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October 1, 1998

Bridgeton Files Suit After FAA OK's Lambert Expansion; Various Factions Speak Out. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday approved southwest expansion into Bridgeton at Missouri's Lambert Field. A few hours later, attorneys for Bridgeton filed suit in St. Louis Circuit Court to try to overturn the plan.

Business Challenges Village's Noise Ordinance in Court. The Times Union reports that a long-standing scrap metal business is challenging Green Island's newly amended noise ordinance.

California Town Seeks to Set New Noise Standards. The Press-Enterprise reports the town of Norco, California, is considering adopting operating standards that would restrict noise from a nightclub and an amusement center to a specific level of decibels.

City Council Says 'No' to Home Depot's Plan to Build Store in Residential Area of El Cajon, California. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that homeowner opposition put a temporary end to Home Depot's plan to build near a residential subdivision. The company has appealed the denial of their conditional-use permit and scheduled an after-election appeal hearing for November.

Economic Developers See Benefits if Missouri's Lambert Field Expands. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports economic development officials predict expansion at Missouri's Lambert Field would have a wide-ranging direct and indirect impact, creating thousands of new jobs, pouring billions of dollars into the local economy, and helping Lambert compete with airport hubs across the United States.

Flight Paths out of Boston's Logan Airport May Stir Neighborhood Tensions. The Boston Globe reports that changed flight patterns at Logan Airport may pit Boston neighborhoods against each other.

Missouri Alderman Sponsors Bill to Restrict Speedway Operations, Citing Noise Complaints. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports a St. Peters, Missouri, Alderman is pushing a bill to further restrict noise from the St. Charles Speedway.

New Report on Noise Research and Noise Health Effects. Industrial Health & Hazards Update announces a new report by Armstrong Laboratory on the complexity of noise research.

Plans to Expand Cleveland's Airport Alarms Residents. The Plain Dealer reports that a newly released report to expand Cleveland's airport has alarmed area residents who feel the airport noise is already problematic.

Police Called Repeatedly to Enforce Peace and Quiet in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Times reports the calls pour in all night long to California's downtown Los Angeles police communications center from Angelenos desperate for a little peace and quiet.

Residents Say Quality of Life Ignored in Expansion Plans at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The Associated Press reports Ohio residents of suburbs near Cleveland Hopkins International Airport fear more airport expansion will mean more noise.

Warrenville Joins West Chicago in Publicizing its Opposition to Union Pacific's Proposed Railport. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that the city of Warrenville, Illinois is voicing its clear opposition to the railport proposed by Union Pacific. West Chicago has already publicized its opposition to the project.

Who Will Pay for Sound Walls Along Missouri's Interstate 270?. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that after the state denied their request to pay for sound walls along Interstate270, Creve Coeur, Missouri, officials are considering their financing options to mitigate noise along the interstate highway.

October 2, 1998

Activist Who is Hard of Hearing Uniquely Positioned to Advocate for Peace and Quiet. The Albuquerque Journal reports how one man, Stephen Frazier, is speaking out against loud background music and other noise.

Changes to Airspace Plan Charges Debate about Increased Flight Capacity at O'Hare International Airport. The Chicago Daily Herald reported that a Federal Aviation Administration workshop for the public discussing airspace changes was vague about whether the changes would mean increased flight capacity.

Companies in Northampton, Pennsylvania Violate Local Noise Ordinance; But Town Officials Refuse to Take Immediate Enforcement Measures. The Morning Call reports that noises from two industries in Northampton, Pennsylvania exceed the borough's noise ordinance by more than 20 decibels. Borough officials, however, refuse to take adverse action until they have an opportunity to correct the problems.

County Tries to Block Expansion of Lambert Field Airport in St. Louis, Missouri. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that St. Charles County may join others in a lawsuit against the Federal Aviation Administration to block the expansion of Lambert Field Airport.

Editorial Points out Problems with Expansion for Cleveland Hopkins

Grants Aimed at Reducing Resident Exposure to Airport Noise in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Times reports that the community of Inglewood will receive $17 million in grants from the Federal Aviation Administration's airport improvement program to help reduce residents' exposure to noise from Los Angeles International Airport.

Missouri Town Files Suit to Overturn Expansion at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. The Bond Buyer reports the city of Bridgeton, Missouri, filed suit against the city of St. Louis hours after St. Louis won approval for expansion of the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

Residents of St. Charles, Missouri Rally to Stop Expansion of Lambert Field. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports on citizen views and their efforts to stop the expansion of Lambert Field near St. Charles, Missouri.

October 3, 1998

Los Angeles Carrier Decides to Delay Early Morning Departures as a Result of Citizen Protests. Los Angeles Times credits citizen protest with air carriers' decision to delay early morning take offs from Burbank Airport.

O'Hare Noise Group Discusses Need to Tackle National Issues of Local Importance for Many Cities. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that the O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission discussed the need to tackle national airport noise issues and the importance of forming alliances with similar groups in other cities.

O'Hare's Noise Commissioner Urges the Panel to Take on National Issues to Reduce Noise. The Chicago Tribune reports that the O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission is discussing whether to expand its campaign to Washington, D.C. in an effort to reduce noise levels back home.

Union Pacific Railroad Wants Ban on Idling Locomotives Lifted in Riverside, California. The Press-Enterprise reports that Union Pacific Railroad is seeking a federal court ordered injunction to lift a ban on idling locomotives in Riverside, California.

October 4, 1998

Editorial Praises Chicago's Ordinance Outlawing Loud, Annoying Car Stereos. The Chicago Tribune published the following editorial praising Chicago's ordinance that outlaws loud, annoying music from car stereos.

Noise Sufferers near La Guardia Airport Complain of Disproportionate Burden of Noise in Early Morning Hours. The New York Times published the following letter to the editor regarding the unfair dispersal of early morning noise from La Guardia Airport.

October 5, 1998

FAA Worried EU Will Limit Operation of Hushkitted Aircraft. Aviation Daily reports the FAA is concerned that the European Union is getting ready to act unilaterally to limit the operation of hushkitted aircraft. According to the article, in a Sept. 14 letter, David Traynham, FAA assistant administrator for policy, planning and international aviation, told Michel Ayral, European Commission director for air transport, that a proposed EU regulation "would serve only to diminish the effectiveness of the ICAO process under a mistaken belief that U.S. carriers will transfer their Stage 3 hushkitted airplanes to EU registers after Dec. 31, 1999."

Families in a Fury Over Supermarket's Failure to Abate Noise from Store Deliveries in Great Britain. The Birmingham Evening Mail reports that Safeway supermarket has been branded a "neighbour from Hell" by two families in Great Britain who have a long-standing noise dispute with the giant grocer.

Health Officers Promise to Investigate Complaints Regarding Low Frequency Noise. The Aberdeen Evening Express says that environmental health officers will monitor low frequency noise levels emanating from an Abderdeen dairy. According to the article their new "state of the art" equipment can filter noise frequencies.

Neighbors Want Manufacturing Site Converted into Quiet Uses in Elgin, Illinois. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that neighbors want property that has been utilized by manufacturing to be converted into quiet uses but the city of Elgin, Illinois.

Noisy Dutch Plane Will Tryout O'Hare's Hush House. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that the Dutch Air Force is scheduled to tryout O'Hare's Hush House. According to the article they plan to use one of their big planes - a Hercules C-130H - to test out O'Hare's $3.1 million structure.

Company Aims to Make Airplanes Less Offensive to the Ears. The Associated Press reports about how a small company is taking a forefront position to reduce airplane noise by changing the air flow around wings and fuselages.

Trees Deemed Insufficient Noise Abatement for Plans to Widen Busy Roadway. The Baltimore Sun published the following editorial regarding the use of trees to muffle the sound of vehicles on a heavily traveled route.

October 6, 1998

Vancounver's Residents Hand City Council a Petition Demanding Councilors Do Something About Rail Horns. The Vancouver Sun reports that citizens of Maple Ridge, Vancouver, Canada want train whistles silenced. An 800-name petition asked that city councilors do something about high-volume air horns.

Helicopter Operators Cease Flying Over Hotel Strip in Las Vegas. The Associated Press reports that four helicopter tour operators have ceased flying directly over the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada because of noise complaints from hotel-casinos.

Residents Fear Expansion at Detroit Metropolitan Airport will Increase Noise; They Insist on Noise Study. The Associated Press reports that residents fear the expansion of Detroit Metropolitan Airport will increase airport noise, despite county efforts to implement a noise abatement program.

New Homeowners Complain about Airport Noise; Columnist Says Their Complaints Belong to the Politicians of Chandler, Arizona. The Arizona Republic published the opinion of columnist Art Thomason who says the noise pollution suffered by new homeowners near Williams Gate Airport is far too often regarded without empathy by the public at large. Thomason points the finger at public officials who failed to protect Williams from encroaching developers.

Airport Neighbors Fear Expansion Project Will Make Living Near Detroit Metropolitan Airport More Miserable. The Detroit News reports that more than 700 neighbors living near Detroit Metropolitan Airport want Wayne County to require the airport to take new steps to ease the noise before the airport begins its $1.6-billion airport expansion.

City of Burbank Keeps Pushing for Noise Restrictions at California's Burbank-Glendale Airport. Airports(R) reports city and airport officials are seeking ways to resolve the ongoing dispute over noise pollution, airline schedules and a terminal upgrade at Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport.

Town Council Approves Expansion of Indoor Skateboard Facility. Providence Journal-Bulletin reports that a skateboard facility will be expanding in spite of neighbors' complaints about noise.

Proposed Legislation Requires $300 Fine for Noisy Car Stereos and Car Alarms in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The Morning Call reports that Bethlehem Mayor Don Cunningham will propose amending the existing noise ordinance. The proposed amendment levies fines up to $300 for booming car stereos and deafening car alarms.

October 7, 1998

Residents Upset When Airport Put Noise Study at a Low Priority in Wheeling, Illinois. The Chicago Tribune reports that local officials and residents are lobbying state aviation officials for an estimated $90 million in improvements at the Palwaukee Municipal Airport in Wheeling, Illinois.

Residents and Local Government Officials Strike Out Against Plans to Build A New Stadium in Downtown Montreal. The Montreal Gazette reports that a proposed site for the Expos baseball stadium has got city officials and neighbors in an uproar.

The U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal Brought By Burbank's Airport Authorities. Los Angeles Times reports that the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear the Burbank airport's appeal from a 1997 U.S. District Court ruling. That ruling, according to the article, says the Burbank Airport Authority lacked the legal standing to challenge the city's veto of the airport expansion project in federal court under the California's Public Utilities Code.

Illinois Highway Officials Refuse Lisle's Request for Noise Barriers. The Chicago Daily Herald reports Lisle, Illinois, officials pledged this week to continue the fight for noise barriers along a three-quarter-mile stretch of the North-South Tollway.

England's Birmingham International Airport Welcomes Quieter British Airways Planes. The Birmingham Post reports British Airways has announced the purchase of new, quieter, and more environmentally friendly aircraft. The news is welcomed by England's Birmingham International Airport.

No Relief from Tollway Noise for Residents in Lisle, Illinois. The Chicago Tribune reports that residents in Lisle, Illinois should not expect any noise relief from the North-South Tollway. Noise walls cost $1 million per mile to erect and there is a great demand for them along the entire tollway system.

Noise Protection Zones Planned near Airport. The Washington Post reports that Stafford County and the Regional Airport Commission plan to put in place a number of noise protection zones near Stafford Regional Airport.

Noisy and Uncivil Neighbors in Los Angeles. Los Angeles Times published the following editorial opinions in response to the October 1 article, which discussed private party noise in residential areas of Los Angeles.

Arizona Residents Believe Its Too Late to Secure Peace and Quiet from the Burgeoning Growth of Williams Gateway Airport. In this article the Associated Press reports on the plight of homeowners who face increased urbanization and airport noise in the metropolitan area surrounding Mesa, Arizona.

October 8, 1998

LA Commission Approves Noise Restrictions for Universal Studios. The Associated Press reports noise restrictions for California's Universal Studios were recently approved by the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission.

Calif. Residents Hope for Renewal of Settlement Agreement at John Wayne Airport. The Orange County Register reports California's El Toro Airport issue and how it's resolved could have enormous implications for John Wayne Airport and nearby residents.

Residents Demand Formal Oversight at California's Universal Studios, Citing Existing and Projected Noise Problems. The Hollywood Reporter reports the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission voted to recommend noise restrictions at Universal Studios in an effort to balance importance of film industry with noise concerns of residents.

Residents Near Ohio's Dayton International Airport Organize to Fight Noise. The Dayton Daily News reports residents of Butler Township, Ohio, asked for help with noise from Dayton International Airport.

Richfield, MN, Officials Take Airport Noise Concerns to Washington. The Star Tribune reports Richfield, Minnesota, officials brought to Washington, DC, this week their fight against low-frequency airport noise in their suburban neighborhood.

Wisconsin Residents Object to Noise from Neighborhood Swimming Lessons. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports a special planning commission hearing was held in Mequon, Wisconsin, to address the issue of noise from a residence where swimming lessons are given.

October 9, 1998

Washington's Boeing Field Will Undergo Noise Reduction Efforts. The Seattle Times reports the Metropolitan King County Council next week is expected to authorize the most extensive noise -reduction efforts in the history of Washington's Boeing Field.

Williams Gateway Airport in Arizona Considers Charging Landing Fees for Noisy Military Aircraft. The Arizona Republic reports Williams Gateway Airport may start charging military aircraft for touch-and-go landings, the largest source of noise complaints from area homeowners.

Illinois' Rep. Hyde Says, "No New Flights at O'Hare;" House Bill Nixed. The Chicago Daily Herald reports a plan that could have added 30 daily commercial flights at O'Hare International Airport appears to be squashed for now. Local activists applauded the move.

Knoxville, Tennessee, Passes New Noise Ordinance. The Commercial Appeal reports Knoxville, Tennessee, is setting stricter standards for quiet.

St. Charles Will Join Bridgeton Lawsuit Against Expansion at Missouri's Lambert Field. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports officials in St. Charles, Missouri, are waiting for the full release of a federal report on the expansion of Lambert Field before joining Bridgeton in federal court to challenge that expansion.

Burbank Airport Authority Asks Carriers to Agree to Curfew. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports airport officials at the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport have urged air carriers to accept an enforceable, mandatory curfew, officials said Thursday. Acceptance of a curfew could ease the longstanding dispute between the airport and the city of Burbank.

European Study Shows City Noise Leads to Serious Ill Health Effects. The Evening Standard reports Londoners were warned today that big city noise may be responsible for heart disease.

Overzealous Airline Lobbying Nixes Extra Slots at O'Hare; Anti-Noise Group Thrilled. The Chicago Tribune reports behind-the-scenes maneuvering by United Airlines gave a senator reason to nix additional slots at O'Hare International Airport.

October 10, 1998

Calif. Congressmen Seek FAA Exemption of Formal Review for Mandatory Curfew at Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports federal lawmakers from California are urging the Federal Aviation Administration to allow Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport to enact a mandatory curfew on nighttime flights without a formal review process, officials said Friday.

Landmark Noise Case Could be Foundation for Homeowners' Action Against Airport FedEx Hub in Greensboro, NC. The News & Record reports a 52-year-old legal case may be ammunition for property owners near the Piedmont Triad International Airport who opposed a Federal Express hub and a third runway at the Greensboro, North Carolina, airport.

Martin County, Florida, Set to Approve Noise Restrictions. The Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News reports commissioners in Martin County, Florida, are expected to approve noise restrictions Tuesday after months of debate.

Residents Near California's Los Alamitos Airfield Warned of Increased Flights and Noise This Month. Los Angeles Times reports Los Alamitos Armed Forces Reserve Center officials warn that noise from heavy runway activity may disturb residents through the end of the month.

Noise Sources and Solutions in Washington, DC, Area Neighborhoods. The Washington Post reports that while noise may be an unavoidable part of apartment life in the Washington, DC, area, as it is elsewhere, developers, property managers, and tenants themselves can take steps to muffle their problems.

Colorado Village Seeks Input for Residents at FAA Hearing with Centennial Airport. The Denver Post reports Greenwood Village officials want residents surrounding Colorado's Centennial Airport to have a voice in the battle between the airport authority and a commuter passenger service that has been banned from the airport.

'Quiet on the Lot' for Universal Studios if County Noise Restrictions Approved. The Calgary Herald reports Hollywood's Universal Studios may be the first southern California studio to have noise restrictions on its lots.

October 11, 1998

Citizens' Panel Suggests Limits on New York's County Airport; Noise and Water Pollution Top Concerns. The New York Times reports a citizens' advisory board recommended limited expansion of New York's County Airport, citing a number of quality of life and environmental issues including noise pollution and water quality.

Resident Objects to Expanded Flights at Washington, DC's Reagan National Airport. The Washington Post published a letter from a McLean resident who objects to expanded flights at Washington, DC's Reagan National Airport. Mary Wakefield writes:

October 12, 1998

1946 Landmark Ruling Could Help NC Residents Fight FedEx at Piedmont Airport. The Associated Press reports a 1946 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of a chicken farmer could affect the outcome of the proposed FedEx hub at Greensboro, North Carolina's, Piedmont Triad International Airport.

County Exec. Urges St. Charles to Join Lawsuit Against FAA Over New Runway Plan for Missouri's Lambert Field. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports a St. Charles County leader is advising the county to join a lawsuit to overturn the approved expansion at Missouri's Lambert Field Airport.

Making Noise Laws Clear in Moorpark, California. The Ventura County Star published an article about noise written by the Senior Deputy of the Moorpark, California. The law enforcement officer, Kory Martinelli, seeks to clear up some misconceptions about noise nuisances and the law.

Missouri Town Seeks Enforceable Resolution Over Noise from Lambert Field Airport. St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the St. Charles County Council in Missouri is seeking a noise-reduction agreement with St. Louis regarding Lambert Field Airport. If no agreement appears to be forthcoming, St. Charles is threatening to sue the city of St. Louis.

New York Rally Protests Airport Noise and Its Health Effects on Children. Newsday reports children and adults gathered in Queens, New York, yesterday to protest noise, pollution, and ill health effects from nearby airports.

Tourists in Canada Find Banff Too Noisy; Business Owners Seek Solutions. The article reports Bonar Hunter, Banff's senior bylaw officer, said the town's general noise bylaw does not specifically regulate or enforce bar noise and that his team of four full-time officers only works until 10 p.m. during the summer, and 6 p.m. in the off- season. Most bars close at about 2 a.m. and that's where the trouble starts, hotel and motel officials said. Hunter is investigating and will report to town council. "We want higher profile by RCMP . . ." said Lanz, adding the noise is also becoming a problem for Banff's permanent residents. Banff RCMP agree the problem of early-morning party animals is getting worse and they expect final statistics on jailed drunks this year to be up 20 per cent. "There wasn't a lot of bad weather to drive people indoors so the kids stayed out longer and seemed to party harder than they normally do," said RCMP Sgt. Bob Peterson.

October 13, 1998

County Council Approves Noise-Reduction Plan for Washington's Boeing Field; Activists Not Satisfied. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports an ambitious program that will reduce aircraft noise at Boeing Field won the unanimous approval of Washington's King County Council yesterday. Some activists and airport neighbors disapprove of the plan.

NC Resident Says No to FedEx Hub in Greensboro; Noise Tops Reasons. The News & Record published a letter from Greensboro, North Carolina resident, William J. Powers, who opposes a Federal Express hub at the local airport. Powers' primary objection is noise. He writes:

Noise from New Jersey Firing Range Pits Neighboring Towns. The Record reports the neighboring New Jersey towns of Allendale and Waldwick are engaged in a dispute over noise from a Waldwick firing range.

Officials at Wisconsin's Waukesha County Airport Invite Residents to Discuss Noise and Expansion Concerns. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Wisconsin residents will have an opportunity to meet with Waukesha County Airport officials later this month to discuss airport noise and expansion.

Virginia Speedway Gets OK from City Planners Despite Noise Concerns. The Virginian-Pilot reports city planners in Chesapeake, Virginia have approved a controversial motorsports speedway, saying noise can be satisfactorily mitigated.

October 14, 1998

Airport Foes Say Tests at California's El Toro Won't Show Long-Term Effects. The Los Angeles Times reports opponents of turning El Toro Marine Base into a commercial airport say planned testing will yield inaccurate results while airport boosters say test results will reduce residents' noise concerns.

Citizens' Group Says Study Shows Increased Flights at Dallas' Love Field Will Create Dangerous Noise and Traffic Levels in Texas Neighborhoods. The Dallas Morning News reports increasing flights at Dallas Love Field would lead to more noise and longer traffic delays on nearby streets, according to a study paid for by a neighboring homeowners group.

Critics Say Flight Tests at El Toro Won't Give Accurate Noise Picture. The Orange County Register reports critics say El Toro flight tests next year won't give accurate noise picture at California's proposed airport site.

Florida's Martin County Enacts Noise Ordinance. The Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News reports many residents of Stuart, Florida, are pleased with new noise restrictions adopted by the commissioners of Martin County.

Group Outlines Requests in Effort to Live with Noise from New Mexico's Santa Fe Airport. The Santa Fe New Mexican reports residents who live near New Mexico's Santa Fe Municipal Airport will bring their requests to county commissioners in an effort to get support in lowering airplane noise.

Hearing Experts in England Call for Restrictions on Noise Levels in Cinemas. The Evening Herald reports hearing experts in Plymouth, England, say film-makers are turning up the volume to dangerous levels which could lead to hearing loss.

Officials from Illinois' Palwaukee Airport Request Grant Money for Noise Study and Construction of Taxiway. The Chicago Daily Herald reports officials from Palwaukee Municipal Airport bid for millions of dollars in grants for airport improvements. Plans for the grant money include an update of a noise study and construction of part of a taxiway on the main runway's west side.

Outdoor Entertainer in Bath, England, Banned after Residents Complain of Noise. The Western Daily Press reports a popular outdoor entertainer in Bath, England, recently received a citation for disturbing the peace.

Public Hearing in Austin, Texas, will Address Noise Study Projections for Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The Austin American-Statesman reports officials in Austin, Texas, will hold a public meeting tonight to discuss a noise study in preparation for the May 1999 opening of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport for passenger traffic.

Residents Say Generator a Noise Nuisance in England Town. The Sentinel reports residents of Stoke, England, contend noise from a generator powering temporary traffic lights is making their life hell.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, Airport Neighbors Seek Noise Abatement Ordinance after "Flying Friendly" Program Fails. The Associated Press reports neighbors of New Mexico's Santa Fe Airport are dissatisfied with the level of cooperation they've received from airport officials about noise complaints.

Texas Town to Meet about Leaf-Blower Noise and Pollution. The Dallas Morning News reports Highland Park, Texas, will address leaf-blower noise and pollution at a public meeting.

October 15, 1998

Airlines Consider Formal Curfew at Burbank; Agreement Could Lead to New Terminal. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports more than half of the airlines that use Burbank Airport are considering accepting a formal curfew on night flights. Their acceptance of a mandatory nighttime curfew could pave the way for a new passenger terminal.

Bottling Plant in Georgia Works to Resolve its Noise Problem. The Atlanta Journal reports residents in the Georgia towns of Covington and Oxford soon will get relief from the noise of a nearby bottling plant.

City Planners in Chesapeake, Virginia, Reject Speedway Based on Projected Noise. The Virginian-Pilot reports noise was one of the environmental factors commissioners in Chesapeake, Virginia, cited in rejecting a proposed speedway.

Extended Limits on Noisy Planes at San Francisco Airport Applauded by Airport Group. The San Francisco Chronicle reports San Francisco International Airport has asked the FAA to extend a nighttime ban on Stage 2 aircraft.

Illinois Judge Dismisses Part of Parish's Noise Case Against O'Hare. The Chicago Tribune reports an Illinois county judge dismissed some elements of a lawsuit filed by a school against Chicago over soundproofing against O'Hare International Airport noise.

Newport, Rhode Island, Waives Noise Ordinance for High School Football Games. The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports officials in Newport, Rhode Island, waived the noise ordinance for the season's remaining high school football games after neighbors complained of noise at a local field.

San Francisco Airport Asks FAA to Extend Nighttime Noise Ban on Stage 2 Jets. The Associated Press reports the San Francisco International Airport has asked the FAA to extend a nighttime ban for some of the loudest jets in use.

Santa Fe Airport Neighbors Seek Noise Abatement Ordinance. The Albuquerque Tribune reports a group of airport neighbors contend Santa Fe Airport officials are ignoring complaints about too many low-flying ear-piercing planes over homes in New Mexico at all hours.

St. Charles, Missouri, Council May Join Suit Against Lambert Runway. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the St. Charles County Council is getting closer to joining in a lawsuit aimed at stopping the construction of a runway at Lambert Field, an expansion that would bring the airport two miles closer to St. Charles.

Town in Washington Adopts Noise Ordinance After Hearing Complaints about Car Stereos. The Seattle Times reports the Woodinville, Washington, City Council has adopted a noise ordinance after receiving numerous noise complaints from citizens about loud car stereos.

October 16, 1998

Burbank Airport Authority Criticizes City Officials for Refusing to Commit to Results of Noise Study. City News Service reports the Burbank City Council today proposed contributing up to $250,000 for a study on noise levels at Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport, but airport officials were skeptical about the offer.

Cleveland Says Airport Expansion Doesn't Mean Noise Increase; Mayor Announces Plans for Further Expansion while Airport Neighbors Continue to Wait for Home Soundproofing. The Plain Dealer reports the expansion of runways at Ohio's Cleveland Hopkins International Airport can happen while keeping any noise increase to a minimum, city officials said yesterday.

NH Couple Prosecuted after Neighbors Complain of Noisy Geese. The Associated Press State & Local Wire reports a New Hampshire couple is being prosecuted for noise violations after neighbors complained about noisy animals.

Road Noise Makes Life Unbearable in Upscale Maryland Planned Community. The Baltimore Sun reports many residents in a Columbia, Maryland, planned community are subjected to unbearable noise from a four-lane highway that splits their community.

October 17, 1998

Burbank Airport's Airlines Reject Mandatory Curfews; Federal Noise Study May Lead to FAA Sanctioned Curfews. The Los Angeles Times reports most airlines serving California's Burbank Airport have refused to accept a mandatory curfew, leaving the airport authority to consider a federal noise study.

Burbank Requests Glendale Take Active Role in Calif.'s Burbank Airport Curfew Issue. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports the Glendale City Council has scheduled an emergency, closed-door meeting today to discuss developments at California's Burbank Airport, where opposing factions have been discussing flight curfews.

House Nixes Added Flights at Reagan National Airport. The Washington Times reports Congress won't be adding any new flights this year at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

October 18, 1998

Calif. Residents Voice Opinions about Costs and Benefits of Proposed El Toro Airport. The Los Angeles Times published letters to editor from residents about the proposed El Toro Airport. Byron Edwards of Orange County is opposed to the new airport:

Los Angeles Resident Says Noise Problems at Universal Not Limited to Late-Night Filming. The Los Angeles Times published a letter to the editor from resident Richard A. Cole of Toluca Lake objecting to expansion and noise at Universal's Park. Cole writes:

Singapore Government Offers Awards to Quiet Companies. The Straits Times (Singapore) reports Singapore's government will award companies who reduce noise levels.

October 19, 1998

Curfew Study could Lead to Deal between City of Burbank and Burbank-Glendale Airport. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports commissioners of California's Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority will meet today to consider a noise study that could lead the federal government to impose a mandatory curfew on commercial flights.

House Votes Down Call for Increased Flights at NY's Busiest Airports. The Daily News (New York) reports New York City residents in the borough of Queens, subjected for years to abnormally high levels of noise and air pollution, got a break last week when JFK and LaGuardia were denied flight increases.

RI Residents Say Quarry is Loud and Unwelcome Neighbor. The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports tests performed at a quarry in Cumberland, Rhode Island, show that the quarry meets federal noise and vibration standards, town officials say. Residents questioned the accuracy of the readings and insist the noise from quarry is unacceptable.

RI Town Moves Toward Drafting Enforceable Noise Ordinance. Providence Journal-Bulletin reports noise problems from loud cars to early morning industrial operations prove challenging to Rhode Island residents.

October 20, 1998

Burbank Airport Begins Noise Study, Wants City to Abide by Night Flight Findings. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports Burbank Airport commissioners voted unanimously Monday to begin a study that could lead to required anti- noise measures, which may include a mandatory curfew on night flights.

Burbank Airport Proceeds with Federal Noise Study; City Leaders Reluctant to Commit to Findings. The Los Angeles Times reports the Burbank Airport's governing body unanimously approved a noise study that could eventually lead to a federally ordered curfew. However, city officials in Burbank are reluctant to commit to findings and withdraw their opposition to a new airport terminal.

City Councilors Disagree about Banning Jet Skis on Vermont Lake. The Associated Press reports Burlington, Vermont's, City Council is considering banning personal watercraft from Burlington Harbor on Lake Champlain.

County Supervisors Add Noise Monitoring to Flight Tests at California's El Toro. City News Service reports county supervisors requested noise monitoring and night flights be added to a series of flight tests conducted at California's former El Toro Marine base, a site being considered for a commercial airport.

Leafblowers May Cause Hearing Damage. The Washington Post reports in the United States, pleasant strolls in the autumn are often marred these days by the roaring noise from leaf blowers.

Man Says Bomb Threat Made out of Desperation for Peace and Quiet. AP Worldstream reports a man in Budapest, Hungary, admitted to making a bomb threat when noise from construction project drove him to desperation.

Noise from Crematory Gets Action from Conn. Town Council. The Hartford Courant reports neighbors of a crematory in Enfield, Connecticut, were successful Monday night in getting their town council to take action after they voiced complaints about noise from the operation.

Residents in England Join Forces to Limit Fireworks and Associated Noise. The Evening Standard reports anti-noise protesters have recruited former education minister Sir Rhodes Boyson in an effort to restrict fireworks parties to the week of November 5, to celebrate Guy Fawkes night.

October 21, 1998

Violators of Noise Pollution Laws Convicted in South China. South China Morning Post reports more than 100 companies and individuals were convicted last month of noise pollution and other forms of contaminating the environment in South China.