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August 1, 1998

Burbank Airport in California Receives Variance in Caltran Decision. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports that the Burbank Airport and the city of Burbank each claimed victory Friday after Caltrans decided to renew the airport's noise variance - with some new conditions.

County Commissioners Reverse Their Decision to Limit Zoning for Churches in Green Cove Springs, Florida. The Florida Times-Union reports that the Clay County commissioners have reversed their May decision to restrict the location and size of church facilities. Their decision had banned church complexes of more than 3,500 square feet from local, neighborhood-type roads.

Florida Resident Upset with Noise from Neighboring Trucking Business and Blames Clay County for Poor Zoning Practices. The Florida Times-Union reports that spot zoning in Clay County, Florida has made life miserable for resident Walter Callaway but the county’s new comprehensive zoning plan reportedly addresses future spot zoning problems, and creates land-use categories and regulations to control growth.

Local Residents in Caroline, Alberta Fear Noise Pollution from New Processing Plant. Calgary Herald reports that about 75 people from Caroline, Alberta, attended a public meeting Thursday to express their worries about noise pollution from a $259 million processing plant. The Imperial Oil Ltd. proposes to build the plan just 10 kilometres from Caroline, and would extract ethane, propane, butane and other liquids from natural gas on site.

Noise Teams Help Maintain the Quiet in Middlesbrough, England. The Northern Echo reports that the fight to quieten town pubs and clubs has been a success in Middlesbrough where “OUT-of-hours” noise patrols are used. According to the article the patrols function as noise teams and were first put out on the town’s street four years ago to crack down on weekend levels.

Nuns in Dallas, TX, Continue to Negotiate with City about Protection from Traffic Noise. The Dallas Morning News reports negotiations continue between a group of Carmelite nuns who want to protect their property from increased traffic noise and the city of Dallas, Texas, that wants to expand two roads adjacent to the sisters' convent.

Some Residents Near Tacoma, Washington Find Military’s Nighttime Firing a Nuisance; Others Say the Blasts Are “Sounds of Freedom”. The News Tribune reports that Fort Lewis is again training artillery crews at Fort Lewis during the nighttime hours which has set off a series of complaints. Some find the booms and vibrations a nuisance. Others believe these noises are the sounds of freedom.

August 2, 1998

Jet Ski Operators Claimed to be the Source of Safety Problems. The Boston Herald reports that jet skis, though considered extremely dangerous by detractors, may not be as much of a threat as they have been perceived to be. The article claims that Jet Ski related accidents comprise only two of the 140 boat-related deaths in Massachusetts since 1987 even though jet ski ownership is on the rise.

Virginia Speedway May Be in Business by March 1999 unless Neighbors Can Bring the Project to a Halt. The Virginian-Pilot reports that promoters of a Motorsports Speedway in Chesapeake want to build a half-mile oval track and stadium in Chesapeake, Virginia. Plans for a motor racetrack have been tossed around the Chesapeake-Suffolk line the past four years.

No Peace and Quiet? In Maryland, Call Noise Cop. The Sun reports in an effort to respond to a new focus on noise, Maryland's Department of the Environment now employs a state noise cop.

Population Growth Results in Increased Noise in Warren County, Ohio. The Dayton Daily News reports that recent population growth in rural Warren County has evolved into increased noise pollution.

Judge Finds Methanol-Powered Leaf Blowers Permissible under Los Angelesí Ordinance, Which Was Intended to Ban Use of the Machines near Residences. Los Angeles Times reports that gardeners in Los Angeles, led by a Latino gardeners union, are considering conversion of their gasoline-fueled leafblowers to methanol. Such a conversion would exploit a loophole in the recent ban on gas-powered leafblowers and allow their continued use. A city judge recently dismissed a case against a gardener because he was using methanol-fueled blowers. The decision agreed with a June ruling in a similar case.

Expected Increase in Air Travel Seen as Justification for Airport Expansion and Development in Southern California. The Sacramento Bee reports that air traffic in Southern California is expected to double over the next 20 years. Plans are in the works for both (1) expansion at the Los Angeles International Airport and for (2) development of a new airport at Orange County’s El Toro Maine Corp Air Station after it closes next year. The anger of residents is being waged against both plans. And seventy-five (75) million travelers are caught in the middle.

August 3, 1998

Meeting Will Hear Out Neighbors' Grievances About Noise From Ohio’s Port Columbus Airport. The Columbus Dispatch reports that a workshop will take place to allow neighbors to air their grievances about sound noise from nearby Port Columbus Airport. According to the article these workshops are periodically scheduled as a part of the noise compatibility program and are necessary if airports are to receive Federal Aviation Administration funds for noise abatement.

Resident Questions Fairness of Noise Ordinance in Montgomery, Alabama. The Montgomery Advertiser published the following letter from Hal Johnson of Montgomery, Alabama. The letter criticizes Montgomery's noise ordinance. Johnson wrote:

New Steel Plant Annoys Neighbors near Montpelier, Iowa. The Des Moines Register reports that a new steel plant in Montpelier, Iowa is trying to reach full production while maintaining air pollution standards -and it's annoying many neighbors.

Gloucester Resident is Fed Up with Industry's Nighttime Noise and Absence of Nighttime Enforcement Officers in Canada. The Ottawa Citizen published an editorial from a resident of Sawmill Creek Housing Co-operative in Gloucester, Canada. The editorialist is fed up with the nighttime noise of 18-wheelers and forklifts loading and backing up at the nearby Dicom Express courier company. She claims hundreds of years of Common Law jurisprudence has established that although property owners have the right to enjoy their property to the fullest, they are not entitled to inconvenience others in the process. According to her letter, the City of Gloucester has the responsibility of enforcing the noise bylaw but the bylaw officers do not work at night. The letter reads as follows:

Police May Be Able To Slap Fines on Drivers with Loud Car Stereos Under Bethlehem’s Newly Proposed City Ordinance. The Morning Call reports that local police in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania may soon be in pursuit after drivers using high-wattage car stereos. The police will be able to slap hefty fines on noisemakers if the mayor is successful in getting the new city ordinance passed.

Soundproofing Plan for New Orleans International Airport Comes to a Halt. The Times-Picayune reports that the soundproofing program for residential areas near New Orleans International Airport in Louisiana has come to a halt while airport officials negotiate with project architects.

August 4, 1998

Washington State Moderates Traffic Noise with Tall Noise Walls. The Seattle Times reports the biggest noise walls ever put up in the state of Washington are appearing on state Highway 520. Studies showed the unusual height was needed to moderate traffic sounds

Night Flights Upset Neighbors Near O’Hare International Airport. The Chicago Tribune reports an increase in overnight flights at O'Hare International Airport. The increase is being publicized by Chicago's Fly Quiet program, and organized effort established last year to help reduce noise at the world's busiest airport.

Noise and Conduct Ordinance Receives Final Approval from Pittsburgh City Council. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Pittsburgh City Council has approved new "noise pollution" legislation intended to improve the city's quality of life. The ordinance was written as a response to residents' complaints about booming car stereos and is expected to take effect October 1, provided the mayor signs the bill.

Trains in New Jersey May be Required to Use Bells Instead of Horns. The Record reports that New Jersey's state legislature is setting forth a bill that calls for trains to use locomotive bells instead of horns. The bill is seen as a potential solution to a dilemma that has upset some Morris County residents since NJ Transit started commuter train service to Manhattan.

Turn Up the Volume, Noise May Cause Less Damage Than Silence. The Daily Telegraph published the following humorous and contemplative article about contemporary noise and the strains and stresses of silence from columnist Paul Goodman.

August 5, 1998

NJ Bill Would Replace Earsplitting Train Horns with Bells at Crossings. The Record reports a New Jersey state bill, introduced in the Assembly last week, would require trains to use bells instead of loud horns at grade crossings at a town's request.

Maine Residents Object to Noise from Salvation Army's New 1,421 Seat Pavilion. The Portland Press Herald reports on opening night of The Salvation Army's new pavilion in Old Orchard Beach, the noise was already too loud for neighbors. The group received a summons from police to appear in court for violating the town's noise ordinance.

Mayor in Pontiac, Illinois Must Decide Whether Bar Violated City's Liquor Code When Its Loud Music Disturbed Next-door Neighbors. The Pantagraph reports that the mayor of Pontiac, Illinois will decide whether a local bar violated the city's noise ordinance when it played loud music disturbing its neighbors.

Editorialist Decides Ice Cream Truck Noise Permissible in Spite of Its Extreme Annoyance to Young Parents. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published the following editorial in which the editorialist imagines the enforcement of Pittsburgh's new noise ordinance against ice cream trucks in the suburbs. The editorialist resolves that ice cream truck noise should be tolerated despite its extreme annoyance to parents of young children.

Florida County Drops Grandfathering Clause in Proposed Noise Ordinance. The Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News reports Martin County, Florida's, proposed noise rules could cost some businesses thousands of dollars to be in compliance.

Not all Agree 'the Louder the Better' as Decibel Levels Rise in U.S. Films. USA Today reports movies in the United States sound louder these days because they are being recorded louder, say industry insiders. Movie goers' responses to the pumped up volume vary.

August 6, 1998

ACLU Says Noise Ordinance in Bristol, RI, Violates First Amendment, Files Lawsuit. The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports the ACLU of Rhode Island has filed a federal lawsuit charging that the town of Bristol's noise ordinance violates the First Amendment.

Penn. Residents Want Noise Ordinance Enforced at Club in Neighboring Town. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports residents of one Pennsylvania town are bothered by noise coming from a club just over the line in a nearby town. Forest Hills residents are pushing for Wilkinsburg to enforce its own noise ordinances.

Residents of Housing Project Near Georgia Airport to be Relocated. The Atlanta Journal reports residents of Lottie Miller Homes public housing project in College Park, Georgia, should soon get relief from airplane noise roaring overhead day and night, a city lawyer said this week.

Court Orders Couple to Quiet Lovemaking after Neighbors Complain of Noise in Ipswich, England. The Mirror reports an Ipswich, England, man has been ordered to keep his lovemaking sessions quiet or face eviction.

Arizona Residents Battle Runway Expansion, Fearing Noisier Skies. The Arizona Republic reports residents who live near Arizona's Chandler Municipal Airport object to proposals to lengthen one of the airport's two runways and to rezone most of the land around it for commercial or industrial development.

Group in Dallas Suburb Unites to Quiet Leafblower Noise. The Dallas Morning News reports some residents of Highland Park, Texas, have formed a group to muster support and convince officials to ban leafblowers in their Dallas suburb.

As Air Traffic Increases at San Francisco Airport, More Towns Affected by Jet Noise. The San Francisco Chronicle reports the outrage over jet noise is spreading to communities further and further south of the San Francisco International Airport as air traffic increases.

August 7, 1998

New Noise Ordinance Widely Endorsed at Knoxville City Council Workshop. The Knoxville News-Sentinel reports that Knoxville's newly proposed noise ordinance was widely endorsed by a variety of individuals and groups at a recent City Council workshop.

Minn. Town Objects to Airport Expansion, Citing Noise Concerns and Charging Breach of Promise. The Star Tribune reports despite pressure from the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), officials and residents in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, object to expansion of their "reliever" airport because they fear an increase in noise and an alteration in their quality of life.

Illinois Town Adopts Ordinance to Limit Noisy Pets. The Chicago Daily Herald reports owners of animals that make excessive and continuous noise will be fined in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, in an effort to bring peace to neighborhoods.

Noise Levels Shift Back to Usual After Summer Work at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. The Star Tribune reports on Monday about 170 daily airplane takeoffs will be shifted back to their usual runways at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, meaning quieter skies for some nearby communities and a return to the usual noise level for other areas.

Conn. DOT to Assess Need for Sound Barriers Along Section of I-91 Expansion. The Hartford Courant reports that in an effort to determine whether there is a need for sound barriers, the state Connecticut Department of Transportation has begun to monitor traffic noise in neighborhoods along I- 91 in Rocky Hill.

August 8, 1998

NH to Expand I-95 Visitor Center and Erect Noise Barriers to Offset Increased Traffic Noise. The Union Leader reports the New Hampshire Department of Transportation has announced plans for a major expansion of the visitor center on Interstate 95 just north of the Massachusetts state line. Barriers will be erected to mitigate expected increases in noise levels at nearby homes.

Two NY Residents Sue Company for Excessive Noise and Vibrations. The Buffalo News reports two Forestville, New York, residents who live near a manufacturing plant have filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit charging excessive noise and vibrations.

Executive's Helicopter Permitted Daily Trip Despite Maryland Residents' Complaints about Noise. The Washington Times reports Rite Aid Chairman Martin Grass has received permission from Baltimore County officials to take off and land in his company helicopter at his home in Lutherville, Maryland, despite complaints from neighbors about the noise.

August 9, 1998

Selective Enforcement of Noise Ordinance a Concern Says Pittsburgh Editorialist. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published the following editorial regarding the enforcement of the city's new noise ordinance. The editorialist says that if the ordinance is "enforced selectively on the basis of race or age or neighborhood, citizens will make their discontent known - loud and clear. Most Pittsburghers want a more civil society, but not at the cost of fairness."

Long Island Towns Restrict Places to Ride Noisy ATVs. Newsday reports Smithtown, New York, officials say a recent crackdown on noisy all-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes in neighboring Brookhaven has brought riders into their town in search of open spaces to ride. Citing noise and environmental and liability issues, Smithtown is enforcing its own restrictions.

County Aviation Official Says New Nevada Airport Necessary. The Las Vegas Review-Journal published the following editorial by Randall H. Walker, director of Nevada's Clark County Department of Aviation. Walker advocates for the Ivanpah Airport project, deeming it a necessity to accommodate the Las Vegas Valley's future needs. Walker writes:

August 10, 1998

FAA Exec. Will Try to Resolve Dispute between City of Burbank and Airport. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports Jane Garvey, the chief executive of the Federal Aviation Administration, will arrive in Burbank, California, on Tuesday to try to secure an end to the 16-year war over the proposed expansion of Burbank Airport.

Madison Imposes Restrictions in Stadium Area After Residents Complain of Noise. The Capital Times reports new, tougher rules in Madison, Wisconsin, will limit hours for outdoor beer gardens during this season's University of Wisconsin football games.

Enforce Noise Abatement Laws on Illinois' Waterways, Says Editorial. The Chicago Tribune published an editorial criticizing the lack of enforcement of quiet boating on Illinois' inland waterways.

Police Officers Crack Down on Noise Violators at Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey. The Asbury Park Press reports that Point Pleasant Beach has issued a new noise ordinance that stipulates how much noise is acceptable. Persons who exceed the limits can be issued summonses.

August 11, 1998

Salem, Virginia, Residents Want Noise Wall, Not Re-location When I 81 Expands. The Roanoke Times & World News reports residents of Salem, Virginia's, Stonegate community prefer a noise wall to relocation when Interstate 81 is widened.

Warwick, RI, Mayor Suggests Ways for Airport to be a Good Neighbor. The Providence Journal-Bulletin published the following editorial by Lincoln Chafee, mayor of Warwick, Rhode Island, about Warwick's T.F. Green Airport. Mayor Chafee outlines ways for the airport to be a good neighbor:

Editorial: Loud Stereos are a Problem in Amherst, New York. The Buffalo News published the following letter regarding multidecibel audio-assault vehicles. The editorialist says Amherst, New York needs to draft a new noise ordinance, use a decimeter to track noise levels, and start issuing tickets.

Editorial Says Jet Skis Ruin Peace and Quite of Canadian Lakes. The Vancouver Sun published an editorial about personal watercraft ruining the peace and quiet of Canadian lakes.

The FAA To Assist the City of Burbank and the Airport in Reaching a Solution Regarding Airport's Proposed Expansion. City News Service reports that Federal Aviation Administrator Jane Garvey is willing to help the city of Burbank and the airport come to a solution in their dispute over the airport's proposed expansion.

Rhode Island Airport Corporation Hears Residents' Proposals for Noise Reduction at T.F. Green Airport. The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports Rhode Island's state Airport Corporation will sponsor a public meeting Thursday to focus noise and ways to reduce it from Warwick's T.F. Green Airport.

City and FAA Asked to Lower Decibel Level for Homes to Qualify for Insulation from LAX Noise. Copley News Service reports the FAA has been asked by the Los Angles County Board of Supervisors to change noise standards so more homes will qualify for federally funded noise insulation from the Los Angeles International Airport.

Commetary Says Stricter Rules Justified for Noise Reduction in Addis Ababa. The Monitor published an editorial advocating the new strict noise regulations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The writer believes it's better to enforce controls now before the city becomes hopelessly polluted.

August 12, 1998

FAA Official Says FAA Has Yet to Approve Requested Flight Curfews and Growth Caps. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports on a recent meeting between Burbank's city officials, airport officials and FAA Administrator Jane Garvey. According to the article Garvey said any application to the FAA for flight curfews and growth caps would be welcome but cautioned that six U.S. airports have sought already sought FAA approval for curfews and growth caps and none of them have been accepted by the agency.

Editorial: Keep Your Darned Noise to Yourself. The Las Vegas Review-Journal published the following editorial from Joseph Spear, a writer for the Newspaper Enterprise Association. Spear's article identifies with and applauds the advocacy efforts of noise haters nationally saying: "There are hundreds of thousands of noise haters out there, and a movement of some kind is clearly a-building." The editorial reads as follows:

City in East China Reduces Noise, Can Hear Birds Sing. China Daily reports noise control measures have been used to reduce noise in Yantai, a coastal city in East China's Shandong Province. Cars are forbidden to blow their horns in the urban districts and no sirens are allowed to sound. Broadcasting music and advertisements outdoors has also been forbidden in commercial areas since June 1.

Small Town Turned Suburb Suffering from Noise Pollution in Pennsylvania. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that life is miserable for some township residents in Adams, Pennsylvania. Residents complained to the Township Supervisors about noise emanating from dirt bikes and industrial functions. They are asking town supervisors to adopt a noise ordinance so noisemakers can be brought to court.

August 13, 1998

Editorial: Making Providence, Rhode Island Safe for Civility. Providence Journal-Bulletin published the following editorial from Dave Brussat, which discusses noise as one element in the quest for civility in urban life. Dave Brussat editorial discusses the Mayor's recent commitment to eliminating motorcycle noise in the context of the larger need to remove all "stigmas of disorder" for the revitalization of older neighborhoods and the city as a whole. And let Hizzoner memorize City Journal, which has been the Bible in New York. Every issue is a sort of Clausewitz on the war to save our cities.

Newport, Maine Adopts a Prohibition on Amplified Entertainment. Providence Journal-Bulletin reports that Newport's City Council has adopted an amendment to its existing noise ordinance to prohibit amplified entertainment after 8 p.m.

Changes in Land-use Policies Recommended to Mitigate the Impact of Airport Noise in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Albuquerque Journal reports that noise consultants are recommending new land-use policies for the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico and the surrounding county to help mitigate the impact of airport noise.

Winter Park's City Council Prohibits Engineers from Blowing Their Whistles. The Denver Post reports that the town council in Winter Park unanimously passed an ordinance prohibiting the train engineers from blowing their whistles at the two crossings last month. The new development was spurred on by complaints from developers, lodging owners, visitors, and local residents.

City Council in Port Allen, Louisiana Votes Unanimously to Modify Noise Ordinance. The Port Allen Advocate announced the city council's unanimous vote to revise the city's noise ordinance. The revised ordinance is an effort to reduce the loud "boom box" music and is fashioned to allow the chief of police more discretion in writing citations.

Committee Will Consider Curfews on Business Practices in an Effort to Curb Noise in Weymouth, Massachusetts. The Patriot Ledger reports that Selectman are forming a seven-member committee that will recommend new town bylaws that would disallow noisy business practices early in the morning and late at night.

Bradley International Airport Gears Up for a Noise Study. The Hartford Courant reports that state officials have hired a national engineering firm to study ways to reduce noise caused by planes departing from Bradley International Airport in Connecticut.

Human Powered Gardening Replaces Noisy Power Tools in British Columbia. The Vancouver Sun reports about the peaceful home gardening business of Shaughnessy's Graham Clark, whose human powered gardening replaces noisy power mowers and leaf blowers.

August 14, 1998

Mayor Assigns Two Additional Police Officers to Buttress Enforcement of Noise Ordinance in Providence, Rhode Island. The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports that Mayor Vincent A. Cianci Jr. has decided to assign two additional police officers to downtown Providence to buttress enforcement of the city's noise ordinance.

Residents Angry that Their Ideas to Reduce Airport Noise at T.F. Green Airport Dismissed by the Experts. The Providence Journal-Bulletin reports that noise experts for T.F. Green Airport shot down the mandatory controls demanded by airport neighbors yesterday, saying they would be too costly, would disrupt service, and would never be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Residents Distressed by Outdoor Dinner Parties Decide to Take Action. Calgary Herald reports that a group of residents are upset about the late-night noise emulating from the Cross House Garden Café in Calgary, British Columbia. They say the outdoor parties are ruining the quiet tranquility of the community and are circulating a petition that requests the city to withhold permission for the garden tents to go up each summer.

New Procedures at Vero Beach Airport Aims to Reduce Noise. The Press Journal reports that the Vero Beach Airport Commission has approved a master plan that outlines development through 2020. Much of the projected development aims to reduce noise and includes specific procedures established by the airport director for meeting that goal.

Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky International Airport Board Affirms the Idea of Including a Ohioan as a Voting Member of the Board. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that there is a possibility that an Ohioan could serve as a voting member on the Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky International Airport Board. According to the article the idea was resurrected Thursday and was given support from most of the elected officials attending a joint meeting of Ohio's Hamilton County commissioners and Kentucky's Kenton Fiscal Court commissioners.

Committee Bans Personal Watercraft Banned within 1,200 of San Francisco's Shoreline. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors reported unanimously to ban personal watercraft within 1,200 feet of the city's shoreline.

Construction Noise for New Stadium Regulated by Noise Levels, Rather Than Curfews in Tacoma, Washington. The Tacoma Washington News Tribune reports that the City of Seattle averted a major showdown with the company building the new Seattle Seahawks stadium. The conflict arose when the city placed construction-hour limitations of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the permit because the stadium is being built across the street from a 108-unit condominium. Seattle later retreated from its position and placed noise-specific rather than time-specific restrictions on the construction project.

Tulsa International Airport Proposes 2.5 Million Noise Abatement Budget. The Tulsa World reports that the Tulsa International Airport has proposed a budget for 1999, which includes $2.5 million for noise abatement. If the trustees adopt the budget it will mark the first year airport trustees have directed local funding to a five-year $20 million aircraft noise abatement program.

August 15, 1998

Californian Columnist Writes about the "Wacky World of Leaf Blowers". The Ventura County Star published the following commentary from columnist, Chuck Thomas regarding California's proposed legislation that would prohibit cities from banning leaf blowers. The other cities with leaf-blower bans tend to be environmentally cool places like Carmel and Santa Barbara, cities that have little else in common with L.A. With bans in Santa Barbara and L.A., Ventura County is sort of surrounded by the crusade -- without being part of it.

August 16, 1998

Seniors Articulate Divergent Views on the Need for Noise Regulations. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the Pittsburgh City Council has passed a noise-pollution ordinance. Correspondent Jeanne Dutel-Martino interviews residents at a Retirement Center in the suburban community of Pine about the need for a noise-pollution ordinance in their community. Residents responded to the question: "Would you like to see similar [noise] ordinances in the suburbs?"

August 18, 1998

Community Policing Effort Reduces Traffic Noise in Fall River, Massachusetts. The Providence Journal-Bulletin describes a community policing effort to eradicate blaring car stereos, loud mufflers, roaring motorcycles, and other traffic nuisances from a cruising strip in Fall River, Massachusetts.

County Commissioners To Work to Keep Airport Noise Levels in Check near Northern Kentucky International Airport. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports monitors show that Northern Kentucky International Airport has slightly exceeded noise limits set out in an agreement between the airport and the Sisters of Charity.

Homeowners' Sentiments Concerning the Proposed Federal Express Hub Aired at Public Meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina. News & Record in Greensboro, North Carolina reports that a public meeting brought out a torrent of public sentiments concerning the proposed Federal Express hub and third runway for Piedmont Triad International Airport.

Los Angeles' Department of Water and Power Develop a Electric-Powered Leaf Blower that's Quiet. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power have developed a new electric-powered leaf blower. The new machine is hoped to resolve problems related to the disputed ban on leaf blowers and earn the city money.

Ordinance Tries to Suppress Noise in Hamburg, New York. The Buffalo News reports that the Village of Hamburg has adopted an eight-page noise ordinance. The ordinance prohibits a person from intentionally causing "public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm or recklessly creating a risk thereof by making unreasonable noise. "

Planes Flying Below Recommended Altitudes Thwart Noise Control Efforts near Baltimore Washington International Airport. The Capital reports that a state study concludes that about one-third of planes flying over Severna Park to Baltimore Washington International Airport are flying lower than the altitude recommended by the state to control noise.

August 19, 1998

Advisory Committee on O'Hare Noise Want Compliance with Night-time Flight Rules. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that the Village of Arlington Heights is fuming about O'Hare's noncompliance with nightime-flying rules.

Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport May Have to Close for Several. AP Worldstream reports that Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the busiest airport in the Netherlands, may have to close down for weeks at the end of this year if the government doesn't relax noise pollution guidelines.

Appellate Court Denies City its Noise Lawsuit against the Minneapolis Metropolitan Airport.. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals denied the city of Richfield its noise lawsuit against the Metropolitan Airport. The suit contested the validity of the environmental impact statement that the airport used to win federal approval for the airport's crosswind runway.

Police Crackdown on Street Noise in Santa Ana, California. The Los Angeles Times reports that police in Santa Ana, California may begin fining repeat noise offenders or even confiscating their amplifiers.

August 20, 1998

Final Hearing for Maine's Ban of Personal Watercraft Concentrates on Residents of Tunk and Donnell Lakes. The Bangor Daily News reports that the recent law banning personal watercraft from 245 lakes and ponds under Maine's Land Use Regulation Commission's (LURC) jurisdiction came before the Commission for a final hearing. Landowners on two of the larger Hancock County lakes turned out in force both for and against the ban on personal watercraft.

Neighbors and School Districts near Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport Need Answers; FAA Sources Say They'll Have to Wait. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that about 400 residents and school officials from Boone County filled a public meeting room to express concerns about how improvements to the runways at the Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky International Airport would affect their homes and classrooms.

No New Noise Monitor for Chicago Area's Fly Quiet Program. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that a noise committee for the village of Arlington Heights debated whether to get a second stationary monitor from the city of Chicago. According to Trustee Virginia Kucera, the committee's vice chairwoman, failure to reach a consensus meant the village would not be getting a second monitor for tracking O'Hara aircraft noise.

August 21, 1998

Eagle Town, Wisconsin Needs State Action to Stop Clay Shooting Noise. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a new state law prohibits the restriction of gunfire noise at the McMiller Sports Center in Eagle Town, Wisconsin. The article says Wisconsin's Range Protection Bill prohibits local governments from using noise as an issue to regulate existing shooting ranges.

Illinois State Toll Highway Authority Offers No Relief for Lisle, Illinois. Chicago Tribune reports that residents and village officials in Lisle, Illinois are irritated with the noise generated from Interstate Highway 355 and Interstate Highway 88. No action for relief is forthcoming, however, from the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority.

Residents Complain about a Low-frequency Noise at Paper Recycling Plant in Northampton, Pennsylvania. The Morning Call reports that residents of Northampton, Pennsylvania are turning to local government to eliminate the low-frequency noise that rattles their windows, vibrates their homes and wakes them up at night.

Residents Let out Their Fury Regarding Noise at Manchester Airport. The Union Leader report that a raucous and angry crowd released their fury about noise from New Hampshire's Manchester Airport at last night's meeting. Promises from airport officials to begin a new noise survey failed to quieten their anger.

Steel Company Hires Noise Consultants to Identify Source of Noise Problems. The Journal Sentinel reports that the Charter Steel Manufacturing plant in Saukville, Wisconsin has hired a consultant to evaluate and recommend solutions to noise problems.

The City of Burbank Launches a 35-Page Attack on Airport Noise Study. The Daily News of Los Angeles reports that Burbank city officials have launched at 35-page attack on the Burbank Airport's noise study. City officials claim the document "fails to lay a foundation for real, effective aircraft noise abatement."

August 22, 1998

Airplanes are Unbearably Loud for Family Living Near Palm Beach International Airport. The Palm Beach Post published the following editorial from a resident living near Palm Beach International Airport (PBIA). The editorialist articulates his feelings of powerlessness amidst discussions of further PBIA expansion.

Burbank Airport Expansion Plan Lamented and Praised by Editorialists. The Daily News of Los Angeles ran the following editorials regarding the fairness of the El Toro Airport plan and relocation of the terminal at Burbank Airport.

August 23, 1998

Neighbors in Rural Florida React to Welding Business. The Tampa Tribune reports that persons living in rural areas near Sydney, Florida are shocked to learn that the county can grant a rural home industry permit without a public hearing or other notice to nearby property owners.

Who Is A Reliable Source of Information for the El Toro Airport?. The Los Angeles Times published the following four editorials regarding the proposed conversion of the El Toro Military Airbase. Two of the editorialists are residents. The two other editorialists are members of the El Toro Airport Citizens Advisory Commission (CAC).

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