock at the Calvary Christian Center, the Westminster chimes sounding a familiar 16-note tune every hour, with a 10-minute medley of hymns twice a day create a few moments of serenity in a hectic day. But to neighbors Billy and Linda Dennis, and Lawrence Cumings, all of whom work at night and sleep during the day, the chimes have shattered their routine and so frazzled their nerves that they have filed complaints accusing the church of violating the city noise ordinance.

Florida City Permits Early Mowing. The Orlando Sentinel Tribune reports that residents of golf course communities may start their days a little earlier, thanks to a recent decision by the Orange City Council. Last week, the Tribune reports, council members agreed to allow golf courses to apply for an annual waiver of the city's noise ordinance, permitting early morning mowing of course greens.

Noise In Wilderness Areas Destroys Peace. The Ledger reports how noise shatters the peace of natural areas and one's mind.

Texans Say Schools Are Noisy Neighbors. The Dallas Morning News published an editorial about how residents surrounding the existing Arlington High School have complained about trash, traffic, and noise resulting from school activities. Many Arlington residents don't want a school in their back yard for the same reasons, though the present school is bursting at the seams.

Toronto's Pearson Airport Plans Major Expansion. The Toronto Sun reports that the Greater Toronto Airport Authority has recently taken over the Pearson International Airport and is currently planning a major expansion of the facility.

December 15, 1997

California Neighbors Concerned About Fairplex Entertainment Center Proposal. The Business Press reports that a year-round entertainment complex proposed for the Pomona (California) Fairplex got a nod of approval from several city council members last week.

Detroit Airport Develops Neighborhood Compatibility Program. The Detroit News describes the Neighborhood Compatibility Program at Detroit International Airport. The program offers noise abatement opportunities for people in specific areas around the airport.

Illinois Officials Prepare For Airport Expansion. The Chicago Tribune reports that the Illinois Department of Transportation is considering a runway expansion at the Waukegan Airport. Area residents worry about greater noise and traffic and its effects on homes and on wilderness areas.

Surprising Allies Rally For A Third Chicago Airport. USA Today reports that a suburban Republican conservative and an inner-city preacher's son and Democrat have bonded to get funds and support to build a controversial third airport about 45 miles south of Chicago, the nation's transportation hub.

December 16, 1997

Connecticut Town Passes Noise Ordinance. The Hartford Courant reports that the town council in South Windsor, Connecticut unanimously approved a noise ordinance that some Barbara Road residents hope will bring peace and quiet to their neighborhood.

Florida Community Considers Auto Service Center Plans. The St. Petersburg Times reports that Sun Toyota wants to build a larger parts and service center and an express lube service in New Port Richey, Florida. Some neighboring residents want to put a roadblock in those plans, saying it will bring more noise, traffic and runoff to their neighborhood.

Oklahoma Residents Suffer From Airport Noise Pollution. The Tulsa World reports that more than 300 people living near Tulsa International Airport recently heard bad news from airport noise consultants.

Washington Community Negotiates With Native American Tribe On Ampitheater Proposal. The News Tribune reports that King County is negotiating with the Muckleshoot Tribe over a 20,000-seat amphitheater the tribe is building on farmland near Auburn.

December 17, 1997

Authorities In Oakland California Vote To Expand Airport. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Oakland port commissioners voted to move ahead with a $600 million airport expansion yesterday, saying the benefits of the project for the region outweigh the problems that added noise could cause for airport neighbors.

Florida City Prepares Zoning Ordinances For Outdoor Dining. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports that sidewalk dining has become very popular in Sarasota, Florida, particularly on St. Armands Circle, prompting calls for stricter controls from nearby residents because of concerns about noise.

Florida Residents Prepare For New YMCA. The Orlando Sentinel Tribune reports that county commissioners in Orlando, Florida voted to sign a 50-year lease with the Central Florida YMCA and contribute $1.9 million toward the new fitness center in Blanchard Park. Area residents worry about noise and are concerned over the loss of their park.

Industrial Barge Fleet Frightens Louisiana Neighbors. The Times-Picayune reports that a proposed grain barge fleeting operation that would be moored on the Mississippi River just across the levee from Destrehan's Red Church subdivision in St. Charles, Louisiana is drawing heated opposition from neighborhood residents and St. Charles Parish Council members.

Virginia Community Struggles Over Runway Extension. The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that a municipal airport in Hanover, Virginia recently received approval from a neighborhood association for a runway extension.

December 18, 1997

California Communities Oppose Railroad Expansion. The Orange County Register reports that trains are expected to rumble and roar through Placentia California in increasingly hefty numbers in the next 10 to 15 years. Their numbers may jump from about 40 trains a day to as many as 150 trains daily along the Orangethorpe Avenue corridor.

Chicago's "Fly Quiet" Program A Sham. The Chicago Tribune reports that six months after Mayor Daley's "Fly Quiet" program at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, area residents are still complaining about aircraft noise. Some residents say noise is worse.

Florida Community Studies Amphitheater Proposal. The Florida Times-Union reports that officials in Jacksonville, Florida said a new sound study has raised questions that are forcing them to rethink plans for building a 17,000-seat amphitheater in Metropolitan Park.

Louisiana Residents Oppose Grocery Store. The Times-Picayune reports that residents in Luling, Louisiana oppose a proposal for a new Winn-Dixie market. Residents say the secondary entrance to the market will cause noise pollution and safety hazards.

Louisisana City Council Plans For Local Airport Regulation. The Times-Picayune reports that Kenner City Council is expected to vote to give itself veto power over any project at the New Orleans International Airport that would hurt the safety and property values of Kenner residents.

Maryland Communities Struggle Over Proposed Racetrack. The Washington Post reports that neighborhood activists in Anne Arundel County, Maryland find themselves staring at a $100 million, 100,000-seat auto racing track and entertainment center that would host National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing events.

New York City Sues U.S. Department of Transportation Over New Flights At La Guardia Airport. The New York Times reports that the City's Corporation Counsel sued the Federal Government to stop it from adding 21 new flights a day at La Guardia Airport, arguing that the extra traffic at the already congested airport would compromise the safety of air travelers and Queens residents.

New Zealand Court Affirms Rights Of Gun Clubs. The Evening Standard reports that a New Zealand court recently affirmed the rights of a local gun club.

Norway Labor Laws Outlaw Church Bells. AP Online reports that state noise regulations have made it illegal to ring steeple bells in Norway.

Orchard Owners Restricted On Methods To Frighten Birds. The Indianapolis News reports that an apple orchard and farm market will be allowed to expand after the Zoning Board restricted the use of noise devices to frighten birds.

Penalties Reduced On Los Angeles Leaf Blower Ban. The Los Angeles Times reports that Los Angeles' leaf blower ban lost its teeth when the City Council decided to reduce violations to an infraction from a misdemeanor. Consequently, the fine goes down. Enforcement will begin January 6.

Tennessee Kennel's Permit Revoked For Noise. The Commercial Appeal reports that a neighborhood kennel in Tennessee recently had its permit revoked due to noise pollution.

Virginia Runway Extension Approved. The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that Virginia County officials approved a controversial plan to extend the runway at the county's airport. Some residents oppose the project fearing a decrease in property values and greater noise.

December 19, 1997

Australian Racing Club Approved For Night Racing. AAP Newsfeed reports that the Sydney Turf Club (STC) won conditional approval from Canterbury Council to proceed with its development for night racing at Canterbury.

Chicago Area High School Presses City For Soundproofing From Airport Noise. Chicago Daily Herald reports that Immaculate Conception High School's hopes of getting Chicago to pay more for airplane soundproofing are growing a bit brighter.

Expiration of Louisiana Airline Contracts Offers Opportunities For Noise Abatement. The Times-Picayune reports that the expiration a five year contract with airlines presents an opportunity to negotiate any new contract with citizen concerns in mind.

Florida School Stadium Project Settled. The Tampa Tribune reports that the Tampa City Council approved a settlement Thursday between Tampa Catholic High School and residents of the nearby Wellswood neighborhood over the construction of a football field.

Louisiana Community Council Adopts Zoning Regulations For Airport. The Times-Picayune reports that the Kenner City Council has adopted legislation to control airport growth.

Maine Recycling Facility Threatens Neighborhood With Greater Traffic And Noise. The Kennebec Journal reports that a proposed tire recycling and truck maintenance facility in Hallowell Maine concerns area residents. Neighbors of the proposed facility worry about potential traffic and noise.

New Airport In Sydney Australia Would Disturb Children. Australian General News reports that classes in 300 schools would be disrupted by aircraft noise if a second Sydney airport was built at Badgerys Creek in the city's west, New South Wales Environment Minister Pam Allan said today.

Virginia Sawmill Expansion Opposed By Neighbors. The Roanoke Times & World News reports that the proposed expansion of a Lumber Mill in Christiansburg Virginia has citizens alarmed. Neighbors worry about added noise and other environmental pollution.

Weapons Testing In Maryland Worries Residents. The Baltimore Sun reports that the Hellfire, a helicopter-launched missile, will be tested at Abbey Point in Maryland and will be fired at a remote area of the proving ground. Area residents worry about the noise and environmental effects.

December 20, 1997

Los Angeles City Council Expands Curfew At Van Nuys Airport. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports that after years of debate about noise problems at Van Nuys Airport, the Los Angeles City Council voted Friday to extend the curfew at the airfield so that noisy jets will be barred from taking off after 10 p.m. instead of 11 p.m.

Maryland Speedway Project Woos County Officials. The Washington Post reports that County Executive John G. Gary is behind a Speedway Project in Anne Arundel, Maryland.

New Orleans Residents Startled By Practice Flights Of B-1 Bomber. The Times-Picayune reports that practice flights of a B-1 Bomber startled residents of the New Orleans Lakefront with unusually loud noise.

Texas Communities Work To Avoid Airport Noise At Public Library. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that expansion of the city library probably isn't a good option because of its proximity to a proposed eighth runway at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, city officials said this week.

December 21, 1997

Area Residents Offer Suggestions About El Toro Airport Proposal. The Los Angeles Times published the following letters to the editor regarding the El Toro Airport proposal:

California Car Wash Under Construction Despite Angry Neighbors. The Fresno Bee reports that a commercial project that ignited protests from Woodward Park area residents in Fresno, California last year and sparked two lawsuits is under construction.

Virginia Airport Expansion Approved Despite Findings Of Greater Potential Noise. The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that the Federal Aviation Administration environmental impact study of the proposed Hanover airport expansion do not measure up to community requirements for low noise, though the plan has been approved based on the study.

Washington Metal Shredder Proposal Concerns Residents. The Columbian reports that several neighborhood activists are airing concerns about a metal shredding plant proposed for the site of the former Fort Vancouver Plywood cooperative in Vancouver, Washington.

December 22, 1997

New York Police Impound ATVs In Response To Noise Complaints. Newsday reports that reacting to noise complaints from residents and civic groups, police in Suffolk County New York took to the woods of Shoreham Saturday and impounded 10 all-terrain vehicles.

Soundproofing Of Homes Near Arizona Airport Continues. The Arizona Republic reports that a 1987 noise study by the Federal Aviation Administration targeted homes in Tempe and Phoenix to be "soundproofed."

December 23, 1997

California Community Establishes New Requirements For Noisy Bars And Restaurants. Ventura County Star reports that the Simi Valley City Council in California approved an amendment requiring noisy bars and restaurants to obtain a special-use permit.

Federal Aviation Administration Completes Environmental Assessment of Airport Expansion In Missouri. St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the expansion of the Missouri Airport at Lambert Field won a big endorsement from the Federal Aviation Administration on Monday.

Missouri Community Persists In Struggle Against Airport Noise. St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that St. Charles officials and residents say they will continue to press their case for reducing aircraft noise over the county and protecting a historic commercial district as they respond to a federal agency's assessment of the environmental impact of Lambert Field.

National Parks Prepare New Transportation Plans For Visitors. National Public Radio reports that Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt has announced a plan to reduce the use of cars in America's National Parks.

Senator McCain Advacates For Changing A Rule That May Reduce Noise At Washington National Airport. Airports reports that Senator McCain of Arizona is proposing a bill to lift the perimeter rule at Washington National Airport. McCain suggests lifting the rule may reduce noise at the airport.

December 24, 1997

Florida Kennels Struggles To Make Peace With Neighbors. The Orlando Sentinel Tribune describes how the number of dogs and the noise of their barking increases dramatically during holidays disturbing the neighborhood of one Florida kennel.

Minnesota Gun Clubs Raise Tensions With Neighbors. The Star Tribune reports how gun clubs around the nation are under fire.

Virginia Residents Worry About New Runway. The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that residents of Hanover County Virginia are concerned about a proposed airport expansion.

December 25, 1997

Chicago Area School Sues City For Soundproofing From Airport Noise. The Chicago Tribune reports that The Chicago Department of Aviation and the Immaculate Conception School in Elmhurst are struggling through a lawsuit over soundproofing for the school.

December 26, 1997

Seattle Struggles Over Airport Expansion. The Seattle Times reports that as preparations begin for building a new runway at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, a coalition of cities is spending millions of tax dollars on lawsuits and public relations trying to stop the massive project. The Port of Seattle, meanwhile, will spend millions in public funds to keep it from being blocked.

December 27, 1997

Another Chicago Area Community Joins Forces To Quiet Airport Noise. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that Chicago area residents continue to clamor over the noise from O'Hare International Airport.

North Carolina Resident Considers The Value Of A Noise Ordinance. The News and Observer published the following letter to the editor concerning a noise ordinance in Raleigh, North Carolina:

North Carolina Resident Questions Proposal To Widen Highway. The News and Observer published the following letter to the editor concerning the widening of U.S. 1-64 in North Carolina:

Soundproofing In Cleveland Area Homes Goes Sour. The Plain Dealer reports that efforts by the city of Cleveland to soundproof homes in the Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport area have gone sour.

Virginia Plans Regulation Of Personal Watercrafts. The Virginian-Pilot reports that Jet Skis, WaveRunners and SeaDoos could be limited to Broad Bay and 500 feet or farther off the Chesapeake Bay and ocean beaches, if the draft recommendations of an advisory group are followed.

December 29, 1997

After A Decade Of Debate, California Will Decide In 98 The Future Of El Toro Air Base. The Los Angeles Times reports that in 1998, plans to use the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station for non-military purposes will become clearer, and the debate over the details will likely intensify.

Missouri Continues Plans For Airport Expansion At Lambert Field. St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that opponents of Lambert Field's airport expansion vow to fight on, but it looks like their battle will be lost.

New Yorkers Number 1 Quality Of Life Complaint Is Noise. The Daily News reports that New York City is doing little to reduce noise pollution even though noise is New Yorkers' No.1 quality of life issue.

Officials Prepare New Flight Plan For New Jersey's Newark Airport. The New York Times reports that Federal and local officials plan to meet today to discuss the latest flight plan for the Newark International Airport.

Pennsylvania Speedway Seeks Zoning Variance. The Morning Call reports that Mahoning Valley Speedway in Pennsylvania, which six years ago lost its battle to allow cars to run practice laps on weeknights, is hoping to get the checkered flag this time.

December 30, 1997

Across The Nation, Jet Skis Are Making Waves. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the increase in boating accidents involving jet skis are yet another cause for their regulation. Noise and other environmental damage are causing some states to regulate the use of jet skis.

Community In England Launches Attack On Gang Noise. The Evening Post reports that Wellington City Council has launched a crackdown on Satan Slaves' noisy Berhampore headquarters.

New Jersey Residents Complain About Noise From Parkway Expansion Project. The Asbury Park Press reports that expansion work at the Garden State Parkway toll plaza is under way, despite concerns raised by residents living nearby about noise pollution.

Noise Expert Cries Out For Stronger Noise Pollution Control In New York City. The Daily News reports that a top environmental expert yesterday called for appointment of a city czar to coordinate a crackdown on the noise explosion tormenting New Yorkers.

Virginia Neighbors Consider Effects Of New Highway Proposal. The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that Powhatan County residents are considering the changes living near the anticipated path of state Route 288 will bring about.

December 31, 1997

Nevada Community Considers Plans To Reduce Highway Noise. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that a recent agreement passed in Henderson, Nevada will reduce highway noise.

Rerouted Flight Plans Postponed At New Jersey Airport. The Asbury Park Press reports that the Federal Aviation Administration announced it is indefinitely postponing implementation of its controversial rerouting plan for flights out of Newark International Airport.

Resident Take City To Task On Noise Violations. The Daily News reports that New York residents of Queens Blvd. are suing the city for violations of local noise pollution control laws.

Runway Expansion At Florida Airport Worries Neighbors. The Palm Beach Post reports that Palm Beach residents are skeptical about a proposal to extend the runway at Palm Beach International Airport(PBIA). Officials say the extended runway will reduce noise. Residents disagree.

The Federal Aviation Administration Rethinks Plan To Reroute New Jersey Flights. The New York Times reports that New Jersey noise pollution activists won a minor skirmish today in a 10-year-long battle with the Federal Aviation Administration over airplane noise when the agency agreed to suspend an experiment to reroute some planes leaving Newark International Airport.

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