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February 3, 1998

Florida Neighborhood Association Will Sue City Over Airport Noise; City May Pay High Price on Lawsuit. The Palm Beach Post reports that the Palm Beach (Florida) Neighborhood Association has threatened to sue Palm Beach County over noise at the Palm Beach International Airport. Today, county commissioners will decide whether to hire Cutler and Stanfield, a Washington, D.C. law firm that charges $205 an hour and specializes in airport noise issues. The article says the lawsuit could be one of the most expensive noise suits in the history of the airport, with costs that could amount to $1.8 million for the city.

February 7, 1998

Homeowners' Interests Regarding Aircraft Noise Left out of Noise Reduction Plan Sent by Indianapolis Airport Authority to FAA for Approval. The Indianapolis Star reports that homeowners' issues regarding aircraft noise were not included in an aircraft noise reduction plan approved by the Indianapolis Airport Authority board on February 4, 1998. It could take as much as six months for the Federal Aviation Administration to rule on the plan.

February 8, 1998

New York City Street Screamers Wreak Havoc In Soho. The New York Times reports about growing noise complaints in Soho, New York City.

February 11, 1998

California City Fills Vacant Airport Authority Seat With Representative Who Supports Limited Airport Expansion. The Los Angeles Times reports that Burbank, California's City Council appointed a new member to the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority, saying he was on their wavelength when it comes to noise issues and expansion questions.

Dallas Airport Locked In Battle With Local Church. The Dallas Morning News reports that the Dallas/Fortworth Airport is destroying an area Church and community center.

Dallas Church Vows to Fight D/FW Over Buyout. The Dallas Morning News reports The Church in Irving blames the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport for its demise as a missionary training and conference center. Now the church, involved in a bitter dispute with the airport, contends the airport is obliged to buy out the 50,000-square-foot church.

Rhode Island Prepares Noise Control Bills For Airport. The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports that a House committee will hear testimony on four bills aimed at noise at T.F. Green Airport, at a time when the Airport Corporation says it's making progress on reducing noise without state mandates.

International Air Association Plans Legal Challenge to British Government's Plan to Cut Noise Levels at London Airports, While Airlines Predict London Airports Will Decline Under Rules. The Travel Trade Gazette UK & Ireland reports that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is preparing a legal challenge against the British government's proposal to cut noise levels at London's Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted airports. Meanwhile, airline executives are saying that Heathrow airport could lose its spot as Europe's most important airport if the government's noise rules are implemented.

February 12, 1998

Expansion Plan at Los Angeles Universal Studios Drags On. The Los Angeles Times reports that the first round of hearings regarding Universal Studios proposed expansion in Los Angeles, California are drawing to completion. The Regional Planning Commission delayed formal completion, and residents opposed to the expansion were pleased.

February 13, 1998

California City Strengthens Noise Ordinance for Businesses Offering Live Music. The Los Angeles Times reports that Cypress, California's City Council has strengthened its noise ordinance in response to resident complaints. Now, businesses offering live music will need to keep noise under a certain decibel limit, employ security guards, and keep doors and windows shut.

Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Ban Takes Effect in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Times reports that Los Angeles' ban on gas-fueled leafblowers finally went into effect today after nearly a year of debate.

Kentucky Resident Voices Complaints About Airport Noise. The Courier-Journal published the following letter to the editor:

Florida Residents Get Angry About Nightclub Noise. The Sun-Sentinel reports that the City Council in Plantation, Florida is considering a nightclub ordinance after hearing from seven residents and business owners at a recent meeting about noise and other problems at two restaurant-lounges on State Road 7.

Indiana Planning Commission Approves Subdivision Near Airport's Flight Path. The Indianapolis News reports the Hendricks County Area Plan Commission this week unanimously approved plans for a small subdivision in Danville, Indiana close to the flight path and noise of airplanes from the Indianapolis International Airport. The developer said he would build the homes with extra soundproofing and would warn buyers about the potential jet noise.

February 14, 1998

Massachusetts Golf Course Construction Bothers Neighbors. The Patriot Ledger reports that noise and dust from the construction of a golf course on a former land fill in Quincy, Massachusetts has been casing problems for neighbors.

Florida Development May Threaten Bald Eagles. The Florida Times-Union reports that plans to build a 3-acre waterfront park in Eagle Harbor, Florida could push out the threatened species for which the Clay County area is named.

February 16, 1998

Airport Disturbs Rural Community In South Carolina. The Augusta Chronicle reports that residents of Aiken, South Carolina object to noise from recent air field.

Oklahoma Planning Commission Rejects Dairy Parking Lot Project After Residents Object. The Daily Oklahoman reports that the Planning Commission in Norman, Oklahoma voted 4-3 to recommend that a proposed parking lot at the Hiland Dairy be rejected. The vote came after residents near the dairy objected that the plan would increase the traffic, noise, and air pollution around the facility. The Norman City Council has the final say on the proposed project.

February 17, 1998

California Chambers Of Commerce Back Burbank Airport Expansion. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports that an organization representing 23 chambers of commerce in the San Fernando Valley, California area announced that it is backing Burbank Airport's plan to relocate its air terminal and add five gates.

Illinois Community Considers Whether To Back Third Chicago Area Airport. The Chicago Tribune reports that the Arlington Heights Advisory Committee on O'Hare Noise will gather to hear more testimony about the need for a new airport near Peotone, in Will County, to curb expansion of O'Hare International Airport.

Study Shows Aircraft Noise Effects Health Of Children. The Washington Post reports that chronic exposure to airplane noise can affect the health and psychological well-being of young children, according to a team of international researchers who studied children living in the flight path of a new international airport near Munich, Germany.

Toronto Airport Tests New Runway. The Toronto Star reports that Pearson airport's newest runway is fully operational after more than two months of testing - resulting in 50 to 60 noise complaints, an airport official says.

February 18, 1998

California Community Considers Drag Racing Strip. The Press-Enterprise reports that Moreno Valley City Councilwoman Bonnie Flickinger's proposal to stage a mock drag race Feb. 28 to simulate the roaring engines that would come from holding races at March Air Reserve Base has been scrubbed because of concerns over insurance and safety. Residents have voiced concerns that a proposed race track's revving engines and screeching tires would drive them crazy.

Chicago Community Opts Against Third Airport Because Of Noise Pollution. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that Arlington Heights, Illinois recently voted not to join a Chicago area coalition in support of a third airport due to concerns over noise pollution.

Drag Racing Proposed In Fall River Massachusetts. The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports two racing enthusiasts want to build a drag strip at the former municipal airport in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Florida Legislation Concerning Gun Ranges Unfair. The Tampa Tribune published an editorial concerning a Florida bill about gun ranges that is currently being introduced. The proposed bill may make it harder for neighbors of gun ranges to successfully complain about noise and other matters.

New Ampitheater In Residential Maine Community Concerns Neighbors. The Portland Press Herald reports that the Salvation Army is building an ampitheater in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Residents are concerned about the noise and traffic the facility may bring to the community.

Pennsylvania Community Rejects Playground. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that neighbors in Carnegie, Pennsylvania are fighting a playground they say would bring noise to the community.

Singapore Resident Resents Construction Noise. The Straits Times published the following letter to the editor regarding noise pollution from construction:

Study Finds New Runway at Florida Airport Won't Increase Noise. The Palm Beach Post reports that a recent study has found that a proposed 2,000-foot extension of the main runway at Palm Beach (Florida) International Airport will not pose a significant environmental impact to neighbors, and will not increase noise levels. The $553,983 study was paid for by the airport authority and reviewed by the Federal Aviation Administration, the article notes.

Washington Airport Considers Safety Requirements Of Runway. The News Tribune reports that a plan to shift usable runway at Boeing Field, Washington, 800 feet to the north is drawing complaints from neighbors at that end of the King County Airport.

February 19, 1998

California Community Debates Little League Fields. The Orange County Register reports that little league baseball fields are the center of controversy in Newport Beach, California. Area residents say fields will bring greater traffic and noise.

California Judge Affirms Airport Expansion Plans. The Los Angeles Times reports that a judge in California decided that Burbank Airport can not veto the airport authorities plans for expansion.

California Senator Introduces Bill To Strengthen Controls On Airport Noise. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that State Senator Quentin Kopp plans to introduce a new bill to help communities fight airport noise.

Chicago Community Rejects Third Airport. The Chicago Tribune reports that Arlington Heights, Illinois has chosen to reject the idea of a third Chicago area airport in a recent vote.

Judge Rules That California City Can't Block Airport Expansion Plan. The Los Angeles Times reports that a Superior Court ruling that says Burbank, California can not block airport expansion has paved the way for Burbank Airport to work, unencumbered, toward a 19-gate terminal.

National Audubon Society Fights South Carolina Racetrack Proposal. The Post and Courier reports that residents of Charlestown, South Carolina are engaged in a lawsuit over whether to build a racetrack near the Francis Beidler Forest.

New York City Works To Decrease Noise Pollution. The Boston Globe reports that noise pollution continues to grow in New York City. The City is trying stronger measures to lower noise levels.

Noise Pollution is a Growing Health Hazard. The San Francisco Chronicle reports how noise pollution is a growing problem recognized by hosts of activists, experts and citizens groups.

Sacramento Elementary School Wants Sound Wall; Neighborhood Activists Push. The Sacramento Bee reports teachers, students and administrators at Babcock Elementary School are in favor a sound wall being built along the Capital City Freeway in Sacramento. The article outlines the process that will be undertaken to determine if a sound wall is feasible.

Seattle Area Faces Two Airport Expansions. The Seattle Times reports that a second Seattle-area airport has announced plans to expand, and neighbors of King County Airport - better known as Boeing Field - aren't happy about the idea.

Snowmobiles Plague Yellowstone. USA Today published an editorial about the effects of snowmobiles on Yellowstone National Park and advocates banning their use in National Parks.

Vancouver To Build Sound Barrier For New Development. The Vancouver Sun reports that planners will make use of a "sound wall" to shelter neighbors of a proposed sports center from noise.

February 20, 1998

Another California Community Restricts Leaf Blowers. The Ventura County Star reports that Calabasas California has joined hosts of other California communities in restricting the use of gas powered leaf blowers.

Arizona Courts Proposal To Launch Satellites From Air Base. The Arizona Republic reports that a California company says it has an agreement with Williams Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona to launch replacement satellites from the former Air Force base.

California Ranches Protest Noisy Ostriches At Neighboring Ranch. The Press-Enterprise reports that a herd of ostriches is creating a noise problem in Murrieta California.

California Survey Shows Residents Demand More Quiet From Airports. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports two-thirds of residents near Van Nuys and Burbank airports in California said they can't tolerate any more noise, and more than a third favor extending flight curfews for noisy jets, according to a survey by Rep. Brad Sherman.

Connecticut Community Proposes Noise Ordinance. The Hartford Courant reports that Mansfield, Connecticut has proposed a noise ordinance to allow police stronger enforcement powers to reduce neighborhood noise.

Dutch Anti-Noise Activists Protest Jet Noise. The Orlando Sentinel Tribune reports that a Royal Dutch airliner bound for Atlanta was stranded at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport on Thursday after anti- noise protesters climbed on to the fuselage and formed a human chain.

Hush House at San Antonio Airport Will Allow Jet Engine Tests Around the Clock. The San Antonio Business Journal reports the San Antonio International Airport will complete a new engine run-up facility within two years which will allow companies to test their jets' engines 24 hours a day.

Los Angeles Councilwoman Attack State Leafblower Bill. The City News Service reports that Los Angeles City Officials are fighting a state bill that would override local leaf blowere bans.

Proposed Ampitheater In New Mexico On Hold. The Albuquerque Journal reports that a regional ampitheater in Bernalillo County, New Mexico

Struggle Continues Over California Airport In Burbank. The Los Angeles Times published an editorial that addresses a recent court case in California that will aid proponents of Burbank Airport expansion, although opponents plan to appeal the ruling.

February 21, 1998

Animal Rights Activists Make Noise At Circus. The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that animal rights activists in Richmond, Virginia protested the Barnum and Bailey Circus using megaphones in violation of the local noise ordinance.

California Legislature Threatens Local Leaf Blower Bans. The Los Angeles Times reports that a state law is poised to overrule city-based laws on leaf blowers in the state of California. Los Angeles plans to rally other cities, and the state League of Cities, to maintain their gas-fueled leafblower bans and restrictions.

Los Angeles Leaf Blower Ban Supporters Prepare to Fight State Bill to Lift the City Ban. The Los Angeles Times reports that a state law is poised to overrule city-based laws on leaf blowers in the state of California. Los Angeles plans to rally other cities, and the state League of Cities, to maintain their gas-fueled leafblower bans and restrictions.

February 22, 1998

California Residents Debate El Toro Airport Proposal. The Los Angeles Times published the following letters to the editor concerning the El Toro Airport proposal in California:

Southern California Residents Continue to Debate Proposed El Toro Airport. The Los Angeles Times printed the following letters-to-the-editor from residents in Irvine, Santa Ana, Newport Beach, and Laguna Hills, California, regarding the proposed conversion of the El Toro Air Base into an international airport:

U.S. Naval Jet Team To Relocate To Chesapeake Bay. The Virginian-Pilot reports that the U.S. Navy is planning to relocate their jet team, The Hornets, to the Chesapeake Bay area from Jacksonville, Florida. Bay residents are concerned about the noise from the jets.

February 23, 1998

Britain Regulates Offshore Noise. M2 Presswire issued the following press release concerning new regulations for offshore noise:

New Study Finds Aircraft Noise Harms Psychological Well-Being of Children. The Des Moines Register reports that a team of international researchers has found that chronic exposure to airplane noise can affect the health and psychological well-being of children. The researchers studied children living in the flight path of a new international airport near Munich, Germany.

Reporter Profiles Supporter of Proposed El Toro International Airport in California. The Orange County Register reports that Gary Proctor, chair of the Orange County (California) El Toro Airport Citizens Advisory Commission, is lobbying to educate and provide evidence to residents who oppose the conversion of the El Toro Air Base near Irvine into an international airport. The article profiles Proctor, and presents two differing opinions on him.

February 24, 1998

England Restricts Boom Cars. The Daily Mail reports that the British government is planning to create a specific offence outlawing "excessive" noise from in-car radios and tape and CD players.

European Commission Issues Noise Pollution Control Measures. The 1998 Rapid issued the following press release concerning regulation of noise pollution in the European Community:

Knoxville Delays Vote on Noise Ordinance to Explore How to Regulate Amplified Music. The Knoxville News-Sentinel reports the Knoxville City Council is expected to delay action on at least two matters currently on its agenda for tonight. One of the items is proposed revisions to the city's noise ordinance. The other issue deals with revisions to the ordinance governing wrecker service operations.

More Japanese Residents Join In Lawsuit Over US Aircraft Noise. Kyodo News Service reports that a group of 648 residents in Kanagawa Prefecture joined another group in a lawsuit over aircraft noise at the US Atsugi Naval Air Station, appealing to the Yokohama District Court for 510m yen in damages from the Japanese government.

February 25, 1998

Beijing Adopts Noise Standards. The Xinhua News Agency reports that Beijing is enjoying greater quiet since the adoption of noise pollution standards in 1984.

European Commission Adopts New Measures To Reduce Noise. The Herald reports that the European Commission is currently creating new noise limits for outdoor equipment and other incentives for noise reduction in the European Union

European Union Cracks Down On Noisy Garden Machinery. The Daily Mail reports that noisy lawnmowers could soon be outlawed under a crackdown being considered by the EU. Garden machinery would have to be sold with a label showing how loud it is under plans being considered by the European Commission.

North Carolina Community Enacts Noisy Cat Ordinance. The Morning Star reports that officials in Long Beach, North Carolina have enacted a noisy cat ordinance.

Soundproofing Costs Mount Up In Chicago Area Schools. The Chicago Tribune reports that soundproofing is underway at Chicago area schools to protect schools from airport noise, but the price is high.

February 26, 1998

Columnist Asks if New York Mayor Giuliani's "Quality-of-Life" Campaign is Really Addressing City Problems. Newsday printed an editorial commenting on New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's speech yesterday on quality-of-life issues. While Giuliani called his plan a "comprehensive new strategy" to foster a more civil city, the editorial says the plan actually echoed the major themes of the mayor's first term. The writer says the speech left some wondering if the mayor was simply trying to position himself for higher office as the "man who tamed New York," while others wondered if the mayor was to some extent trying to catch up in areas in which the city had fallen behind.

Committee Created in Newport Beach to Deal with Noise Issues from Bayfront Restaurants. The Orange County Register reports the Newport Beach, California, City Council voted to create an ad hoc committee of council members, residents, and business representatives to take a closer look at how sound from bayfront restaurants affects residents. The new committee was created in the wake of the Council's handling of a recent noise controversy.

Florida County Considers Pumping Sand From One Beach to Restore Another Beach; Residents Protest Plan, Citing Noise and Other Issues. The Sun-Sentinel reports that officials in Broward County, Florida want to restore one of the state's most popular beaches, at John U. Lloyd State Recreation Area in Hollywood, by pumping sand from an area in front of exclusive Point of Americas condominiums at the Port Everglades Inlet. Erosion at the state beach has become so severe, the article says, that signs have been posted to warn people of drop-offs. But residents from the condominiums are protesting the plan, saying their beach will be reduced and the noise from the sand dredging operation will be a problem.

Los Angeles School District Agrees to Allow Major Developments to Proceed, Despite Concerns About Increased Noise. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports that officials from the city of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Unified School District reached a partial agreement Wednesday that allows major developments to proceed while talks continue about how to protect the schools from the noise and traffic expected to result from the developments. Last year, the article notes, the school district won an appeals court ruling that invalidates the Warner Center specific plan, which could block construction of the projects. However, school district officials agreed to ask the court to keep the plan in effect while a long-term agreement is negotiated that would provide funds to mitigate noise and traffic impacts on nearby schools. According to City Councilor Laura Chick, school district officials also agreed not to challenge the construction of an 11-story, $30 million office building for Twentieth Century Insurance Company on Owensmouth Avenue.

Maine City Tries to Entice Airline to Locate Headquarters There. The Portland Press Herald reports that Maine state and local officials are working on a plan to allow Business Express Airlines to locate its headquarters and maintenance facilities near the Portland International Jetport. Last fall, the city said there wasn't enough room for the airline to locate at the 636-acre airport, but the latest plan would allow the airline to locate on state-owned land near the Maine Youth Center, a juvenile detention center.

Noise Wall Will be Built in Japan to Mitigate Noise Near U.S. Air Base. The Japan Economic Newswire reports that Japan and the U.S. agreed Thursday to build a concrete noise wall north of the U.S. Kadena Air Station in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, in order to ease noise pollution near the base. The noise wall will be paid for by Japan, the article notes.

Wisconsin Town Loses Lawsuit for Rejecting Shooting Range Due to Noise Complaints. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a judge ruled Wednesday that the Town of Eagle, Wisconsin did not follow proper procedure when it rejected a conditional use permit for a clay pigeon shooting range at the McMiller Sports Center. Noise complaints from neighbors resulted in town officials' decision.

February 27, 1998

Meeting Between Air Force and Community Members on Jet Noise Held in New Zealand. The Evening Standard reports that a meeting was held Wednesday night between officials at New Zealand's Ohakea Air Force Base and the Sanson Community Committee in the Palmerston North, New Zealand area to discuss noise from jets and from base operations. Also attending the meeting were two Manawatu District Council members and, by invitation, members of the Collier family who live off the Ohakea main runway's east end.

New Hampshire Town Rejects Racetrack Proposal. The Union Leader reports that the city zoning board in Franklin, New Hampshire unanimously turned down a developer's request for a special exception to build a race track. The board's decision last night was greeted by applause from the standing-room-only crowd at Franklin City Hall, the article notes.

Noise Walls Will Be Built Along Interstate in Colorado City. The Rocky Mountain News reports that construction on noise walls in Aurora, Colorado will begin in the next few weeks. The walls will go up on both sides of Interstate 225 from Parker Road to East Yale Avenue, as part of an overhaul of the I-225 and Parker interchange. According to the article, the beige and dark brown masonry block noise walls will provide noise relief for nearby residents, and will cost about $4.5 million.

Pennsylvania City Approves Concrete Recycling Plant Despite Neighbors Protests. The Morning Call reports that the Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) Zoning Hearing Board granted a special exception Wednesday to permit a concrete recycling plant, despite neighbors' concerns about traffic, noise, and dust. The project must also be approved by the city Planning Commission, the article notes.

Review Period for Noise Limits at British Airports is Extended and Supplementary Paper is Published. M2 Presswire released a press release saying that the consultation, or review period, has been extended on noise limits for jets departing from Britain's Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted airports. According to the press release, the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions has decided to publish a supplementary consultation paper, and has therefore extended the consultation period to eight weeks after the supplementary paper is issued. As a result of this action, the International Air Transport Association has withdrawn its application for leave to apply for judicial review of the paper.

February 28, 1998

Coalition Fighting Runway at Seattle Airport Releases Documents Detailing the Likelihood of Winning Court Cases. The News Tribune reports that the Airport Communities Coalition, a group fighting the proposed construction of a third runway at the Sea-Tac Airport near Seattle, Washington, released documents two weeks ago showing that it considered using lawsuits against the project largely as a means to force airport officials to negotiate a financial settlement. The Coalition documents were made public as a result of judicial action after the Port of Seattle, which owns the airport, requested to review the documents.

Letters to the Editor Regarding Burbank Airport in California. The Los Angeles Times published two letters about the controversial expansion at the Burbank Airport. One letter is from Peter Kirsch, Special Counsel to Burbank on Airport Affairs. The other letter is from Thomas E. Greer, Executive Director of Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority.

New York City Mayor's Noise Pollution Prevention Program is Working. The New York Post printed an editorial regarding the noise problem in New York City and progress on Mayor Giuliani's effort to target noise pollution as part of his quality-of-life initiative. The editorial argues that the mayor is right to target noise pollution, that the program has made considerable strides, and that a new initiative is giving car-alarm owners a way to quiet their car alarms before their car is towed.

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