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April 1998

European Commission Proposal Would Prohibit Hushkits after April, 1999. The Airfinance Journal reports that a European Commission proposal for a directive on noise pollution would prohibit airlines from hushkitting aircraft after April 1, 1999. Originally, the deadline had been set for 2002.

April 1, 1998

City Council Hears Noise Complaint Regarding Stadium Event in Chattanooga, Kentucky. The Chattanooga Free Press reports that the question of whether a new stadium is generating too much noise came before the City Council on March 31, 1997 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Kennels in Wales Approved Without Conditions Despite Residents' Noise Fears. The South Wales Evening Post reports a Swansea farm has been given approval to build kennels despite fears about noise nuisance.

Los Angeles City Council Considers Giving Tax Break to Gardeners Who Say They're Strapped by Leaf-Blower Ban. The Copley News Service reports that the Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday took the first step toward giving a tax break to gardeners who say they're financially strapped by a ban on gas-powered leaf-blowers. The Council is looking at a plan that would reduce gardeners' business tax from about $106 a year to $23 a year, and would give gardeners who turn in their outlawed leaf blowers to the city a $100 rebate. The Council asked the tax equity committee, which is studying ways to better assess business fees, to review the plan. It is expected that the plan will return to the Council for consideration in September.

Missouri Quarry Wants to Expand, But Planning and Zoning Commission Recommends Rejection of Rezoning Request. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Planning and Zoning Commission in St. Charles, Missouri has recommended that the City Council reject a re-zoning request by LaFarge Corporation for the St. Charles Quarry. The company wants to re-zone a 38-acre tract of land southwest of Friedens Road and west of its intersection with South River Road to expand its quarry operation. The land currently is zoned "limited industrial," and the company is asking that it be re-zoned to "general industrial." This would allow the quarry to expand closer to the residential areas that already surround it on three sides. But residents who live nearby objected to the proposed change, saying the quarry company already doesn't do enough to control dust, noise, vibrations, traffic, and debris.

New Restaurant in Irwin, Pennsylvania Worries Neighbors Who Anticipate Loud Noise and Traffic. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that persons living in the Penglyn section of Irwin, Pennsylvania are protesting the potential opening of Norwin's Ultimate Eatery fearing loud noise and increased traffic in their neighborhood. The proposed restaurant site is actually in North Huntingdon but many of the complaints are coming from residents across the street, which is in Irvin.

Noisy Neighbors Helped Drive English Man to Suicide, Coroner Finds. The Daily Telegraph reports that Dr. Richard Whittington, a coroner in Birmingham, England, has ruled that noisy neighbors helped drive John Vanderstam, a 46-year-old Birmingham resident, to suicide last November. The neighbors reportedly played loud music and had domestic disputes frequently.

Overnight Construction of High-Speed Rail Service Causes Sleepless Nights for Neighbors in Canton, Massachusetts Who Live Along the Track. The Patriot Ledger reports complaints from sleepless residents about nighttime construction work for the high-speed rail service has prompted a response from Amtrak and town officials. The construction which began March 16 has occurred between High Street and the Canton Viaduct in Canton Massachusetts.

Residents Lose Sleep Due to New Runway in Louisville, Kentucky. The Courier-Journal reports a new west runway at Louisville International Airport, Kentucky, is having its effect on residents who are beginning to complain about increased noise and interrupted sleep.

April 2, 1998

A Commissioner in Lake Mary, Florida Wants a Committee to Bring Remedies to Noise Problems Before Further Expansion at the Orlando Sanford Airport is Allowed. The Orlando Sentinel Tribune in Florida reports that Lake Mary City Commissioner Thom Greene wants the city of Sanford and its airport authority to reduce noise generated by increased flights at Orlando Sanford Airport before more airport expansion occurs.

California City Considers Changing Noise Ordinance to Allow Police to Issue Citations Without Measuring Noise. The Orange County Register reports the City Council in Buena Park, California is considering changing the city's noise ordinance to allow police officers to use a "reasonable person" standard instead of a decibel measure at noise sources. The article says the new ordinance passed a first reading March 24, and City Councilors are expected to take a final vote on April 14.

Committee in St. Louis,Missouri Secures Noise Monitor from Airport Authority as a Response to Residents' Complaints. St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the airport authority is placing monitors in residential areas in a response to residents' complaints about noisy aircraft. The monitors will be able to help pinpoint the altitude and position of the plane when a noise complaint is called into the airport.

Members of City Council Discover Potential Federal Funds to Help Them Eliminate or Decrease Noise from Freight Train Whistles in Riverside, California. The Press-Enterprise reports that members of Riverside's city council in California may be able to obtain federal funds to eliminate or decrease the noise from freight train whistles passing through town.

Noise from Firing Range Incites the Retaliatory Noise from a County Commissioner Leading to His Citation for Disorderly Conduct. The Tennessean reports about the case of a cantankerous county commissioner riled about the noise from a club of cowboy wannabes. The commissioner retaliated with noise from a siren and foghorn resulting in a citation for disorderly conduct and summons to court.

Overnight Flights at Macdonald Cartier Airport in Ottawa, Canada is Citizen's Main Concern. The Ottawa Citizen ran the following letter clarifying a published opinion regarding the expansion of Ottawa's Macdonald Cartier airport in Canada.

Publication of the New Noise Zone at Rickenbacker Airport, in Columbus, Ohio Will Trigger Ban on All Aid to Future Housing. The Columbus Dispatch warns developers, land speculators and house hunters to be wary. Homes built after April 1998 that are within the noise impact zone for Rickenbacker Airport in Columbus, Ohio won't qualify for federal money to buy their property or pay for soundproofing if the roar of airplanes becomes a nuisance. The disqualification for payment is based on a new law that covers all airports in the United States.

Restrictions on Personal Watercraft Operators Will Go into Effect if Maine's House Joins the Senate and Approves the Bill. The Portland Press Herald reports personal watercraft operators will face new usage restrictions in Maine if the House joins the Senate in passing the proposed legislation. The article, which was provided through the Associated press, says the bill banishes the machines from 245 lakes and ponds and requires a minimum of 16 years of age for operators of personal watercraft-better known by the trade name Jet Skis.

April 3, 1998

Los Angeles City Council Changes Noise Ordinance to Allow Construction on City-observed Federal Holidays. Los Angeles Times reports that Los Angeles has revised its noise ordinances to allow construction on federal holidays such as Martin Luther King Jr. day. One justification of the change was that City Hall is already open on those days.

Residents Frustrated with Absence of Funding for Noise Barrier in Annapolis, Maryland. The Capitol reports that residents in Annapolis, Maryland are complaining of dangerous noise levels coming from Route 50 just east of the Severn River. The county rushed through zoning changes earlier this year to qualify for the money that would pay for walls, but the State Highway Administration is not planning to pay for the walls for another three to five years.

U.S. Representative from New Jersey Seeks Funds to Cut Airplane Noise. The Record reports that Rep. Steve Rothman, D-Fair Lawn, New Jersey, is asking Congress to increase spending on airport noise-reduction by 20 percent by bolstering President Clinton's 1998 Airport Improvement Program funding from $200 to $239 million.

Wal-Mart Told to Keep Noise Down by Planning Commission in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that the planning commission in Lake Zurich, Illinois wants Wal-Mart to reduce truck and other noise in return for their approved expansion of the store.

April 4, 1998

Albuquerque International Sunport Airport Will Attempt to Limit Noise over Residents while Main Runway in Under Repair in New Mexico. The Albuquerque Journal reported that the Albuquerque International Sunport Airport in New Mexico was scheduled to shut the airport's main east-west runway for several weeks beginning April 11, 1998 for repairs. That means neighborhoods north of the airport will have to endure the noise from planes using the north-south and northeast-southwest runways to take off and land.

Bill Before California State Senate Would Prevent Cities From Banning or Regulating Leaf-Blowers. The Sacramento Bee reports that a bill is before the California state Senate to prevent cities from banning or independently regulating leaf-blowers. The bill was introduced in an attempt to overturn Los Angeles' ban on gasoline-powered leaf-blowers, the article notes. If it passes, the measure would weaken Sacramento's restrictions on leaf-blowers, according to opponents.

April 5, 1998

California State Legislature to Consider Bill Preventing Cities in California from Banning or Regulating Leaf Blowers. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports the long-running controversy over the noise-versus-utility of leaf blowers is now sweeping into California's state legislature, where a bill before the state Senate would prevent cities from banning or independently regulating the machines.

Removed Trees along Turnpike Increase Noise for Florida Residents. The Sun-Sentinel reports it's unclear who removed the trees along Northwest 52nd Avenue which runs parallel to Florida's Turnpike, but the result is a plague of noise and dust for residents.

The U.S. Air Force Argues that an 11,269 Acres Expansion Necessary for Improved Training at the Mountain Home Airforce Base in Idaho. The Idaho Statesman's published in their editorial section an article, in question/answer format, from the United States Air Force concerning their proposed expansion of the training range at Mountain Home Air Force Base.

Loudspeaker Announcers for Competitive Swim Races Accused of Violating Noise Ordinance in Sarasota, Florida. Sarasota Herald-Tribune published the following article in their Perspectives column after two loudspeaker announcers were cited for violating a noise ordinance in Arlington Park, Sarasota, Florida. The announcers were accused of violating an ordinance designed to let city residents sleep a little later on weekends by using a loudspeaker before 10 a.m. to start competitive swim races.

Public Opinion Poll Favoring Renovation of Amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida Considered Biased. The Florida Times-Union printed a column by Dave Roman on April 5, 1998 concerning a public opinion poll that found voters supported, by a 2 to 1 margin, the renovation of the Amphitheater at Metropolitan Park in Jackson, Florida.

April 6, 1998

The City Council in Mississauga, Canada Votes to Build Homes Below Existing Flight Paths; Greater Toronto Airports Authority Appeals their Decision to the Ontario Municipal Board in Canada. The Toronto Star reports that the City Council for Mississauga, Canada has voted to rezone an industrial site below a Pearson airport flight path to clear the way for home development. The Greater Toronto Airports Authority opposed the decision and appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board, who will make the final decision on whether the project can go ahead.

The Town of Eagle, Wisconsin Fights Against Clay Pigeon Shooting Business and State Department of Natural Resources. Journal Sentinel reports the town of Eagle, Wisconsin is fighting against Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources and the Wern Valley Inc., a business which operates shooting ranges, in its effort to ban clay shooting. The Town of Eagle initially banned the sport in response to noise complaints but the town's order was reversed when the Waukesha County Circuit Court ruled that the town did not act properly in refusing a conditional use permit for the range last August.

Chinese Villagers Are Prosecuted After Blocking A Runway in Aircraft Noise Protest. The British Broadcasting Corporation printed exerpts of an article published by 'Xinhua Ribao" in Nanjing China on March 20, 1998. The 'Zinhua Ribao' article reported that 26 residents from Zhuanghu Village in Jiangsu Province gathered and blocked the runway of Nanjing Lukou International Airport on February 24, 1998 to protest the adverse affect of the airplanes on their life and demanded compensation.

Noise District Plan for Charlotte/Douglas Airport Discussed. The Business Journal-Charlotte of North Carolina reports Charlotte/Douglas International Airport officials are asking city planners to create an airport noise district in their effort to manage the impact of noise on nearby neighborhoods.

April 7, 1998

Residents of Future Florida Community Notified about Noise from Bartow Airport. The Ledger reports officials representing Florida's Bartow Municipal Airport and those from the nearby Old Florida Plantation said they've reached an agreement on informing residents at the prospective community about noise from overflying aircraft.

New York City Shuts Down Four East Side Bars in a Noise Crackdown. The New York Times reports that neighbors' complaints about noise prompted the city to shut four Upper East Side bars over the weekend. City officials say the crackdown on rowdy Manhattan bars and clubs will last through the summer.

The City of Sante Fe Seeks to Put a Stop to NightClub Noise.. The Albuquerque Journal reports that city officials of Sante Fe, New Mexico have been attempting for over a year to put a stop to the noise from a local nightclub.

Emergency Water Aid to Marshall Islands Delayed by Hawaii's Noise Regulations. The AAP Newsfeed reports that Hawaii has refused to allow a Russian-made aircraft - an Antonov 124 cargo plane - to land in Hawaii because it breeches Hawaiian noise standards. The aircraft was on an El Nino emergency aid mission in the Marshall Islands and was scheduled to arrive Tuesday, April 7, 1998. The prohibition against its landing forced it to extend the flight and refuel in Alaska, thus delaying emergency aid. Other aircraft were also due to begin arriving Tuesday, April 7, 1998 in the capital city of Majuro as a part of the first wave of the $US 6.5 million El Nino drought aid program.

An Increase of Noisy Jets at the Van Nuys Airport in California Fuels the Push to Ban the Noisy "Stage 2" Jets. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports that the number of noisy Stage 2 jets based at Van Nuys Airport has increased 62 percent in the past four years.

Sound Barriers Could Be Built Along Lake Parkway, Milwaukee, Wisconsin if Neighbors Want Them. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that city officials will consider whether noise barriers should be built east of the Lake Parkway in Bay View section of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A total of three noise barriers could be built -if city officials determine a majority of the residents want them.

Two Noise Barriers to be Built in Orange County, California. The Los Angeles Times reports that the south side of the San Diego Freeway will see the building of two noise walls by August. The walls will go near two interchanges: for Garden Grove, and San Diego.

April 8, 1998

S.C. Residents Object to Noise from Aviation Club. The Augusta reports members of The Southern Model Aviation Club and nearby residents who don't like the noise coming from their airport reached no compromise at Tuesday's Aiken County Council meeting.

NJ Town Seeks to Include Music from Ice Cream Trucks in Ordinance, Preferring Regulation over a Ban. The Asbury Park Press reports Mayor Carl Block and the Stafford Township attorney will meet tomorrow with a representative of the state Department of Environmental Protection to determine if there is a way to regulate ice cream truck music without banning it.

Maine Senate Enacts Watercraft-use Legislation that Bans Use of Personalwatercraft and Boat Moters on Specific Water Surfaces and Sets Decibel Noise Restrictions Where Watercraft Use is Permitted.. The Bangdor Daily News reports that legislation enacted by Maine's Senate bans the use of personal watercraft (including Jet Skis) on 243 gem ponds and on specific lakes in Maine's Rangeley region.

California Senator Attempts to Blow Away Los Angeles' Ban on Noisy Leaf Blowers with State Legislation. Los Angeles Times ran the following letter to the editor concerning state regulation of noisy leaf blowers in California.

Massport asked by Resident to Quiet Skies Surrounding Logan. The Patriot Ledger reports residents are seeking relief from noise made by aircraft traffic noise near Logan.

Federal Aviation Administration Letter Supports Airport Expansion in Burbank, California. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports the head of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sent a letter March 28 to U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Woodland Hills, saying neither the FAA nor the city can force flight curfews upon the Burbank Airport.

City Councilors of Pittsfield, Maine Consider Public-Conduct Ordinance Aimed at City's Youth to Prohibit Excessive Nightime Noise. The Central Maine Morning Sentinel reports a public conduct ordinance was proposed to the Pittsfield, Maine city council by the ordinance committee to prohibit excessive late-night noise from the city's youth.

El Toro Airport Neighbors in Los Angeles, California Speak Out Against Anticipated International Airport Noise. The Los Angeles Times interviews several residents that say aircraft noise from the proposed El Toro Airport will be unacceptable.

Noise from Youth Gatherings Frustrates Neighbors in Bartlett Park, St. Petersburg, Florida.. The St. Petersburg Times reports that the noise from thousands of youth gathered each Sunday at Bartlett Park in St. Petersburg, Florida is frustrating neighborhood residents.

Community Development Committee in Overland Park, Kansas Approves Ordinance That Would Limit Hours for Home-based Auto Repairs. The Kansas City Star reports that Overland Park's Community Development Committee has approved an ordinance to restrict outdoor auto work from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. in an effort to curb neighborhood noise and frustrations.

Routing Jets North Out of a Proposed El Toro Airport in Southern California Would Reduce Noise Over Some Neighborhoods, Noise Expert Says. The Orange County Register reports that officials in Orange County have proposed routing more flights north on takeoff if the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station near Irvine, California is converted into a commercial airport. According to the county's noise expert, routing more planes north could reduce the number of takeoffs and jet noise over communities to the east.

Open-plan Office Space Makes for Noisy Work Environments that Can Create Stress. Great Britain's Times Newspapers Limited reports open-plan office designs generates noise which can create employee stress.

April 9, 1998

NJ Resident Calls Attention to Noise on Ground. The Record of Bergen County, New Jersey, published the following letter about noise from a Washington Township resident:

Wales' Residents Voice Noise Concerns Over Pub's Request for Music License. The South Wales Evening Post reports a Swansea community council is fighting a pub's application for a music license, citing noise concerns.

Beijing Takes Measures to Reduce Noise Pollution from Car Alarms. The China Daily reports Beijing yesterday announced new regulations designed to curb noise pollution from car alarms.

Menlo Park Gardeners Try to Avoid Ban with Quieter Leaf Blowers. The San Francisco Chronicle reports local gardeners yesterday at Menlo Park City Hall traded in their leaf blowers for new, quieter models, hoping to prevent a ban on the machines.

Albany, New York Considers Zoning Change to Allow Controversial Go-cart Track. The Times Union reports the town board will hold a public hearing later this month to consider a zoning change that would allow a controversial go-cart track at a local driving range.

Illinois Funds Two Studies of Highway Noise Barriers. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the Illinois Transportation Research Center (ITRC) is funding two traffic noise -related studies at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville's School of Engineering in response to residents' concerns.

Another California City Joins Lawsuit Against El Toro Airport. The Orange County Register reports that the city of Tustin, California recently joined with Irvine and other South Orange County cities in a lawsuit to hold the county accountable for correcting noise, traffic, and air pollution problems in environmental reports on the impact of a proposed commercial airport at El Toro Marine Corps Air Station.

April 10, 1998

Detractors of Maryland Race Track Cite Noise and Traffic Concerns. The Capital reports developers of a 54,800-seat race track in Pasadena met with the public again last night, hoping to amass support for the proposal.

Will Trees Protect High School from Mass. Highway Noise?. The Telegram & Gazette reports the Massachusetts Highway Department has agreed to plant fast-growing trees along the road near Auburn High School in an effort to muffle the noise from heavy traffic.

Gloucestershire Protesters Block Road for Peace and Quiet. The Gloucestershire Echo of England reports protesters brought traffic to a halt as they staged a march against noise pollution from the new Cirencester bypass.

Noise Expert Says Wall Won't Block Noise from Ohio Amphitheater. The Columbus Dispatch reports Westerville, Ohio's noise consultant said yesterday the higher wall planned for the Polaris Amphitheater this summer won't solve the noise problem in the neighborhood. Instead, he advocates for stricter enforcement of existing noise standards and stronger penalties for violators.

Colden Lake Neighbors Wary of Noise from Motorcycle Races. The Buffalo News reports the Colden , New York, Town Board Thursday night approved a special-use permit for an "off-road grand prix" to be held at the Colden Lakes Resort despite the objections of a few residents.

Staffordshire Relaxes Steel Company's Restrictions, Ignores Residents' Noise Concerns. The Sentinel of Stoke, England, reports a Staffordshire steel company has been given approval to store stock closer to its boundary despite residents' fears of noise and late night working.

Study to Assess Impact of Sea-Tac Noise on Washington Schools. The News Tribune of Tacoma, Washington, reports that the Highline School District has hired sound experts to measure acoustic conditions in classrooms affected by the noise from nearby Sea-Tac Airport.

April 11, 1998

Road Noise from New Bypass Drives Family From Home; Residents Ask for Road Resurfacing. The Gloucestershire Echo of England reports a resident says excessive road noise is forcing him out of his home near the new Cirencester bypass.

Britain Fights EU's Tough Anti-Noise Proposals. The Independent reports that Britain is preparing to fight new anti- noise laws proposed by the European Commission.

April 12, 1998

Burbank Fights Airport Expansion; Country Watches Outcome. Copley News Service reports plans to expand the Burbank Airport are vehemently opposed by the city of Burbank. The rest of the country is closely watching this debate and how if will affect the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court landmark decision that limited local control of airports.

Louisiana Residents Living Near Interstate May Get Noise Walls. The Times-Picayune reports that a new study commissioned by Louisiana state officials recommends that 10- to 24-foot noise walls be built along 11 miles of Interstate 10 near Metairie, between the St. Charles Parish/Kenner line and Tulane Avenue in New Orleans. The article notes that building the noise walls would be part of a project to widen Interstate 10. Before a final decision is made, the state will hold public input meetings to gather comments from residents.

Myths, Facts & Proposals about Noise and Regulation at Van Nuys Airport. The Los Angeles Times published an editorial by Gerald A. Silver, president of Homeowners of Encino, California, and writer, Myrna L. Silver, about jet and helicopter noise from Van Nuys Airport. What follows is their article as published:

New Orleans Residents Welcome Noise Barrier Walls along I-10. The Times-Picayune reports many residents who live along the Interstate 10 Service Road are supportive of building sound barriers along the highway.

With Expansion, Santa Paula Considers Noise, Safety and Open Space. The Ventura County Star reports the Santa Paula City Council will consider whether to expand as it considers final approval for a general plan update on Monday. Besides setting policy for land use, the general plan covers noise, conservation, safety, and open space.

April 13, 1998

Appeals Board in Massachusetts Town Rejects Request for 30 Outside Dog Kennel Runs. The Patriot Ledger reports that the appeals board in Cohasset, Massachusetts unanimously rejected a request Friday by John and Christine Millar of Cedar Street to build 30 dog runs on the outside of their kennel. The board rejected the request because of the noise factor, and because it would bring the building 10 feet closer to the lot line, a violation of the zoning bylaw.

Chicago's Noise Law Impounds Cars Blasting Music. The Chicago Tribune reports that in the last year thousands of Chicagoans have had their cars impounded, some for violating the city code governing Noise and Vibration Control.

Enforce Santa Fe's Noise Ordinance. The Santa Fe New Mexican published an editorial about on-going noise issues in Santa Fe, prompted most recently by residents' complaints about a local bar. It's the editor's opinion that a sound-level meter and an enforceable ordinance would solve the city's noise problems.

Tips to Reduce the Amount of Outside Noise that Filters Inside Your Home. The Copley News Service reports on ways to prevent the sounds of a noisy neighborhood-steady traffic, dogs barking, children at play, and late-night parties-from filling your home..

April 14, 1998

Boca Council Member Pushes to Fine Violators of Nighttime Flight Curfews. The Sun-Sentinel reports a Boca Raton City Council member is proposing a resolution that would fine violators of nighttime flight curfews at Boca Raton Airport.

North Carolina Residents Vow to Fight FedEx at Piedmont Airport. The News & Record of Greensboro, North Carolina, reports that residents living northeast of the Piedmont Triad International Airport say they want FedEx to choose a different site.

Repeal of LA Leaf-Blower Ban Defeated in Senate. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports legislation that would repeal Los Angeles' ban on gasoline-powered leaf blowers did not get the majority of votes Monday in a state Senate committee.

Residents Along Florida's Tri-Rail Expansion Demand Protection from More Noise. The Sun-Sentinel reports residents at a mobile-home community for seniors in Deerfield Beach, Florida, fear current noise and vibrations from trains and rail tracks are about to increase.

April 15, 1998

Columnist Argues British Government Should Survey People About Noise Around Heathrow Airport Instead of Relying on Computer-Generated Noise Averages. The Guardian printed an editorial that argues the British government should survey residents living near London's Heathrow Airport about the aircraft noise they are experiencing, rather than relying on computer-generated noise averages. The editorial argues that only by doing such a survey can the government make the noise consultation currently in progress over Heathrow's expansion worthwhile.

Des Plaines to Hear Groups' Views on Noise from O'Hare. The Chicago Tribune reports two groups, seen as rivals by some, will present their approaches to dealing with noise from O'Hare International Airport to the Des Plaines City Council starting Wednesday night.

Few Noise Complaints in North Lincolnshire Require Formal Action. The Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph of England reports more than 900 complaints about excessive noise were made to North Lincolnshire council last year, but few resulted in formal action.

Gardeners in California City Launch Drive for Referendum on Overturning Gas-Powered Leaf-Blower Ban. The San Francisco Examiner reports that a gardeners group in Menlo Park, California has launched a drive to hold a referendum on overturning a ban on gas-powered leaf-blowers approved by the City Council in a 3-2 vote Tuesday. The article notes that the City Councilors made their decision after four earlier contentious public hearings.

Greensboro Residents Object to Airport's Third Runway for FedEx. The News & Record of Greensboro, North Carolina reports noise -wary airport neighbors still vow to fight FedEx and the airport's planned third runway.

Residents Near McCarran Airport Object to Their Homes on New Noise Contour Map. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports some Spring Valley residents are angry their homes could be included in the updated McCarran International Airport Environs Overlay District Maps, possibly classifying their homes as being in a high aircraft noise area.

Study Says Noise Acceptable from Georgia Firing Range; Neighbors Disagree. The Atlanta Journal reports a study of noise from a Georgia police firing range shows that noise levels acceptable.

Will New Flight Patterns across the U.S. Mitigate Noise?. The Chicago Sun-Times reports the national network of air traffic routes will be redrawn to reduce flight delays and noise on the ground, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

April 16, 1998

California Airport Gets $2 Million Grant to Soundproof Homes. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports that Vice President Al Gore announced Wednesday that the Burbank Airport in Burbank, California will get a $2 million federal grant to soundproof 55 homes in Burbank, Sun Valley, and North Hollywood. The soundproofing measures will include adding double-paned windows and new doors, the article says. The grant money for Burbank Airport was part of a $55 million federal airport grant program that was awarded to 14 airports in six states.

California City Considers Proposal to Mitigate Railroad Noise. The Los Angeles Times reports that in response to years of noise endured by residents of Anaheim, California, a public meeting will be held tonight to discuss a possible $40-million noise wall and train overpass in the area. The project would alter a railroad corridor that parallels Esperanza Road.

California City Council Bans Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers. The San Francisco Chronicle printed an editorial in which the columnist humorously discusses the decision Tuesday by the Menlo Park (California) City Council to ban gas-powered leaf blowers. The editorial writer pokes fun at the City Councilors for not listening to hundreds of people who said a ban was overkill.

Connecticut Residents Object to Skeet Shooting Proposal. The Hartford Courant reports that about 15 angry residents in Durham, Connecticut turned out for a planning and zoning commission hearing Wednesday night to oppose a proposal by the Durham Rod and Gun Club to allow skeet shooting in a farm residential zone. The commission decided to continue the public hearing at its May 6 meeting.

Federal Grant Gives $5 Million to Soundproof Homes Near Detroit Airport. The Detroit News reports that vice president Al Gore announced Wednesday that the Detroit (Michigan) Metropolitan Airport will get $5 million to soundproof 110 homes in Romulus and Huron Township, and to buy homes in the loudest areas. The article notes that this is the fourth year the airport has received the $5 million grant, which is part of the Federal Aviation Administration's Airport Improvement Program.

North Carolina Residents Angry Over Proposed Runway for New Federal Express Hub. The Chattanooga Times reports that about 150 angry residents in Greensboro, North Carolina attended a community meeting Tuesday to complain about a planned third runway at the Piedmont Triad International Airport. The runway is part of an expansion that would accommodate a Federal Express hub.

Report Finds Six Million People in France Suffer From Excess Noise Pollution. The Independent reports that the Economic and Social Council (CES) in France, a consultative body representing industrial, business and social groups, issued a report that finds six million French people suffer from excess noise, mainly from cars, railways, and planes.

Tennessee Residents Concerned that Road Project Won't Include Noise Walls. The Commercial Appeal reports that residents in Memphis, Tennessee living near a planned road expansion project are concerned that noise walls will not be built to protect them from traffic noise. The $35 million road project will revamp Walnut Grove between Interstate 240 and Humphreys, the article notes.

April 17, 1998

California Residents Oppose Sports Park Plan for Their Neighborhood, Saying They Will Sue to Keep Space Open. The Ventura County Star reports that residents of Westlake Canyon Oaks in Westlake Village, California don't want a sports park built on 41 undeveloped acres near their homes. The article says village officials are considering a proposal to build a $4 million sports park on 28 acres of land that is currently zoned as open space. Residents say they are prepared to bring a lawsuit over the issue.

Chicago Suburb Considers Joining City-Led Commission. The Chicago Tribune reports that officials in Des Plaines, Illinois are considering joining the O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission, a group formed by the city of Chicago to address noise issues at O'Hare International Airport. Des Plaines is already a member of the Suburban O'Hare Commission, a group that opposes any expansion at O'Hare and supports building a third area airport. On Thursday night, representatives of the Suburban O'Hare Commission urged the Des Plaines City Council not to join the Chicago group, saying the group supports building new runways at O'Hare.

Chicago Suburb Creates Citizens Advisory Group on Jet Noise. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Park Ridge, Illinois has formed an eight-member citizens advisory group to give the city a voice in fighting jet noise from O'Hare International Airport. The article says the group met for the first time Wednesday, and about 20 residents attended the meeting and voiced complaints ranging from constant noise, low-flying airplanes, and the averaging of noise data that downplays intense periods.

Editorial Approves Attempts to Quiet Planes at Florida Airport. The Sun-Sentinel printed an editorial that argues that city officials in Boca Raton, Florida should continue their attempts to quiet jets at the Boca Raton Municipal Airport. In addition, the editorial says that progress toward effective noise-abatement procedures will ultimately depend mostly on the voluntary compliance of pilots and airlines, and they should help preserve Boca Raton's high quality of life.

Government Panel in Japan Will Propose Raising the Noise Level Allowed Along Major Roads. The Mainichi Daily News reports that a subcommittee of the Central Environment Council in Japan will propose raising the level of noise allowed along major roads at an April 21 meeting of the Council. The subcommittee will recommend that the maximum acceptable noise level near arterial roads should be 70 decibels during the day. The new proposal exceeds the current noise limit of 65 decibels recognized by the Supreme Court in 1995 in connection with a noise pollution lawsuit brought by residents in Kobe.

Options for Converting California Air Base Into Commercial Airport Unveiled; All Options Call for Smaller Operations Than Originally Envisioned. The Los Angeles Times reports that the master plan for the proposed El Toro Airport in Orange County, California -- which includes four scaled down options for airport configuration -- was presented today. The airport, in any of its incarnations, would handle three to five times more passengers than nearby John Wayne Airport.

Residents Near North Carolina Airport Push Federal Express to Not Build a New Runway. The News & Record reports that residents living near the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina are opposing the construction of a new runway to accommodate a new $300 million hub and flights by Federal Express, set to begin in 2003. The article says that residents believe a new runway is not necessary and will bombard their neighborhoods with noise. Some residents are offering other alternatives in an attempt to keep the FedEx hub at their airport, but without building an additional runway. Federal Express officials, however, insist that a new runway is necessary. Meanwhile, the animosity over the issue accelerated at a community briefing Tuesday that quickly deteriorated into an ugly shouting match, the article says.

Scottish Residents Try to Block Comedy Club Festival Near Their Homes. The Evening News reports that residents in Edinburgh, Scotland are angry about noise from a comedy club, the Gilded Balloon II Festival Fringe venue, near their homes. The residents accuse comedy club workers of bullying residents to ensure that residents don't oppose them. Now, residents are lodging complaints with the Edinburgh City Council in an attempt to block the club from holding a festival venue at Fishmarket Close from 11 am to 1 am between August 7 and 29. The comedy club has applied for a temporary theatre license to operate festival venue, and the City Council's licensing committee will discuss the issue at a meeting today.

April 19, 1998

Columnist Lists Ways to Insulate Home Against a Noisy Neighborhood. The Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News printed a column in which the writer responds to a question by a reader about how to dampen noise from traffic, barking dogs, kids playing, late-night parties, etc. -- the general noise from a growing neighborhood. The columnist responds by discussing types of insulation, windows, walls, and other materials that can help deaden noise.

Florida Resident Calls Airport Noise Progress, But Notes He's Losing His Hearing. The Orlando Sentinel Tribune printed the following letter-to-the-editor from Bruce Olson, an Oviedo, Florida resident, regarding aircraft noise, especially in the Orlando area:

April 20, 1998

British Telephone to Blame for Acoustic Shock; Leads to Safety Devices for Workers. The Leicester Mercury of England reports that British Telephone has admitted liability in twenty cases of acoustic shock in workers.

Citizens Group and State of North Carolina Oppose Moving Military Jets to Virginia Air Base. The Periscope Daily Defense News reports that residents in Virginia Beach, Virginia and officials in North Carolina are opposing a plan by the U.S. Navy to move several jet squadrons to Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach. Residents believe the jets will increase noise over their neighborhoods, and North Carolina officials want some of the jets to go to an air base in their state. The article notes that members of the two groups have been working together, and could join forces in the future to more formally oppose the Navy's plans or sue.

Washington Cities Deserve Explanation on FAA's Refusal to Adjust Flight Paths for Noise Reduction. The News Tribune printed an editorial which argues that residents living in the flight path of Sea-Tac Airport in the Tacoma, Washington area deserve a good explanation for the Federal Aviation Administration's recent decision not to adjust flight routes in order to mitigate jet noise.

April 21, 1998

Canadian Columnist Writes Fairy Tale About Amplified Concerts in Calgary. The Calgary Herald printed an editorial regarding a recent city council decision in Calgary, Alberta to allow festival promoters to apply for exemptions from the noise bylaw to hold performances past 10 pm at Prince's Island Park. The editorial writer tells a fairy tale about the situation, with two possible outcomes: one in which the merchants encourage the loud concerts and the residents shun their businesses, and another in which large concerts are banned from the park, while several smaller concerts are allowed, and everyone is happy.

Colorado Residents Opposed to Proposed Rock Quarry. The Denver Post reports that residents in Jefferson County, Colorado are opposed to a proposed quarry at a site in Coal Creek Canyon that would mine up to 70 rail cars of rock a day. Residents from Crescent Park, a subdivision to the west of the quarry site, and Plainview, a rural community to the east, say their homes will be filled with noise and dust, and their wells will dry up if the quarry is built. Residents will meet tonight representatives of the quarry company to discuss the proposal.

Columnist in Arizona Warns Residents About Upcoming Aircraft Noise, Saying They Should Put Up With It. The Arizona Republic printed an editorial in which the writer describes a project that will create more noise at the Williams Gateway Airport in Chandler, Arizona starting in July. The project will be conducted by Boeing Co., and will involve refitting more than 500 noisy, supersonic T-38C jets with new avionics gear. The editorial writer says the nearby residents likely will be angry, but insists they should put up with the noise.

Minnesota City Near Airport Proposes Redevelopment Plan to Mitigate Noise from New Runway. The Star Tribune reports that city officials in Richfield, Minnesota are proposing a $200 million redevelopment plan to mitigate ground noise that is expected from a new north-south runway at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The redevelopment plan would destroy 1,000 homes and apartments near Cedar Avenue South and replace them with bigger buildings that would insulate against jet noise. The article notes that city officials are trying to convince the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) to pay for the plan. Meanwhile, the article says, about 50 residents attended a MAC meeting Monday hoping to discuss the matter with commissioners. But they left the meeting in anger, the article reports, after only one resident was allowed to address the Commission.

Oregon Airport Experiments With Flying Jets Over New Area in Washington State. The Columbian reports that jets leaving the Portland (Oregon) International Airport will be flying over Clark County in Washington for two or three months starting Monday as part of an experiment to consider permanent flight path changes. The article notes that jets have not flown above this area before. Airport officials are trying the experimental flight path to find out if noise can be reduced over areas with growing populations, and to learn whether residents in Clark County will notice the jet traffic and will complain about the noise.

April 22, 1998

Arlington Heights Noise Group Says Third Airport Won't Reduce Noise. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that in February, the Arlington Heights Village Advisory Committee on O'Hare Noise voted against joining a coalition that supports building a third regional airport. However, committee discussions on the topic continue.

Chicago Airport Construction is Likely to Send More Jet Noise Over Some Neighborhoods. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that the O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois has started its annual maintenance project to repair roadways, taxiways, and runways. The project, which will cost at least $25 million, is likely to bring more noise to some suburbs and less noise to other suburbs.

Chicago Suburb Committee Set to Make Final Decision on Supporting a Third Area Airport. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that Village Board in Arlington Heights, Illinois has asked the Arlington Heights Village Advisory Committee on O'Hare Noise to make a final decision on whether the village should support a third regional airport in the Chicago area. The article notes that the committee voted against joining a coalition that supports building a third airport in the Peotone area in February, saying a third airport would not reduce jet noise in Arlington Heights. The committee will take up the issue again at its May 19 meeting.

Chicago Suburb Votes Against Joining Chicago Noise Group. The Chicago Tribune reports that aldermen in Des Plaines, Illinois voted 7-1 Monday to decline membership in Chicago's O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission. The article says the aldermen made the decision in order to affirm their commitment to the Suburban O'Hare Commission.

Illinois Tollway Expansion Will Include Noise Study and Mitigation. The Chicago Tribune reports that the East-West Tollway in Lisle, Illinois will be expanded by one lane between the North-South Tollway and Naperville Road. As part of the project, a noise study will be conducted, and noise barriers will be constructed if needed, the article says. Residents along the Tollway would like to see noise barriers built, the article notes.

Maryland County Removes Obstacle to Building Motor Speedway; Residents Angry That They Had Little Voice in Decision. The Baltimore Sun reports that the Anne Arundel County (Maryland) Council voted 5-2 Monday to allow "sports racing complexes" as one of the allowed activities at a site in Pasadena that has been proposed for a motor speedway. The article says the decision removes a major obstacle to the proposed project. Meanwhile, residents are angry that the decision to bring the track to their area occurred in slightly more than a month, and that their concerns have not been considered.

New York Politicians Warn FAA Not to Reroute New Jersey Planes Over New York. Newsday reports that a New York congressional delegation yesterday warned the Federal Aviation Administration not to direct air traffic from New Jersey's Newark Airport over Long Island in New York as the agency begins to redraw the nation's air traffic routes.

New York's LaGuardia Airport Will Get More Air Traffic Despite Pending Lawsuit Challenging Increasing Flights. Newsday reports that the U.S. Department of Transportation yesterday approved nine additional daily flights at New York City's LaGuardia Airport. The decision came in spite of a pending lawsuit in federal appeals court filed four months ago by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Queens Borough President Claire Shulman, seeking to reverse an earlier Department of Transportation decision to allow 21 flights at the airport.

April 23, 1998

Federal Aviation Administration Rejects Florida City's Plan to Quiet Aircraft Noise. The Sun-Sentinel reports that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Wednesday rejected a resolution proposed by City Councilor Bill Glass in Boca Raton, Florida to impose curfews on noisy jets at the Boca Raton Airport. The article says that Dean Stringer, an FAA official, told members of the Boca Raton Airport Authority that if the resolution passes, the airport could lose funding from the FAA and Florida Department of Transportation, and could open itself up to lawsuits.

Fourth-Graders in Memphis Learn About the Dangers of Noise. The Commercial Appeal reports that fourth-graders at Southwind Elementary in Memphis, Tennessee learned about the dangers of noise on April 16 with a Hazards of Noise program. The program was led by Deanna Serenco, outreach coordinator for the Memphis Oral School for the Deaf. By the end of the school year, the article says, Serenco will have taught the program to fourth-graders at 62 area schools.

Kentucky Residents Told Cost Too High for Noise Wall Along I-264. The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky, published the following question and answer in its News Fact Finder column, a service to readers who have questions about public works projects. Residents John and Irene Pircock of Shively asked about erecting noise barriers on Kentucky's Interstate 264:

Nevada County Commission Faces Residents Angry Over Proposal to Let Prospective Property Buyers Know About Jet Noise. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that hundreds of residents packed a Clark County (Nevada) Commission meeting Wednesday, complaining that a proposal to let prospective property buyers know about jet noise from the McCarran International Airport will lower their property values. Commissioners promised the residents that a compromise would be developed during the next month, and would be considered at the May 20 meeting. The article notes that the proposal also would apply to land around Nellis Air Force Base, but none of the residents living in the proposed zone around the base complained at the meeting.

Orange County, California is Split Over New Airport at El Toro. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that a proposed new regional airport at the site of the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station near Irvine, California has divided the county. Supporters of the proposed airport, including the Orange County Board of Supervisors, say it would allow the county to become a major economic player in the region. Opponents say the airport will just bring more noise and pollution. They want to transform the base into a mixed-use urban center for the county. Many view the controversy as one of the most divisive and most important issues the county has faced.

Toronto Area Residents Attack Government and Politicians for Allowing Increase in Jet Noise. The Toronto Star reports that about 200 residents of the Rockwood neighborhood of Mississauga, Ontario attended a public meeting last night at which they said the new runway at Pearson International Airport is making their life hell. The residents also criticized the federal government and the local Liberal Members of Parliament for allowing the new runway, which opened late last year, to be built.

April 24, 1998

Calgary Airport Authority Undertakes a Study Looking at Building a New Runway. The Calgary Herald reports that the Calgary Airport Authority in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has decided to undertake a study looking at the possibility of building a new north-south runway parallel to the existing main runway in order to accommodate increasing air traffic at Calgary International Airport. Meanwhile, a $30-million office complex is being proposed near the airport. Many members of communities in the northeast are happy about the proposed expansion, and say residents near the airport are already used to jet noise, according to the article.

Columnist Says Jet Noise is Decreasing At Florida Airport. The Sun-Sentinel printed an editorial by a writer who argues that jet noise from the Palm Beach (Florida) International Airport is decreasing. The writer says he lives south of the airport under the main takeoff corridor, and he believes the jets are becoming less noisy. His experience was confirmed, he says, when several airlines at the airport recently got awards for using quieter jets.

European Commission to Hold Conference on European Union's Noise Pollution Policy. Agence France Presse reports that the European Commission, in cooperation with the Danish government, will hold a conference on May 4-5 in Copenhagen, Denmark, to discuss the European Union's noise pollution policy. The conference will focus on bringing noise pollution regulations of member states up to a standard and creating European Union legislation on noise pollution.

Europe's Air Cargo Businesses Becoming More Heavily Regulated Due to Noise and Nighttime Flight Restrictions. The Journal of Commerce reports that the air cargo industry in Europe is facing an increasingly regulated market due to restrictions on noise levels and night flights. The article notes that the limitations come as express carriers are reporting record volumes in business.

Idaho Resident Complains About Booming Car Stereos; Police Say Noise Ordinance is in Place, But it's Difficult to Catch Violators in Cars. The Idaho Statesman reports that Jim Asbury, a resident of Boise, Idaho, has complained to police about noise from booming car stereos near the Fairview Avenue and Mitchell Street intersection. Police say they have investigated noise complaints in the area, but have difficulty catching violators in cars with loud stereos.

Montreal Airport Officials Offer Little Help to Neighbors Frustrated by Jet Noise. The Gazette reports that more than 100 angry residents in the Montreal, Quebec area met with officials from Aeroports de Montreal Wednesday to discuss noisy takeoffs and landings at Dorval airport. According to residents, the noise has become unbearable since international flights were transferred to Dorval from Mirabel airport in September. But residents were disappointed with the meeting, the article says. Officials told residents that studies were underway and they were considering changes in takeoff procedures.

Neighbors in Illinois Township Worry About Potential Problems From Proposed Minor League Baseball Stadium. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that a 5,000-seat, $7-million minor league baseball stadium was proposed last month in Schaumburg Township, Illinois. But Mandy Hagestedt, a neighbor who said she first learned about the proposed stadium on the evening news, is organizing other residents who are concerned about the noise, traffic, and bright lights that the stadium will bring.

Oregon Airport Experiments With Flying Planes at Lower Altitutes Over a Washington County. The Columbian printed an editorial that explains that the Portland International Airport in Portland, Oregon will allow some passenger jets to make their big turns at lower than usual altitudes over Clark County in Washington for 60 to 90 days, beginning Monday. The experiment is a test to determine how sensitive residents are to jet noise in the area. The editorial writer says that airport officials should prepare to get lots of complaints.

April 25, 1998

Canadian Resident Considers Launching Petition Opposing Second Runway at Calgary Airport. The Calgary Herald reports that the Calgary (Canada) Airport Authority voted Wednesday that a study be conducted to look at the feasibility of building a second north-south runway at Calgary International Airport to deal with increasing air traffic. In response, Fred Waterman, a Castleridge resident, said he may launch a petition drive opposing construction of the runway.

Florida Columnist Gets Many Reader Complaints About Disrespectful, Noisy Neighbors. The Tampa Tribune printed a column in which the columnist says one of her previous pieces on neighborhood disruptions hit a sore spot with many readers. The column says that many people agreed their lives have been worsened by disrespectful and noisy neighbors. The column goes on to discuss two popular complaints in more detail: barking dogs and early morning and late evening lawn mowing and leaf blowing.

Two Chicago Area Schools Get $6 Million in Soundproofing Against Airport Noise. The Chicago Sun-Times reports U.S. Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater announced that two Chicago area schools will get $6 million in grants for soundproofing against noise from O'Hare and Midway airports. In addition, Slater announced grants of $6.9 million to other Chicago airport projects, and $14.3 million for other Illinois airport projects.

April 26, 1998

Activists in Newport Beach, California Wield Power in El Toro Airport Fight. The Los Angeles Times reports that Newport Beach residents -- who fought the expansion of John Wayne Airport in the 1970s -- are worried that if the proposed El Toro Airport isn't built, increases in air traffic will occur at John Wayne since expansion limits are scheduled to end in 2005. As a result, residents there have become fierce proponents for the El Toro Airport, often opposing residents in the south of Orange County who worry they will be negatively impacted by El Toro. In addition to past experience, Newport Beach residents tend to have more money and political clout than south county residents.

Chicago Suburb Will Continue to Work with Two O'Hare Noise Groups Despite Vote. The Chicago Daily Herald reports the Des Plaines City Council opted against joining the O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission. But a vote for one group doesn't necessarily mean disapproval of the other group, according to city officials.

Debate Continues over Burbank, California Airport Expansion. The Los Angeles Times printed the following letters-to-the-editor regarding the proposed expansion of the Burbank (California) Airport:

Parkland, Florida, Drafts Noise Ordinance. The Sun-Sentinel reports Parkland, Florida, city administrators are drafting a law aimed at reducing "loud and raucous" noise.

Quieter Aircraft Planned for Grand Canyon. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the National Park Service is working to control noise from helicopter and plane flights in Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. A ten-year phase-out of the noisiest aircraft that was enacted last year is the most recent noise regulation, the article says.

Resident Says Airplane Noise from Los Angeles Airport is Already Bad Enough. The Los Angeles Times printed the following letter-to-the-editor from Noel Park, a San Pedro, California resident, regarding noise at Los Angeles International Airport:

Washington City to Consider Reinstating Noise Ordinance on First Weekend of School Year. The Spokesman-Review reports that the City Council in Pullman, Washington will consider a proposal to reinstate the noise ordinance on the first Friday and Saturday nights of the school year. The council lifted the city noise ordinance last year on those nights, which caused a "hue and cry from members of the public," according to Pullman Police Chief Ted Weatherly. The noise ordinance is intended partly to curb noisy parties at Washington State University, the article notes.

April 27, 1998

Crackdown on Smaller Crimes in Greenwich Village Works, but Leaves Some Residents Annoyed. The New York Times reports that New York City police have been undertaking a crackdown on minor crimes every weekend in Greenwich Village as part of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's increased focus on quality-of-life crimes. The crackdown, called Operation Civil Village, involves radar traps, sound traps, drunken-driving checkpoints, stolen-vehicle checkpoints, motorcycle checkpoints, and license, registration, and insurance-card checkpoints. The article notes that while police and some residents say the project has been a huge success, other residents complain about being stopped by police when they've done nothing wrong, about police officers harassing people, and about long waits in traffic when police are checking IDs.

New Jersey Town Votes on Noise-Free Zones to Quiet the Summer. The New York Times reports that the City Council in Sea Isle City, New Jersey will vote tomorrow on designating noise-free zones in order to quiet partyers. In the zones, the fines for violations would be doubled. In addition, landlords would have their permits revoked if tenants receive three noise summonses in one summer. Mayor Leonard Desiderio said that the current $180 fines for violations have not kept the noise down. The article notes that Sea Isle City, along with other shore towns like Wildwood and North Wildwood, have been known as party towns, but they are trying to change their images to attract families. Wildwood and North Wildwood have voted to close their bars two hours earlier this summer, at 3 a.m.

Resident Loses in Complaint about Noise from NJ Bar. The Asbury Park Press reports a Beach Haven bar and restaurant in Toms River, New Jersey, which has been fined three times for violating the borough's noise ordinance, had those violations overturned in Superior Court last week.

April 28, 1998

EU Will Strive for Consistent but Flexible Nighttime Aircraft Standards. Airports(R) reports the European Union plans to define a common approach to nighttime movements of aircraft and created a new policy, particularly for cargo shipments, at Europe's airports.

Japanese Residents File Lawsuit Against Japanese Government for Noisy U.S. Navy Air Base. The Mainichi Daily News reports that a group of 1,607 people living near U.S. Navy Atsugi air base in Yokohama, Japan filed a class-action lawsuit Monday in Yokohama District Court seeking 1.27 billion yen as compensation from the Japanese government for noise from U.S. and Self-Defense Forces (SDF) planes. The Japanese government is in charge of the base, which stretches over seven municipalities. The article notes that the lawsuit is the third of its kind regarding noise from the Atsugi base.

More Flights at O'Hare or a Third Airport? No Agreement.. The Chicago Sun-Times reports O'Hare critics are angered by a plan to add 53 daily commuter flights at O'Hare Airport. Their protests are fueling arguments for a third airport at Peotone.

April 29, 1998

A Minute's Worth of Complete Silence a Rare Experience, Even in New Zealand. The Dominion of Wellington, New Zealand, reports Auckland academics will allow citizens to experience blissful silence today in honor of Noise Awareness Day.

Illinois Residents Say Wal-Mart is a Noisy Neighbor. The Chicago Daily Herald reports Lake Zurich, Illinois village officials rejected a proposed 4,000-square-foot expansion to Wal-Mart, citing overdevelopment of the area in general and charging the company specifically with being a noisy neighbor.

NY Residents Say Noise and Fumes Accompany Go-Cart Track. The Times Union of Albany, New York, reports an angry crowd of Turf Community Park residents Tuesday night protested a proposed go-cart tract and urged the Town Board to side with them.

Noise Sharing Scheme at Sydney Airport Criticized. Flight International of Cairns, Australia, reports airline officials, controllers and pilots are against noise sharing at Sydney's airport, citing safety and economic issues as well as mounting chaos.

North Carolina Residents Concerned about Night-Time Noise from Fedex Hub. The News & Record reports leaders in the Greensboro, North Carolina, area are asking for more details about noise from the proposed FedEx cargo hub at the Piedmont Triad Airport.

PA Township Considers Ordinance to Control Noisy Pets. The Morning Call of Allentown, Pennsylvania, reports East Rockhill Township supervisors are considering an proposed ordinance that prohibits the possession of animals that cause a public nuisance by making noise.

Resident Alerts Public to Noise and Its Harmful Effects. The Times-Picayune published the following letter alerting readers to the pervasiveness of noise and its harmful effects. The letter is from Metairie, Louisiana, resident, John Guignard. Guignard wrote:

April 30, 1998

Anti-Noise Group Gets Drowned Out by Noise from O'Hare. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that while a conference on noise reduction and education was held Wednesday at Park Ridge in Chicago, every few minutes or so, a plane would roar by and drown out the leader of the event.

CA Residents Fight for Sound Wall as Shield from Trains. The Los Angeles Times reports that in Orange County, California railroad noise has been a problem for many years, and residents have continued to push for noise walls in the area.

China's Labor Department Outlines Its Efforts to Protect Workers from Hearing Damage. The South China Morning Post published the following letter to the editor from Wong Ching Kwok for the Commissioner of Labor about efforts made by the Labor Department to protect workers from hearing damage. Wong Ching Kwok wrote:

City Council Calls for Curfew at Boca Raton Airport in Effort to Put Officials on Notice. The Sun-Sentinel reports the Boca Raton, Florida, City Council this week approved a resolution mandating airport officials impose a voluntary night curfew, notify all pilots who violate it, and pursue federal approval for a mandatory ban on night flights.

NYC Steps Up Anti-Noise Effort with Restrictions for Cabbies. The Daily News reports New York City is increasing its efforts to limit noise by restricting cab drivers from honking their horns unnecessarily.

Noise Impact Study May Result in Airport Buying Homes Affected by FedEx Hub. The News & Record of Greensboro, North Carolina, reports that because the new FedEx hub and a third runway are expected to alter the high- noise areas around the Piedmont Triad International Airport, the Airport Authority may purchase a number of homes.

Residents Near UK's Teesside Airport Object to Proposed Freight Terminal. The Northern Echo of the United Kingdom reports complaints about noise from light aircraft using Teesside International Airport have risen since plans were announced to build one of the UK's biggest freight terminals.

Weymouth Residents Complain of Increased Aircraft Noise from Logan; Massport to Investigate. The Patriot Ledger of Quincy, Massachusetts, reports state officials plan to investigate why there is an increase in aircraft noise complaints from residents in Weymouth. Several hundred people living in those areas have signed a petition complaining of increased airplane noise.

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