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February 1, 2000

California Trains and Boom Cars Subjects of Residents' Complaints. The Sacramento Bee printed these letters about train noise at night and loud car stereos. The letters are printed in their entirety.

Illinois Town Officials Receive Info on Airport Noise Study. The Associated Press reported on an airport noise abatement study for Palwaukee Municipal Airport which will measure airport noise, identify exposure to it, and make a land use determination accordingly. The study will be completed in the spring of 2001.

Londoners Will Tolerate Noise if Construction of Main Thoroughfare Speeds Up. According to the London Evening Standard, telecom cable contractors are disrupting traffic and business because they begin work on the Strand, London's main thoroughfare, from 7:30 am to 5pm. The article advocates a choice of working 24 hours a day until the work is finished or extending the hours from 6am to 8pm, stopping just in time for curtain at nearby theaters.

Noisy Neighbors Turn Down the Volume Before UK Environmental Officer Can Act. According to the Leicester Mercury, an attempt by the local environmental health officer to act on noise complaints because the disruptive neighbors turn down the volume of their stereo before he arrives.

South Korean Residents Sue Government Over Airplane Noise. The Korea Herald reported on residents who sued the government and a government-run airport operator because of airplane noise from nearby Kimpo International Airport. Residents seek compensation for "physical and mental damage" because of airport noise.

UK Local City Council Member Objects to Noise in Neighboring Industrial Park. The Evening Herald printed this letter from a City Council member in Plympton, England regarding commercial and industrial noise near residences. The letter is printed in its entirety.

UK Town Council Grants Entertainment License After Noise Reduction. The Herald Express reported that the public entertainment licenses for two inns have been granted only after the owners squelched the noise.

US Engineering Students Compete in Nationwide Contest to Design Quieter Snowmobiles. An article in the Associated Press reported that if engineering students are successful, then a little more peace and quiet may be in store for Yellowstone National Park, and snowmobiles will have a better public image as a result.

Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge Rules Local Noise Ordinance as Unconstitutional. According to the Associated Press, a judge in Superior, Wisconsin ruled that the local noise ordinance is unconstitutional, and in effect reversing a decision by the village board.

February 2, 2000

Alternatives to Airport Noise in Australia Easy To Do. The Canberra Times printed this letter to the newspaper regarding airport noise and possible alternative solutions. The letter is printed in its entirety.

City of Denver Appeals Fine Because of Airport Noise. An article from the Associated Press reported that local cities around Denver won a $5.3 million fine against the city of Denver because of excessive noise from Denver International Airport (DIA). Denver is appealing the fine.

London's Theater District Too Noisy for Soho Residents. An article from the Press Association Newsfile reported that Soho residents have taken political action against Westminster City Council's decision to allow another new night café in London's theater. Resident's claim that there are just too many night cafes, loud music and entertainment in the West End, London's theater and entertainment center, and that they interfere with their sleep.

Los Angeles City Council Unsure About Phasing Out Stage 2 Jet Aircraft. According to the Los Angeles Times, the city council wants to talk to the FAA about restricting the number of noisy aircraft at Van Nuys Airport. The article said that city council members are uncertain of their ability to limit the number of Stage 2 aircraft, which are older and noisier than newer planes, from landing or taking off.

New Airport Comes to Dallas: Residents in Flight Path Not Sure About Added Noise. According to the Dallas Morning News, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has given Legend Airlines approval to begin service to Love Field, which is outside Dallas, and some residents in nearby neighborhoods are concerned about more jet noise.

Oklahoma School Children at Risk from Noise and Traffic from Interstate. In a column of the Daily Oklahoman, a letter to the editor stresses the need for state or local officials to put up a wall against noise and possible safety hazards posed by traffic on Interstate 44, which runs 100 feet from the playground. The letter is printed in its entirety.

Seattle Towns in Flight Paths Should Share Jet Noise. The Seattle Times printed this letter to the editor regarding Washington towns in flight paths. The letter is printed in its entirety.

UK Government Panel On Sustainable Development Lists Noise Among Priorities. The Hermes Database reported on a governmental panel in England that met recently to look at sustainable development, the environment and how that country views its own resources. What's remarkable about the panel is that it lists noise as one of the priorities, along with such topics as energy strategy, genetically engineered organisms, world trade and the ethics of biotechnology.

February 3, 2000

Flordia Ball Field Too Noisy for Neighbors. County planners approved a private citizen's request to play ball on the field he bought. Now the owner finds himself beset with noise and land use violations, putting him ad odds with local officials because night activities disrupt the peace and quiet of his neighbors, and the field is not zoned for night games.

Hong Kong Government Wants To Sue Executives for Company Noise Violations. The Agence France Presse reported that government officials in Hong Kong plan to pass a bill making executives liable for the noise their companies create because of a significant increase in noise complaints. Fines could be as high as $12,870 for the first offense. As of this writing, fines are levied against companies only.

Illinois City Council to Limit Construction Hours and Outdoor Speaker Decibel Levels. According to the Chicago Tribune, the Naperville City Council submitted two changes regarding noise to the Plan Commission. One change would limit work hours for construction crews and the other would limit the decibel levels on outdoor speakers at businesses.

Noise is All in a Day's Work for Florida's Garbage Pick Up. The Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News printed a satirical opinion editorial about garbage pickup and noise. The editorial was a tongue-in-cheek answer to someone's rhetorical question about why garbage collection is so noisy in the morning.

North Carolina FedEx Airport Plans Subject of Noise Debate. According to the Tribune Business News, FedEx officials may have to prove how noisy its aircraft will be by providing a sample landing and takeoff at Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA). Airport officials are amenable to the idea if FedEx executives are open to the idea.

South Carolinians Organize Opposition to Port Authority's Plan for Container Port. The Post and Courier reported that residents on Daniel Island will publicly oppose the State Ports Authority's (SPA) plan to establish a large container port on state land near the island. They've even formed their own organization, the Daniel Island Neighborhood Association.

UK Tavern Owners Asked to Reduce Noise. According to The Press, local officials from Wanaka urged tavern and motel owners to resolve their conflict over noise from loud music and bar customers.

February 4, 2000

California Residents Disturbed Over Continual Jet Noise. The San Francisco Chronicle reported on Point Richmond residents who are subjected to jet noise every six minutes, and who've organized to get the number of overhead flights reduced.

Idaho Cement Company To Study Plant Noise. According to an article from the Associated Press, the Ash Grove Cement Company will fund a second acoustic study to determine the source of a low hum bothering residents in the vicinity of the plant.

Illinois Condo Boards Should Be Concerned About Noise. The Chicago Sun-Times printed an article about condo living and noise, highlighting how to reduce it and how to deal with noisy neighbors, but remarking that noise is often defined in subjective terms and that our attitudes about it are as various as people.

Illinois Tenants Encouraged to Make Sound Improvements Against Noise. The Chicago Sun-Times suggested several ways to insulate a residence against noise.

February 5, 2000

Nevada Activists Criticize Navy Training Plan. According to an article from the Associated Press, a group of Nevada activists who monitor military activity has criticized officials of the Fallon Naval Air Station for planning to place two electronic warfare sites and 22 smaller mobile electronic sites on public land. The article said the Bureau of Land Management is collaborating with the Navy on the plan, which will be used for training.

UK Residents Oppose New Nightclub Because of Noise and Rowdiness. The Newcastle Chronicle and Journal reported that residents in the English town complained to the Newcastle City council about plans for a new nightclub near their homes. They don't want to listen to noise or disturbances and promise to fight the plan.

UK Residents Suffer From Highway Road Noise. The Daily Telegraph of London reported on residents in one English town who say their quiet, pastoral life has come to an end because of a new highway that recently opened near their town.

February 6, 2000

Illinois Residents Stall Plans For Road Course. The Chicago Tribune reported on Sugar Grove residents who attended a planning commission meeting to oppose plans for a country club with a road course. While they were unable to stop the plans, residents were successful in stalling them.

Orange County Airports Topic of Heated Discussion. The Los Angeles Times printed letters of complaint about John Wayne Airport and whether air traffic should be rerouted to nearby proposed El Toro airport, which is not yet constructed. The letters are printed in their entirety.

February 7, 2000

New York Town Official Begins Fourth Term Promising a Limit on Leaf Blowers. According to an article in Newsday, a local city official began her fourth term in North Hempstead, promising to limit the use of leaf blowers.

Winconsin Condo Owner's Damp Roof Probable Cause of Noise. The Life Style section of the Scripps Howard News Service printed a letter from someone asking about a creaking noise in the roof of her condominium. The letter appears in its entirety.

February 15, 2000

A Range of Noise Can Damage Hearing and Results May Not Show Up for Years. An article in the Times Union warns us that even simple activities that we enjoy can damage our hearing because they involve loud noise--listening to music; watching fireworks and even riding motorcycles.

Andrea Electronics Corporation Launches E-Commerce Site; Discusses Agreements Over Next Generation Voice Communications Applications. PR Newswire published the following press release by Andrea Electronics concerning the launch of its new e-commerce site, and various corporate agreements concerning next generation voice communications applications. The press release is reprinted here in its entirety:

Andrea Electronics Corporation to Demonstrate its Far-Field Digital Microphone at Industry Show in Palm Springs. PR Newswire published a press release by Andrea Electronics Corporation announcing its participation at the Spring 2000 Intel Developer Forum in Palm Springs, California. The company will be demonstrating its far-field digital microphone. The press release is re-printed here in its entirety:

City of Leesburg, Florida to Formulate Noise Ordinance. The Orlando Sentinel reports that the city of Leesburg, Florida has decided to institute a noise ordinance and is currently researching just how the ordinance should be worded and enforced.

Congressmen Challenge NY Port Authority's Neglect to Fund Noise Abatement Measures. According to the New York Times, two congressmen blasted Port Authority in a report on its lack of effort over the past five years to commit federal monies and airport revenue available for reducing airport noise. Instead, the article said, the authority has directed most of its passenger surcharges toward light rail. Kennedy International, Newark and La Guardia are under the Authority's jurisdiction.

Controversy Continues Over NY and NJ Port Authority's Use of Funds Earmarked for Airport Noise Reduction Projects. The Record of Bergen County, New Jersey reports that the New York and New Jersey Port Authority denies claims recently published in a congressional report that it has not spent allotted money on airport noise reduction projects at Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Newark International Airports. The authority states that it has indeed spent millions on noise reduction efforts in the past five years.

Manawatu, New Zealand District Council to Begin Imposing Fines For Excessive Residential Noise. The Evening Standard of Manawatu, New Zealand reports that the Manawatu District Council will begin fining people in Feilding and elsewhere in the District who refuse to comply with noise abatement notices.

Minnesota Twin Cities Officials Pass Compromise Plan for Jet Noise. According to the Minnesota Star Tribune, officials from Minneapolis and St. Paul voted to identify an area near the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport as uninhabitable because of jet noise from a new runway expected to open in 2003.

More Homes in Vicinity of Los Angeles International Airport to be Soundproofed by the Airport. The Business Wire reports that more homes near Los Angeles International Airport will be soundproofed due to a recent order by the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners.

Northfield Center, Ohio Approves Noise Regulation. The Plain Dealer reports on community events in the northeast Ohio metropolitan area. In Northfield Center, a noise regulation has been approved.

Plymouth, England Planners to Conduct Noise Reduction Survey of Proposed Manufacturing Plant. The Evening Herald of Plymouth, England reports that the planning council in Plymouth, England will not approve an application by West Wise Manufacturing, Limited to build a new factory at Darklake View in Estover until they inspect the building site and conduct a noise survey. Nearby residents are concerned that the new metal fabrication plant would create excessive noise.

Port Authority in New York Neglecting to Spend Ticket Surcharges on Noise Reduction. The Daily News reports that two area politicians have released a report that accuses The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey of not dealing adequately with noise problems near LaGuardia, Kennedy, and Newark International Airports.

February 16, 2000

A Range of Noise from Slight to Loud Can Damage Hearing. According to the Cincinatti Enquirer, damage to the ear that can eventually result in a hearing loss is not always caused by a prolonged, loud noise.

Applications for Tavern Licenses in New Zealand Questioned Because of Excessive Noise. The Southland Times reports that two restaurants in Wanaka have applied for tavern licenses, which would allow them to serve and sell alcohol and to provide live entertainment until 2:30 A.M. The applications have been questioned because noise complaints have been lodged in the past against both restaurants.

Chicago Area Airport Committee Promises More Pro-Active Position on Reducing Noise. According to the Chicago Daily Herald, Arlington Heights' Advisory Committee on O'Hare Noise

Coalition Protests Federal Express mid-Atlantic Cargo Hub Plans. The High Point Enterprise reports that the Piedmont Quality of Life Coalition, headquartered near Greensboro, North Carolina, is spearheading opposition to Federal Express's plan to locate its mid-Atlantic cargo hub at Piedmont Triad International Airport. The group is sponsoring a speaker, and public input into the plan will be accepted in the coming months.

Elevated Vehicle Ramp Noise Lower Than Original Projections. According to the Florida Times Union, a newly constructed elevated vehicle ramp won't be so loud as Atlantic Beach commissioners originally thought, and the cost of noise reduction solutions will be lower as a result.

European Lobbying Group Supports EC Noise and ATC Initiatives. According to the Air Transport Intelligence, European Commission (EC) spokesman Loyola de Palacio announced that a European airport lobbying group (ACI Europe)supports the EC's initiatives that address both jet noise and air traffic control (ATC) delays.

Hinckley Borough Council Enforces Neighborhood Noise Abatement Legislation. The Leicester Mercury in England reports that a Hinckley resident had his stereo system confiscated and was forced to pay fines and legal fees after he refused to turn down the volume on his stereo system and was reported to the authorities by annoyed neighbors.

LAX Authorizes Soundproofing for Additional Homes in South Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Times reports that soundproofing for more homes near the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has been authorized by the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners.

Maryland Senate Committee Wants to Limit County's Authority to Set Local Noise Ordinances. According to an article in The Capital, a state Senate committee in Maryland is looking at legislation that would preclude county officials' setting their own local noise limits on regulating a Pasadena gun club. The reason: business would be at risk if legislation were enacted.

Pittsburgh Reader Vents That Public Noise Levels Are Too Loud. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published a Letter to the Editor by Jenifer Johnson of Shadyside responding to a February 9 Post-Gazette editorial by Eileen Reutzel Colianni titled "The Noise Pollution of Daily Life." Her letter is reprinted here in its entirety:

Press Release Report of the 2240th Meeting of Agriculture Council of the European Commission. The Agriculture Council of the Commission of the European Communities recently issued a press release of its meeting on February 16, 2000. M. Luas Capoulas Santos, President of the Agriculture Council, spoke about "the main priorities of the Portuguese presidency for the next six months." He spoke about labeling, food safety, forests, animal health, the hops market, fisheries, energy, labor and social affairs, and finally, about noise emissions. The section on noise emissions is reprinted here in its entirety:

Reader Complains About Pittsburgh Noise. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published a Letter to the Editor by Barbara Hays of Squirrel Hill responding to a February 9 Post-Gazette editorial by Eileen Reutzel Colianni titled "The Noise Pollution of Daily Life." Her letter is reprinted here in its entirety:

Readers Comment on Helicopter and Aircraft Noise at Hernando County Airport, Florida. The Hernando Times published two letters to the editor by readers who are commenting about a recent article in the paper about excessive noise at Hernando County Airport, attributed to helicopter pilot training runs. The letters are printed here in their entirety:

UK Bar Renovations and Night Curfews May Reduce Noise Levels. According to the Grimbsby Evening Telegraph, renovations to a local bar has the support of district councilors because of noise reduction plans bar owners will implement. Council members agree the number one priority is soundproofing the building well.

UK Puts Noise on the Map. According to an article from Hermes Database, 12 million people in England are victims of intolerable noise levels from transportation and industry, and the Environment Minister, Michael Meacher announced the nation's first noise map of one city.

Washington Man Claims Toy Airplanes Violate County Ordinance. According to an article in The Columbian, a Clark County man complained about model airplane noise at a nearby fairground so vociferously that county commissioners ordered sound tests.

February 17, 2000

Anonymous Protest Launched Against Businesses in Support of Virginia's Oceana Naval Base. The Virginian-Pilot reports that an anonymous person or persons has circulated unsigned leaflets and a letter protesting six Beach businesses' support of the Oceana Naval base. The letter proposes a boycott of the businesses, which claim that the businesses "support jet noise at Oceana." Leaflets have been found attached to telephone poles and erected on stakes.

Birmingham, England Becomes First City in the United Kingdom to Publish a City Noise Map. Press Association (P.R.) Newsfile reports that the city of Birmingham, England today has become the first U.K. city to release a city "noise map," which will plot the sources of disturbing noise within the city.

Five Resident Opinions Concerning Planned Alterations to Plymouth City, England Airport and Surrounding Roads. The Evening Herald, Plymouth, England has printed letters from five residents of the Plymouth area who have varying opinions on proposed changes to Plymouth Airport and alterations to surrounding roads. The letters are printed below in their entirety:

New Library in Tennessee Must Teach Users to Be Quiet. The Commercial Appeal reported that librarians and staff of the year-old East Shelby public library in Memphis were somewhat surprised that one of their jobs would be teaching young users that one must be quiet in a library.

New Zealand Resident Says Noise Caused Health Problems and Sale of Home. The Nelson Mail (New Zealand) reports that John Dearden, who lives near the new coastal highway in Nelson, has been severely affected by traffic noise on the new road. Dearden, who first voiced his protests a year ago, complains of health problems and states that he now will be unable to sell his home. The stretch of road that he is concerned with runs south of Mapua, between Maisey Road and Bronte Road.

Proposed Legislation Would Allow Local British Authorities More Power Over Noise Control at Provincial Airports. The Coventry Evening Telegraph reports that Parliament will soon discuss possible legislation to control noise at provincial airports, including Baginton Airport in Coventry.

Reader Warns of Danger of Honking Automobile Horns at Horseback Riders on Road. The Providence Journal-Bulletin published the following Letter to the Editor by a reader who is concerned about the dangers of automobiles, especially of honking horns, when cars are sharing the road with horseback riders. The following letter is printed in its entirety: Needless to say, a fast-moving vehicle and a horse, in close proximity, can be a downright deadly combination.

Resident Group in Exeter, England Continues to Protest Highway A30; Calls for Resurfacing of New Roadway to Reduce Noise. The Exeter, England Express and Echo reports that over 2,000 people have joined the resident group Resurface The A30 (RTA30) to complain about traffic noise from the newly-opened stretch of Highway A30. The group has circulated a petition asking that the new road be relaid with a blacktop surface, which would be substantially quieter than the present brushed concrete surface.

Residents Panicked by Confusing Test of Ventura's Dam Siren Warning System. The Ventura County Star published six letters to the editor complaining about the recent test by the City of Ventura of its siren warning system for a nearby dam. The letters are reprinted below in their entirety:

Residents Want to Know Just How Noisy Illinois Peaker Plant Will Be. The Chicago Daily Herald reported on the eighth public hearing over a proposed power plant and the difficulty opponents of the plant have had in getting straight answers from the plant's noise consultants.

Solutions to Reducing Effects of Neighbor's Loud Stereo. The Toronto Star reports that a reader of Ian G. Masters "Sight 'n' Sound" column wrote about a problem he has with his neighbor's noisy stereo.

February 18, 2000

Albuquerque City Council Against the Sound Wall. The Albuquerque Journal reported on a decision by the city's environmental planning commission to approve the construction of a 10-foot-high, 1,900-foot-long sound barrier against traffic noise near San Mateo Boulevard, a main thoroughfare.

Indian Government to Enforce New Noise Rules Under Environment Protection Act. According to an article from the M2 Presswire, the Ministry of Environment and Forests is getting tough on noise pollution, a significant problem in India's cities and urban areas. The article said that the Noise Pollution Rules 2000 aim to regulate and reduce noise at the source.

Noise From Neighbors Disrupts Serenity in the Home; Police Say Problems Can Often Be Fixed By Going Through Proper Channels. The Portland (Maine) Press Herald printed an article in the Real Estate section about obnoxious noisy neighbors.

Noisy New York Neighbor Source of Complaints but No Action. Newsday printed a noise complaint letter in the Real Estate section. The letter and the response are printed in their entirety.

Pennsylvania Residents Challenge Expansion of Convenience Store. The Intelligencer Journal reports that residents in one Lancaster County town want to appeal a zoning board's approval of the expansion of a convenience store in their neighborhood.

Redirecting Flight Path at Seattle International Airport Is Not a Solution. The Seattle Times printed this letter to the editor regarding a controversial proposal to switch jet flight paths from some neighborhoods to others. The letter is printed in its entirety.

UK Environmental Minister Maps City Noise. According to an article in the Daily Telegraph, England's environmental minister Michael Meacher said that 12 million people in his country are victims of intolerable noise from traffic, railroads, airports or industry, and he has a way to target the problem and help politicians act to solve it.

UK Nursery Wins Construction Appeal. The Derby Telegraph reported that the owner of a nursery in Alvaston, England won an appeal that will allow her to complete construction of the nursery. Construction was interrupted when the Derby City Council discovered that the plans for the nursery included converting the garage into a baby unit, and had not been approved.

UK Planning Council Member Responds to Noise Complaint Against US Company. The Journal printed this letter from a planning council member in England responding to a letter complaining about noise from Viasystem, a US electronics plant. In question are two fume abatement chimneys. The letter is printed in its entirety and defends the planning council's permitting process.

UK Residents Mobilize to Get New Noisy Highway Resurfaced. According to the Express and Echo, residents of two towns in England are vociferously upset about traffic noise from a newly completed stretch of highway near their towns. They joined a 2,000-member protest campaign calling for the new 13-miles stretch of road to be resurfaced.

US to Discuss Aircraft Noise With EU. The London Financial Times reported on plans for the US to join in a discussion with the European Union on aircraft noise in order to settle the controversial issue on "hush kit" technology. [Editor's Note: "Hush Kits" are not so quiet as the newer Stage 3 aircraft, and they pollute more.]

February 19, 2000

British Airways Head of Environment Reports on Airline's Pollution Control Measures. The London Daily Telegraph reports that British Airway's head of environment discussed the steps the airline takes to attempt to reduce the pollution it generates. He notes that the public will need to compromise in some areas in order to have a cleaner industry that also provides convenient flights.

Florida Editorial Says Noise is Noise According to Who Makes It. A tongue-in-cheek editorial in the Orlando Sentinel Tribune posed the question "when is noise really noise?"

North Carolina Airport Attempt to Change Flight Path to Reduce Noise Fails. According to an editorial in the News & Record, an attempt by airport officials to redirect flight paths is a bad idea, bad politics and bad planning.

Oceana Naval Air Station, Virginia to Construct Soundproofing Facility for Testing Jet Engines. The Virginian Pilot reports that the Oceana Naval Air Station will build a $9.9 million "hush house" for testing jet engines. The new soundproofing facility will significantly cut down on the noise generated by the testing of jet engines.

Soundproofing Households in UK Can Reduce Noise. The Lifestyle section of the Evening Chronicle printed an article about household noise and how one can reduce it.

Soundproofing Your Home. The Evening Chronicle of Newcastle, England reports on ways that homeowners can soundproof their houses in order to reduce noise levels around the home.

UK Residents Angry Over Noise Pollution from US Electronics Plant. The Journal reported that a crowd of angry residents in England challenged security guard warnings at a US electronics plant in England, and blocked the plant's entrance for 30 minutes, protesting noise pollution from the plant.

Virginia Naval Base Will Enclose Engine Noise. According to the Virginian-Pilot, Oceana Naval Air base has finally acted on reducing noise from testing jet engines, a source of irritation for the base's neighbors for years.

February 20, 2000

Big Box Store Dismisses Neighbor's Concerns Over Noise. According to Newsday, Hempstead resident Ronald Lupski is fighting a losing battle over noise from Home Depot, which moved into his neighborhood in 1990 with a promise to work together with residents regarding their concerns--something residents say has not happened.

Canadian Rifle Range Unwanted in Neighborhood. The Edmonton Sun printed a letter to the editor opposing the controversial location for a proposed rifle range in Canada. The editorial said that three other sites nearby were rejected as well. Public opposition, danger and noise pollution were given as reasons for the controversy.

Neighbors' Complaints About Noisy South Carolina Port Prompts Investigation. According to the Associated Press, the Charleston County sheriff's department is investigating a State Ports Authority storage/container yard because of neighbors' complaints about excessive noise. If the Ports Authority is found to be in violation of the county's noise ordinance, it could be forced to stop using the yard or modify its operations.

South Carolina County Officials Investigate States Ports Authority. According to the Associated Press, Charleston County officials have asked the sheriff's department to investigate a State Ports Authority storage yard because of noise and safety concerns from residents.

Three Day Airport Noise Seminar in California Unveils New Technology to Reduce Noise. According to the Chicago Daily Herald, a three-day conference, titled: "Year 2000 International Airport Noise Symposium," sponsored by the University of California at Berkeley included city officials from the Chicago area who sit on the O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission.

February 21, 2000

Alabama Airport Officials and Government Say No to Noise Limits: Residents Angry. The Birmingham Post reported on a controversy among Birmingham International Airport, the Government and residents living near the airport. An advisory committee of the airport [Editor's Note: a committee with no power or binding vote] and the Government both claim that setting noise limits is impractical.

Madrid Airport Too Noisy and Dangerous Say Protesters. The International Herald Tribune reported that 40 adults and three children arrived at Madrid Barajas at 10 pm in their pajamas and robes to protest airport noise.

Maine Town Officials Reject Paper Mill Expansion Because of Noise. The Central Maine Morning Sentinel reported that the town's Planning Board rejected International Paper Company's plans to expand its three-acre logging operation because it did not meet the board's standards.

February 22, 2000

California Senior Citizens Endure Noise from Huge Construction Project. The San Jose Mercury News reported on noise from a major downtown project, which is only feet away from a senior citizen home with 190 residents. Once the moving and re-anchoring of the old Montgomery Hotel is complete, the city plans to build a new 13-story annex for the Fairmont hotel. The end of construction and noise is three years away.

Florida Airport Claims Noise Won't Disrupt Community College Campus. The St. Petersburg Times printed a letter to the editor regarding a controversy over whether a community college should have a campus next to the Hernando County Airport. This letter, printed in its entirety, attacks a previous letter voicing concern over airport noise levels.

Rhode Island Schools Barely Outside Airport Noise Zone and FAA Refuses to Pay for Soundproofing. The Providence Journal-Bulletin printed an article about two Rhode Island schools that are barely outside the high-noise zone around T. F. Green Airport, making them ineligible for funding from the Federal Aviation Administration for soundproofing. The schools are within 200 feet from the zone boundary, and both parents and teachers complain that the noise disrupts learning.

UK Residents Complain Until Excavation Noise is Reduced: Company Makes Offer. The Coventry Evening Telegraph reported on an excavation company's plans to reduce noise at its Nuneaton site as a result of residents' complaints.

February 23, 2000

D.C. Residents Angry Over Tunnel Noise Preceding Trains. The Washington Post reports that the loud boom that precedes the Metro into the tunnel between the Fort Totten and West Hyattsville stations is a major noise concern for residents in the Avondale community.

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