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October 6, 1996

California Residents Fight Over Who Gets Airport Noise. As reported in the Los Angeles Times recently, two citizens groups are taking opposite sides in the debate over whether to reuse the El Toro Marines Base as a commercial airport. Many residents of Newport Beach -- whose community rallied for the El Toro airport to ease pressure at John Wayne Airport in the first place -- are pushing for approval of the El Toro plan. The other group doesn't want the airport plan to be approved.

Residents Asked to Give up Right to Sue for Free Soundproofing. The Los Angeles Times reported that Burbank Airport plans to offer noise insulation treatment to as many as 2,300 residences if the residents agree never to sue the airport for reasons that relate to noise.

October 19, 1996

Environmental Group's Study: Air Pollution from Airports Goes Largely Unchecked. The Los Angeles Times reports that a Natural Resources Defense Council report says that airports -- such as John Wayne Airport in the Los Angeles area -- put out air pollution that does not receive the attention it deserves. This is a major concern in the already smog-prone area.

October 26, 1996

Noise Pollution Invades Airport Departure Gates. In this opinion piece, author Adam Hochschild decries the lack of quiet in airport departure gates. For Hochschild, the sources of noise pollution are the continuously sounding television sets, mounted out of reach of anyone who would like to turn off the sound. Hochschild believes he is not alone in feeling annoyed by "force-fed TV," citing those travelers who would like to talk, read or work while waiting for their flights. He believes unwanted noise should be regulated. In public places, Hochschild likens the unwanted noise from TV to the pollution from cigarette smoke. But, the author notes that the noise from unwanted TV can't be sucked away like cigarette smoke by a good ventilation system. Many communities place restrictions on noise from jet skis, leaf blowers and snowmobiles. What about regulating the unwanted noise from television sets? With special rooms or designated areas for smokers, why not a special room in airports for TV watchers?

October 27, 1996

Encino Resident Makes Recommendations to Van Nuys Airport Steering Committee. The Los Angeles Times printed the following letter to the editor by Gerald Silver, an Encino resident and president of Homeowners of Encino and Stop the Noise: