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NPC Online Library includes noise related articles from journals and books, and links to other noise resources.

Aviation Noise Effects
Bibliography of Noise Publications 1972-1982.
Comments on Occupational Noise to the OSHA Standards Planning Committee (1994).
Criteria for a Recommended Standard Occupational Noise Exposure - Revised Criteria (1996).
Denver Noise Survey, 1995, and Analysis of The Denver Noise Control Ordinance (1997).
Dictionary of Noise Terms.
The Dormant Noise Control Act And Options To Abate Noise Pollution (Shapiro, 1991).
Effects of Aircraft Noise and Sonic Booms on Domestic Animals and Wildlife: Bibliographic Abstracts.
Effects of Aircraft Noise and Sonic Booms on Domestic Animals and Wildlife: A Literature Synthesis (1988).
Effects of Aircraft Noise and Sonic Booms on Fish and Wildlife: Results of a Survey of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (1988).
Flight Tracks.
Future Noise Policy (European Commission, 1996).
Highway Traffic Noise (FHWA, 1980).
Highway Traffic Noise Analysis and Abatement: Policy and Guidance (FHWA, 1995).
Highway Traffic Noise in the United States: Problem and Response (FHWA, 1997).
Humane Society Suggestions for Dog Training.
Information on Levels of Environmental Noise Requisite to Protect Public Health and Welfare with an Adequate Margin of Safety (EPA, 1974).
An Introduction to Sound Basics.
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Impulse Noise Study (1991).
National Parks Overflights Act of 1997 (S268).
Noise: A Health Problem (1978).
Noise and Its Effects (1991).
Noise and Silence: The Soundscape and Spirituality (1995).
Noise Effects Handbook: A Desk Reference to Health and Welfare Effects of Noise (1981).
Noise Pollution Clearinghouse Wildlife Fact Sheet.
Presidential Executive Order 12898--Environmental Justice.
Protective Noise Levels (1979).
Quiet Communities Act of 1997 (H.R. 536).
Report to Congress: Report on Effects of Aircraft Overflights on the National Park System (1994).
Sound Bites From The Past.
Testimony of Grand Canyon Trust regarding National Parks Overflights and S. 268 (1997).
Urban Noise Survey (1977).

Noise News contains summaries and excerpts of relevant noise related articles appearing in newspapers and other periodicals. Noise News is updated weekly.

Date (Chronologically)
Geographical Area
Aircraft Noise
Amplified Noise
Civil Liberty Issues
Construction Noise
Effects on Wildlife/Animals
Environmental Justice
Firing Ranges
Health and Well-Being Issues
Home Equipment and Appliances
Industrial/Manufacturing Noise
International News
Land Use and Noise
Noise in our National Parks
Noise Ordinances
Noise Organizations
Outdoor Events
Research and Studies
Residential and Community Noise
Snowmobile and ATV Noise
Technological Solutions to Noise
Transportation Related Noise
Violence and Noise
Watercraft Noise
Workplace Noise

NPC Law Library includes proposed noise legislation and existing noise laws from federal, state, and municipal sources.

Federal Laws (U.S. Code)
Federal Regulations (Code of Federal Regulations)
Federal Register
State Rules and Regulations
City Ordinances
Proposed Legislation

Quietnet, websites of noise organizations, is maintained by the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse in order to facilitate the free exchange of ideas and group networking.

Alliance of Residents Concerning O'Hare(AReCO) "Flight Tracks"
Ban Leafblowers And Save our Town (BLAST)
Citizens for a Quieter Sacramento (CQS)
Citizens Noise Advisory Group (CNAG)
El Comité Científico Interdisciplinario de Ecología y Ruido (CCIER)
Halt Outragous Railroad Noise (HORN)
Quiet Classrooms: A Project of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
Residents' Committee to Protect the Adirondacks (RCPA)
Residents Opposed to Airport Racket (ROAR)
Scientific Interdisciplinary Ecology and Noise Committee (SIENC)
South Metro Airport Action Council (SMAAC)
U.S.-Citizens Aviation Watch (US-CAW)
Zero Air Pollution, Manhattan Beach, Chapter (ZAP)

NPC Resources is an asset to people who wish to become directly involved with noise issues, including tools for activists, educational resources, and resources that address specific types of noise.

Resources for Activists
Design or amend your community noise ordinance.
Examine the existing noise ordinances for many large U.S. cities.
Events Calendar
Activist Basics

Internet Noise Discussion Groups

Successful Tactics Used By Noise Groups
BLAST (Ban Leafblowers and Save Our Town)
Right to Quiet
ROAR (Residents Opposed to the Auto Racetrack)

Educational Resources
Create Your Own Noise Website
Teaching Sound Hygiene at School

Resources For Specific Sources of Noise
Jet Ski Noise
Transportation Noise
Swimming Pool Filter Motor Noise

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