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May 1, 1998

British County Planners Recommend Approval of Recycling Facility, Despite Residents' Objections. The Western Morning News reports that British county planners have recommended that plans for a recycling facility in East Devon, England be approved, despite objections by local residents and the parish council. The article notes that the project will be considered by the county's development control committee on Wednesday.

Chicago Must Fund Study to Soundproof School from O'Hare Noise. The Chicago Tribune reports the city of Chicago was ordered to pay for engineering plans showing the differences between its proposal to soundproof Immaculate Conception Schools in Elmhurst and the proposal submitted by school officials. Chicago will pay about $100,000 for the comparison.

Editorial - Van Nuys Residents Want Equity in Airport Noise Decisions. The Daily News of Los Angeles published the following editorial by Ellen Bagelman, president of the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Association. It's Bagelman's opinion that noise complaints from residents who live near the Van Nuys Airport are ignored. Bagelman wrote:

English Town Expands Noise Control Team as Noise Complaints Rise. The Sentinel of Stoke, England reports an extra officer is being added to the Stafford Borough Council's noise control team to help cope with the expected rise in complaints. The council faces its busiest period in the summer months.

Lawsuit Continues; Chicago Will Pay for Cost Estimates to Soundproof Church. The Chicago Sun-Times reports city administrators tentatively agreed to pay for an estimate of the costs of soundproofing a Catholic school and church in Elmhurst that are suing the city over O'Hare Airport noise.

New Zealand Advisor Advises Against Highway Upgrade, Citing Noise and Its Health Effects. The Evening Post reports a New Zealand senior advisor said widening a State Highway would add to already unacceptably high noise levels for residents and most likely result in serious health effects.

New Zealand Expert Advises Against Highway Upgrade, Citing Noise and Its Health Effects. The Evening Post reports a New Zealand senior advisor said widening a State Highway would add to already unacceptably high noise levels for residents and most likely result in serious health effects.

Palm Beach Airport's Noise-Afflicted Neighbors Will Continue to Fight Expansion Despite FAA Approval for Longer Runway. The Palm Beach Post reports Palm Beach International Airport received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration this week to lengthen its main runway. Airport expansion and noise continue to be a source of conflict among residents, city officials, and county commissioners.

Resident Praises Police's Efforts to Keep Greenwich Village Quiet. The New York Times published the following letter to the editor, from resident Carole Hale who praises the efforts of the police enforcing the noise ordinance. Hale wrote:

May 2, 1998

Land Purchase by Boca Airport Could Create Noise Buffer Zone. The Palm Beach Post reports the Boca Raton Airport is trying to buy property close once planned for residential development to provide a noise buffer between the airport and nearby neighborhoods.

Noise Ordinance Going Too Far in Charleston?. The Charleston Daily Mail published an editorial questioning the proposal for Charleston police to use decibel meters to enforce noise ordinances.

May 3, 1998

Calif. Congressman's Letter Addresses Criticism of Airport Noise Questionnaire. The Los Angeles Times published the following letter to the editor from Brad Sherman, Congressman, 24th District. In his letter, Sherman responds to criticism lodged at a questionnaire he sent out about airport noise. Sherman wrote:

Editorial Says It's Time For Vancouver to Object to Portland Airport Noise Exports. The Columbian printed an editorial that says Portland International Airport's practice of sending noise over Clark County, Washington, is unacceptable. It's time for residents to object to this noise abuse and secure representation on the Portland Airport's governing board.

Kentucky Residents Request Noise Barrier along New Interchange. The Courier-Journal reports St. Matthews residents whose homes border a planned interchange along Kentucky's Interstate 264 have requested the state erect a concrete noise barrier.

May 4, 1998

New Noise Ordinance Has Teeth, Says Eagle City, Idaho. The Idaho Statesman reports a new noise ordinance approved by Eagle City, Idaho, is now in effect. The City Council is confident the new ordinance is enforceable.

Michigan Woman Wants Detroit Airport to Buy her Home, Claiming Health Effects from Noise. The Detroit News reports a Michigan resident is battling with the Detroit Metropolitan Airport to buy her home, which lies beneath takeoff and landing flight path. The noise from the planes is slowly deafening her children, she claims.

May 5, 1998

NJ Residents Want Alternatives to Concrete for Highway Noise Barriers. The Record reports New Jersey's Assembly Transportation Committee approved a bill Monday that would allow counties to choose the form of their highway noise barriers.

Ventura County Airports Conduct Noise Studies; May Apply for FAA Grants. The Ventura County Star reports the Camarillo and Oxnard airports are undergoing a noise study to determine if there is a problem at either airstrip.

Revitalization Plans Bring Noise Worries to Residents of Fort Worth Neighborhood. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports while officials and business owners celebrate the steps being made toward commercial progress in a one area of Fort Worth, Texas, some nearby residents worry about traffic and noise. the opening of a Mexican market on North Main Street,

Airport Advisory Committee Holds Limited Power to Reduce Noise in Boca Raton. The Palm Beach Post reports Boca Raton, Florida, residents heard from members of an advisory committee on airport noise Monday. The committee listed its accomplishments but acknowledged their limited power to decrease airport noise.

City Council Member Pushes for Noise Study at Boca Raton Airport. The Sun-Sentinel reports a public forum, sponsored by Florida's Boca Raton Airport Noise Compatibility Advisory Committee, was held Monday to update residents about changes made by the airport to reduce noise and give residents an opportunity to speak about the noise problem.

Board Orders RI Gun Club to Conduct More Sound Tests. The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports the West Greenwich, Rhode Island Planning Board last night rejected noise tests performed by a gun club seeking a special-use permit to relocate. The Planning Board requested further noise tests as well as a second traffic study.

Dubuque Targets Noise from Car Stereos and Dogs in Noise Ordinances. The Telegraph Herald reports the Dubuque, Iowa ,City Council approved two ordinances Monday night to make the city quieter.

May 6, 1998

Washington School District Sponsors "A Sound Education;" Explores Ways to Reduce Classroom Noise from Seattle Airport. The Seattle Times reports the Highline School District in Des Moines, Washington, has hired a firm to measure noise from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and to advise the district on ways to reduce jet noise in classrooms. Teachers have involved students in studying the problem and coming up with solutions.

Shifting Commerce to Waterways May be Answer to Noise Along Northeast's I-95. The Journal of Commerce reports incessant noise from Interstate 95 permeates the picture-perfect postcard of moneyed Southport, Connecticut. Officials are exploring ways to mitigate truck traffic as a way to dampen the noise.

City of Charleston Considers Updating Noise Ordinance. The Charleston Daily Mail reports city council committees are meeting this week to discuss recycling issues and strengthening the Charleston's noise laws.

Boca Resident Wants to Know Who Controls Noisy Trains. The Sun-Sentinel published an editorial by Boca Raton resident, Louis N. Gordon. In his letter to the editor, Mr. Gordon asks who has jurisdiction over noise from nearby railroad tracks. Mr. Gordon wrote:

Conn. Seeks Federal Money for Comprehensive Noise Study of Bradley Airport. The Hartford Courant reports state transportation officials are seeking federal aid to expand their planned study of noise from Bradley International Airport.

May 7, 1998

NJ Residents Win Tax Cuts in Fight to Reduce Rail Noise. The Record reports New Jersey residents are fighting train noise by making tax appeals. With one resident's victory setting a precedent, others are following suit, seeking compensation for the noise they endure. Meanwhile Congress is considering a ban on whistle-blowing at crossings while seeking alternative safety measures.

Vancouver Police Checkpoints to Inspect Noise Levels of Motorcycles. The Vancouver Sun reports Vancouver police will check motorcycles for noise levels four times during the month of May.

Navy Jets Practice Landings at Atlanta Base Too Loud for Residents. The Atlanta Journal reports many Atlanta, Georgia, residents are annoyed by the noise from the Navy's Blue Dolphins practicing carrier landings at Naval Air Station Atlanta.

Aberdeen Say New Takeout Business Will Increase Noise, Litter, and Traffic. The Aberdeen Evening Express reports local residents are irate over food takeaway plans, which they claim will make their lives miserable by adding to existing noise and traffic problems.

City in British Columbia Proposes "Anti-Nuisance Zones;" Includes Noise as Uncivil and Illegal Behavior. The Vancouver Sun reports the New Westminster, British Columbia, city council has given a first reading to a new bylaw that would create "anti-nuisance zones" where civility would be required. Making noise that disturbs residents is one of the uncivil behaviors addressed in the new bylaw.

May 8, 1998

Hartford Residents Push for Speedier Police Action and Penalties for Noisy Neighbors. The Hartford Courant reports police officers' response time to noise complaints were the topics of a meeting of the Southend Neighbors Action Project Wednesday night in Hartford, Connecticut.

Residents Discover Local Regulations Hold No Clout at the Pittsburgh Airport. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports Moon, Pennsylvania, has recently discovered that FAA regulations pre-empt local and state regulations as far as noise from Pittsburgh International Airport is concerned.

New Aberdeen Industrial Park in Suburb Looks for Quiet Businesses. The Aberdeen Evening Express reports noise is absent from Aberdeen's latest industrial park that is located in the middle of a suburb.

Charleston City Council to Write More Enforceable Noise Ordinance. The Charleston Daily Mail reports Charleston's City Council's public safety committee will look into adopting a noise ordinance that is more objective and therefore, more enforceable than their current ordinance.

Airport Sound Insulation Project is Completed in California City. The Public Record reports that the Palm Springs Regional Airport in Palm Springs, California announced today that their Residential Sound Insulation Pilot Project has been completed. The article explains that in 1996, ten homes near the airport were selected for noise insulation work to test how much noise could be reduced in the homes. The project was funded by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Airport, the article notes.

Noise Abatement Group Attempts to Quiet Portland Airport. The Columbian reports since total elimination of noise from the Portland International Airport is impossible, PDX and the airport's Noise Abatement Advisory Committee are making attempts to mitigate the noise. The article goes on to list some of the mitigation measures and their challenges.

Moon Residents Discover Local Regulations Hold No Clout at the Pittsburgh Airport. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports Moon, Pennsylvania, has recently discovered that FAA regulations pre-empt local and state regulations as far as noise from Pittsburgh International Airport is concerned.

May 9, 1998

Residents Optimistic, Officials Cautious about Airport's Noise Diversion Study. The Chicago Daily Herald reports residents who live in an apartment complex near the Palwaukee Municipal Airport welcome the news that airport officials plan to study a possible shift of the airfield's main runway to direct planes over an industrial area instead of the apartments. However, airport officials say it may be too late to make such changes.

Toronto Columnist Relates Fight Against Leaf-Blowers. The Toronto Sun printed an editorial by Robin Ward, a resident of the Rosedale neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario, describing a personal fight against leaf blowers. The editorial details how the writer moved into the neighborhood and fixed up a deteriorating house, only to find that the area is assaulted by leaf blowers in the summer.

May 10, 1998

LA Residents Write Letters About Airport Noise. The Los Angeles Times published two letters to the editor from LA-area residents about airport noise.

Noise Reduction Efforts Continue in Face of Increased Air Traffic at Orlando Sanford Airport. The Orlando Sentinel Tribune reports complaints about noise from large jets last month at the Orlando Sanford Airport were fewer than during the same period a year ago. However, numbers of noise complaints will likely rise again with increased international charter flights and larger aircraft during the British tourist season.

May 11, 1998

Residents in Annapolis Area Concerned about Increasing Noise Sources. The Capital of Annapolis, Maryland, reports Anne Arundel County residents are exposed to ever increasing sources of noise. While many believe their world is too noisy, experts say it's all in how people perceive noise. The article provides an overview of noise standards, methods by which noise is measured, and some methods of noise mitigation.

May 12, 1998

Calgary Bylaws Prevent New Noisy Businesses. The Calgary Herald in Alberta, Canada, reports the city's council approved new bylaws to regulate noise from bars and restaurants near residential areas. The article goes on to point out that the new bylaws don't govern existing facilities.

Editorial Laments Ottawa's Noisy Spring. The Ottawa Citizen published an editorial lamenting spring's double-edged sword: warmer weather and more daylight bring more noise.

Florida Pig Farmer Says Noise Laws will Harm Business. The Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News reports Martin County officials will hold a public hearing on a noise ordinance for the county. A Stuart pig farmer says the proposed noise law is aimed specifically at him and will alter his agricultural business.

Van Nuys' Noise Variance to be Reviewed after Residents Complain. The Los Angeles Times reports that a review of Van Nuys Airport noise concerns will be undertaken by the California Department of Transportation. At stake will be the renewal of a variance that allows Van Nuys Airport to operate above state noise limits.

May 13, 1998

Second Hearing Scheduled for Controversial Maine Motocross Track. The Central Maine Morning Sentinel reports a new date for a hearing has been set to decide on a controversial proposal to build a motocross track in Benton, Maine.

West Chicago Debates Railport Proposal: Lists Noise and Traffic Concerns. The Chicago Daily Herald reports West Chicago city officials say they need more information and more convincing before they can agree to the "railport" being proposed by Union Pacific Railroad.

May 14, 1998

Anti-Noise Group Asks Government to Fund Fair Fight Against Heathrow's Terminal 5. Press Association Newsfile reports the Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (HACAN) asked the government today for financial assistance in its fight to stop a fifth terminal from being built at Heathrow airport.

Calif. Town Says No to Preschool Permit Citing Health, Safety and Noise Concerns. The Los Angeles Times reports that in Thousand Oaks, California, a developer that wanted to build a preschool had its proposal rejected by planners who worried about noise, safety, and health problems. The developer will appeal the ruling in City Council.

Conn. Recreation Area Temporarily Closed Due to Uncontrolled Noise, Litter, and Parking. The Hartford Courant reports Southington, Connecticut, officials have temporarily closed a newly opened recreation area while they work out a plan to control parking, noise and litter.

Fearing Ground Noise Impact, Residents Ask Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport for Redevelopment Money for Mitigation. The Star Tribune reports Richfield residents and officials pleaded with airport officials Wednesday to protect their city from the negative effects of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport expansion.

Illinois Town Seeks to Clear Up Vagueness in Noise & Entertainment Zoning Rules. The Chicago Daily Herald reports in an effort to clarify rules that govern licensed entertainment establishments, officials in Schaumburg, Illinois, proposed changes to sections of the village's zoning code that regulates entertainment and noise.

Increase in Activity and Noise at Conn. Speedway Leads to Resident Petition of Protest. The Hartford Courant reports noise from a speedway during the daytime has led residents of Stafford, Connecticut, to submit a petition to the board of selectmen Monday asking that something be done about the problem.

Leaf Blower Ban in Calif. City May Go to Public Vote in November. The San Francisco Chronicle reports opponents of Menlo Park, California's, leaf blower ban said they will turn in a petition to City Hall today to force a public referendum on the issue in November.

Ohio City Limits Noise from Ice Cream Trucks. The Plain Dealer reports there's a new law in Medina, Ohio, that restricts ice cream trucks from playing loud music.

Port of Seattle Agrees to Fund Noise and Soundproofing Study for Highline Schools. The Seattle Times reports the Port of Seattle and school officials say they're close to reaching a deal that would begin the process of outfitting schools near Sea-Tac Airport with insulation to muffle the noise of jets.

Sante Fe Business Can Keep Live Music; Must Follow City's Noise Ordinance. The Santa Fe New Mexican reports an agreement between the Santa Fe City Council and a local business means the lounge will continue to offer live amplified music, but hours for live performances will be limited.

Shorter Runways Mean Less Noise from Cleveland Hopkins Airport. The Plain Dealer reports the length of the proposed new runways at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will be significantly reduced to appease residents who have objected to increases in the noise of aircraft taking off and landing.

May 15, 1998

Hartford Residents Meet to Solve Noise Problems in Capitol Neighborhoods. The Hartford Courant of Hartford, Connecticut, reports Capitol area neighbors Thursday met and formed committees in hopes of solving parking problems and noise and other nuisances connected with a corner bar.

Neighbors of Orlando Sanford Airport Say their Ideas to Curb Jet Noise are Ignored. The Orlando Sentinel Tribune reports a group of Florida residents has suggested ways to curb jet noise from Orlando Sanford Airport, but the group feels their ideas have been ignored by the Noise Abatement Committee.

Plan to Widen Bridge in Sacramento County Brings Concerns about Noise, Traffic, and Health. The Sacramento Bee reports when the supervisors in Sacramento, California, unanimously approved a proposal to widen Watt Avenue, including the American River's Watt Avenue bridge, they joined one of the county's most contentious debates of the decade.

Proponents of Florida Airboat Ban Expect "Battle;" Boaters Plan Demonstration. The Press Journal of Vero Beach, Florida, reports airboaters are organizing a demonstration on Sunday to protest a possible ordinance prohibiting airboats from operating in the Sebastian and Indian Rivers.

Sante Fe, NM, Lounge Agrees to Noise Restrictions. The Albuquerque Journal reports Santa Fe, New Mexico, city councilors on Wednesday adopted an agreement between the city and El Farol Restaurant & Lounge, ending a lengthy noise dispute with the nightclub.

Sea-Tac Negotiates with Schools to Pay for Jet Noise Study and Noise Reduction Improvements. The News Tribune of Tacoma, Washington, reports school district officials and representatives of the Port of Seattle, which runs the Sea-Tac Airport, say they're trying to negotiate a solution to the long-running dispute over jet noise in Highline classrooms. Both sides say they could have an agreement within the week over how to pay for a noise study.

Some Say Police Firing Range Incompatible with Quiet Use Redevelopment Plans for WA Army Post. The Columbian of Vancouver, Washington, reports Clark County commissioners decided Thursday that a redevelopment plan for a former Army post should include police firing ranges, much to the dismay of nearby residents.

Vancouver Residents Say Portland Airport Noise Abatement Test Moves Noise from One Neighborhood to the Next. The Columbian of Vancouver, Washington, reports complaint calls to the Port of Portland's noise abatement office are rising along with tests of new routes for jets departing Portland International Airport. The tests are being done to in an attempt to shift noise from areas that get a lot to areas whose residents might not notice. Next week, an airport noise committee holds a special meeting, and could cancel the test.

May 16, 1998

Air Cargo Conference Held in Ottawa; Some Industry Members Say Ottawa Could Become Secondary Air Cargo Hub. The Ottawa Sun reports that the 7th annual International Air Cargo conference ended yesterday in Ottawa, Ontario. Some industry members said the Ottawa International Airport could be a location in the future for a secondary air cargo hub. But airport officials aren't sure that's a good idea, the article says.

Go-Cart Track Upsets Residents in Louisiana Subdivision. The Times-Picayune reports a proposed go-cart track at Mandeville, Louisiana, miniature golf course has residents worried about noise.

Go-Gart Plan in Louisiana Town Angers Residents and Councilman. The Times-Picayune reports a proposed go-cart track at Mandeville's Putt-Putt Golf & Games has residents in a nearby subdivision worried and at least one city councilman upset.

Letter from Dept. of Aviation Clarifies Methods of O'Hare Noise Data Collection. The Chicago Tribune published the following letter from Mary Rose Loney, Commissioner, Department of Aviation. In her letter, Ms. Loney seeks to clarify information reported in a previous Tribune article about the collection of noise data from O'Hare to establish noise contour maps:

Noise and Public Conduct Ordinance Proposed for Maine Town. The Bangor Daily News reports Pittsfield, Maine, town officials hope to curb unwanted behavior with a new noise and public conduct ordinance.

Three Years into Inquiry, Two Sides No Closer on Heathrow's Terminal Five. The Financial Times of London reports the inquiry into Heathrow's Terminal Five has been going on for three years now which makes it the longest inquiry in UK history. Opponents are still vocal, although some are experiencing fatigue and financial strain.

Virginia Residents Want Sound Barriers to Block Noise from I-95; Residents' Say Barriers in Original Plans. The Washington Post reports the noise level from traffic on nearby Interstate 95 is so bad for residents of Prince William Estates in Dumfries, Virginia, that they're asking the Virginia Department of Transportation to erect sound barriers along their back yards.

May 17, 1998

Calif. Residents Write Letters in Protest of El Toro Airport. The Los Angeles Times published the following letters to the editor about an op-ed article the paper published by former mayor of Newport Beach, Clarence Turner, and his opinions on the controversial El Toro Airport. The first letter is from Larry Agran of Irvine, California:

Editorial Advocates for Balance of Noise and Needs of Residents Surrounding Van Nuys Airport. The Los Angeles Times printed an editorial that debates the question of how to consider both residents' need for quiet and the economy's need for airport capacity around California's Van Nuys Airport.

NY Resident Says Noise Makers Should Pay. The New York Times published the following letter to the editor from Marcia H. Lemmon of New York City's Lower East Side. Ms. Lemmon's letter addresses who should take responsibility for noise and the ensuing costs of soundproofing. She is the chairwoman of the Ludlow Block Association.

Noise, Crime, and Traffic Will Rise while Property Values Fall say Neighbors of Florida Naval Center Slated for Redevelopment. The Orlando Sentinel Tribune reports Florida residents who live near a naval center slated for redevelopment are worried about noise, along with declining property values and increased traffic and crime.

Plans for Road Development through Welsh Gorge Brings Protests of Noise Pollution. The Independent of London, England, reports Clydach Gorge, a three-mile enclave of wildlife in South Wales, is under consideration for road development. Locals oppose the plan, citing environmental impacts and noise pollution.

Van Nuys Airport Noisy and Unfriendly to Community. The Los Angeles Times published the following letter to the editor from Wayne Williams of Sherman Oaks, California:

May 18, 1998

Florida Airboat Owners Demonstrate on River Hoping to Prevent Ban. The Press Journal reports the owners of airboats took guests on a "trail ride" to protest a proposed ban being considered by Florida's Indian River and Brevard counties. Airboat owners hoped to prove noise complaints were unfounded.

Nelson Airport Upgrades Noise Committee. The Nelson Mail reports the Nelson, New Zealand, airport authority will form a committee to deal with noise issues arising from the airport.

Noisy Post Office Disturbs Rhode Island Residents Night and Day. Providence Journal-Bulletin reports residents of Westerly, Rhode Island, complained to the Town Council that their post office is a noisy neighbor.

Return of Trains Bring Noise and Safety Worries to Some Conn. Residents. The Hartford Courant reports that while the revival of the Hartford-to-Cromwell rail line is being hailed as a boon for local businesses, some Wethersfield, Connecticut, residents say they are concerned about safety and noise.

May 19, 1998

Baltimore City Council Discusses Bill to Ban Amplifiers in Lexington Market. The Baltimore Sun reports the Baltimore City Council introduced a bill yesterday to ban the use of amplifiers in the Lexington Market area after merchants complained.

Long Island Group Opposes Noise and Night Flights at MacArthur Airport. Newsday reports that as the New York Town of Islip prepares to expand the terminal at Long Island MacArthur Airport, a group of residents is urging town officials to focus on the problem of airport noise.

Opponents of El Toro Airport Point to Study of Health Problems in Children Exposed to Jet Noise. The Los Angeles Times reports that opponents of the proposed El Toro Airport in Orange County, California are citing a new study from Germany that shows children's health is negatively affected by noise. How applicable the study is to the El Toro situation remains to be seen.

Researcher Tells California School Board Trustees That Noise Can Create Problems for Schoolchildren. The Orange County Register reports that Gary Evans, a professor at Cornell University, spoke to the Capistrano Unified School District board of trustees and the Orange County Acoustical Society in Orange County, California on Monday night on the topic of whether an international airport at the El Toro Air Station would create problems for kids exposed to jet noise. Evans said that chronic exposure to noise can lead to lower reading scores and hypertension among schoolchildren, but he added that there's no evidence yet that an El Toro airport would force kids to endure chronic noise exposure. The article notes that the school district opposes an airport.

Village Board Reprimands Inn for Noise. The Buffalo News reports the Lewiston, New York, Village Board Monday publicly admonished the general manager of a local inn for its noise levels and failure to be a good neighbor.

May 20, 1998

County Board Reduces Noise Restrictions to Allow Second Amphitheater Near Omaha. The World-Heraldwriter of Omaha, Nebraska, reports plans are moving forward for Omaha's second major open-air amphitheater after the county board reduced restrictions despite residents' noise concerns. The new facility will test the Omaha area's ability to support large open-air entertainment events.

Effective Buffer Zones Between Commercial and Residential Areas Critical in Olathe, Kansas. The Kansas City Star published an editorial about city officials response to problems plaguing Kansas' Olathe Station. It is the editor's opinion that stronger rules for development are needed to prevent future difficulties with noise and lighting between commercial and residential districts.

Florida County Commission Sues Nightclub to Reduce Noise. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports the Manatee County Commission will sue a nightclub to force it to lower the noise level after residents lodged complaints.

Georgia Residents Oppose Metal Recycler Fearing Noise. The Atlanta Journal reports that despite outraged neighbors, planning commissioners in Gwinnett County, Georgia, approved the building of a metal recycler.

Group of CA Residents Charge Marine Corps Plans to Reduce Air Noise Inadequate. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports a plan to quiet helicopters and jets flying out of Miramar Marine Corps Air Station was unveiled yesterday by the Marine Corps and San Diego City Councilwoman Barbara Warden's committee of residents. But people who sued last year to stop the Marines from bringing helicopters to Miramar say that there's nothing new about the plan and that it won't reduce noise.

Kentucky Residents Seek Noise Barrier at New Interchange; City Council Joins Effort. The Courier-Journal reports the St. Matthews City Council last week joined residents in an effort to persuade the state to add noise barriers to a new interchange at Westport Road and the Watterson Expressway.

LAX Residential Soundproofing Program Enters Second Phase. The Los Angeles Times reports that as part of the soundproofing program for residents, being undertaken by Los Angeles International Airport, another contract was awarded today. It was the fourth contract awarded that will be part of the program's second stage.

Local Florida Commission Hesitates to Ban Airboats; Waits for Outcome in Nearby Community. The Press Journal reports the Brevard County Commission voted Tuesday to postpone action on requests to ban airboats from the waterway despite concerns from residents about noise and other environmental issues.

Orlando Airports Strive to Avoid Lawsuits about Noise from Residents of New Development. The Orlando Sentinel Tribune reports the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority wants to advise would-be residents of the soon-to-be-developed Naval Training Center property: Don't forget about the planes.

Sound Walls Needed on Louisiana's I-10 According to State Officials. The Times-Picayune reports residents concerned about state plans to construct 10- to 24-foot-high noise -barriers along Interstate 10 will get a final chance to be heard in two public hearings this week.

Texas Residents Complain About Noise from Rock Concert. The Dallas Morning News reports that residents in Arlington, Texas complained about excessive noise and obscenity during the first paid concert Sunday at the ballpark in the Arlington amphitheater. The event featured 10 bands, drew almost 30,000 fans, and produced music that could be heard up to three miles away. The article says that some residents asked City Council members at a Tuesday meeting to not allow such events at the amphitheater again.

Truck Noise at Chicago Motel Deprive Condo Residents of Sleep. The Chicago Daily Herald reports semi-tractor trailers parked in the back of a Motel 6 in Villa Park, Chicago, are causing nearby residents to lose sleep.

Vancouver Airport Projects Mean Noisy Summer for Nearby Residents. The Vancouver Sun of British Columbia, Canada, reports a new runway-improvement project at Vancouver International Airport will result in noisy jets taking off over residential areas. Some residents are anticipating a lousy summer.

May 21, 1998

Denver Monitors Noise from Motorcycles after Residents Complain. The Denver Post reports residents of Denver, Colorado's, Lower Downtown are complaining about motorcycle noise, and the city is listening.

Missouri Zoning Commission Denies Expansion of Children's Center, Noise and Other Concerns. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the Creve Coeur, Missouri, Planning and Zoning Commission rejected the expansion plan of the Ranken Jordan Children's Rehabilitation Center. Citizens' objections ranged from the center's plan to use aluminum siding to concerns about noise.

Nevada County Commission Delays Decision on New Noise Guidelines for Residents Near Airport. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Clark County (Nevada) Commission on Wednesday postponed a decision about whether to adopt new noise guidelines for homes and businesses near McCarran International Airport. The guidelines would adopt a new map that shows noise levels around the airport. Many of the residents and merchants that live in the proposed 60-decibel zone are angry at the proposal, believing it would lower their property values.

Police in Ohio Town Step Up Campaign to Eliminate Loud Car Stereos. The Dayton Daily News reports that police in New Lebanon, Ohio have instituted a strict campaign to reduce loud car stereo noise, after receiving numerous resident complaints on the issue. The article notes that New Lebanon already has an ordinance that prohibits the use of car stereos that disrupt the comfort and peace of residents.

May 22, 1998

Airport Officials in Seattle Offer to Pay for Noise Studies in Schools. The News Tribune reports that officials at the Port of Seattle (Washington), which operates Sea-Tac Airport, offered Thursday to pay $350,000 for a study to determine the jet noise impacts on Highline School District schools.

California Residents Complain About Development Project They Say is an Illegal Rock Quarry. The Press-Enterprise reports that residents in Norco, California told the City Council Wednesday that they want relief from the noise, dust, and traffic problems caused by an earth-moving and removal operation at the western base of Beacon Hill. The operation is ostensibly attended to be a prelude to a large development, but some residents and city officials believe it has become a mining operation.

Cargo Companies at Mather Airport Oppose Nearby Development. The Sacramento Business Journal reports cargo companies at Sacramento's Mather Airport fear if new development is allowed closer to the facility, it will be the end of the new hub.

Japan Awards Residents Damages for Airbase Noise; Turns Down Request for Night Time Ban. Agence France Presse reports an Okinawa, Japan, court ordered the Japanese government to award monetary compensation to citizens who suffer from aircraft noise.

Mather Airport Says Encroaching Development Threatens Its Appeal to Cargo Companies. Business Journal-Sacramento reports that Mather Airport is facing the problem that has bedeviled airports around the country: encroaching development. According to the article Mather Airport has become an important hub for air cargo companies but if development is allowed to come closer to the facility, its appeal to cargo companies will be lost. The article contains three subsections entitled "Shrinking Buffers", "Disputed Noise Readings" and "Housing Wanted."

North Carolina Racetrack Owner Reduces Race-Car Noise Limit to 90 Decibels. The Asheville Citizen-Times reports that the owner of the Asheville Motor Speedway in Asheville, North Carolina has decided to limit noise from race-cars to 90 decibels, starting this week. The article notes that 90 decibels is between noise level of a common vacuum cleaner and a circular saw.

May 23, 1998

Japanese Court Orders Noise Pollution Compensation for Residents Living Near U.S. Air Base. The Mainichi Daily News reports that the Fukuoka High Court in Naha, Japan ordered the government Friday to compensate residents living near the U.S. Kadena Air Base for noise pollution caused by late-night flights. The court agreed with residents that the jet noise has inflicted psychological damage, but rejected a demand to have the flights banned.

San Francisco Resident Complains About Siren Noise from Ambulance Station Nearby. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Gus Buttacavoli, a resident of Walnut Creek, California, has complained about the noise from ambulance sirens. An ambulance station is located down the street from Buttacavoli's apartment, the article explains. In response to his complaints, ambulance drivers have started waiting to turn on their sirens, but some officials express exasperation at Buttacavoli's complaints.

Texas City Officials Argue With Nuns Over Erecting a Noise Wall and the Purchase Price for Land. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that city officials in Arlington, Texas are arguing with nuns at the Carmel of the Holy Trinity monastery over the price of some land the city wants to buy from the nuns to expand a street. In addition, the nuns want the city to build a noise wall to protect their property from increased traffic noise, but city officials won't agree to do so. The article notes that negotiations continue, but the city also filed documents this week to initiate an eminent domain hearing, in which court-appointed commissioners would determine the fair market value of the property.

May 24, 1998

More Flights at Dallas' Love Field Would Break Moral Contract with Residents to Limit Noise, Says Editorial. The Dallas Morning News published the following editorial about the current litigation over flight limits at Dallas' Love Field Airport. The editorial reads as follows:

Oregon Airport Officials End Experiment to Reroute Planes Due to Noise Complaints. The Columbian printed an editorial that says the Port of Portland, which operates Portland (Oregon) International Airport, ended an experiment last Wednesday to reroute jets after hundreds of people complained about the noise. The editorial argues that the complaints are understandable, and that the representation of Vancouver, Washington on a new formal panel to address airport noise issues will be important for the community.

Residents Weigh in on Noise From California's Van Nuys Airport. The Los Angeles Times printed the following letters-to-the-editor from George Jerome, chair of the Van Nuys Citizens Advisory Council, and Anne Carver, co-chair of the airport committee of the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association, regarding noise from the Van Nuys (California) Airport:

Tennessee Town Passes New Noise Ordinance, After Making Changes. The Tennessean reports that the City Commission in Mount Juliet, Tennessee passed a new noise ordinance Monday at the first of two readings. The new ordinance was proposed after City Judge John Gwin said that the old ordinance was difficult to enforce. Several changes were made to the proposed ordinance before it passed last week, the article says.

May 25, 1998

Air Tour Group Alleges the Park Service Overstated Noise Impact of Flights Over Grand Canyon. The Weekly of Business Aviation reports that the United States Air Tour Association (USATA), an industry group of commercial air tour operators, charged last week that the National Park Service significantly overstated the noise impact of flights over Grand Canyon National Park.

Australian Court is Told That Airport Flight Path Changes to Remove Noise from Neighborhoods Were Politically Motivated and Illegal. AAP Newsfeed reports that the councils in Randwick and Woollahra, Australia have filed a lawsuit alleging that Environment Minister Robert Hill acted for political reasons last July when he made a decision to introduce a long-term operating plan (LTOP) for planes using the Sydney airport. The LTOP was introduced for the improper purpose of reducing noise from coalition-held federal electorates north of the city, according to attorneys for the plaintiffs. Former Transport Minister John Sharp is also accused of making politically motivated decisions, the article says. The case currently is being argued before the Federal Court, and is expected to last at least five days.

North and South Orange County in California Continue to Fight Over Proposed Airport. The Los Angeles Times reports that the proposal to build an international airport at the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station near Irvine, California has created a controversy that has split Orange County along north-south lines, and has strained families, friendships, and political alliances in the area. The article goes on to detail the ways in which the opposing sides have become divided.

Two Czech Cities Decide to Wall Off Their "Problematic" Gypsies. The International Herald Tribune reports that officials in Usti Nad Labem and Pilsen, Czech Republic have decided to wall off what they call "problematic" public housing residents, mainly low-income Gypsies, because officials say they destroy the quality-of-life of their neighbors. The walled-off areas will be guarded by round-the-clock police patrols. Some say the walled-off areas will be the equivalent of a ghetto for the residents, the article says.

May 26, 1998

British Residents Oppose Day Nursery in their Neighborhood. The Sentinel reports that residents living near the site a proposed new 40-child day nursery in Newcastle, England are opposing the development. Residents say that traffic will increase and the peace and quiet they have in their backyards will disappear. The article notes that the Newcastle Borough Council will consider the application at an undetermined date.

Canadian Residents and Officials Protest for a Decade About Illegal Airfield, Without Resolution. The Vancouver Sun reports that residents and officials in Surrey, British Columbia have been fighting to have the Airflow Ultralight Aviation airfield in the 4900 block of King George Highway shut down for a decade, without result. The article explains that the airfield owner has never had a business license and the land has never had proper zoning for an airfield since opening in 1981, but local politicians refuse to enforce a city zoning bylaw and shut down the airfield. Now, the article says, it may be too late for the city to get rid of the airfield because officials have allowed it to operate for so long. In the latest development, the Surrey City Council last week again postponed a decision on the airfield.

Chicago Resident Approves Actions to Lower Car Stereo Noise. The Chicago Tribune printed the following letter-to-the-editor from Kathryn Kinnerk, a Chicago resident, regarding noise from car radios, car horns, and motorcycles:

Florida County Officials Consider Whether Some Airboats Should Be Banned on a River. The Press Journal reports that officials in Brevard County, Florida have deferred action on a proposed ban on airboats on the Sebastian River until Indian River County officials decide whether to regulate airboats on its portion of the river. The article says that the Indian River County Commission will hold a public hearing on the issue June 2 in Vero Beach. Large airboats operated by commercial tourism companies have drawn criticisms from residents on the river because of their noise.

Pennsylvania Residents Group Opposes Wal-Mart Superstore. The Morning Call reports that residents in Lower Macungie Township, Pennsylvania have formed a coalition to oppose a 203,750-square-foot Wal-Mart superstore and three outbuildings proposed for a site adjacent to Hamilton Boulevard and Lower Macungie Road. Residents are opposed to the development because of the noise and traffic it will create, and because of the large scale of the project. The article says that residents and the developer will square off tonight at a Planning Commission meeting at which each side will get time to present their case.

May 27, 1998

Canadian Accordian Player Refuses to Lower the Volume at his Outdoor Performances. The Toronto Star reports that an accordion player in Bronte, Ontario has been asked by residents and police to lower the volume at his outdoor concerts at Bronte Harbor, just across from the Lakeside Marketeria on Bronte Road, and move to a new location. But the musician refuses to accommodate the requests. Police say they may ask a judge to impose restrictions on the musician's entertainment.

Ice Cream Trucks Get Increasing Criticism Around the Country. The Telegraph Herald reports that ice cream trucks are facing a growing list of communities where they are not welcome. The trucks have been blamed for noise pollution, poor nutrition, traffic hazards, and attracting pedophiles as drivers, and laws restricting ice cream truck operations have sprouted around the country. The article goes on to focus on one ice cream truck operator who runs trucks on the Massachusetts - Rhode Island border.

Illinois Village Officials Consider Noise Pollution Ordinance. The Chicago Tribune reports that officials in Villa Park, Illinois are considering a noise pollution ordinance in order to address complaints from residents of Willow Pointe Condominiums that trucks parked at a Motel 6 make noise all night. The article says that several residents have recently demanded that the village control noise from parked trucks, especially those with refrigeration units.

Japanese Court Upholds Decision to Compensate Residents for Noise from Air Force Base. Jane's Defence Weekly reports that the Naha branch of the Fukuoka High Court in Japan has upheld a 1994 court decision to compensate 867 residents who filed a lawsuit over noise pollution from Okinawa's Kadena Air Force Base. The article says that the court ordered the government to increase the amount of compensation to 1.37 billion [yen?] ($10.2 million), but rejected a request to ban flight operations between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Maine Residents Oppose Proposed Motocross Track in Their Neighborhood. The Central Maine Morning Sentinel reports that more than 40 people attended a public hearing Tuesday night in Benton, Maine to discuss a proposed motocross track off Route 100. The article says that many residents and some members of the Planning Board raised objections to the track, and there was little middle ground at the hearing.

New Development Brings Loss of Peace and Quiet Once Enjoyed in New West County, Colorado. The Idaho Statesman published an editorial from Don Olsen contemplating the noise of crowing roosters, prairie dogs and the aspirations of subdivision developers in New West County, Colorado.

Nostalgic Ice Cream Trucks Considered a Dangerous Nuisance in Cites throughout the United States. The Pantagraph publishes an article discussing the variety of laws and restrictions on ice cream trucks that have popped up across the county.

Press Release Touts Noise Reduction Headphones for Airplane Travel. PR Newswire released the following press release from Noise Cancellation Technologies, a firm that sells noise reduction headphones, regarding the company's product:

May 28, 1998

Georgia County Commissioners Turn Down Request for Helicopter Pad in Residential Area. The Atlanta Journal reports that the Coweta County (Georgia) Board of Commissioners voted 5-0 last week to reject a request for a special-use permit for a helicopter port at a residence. The article notes that the commissioners expressed concern over noise and safety issues related to the request.

Noise and Unruly Patrons at Music Hall Bother Connecticut Residents. The Hartford Courant reports that residents living near Barry Square in Hartford, Connecticut are criticizing the Webster Theater music club for problems ranging from noise to litter to fist-fights. At a meeting of the Barry Square Revitalization Committee held last week, many of the 80 residents who attended asked or demanded that something be done about the concert-goers.

Tennessee Man Mounts Siren on Tractor to Retaliate Against Nearby Gun Club. The Tennessean reports that J.C. Hillin, a resident of Wartrace, Tennessee, was cited for disorderly conduct after he mounted a siren on his tractor to retaliate against noise from a nearby gun club. Yesterday, Hillin, a veteran county commissioner, waived his right to a preliminary hearing in Bedford County General Sessions Court and was bound over to the grand jury. The next session of the grand jury convenes on June 22, the article says.

May 29, 1998

California Residents Win Noise Victory, as State Turns Down Banquet Hall's Liquor License Request. The Los Angeles Times reports that residents of condominiums in Los Angeles's Marina del Rey won a decade-old fight on May 14 when the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control rejected a request for a liquor license for the Fantasea Yacht Club, which holds banquets at the site. On Thursday, the article notes, Fantasea backers filed papers to appeal the license denial, in a process that could continue for a year or longer.

Local Massachusetts Official Will Meet With Federal Aviation Administration About Airport Noise. The Patriot Ledger reports that Richard Neely, the Select Board Chair in Milton, Massachusetts, has set up a meeting for June 29 with Jane Garvey, the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration and the former director of Boston's Logan International Airport, to discuss airplane noise at Logan. The article notes that jet noise has afflicted Milton and other towns for years, but local officials have not been able to get the FAA to address their complaints.

New York Policy Doesn't Fund Road Noise Barriers on Existing Roads, Unlike Minnesota and Ontario. The Buffalo News reports that New York State Department of Transportation officials have said they don't budget money to build noise barriers along existing expressways. But, the article says, Minnesota and Ontario have funded noise barriers along existing expressways since the 1970s, according to officials.

Noise and Safety Considerations for Ice Cream Trucks Are Issues for Some in Salt Lake City. The Deseret News reports that summer and ice cream season are approaching, but some in Salt Lake City, Utah are worried about noise and safety considerations. The article interviews two owners of ice cream truck companies about the issues.

Scottish Council Turns Down Application for Off-Road Driving Center. The Aberdeen Press and Journal reports that the council in Aberdeenshire, Scotland voted 5-3 to reject an application for planning permission for an off-road driving center in Deeside. The article says that the company Making Treks was asked earlier by the council to undertake an independent noise-pollution survey related to the proposed project. Company officials say they commissioned the survey, which concluded that there would be no noise pollution, but councilors ignored that information or were not given the results of the survey before voting. The company intends to appeal the decision, the article says.

Washington School District Rejects Airport Money for Noise Study Because There Are Strings Attached. The Seattle Times reports that officials with the Highline School District near Seattle, Washington yesterday rejected the Port of Seattle's offer to pay for a jet-noise study because they say it is too restrictive. The Port operates the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the airport explains. Last week, Port officials announced they would pay up to $350,000 for a noise study in the school district. But Highline officials have already started their own noise study, and they say using the Port's money would force them to start the study over. Highline officials asked that the Port instead help pay for the study already underway.

May 30, 1998

California City Attorney Says Grading and Excavation Project is Legal; Residents Disagree. The Press-Enterprise reports that John Harper, the city attorney in Norco, California delivered a written opinion to city officials and residents Friday that says the city permit for grading and excavation work on Beacon Hill off Norconian Drive is legal. At Friday's meeting, residents said they didn't agree with Harper's opinion and would consult their own lawyer. The article notes that residents have complained about the truck traffic, noise, and dust associated with the project that has been going on for almost three years. The city council will take up the topic of residents' complaints at Wednesday's city council meeting, the article says.

City in Kansas Considers Setting Curfew on Home Car Repairs. The Kansas City Star reports that City Councilors in Overland Park, Kansas will discuss implementing a curfew that would end home-based auto repairs at its Monday meeting. The proposed ordinance is intended to curb the noise, light, and fumes that come from late-night auto repairs.

Florida City Starts Ticketing Motorists With Loud Car Stereos After Court Ruling. The Palm Beach Post reports that police in Port St. Lucie, Florida have started to issue tickets to motorists with loud car stereos, after an appeals court ruling upheld a state noise law earlier this month. The article says that police can issue tickets if car stereos can be heard more than 100 feet away.

Florida County Commission Passes Land Regulations that Restrict the Size of Some Community Facilities in Residential Areas. The Florida Times-Union reports that the Clay County Commission in Green Cove Springs, Florida passed a package of land development regulations Tuesday that restricts larger churches, child-care centers, and other community facilities in residential areas. The regulations were passed to preserve established residential areas from development that could increase traffic and noise, the article says. The regulation changes stemmed partly from residents' opposition to proposed day-care centers adjacent to residential areas on U.S. 17 south of Orange Park.

Spokane Mayor Courts Native American Festival by Allowing Violation of City's Noise Ordinance. The Spokesman-Review reports that John Talbott, the Mayor of Spokane, Washington, met with organizers of the Spokane Falls Northwest Indian Encampment and Pow Wow Friday and made concessions to ensure that the event will be held as usual this August at Riverfront Park. The article notes that event organizers had announced earlier this week that the event wouldn't take place this year because the city and the American Indian Community Center, which sponsors the festival, couldn't come to agreement about certain fees and regulations. But the mayor made several concessions, the article says, including allowing the pow-wow to continue past 10 p.m., which violates the city's noise ordinance.

May 31, 1998

California's Burbank Airport Fights to Expand Terminal, While Nearby Residents Oppose Expansion. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports that the Burbank Airport in Burbank, California is fighting to expand the size of its terminal. The article goes on to detail the level of crowding that takes place in the current terminal, and the growth that's predicted. Lawsuits filed by residents and the city of Burbank over noise, pollution, and traffic are preventing the terminal expansion from going forward, the article says. The latest of the at least seven lawsuits was filed Friday.

FAA Should Propose Serious Flight Plan to Reduce Noise at New Jersey Airport, Activist Says. The New York Times printed the following letter-to-the-editor from Ellen Traegar, a Rockaway, New Jersey resident and president of the New Jersey Coalition Against Aircraft Noise, regarding noise from the Newark Airport:

Florida Airport's "Quiet Noise Awards" to Airlines are Laughable, Columnist Believes. The Palm Beach Post printed an editorial that argues the awards recently given to seven airlines by the Palm Beach (Florida) International Airport for quiet fleets are laughable. The columnist notes that the Palm Beach County Department of Airports held an award luncheon at the Four Seasons Resort to give the airlines the "Quiet Fleet Award" for meeting "stringent noise standards" while taking off and landing at the airport.

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