Noise News for Week of April 13, 1997

California Planning Commission Gives Residents 90 Days to Quiet Hens in Their Backyard

PUBLICATION: Los Angeles Times
DATE: April 15, 1997
SECTION: Metro; Part B; Page 5; Zones Desk
BYLINE: Chris Chi
DATELINE: Thousand Oaks, California

The Los Angeles Times reports that the planning commission in Thousand Oaks, California have warned that if two noisy hens don't quiet down in three months -- to ease neighbors complaints -- further action will be taken.

According to the article, the family originally applied for a permit to keep farm animals, but was not given the permit because of neighbors' complaints. They appealed the decision, but now the Planning Commission has said that the family has 3 months to move the coop away from neighbors, and reduce noise and light problems. At that point, neighbors will be asked if the problems have improved, and the hens will learn their fate.

The article reports that at the hearing, the family and neighbors said they hope that the problem will be resolved and the neighbors will remain friendly with each other. Permits for farm animals are usually approved, unless complaints are received.

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Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Expansion Increases Jet Traffic Over Dania Community

PUBLICATION: Sun-Sentinel, South Edition
DATE: April 19, 1997
SECTION: Local, Pg. 5B
BYLINE: Ken Kaye; Staff Writer
DATELINE: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
ACTIVISTS, INDIVIDUALS, AND GROUPS MENTIONED: Susan Aquilino, affected property owner

The Sun-Sentinel reports that as part of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport's $1.2 billion expansion, the mile-long south runway, next to the Dania community, is to be extended to 9,000 feet within the next five to seven years. The paper reports that more than 200 large jets will eventually use the runway every day.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, most of the planes are under an agreement with Dania to take off to the east, which supposedly spares the community the roar of overhead flights. However the jets will generate more noise compared to the smaller Pipers, Cessnas and occasional commuter planes that currently use the runway.

"We know the runway is coming," said Gordon Crawford, owner of Lightning Marine, about a half-mile west of the runway. "But we already have the small planes, trains and dirt from the highway...The biggest concern people have around here is the noise of the jets."

Susan Aquilino, co-owner of J and J Mobile Home Park and Marina, said she hopes Broward County will eventually condemn and buy her 10-acre property. The Sun-Sentinel reports she said the county already purchased hundreds of homes in the Ravenswood area, north of the Dania Cutoff Canal, under a $127 million land acquisition program. According to Airport Director George Spofford, the airport has no current plans to buy any homes west or south of the airport.

Federal regulations require that the jet noise must not exceed an average of 65 decibels, day and night. Because the south runway will be used mostly for takeoffs and because its hours will be restricted, Spofford said, no homes will be exposed to the FAA's definition of excessive noise. "If we project that the 65-contour line will encroach on any homes, we would undertake mitigation at that time," he said.

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Reconsultation Of Noise Limits At International Airports Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted

DATE: April 18, 1997
BYLINE: United Kingdom

M2 Presswire reports that Mr. Justice Keene has made a consent order in the cases for judicial review brought by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) against the Department of Transport's decision on noise limits and monitoring effciency.

M2 Presswire reports the consent order made today ends the IATA challenges and provides for a full reconsultation by the Department, which has agreed to reconsult on the noise limits and monitoring arrangements as soon as reasonably practicable.

M2 Presswire reports the Court also specified the arrangements for noise limits and monitors which will apply at the three airports in the period before a new decision is taken following reconsultation. The main points include the following: The old noislimits (97dBA by day and 89dBA by night) will continue to apply, the new monitors at the three airports, except for two at Heathrow, will be used, and positional adjustments will be applied to the noise monitors.

M2 Presswire reports that enforcement of the noise limits by charges will continue to be the responsibility of BAA. It was also agreed that reserve powers to intervene under the Civil Aviation Act 1982 would not be used if BAA gives a dispensation from the charges to aircraft meeting specific conditions.

M2 Presswire reports the Department will bear a proportion of IATA's costs.

M2 Presswire reports the decision to withdraw from the case was taken on legal advice.

M2 Presswire reports History and Notes: 1. New reduced noise limits for Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports were announced in DOT Press Notice 272 (1996), 28 August 1996. 2. At a hearing on 6 December 1996, following an application by IATA, Mr. Justice Popplewell granted leave for judicial review of the decision and ordered that the new noise limits should not come into effect until after that judicial review - see DOT Press Notice 379 (1996). 3. At today's hearing, IATA were granted leave in a second application for judicial review of the s.78 Notices implementing the monitoring arrangements following the Court Order of 6 December 1996. The Court Order brings both applications for judicial review to an end. 4. The conditions under which, if a dispensation for charges is made, the reserve powers will not be used, are: - the aircraft failed to achieve the height of 1000ft aal (above airport level) at a distance of 800 meters before the relevant terminal as measured by the NTK system; and - the aircraft operator proves to the satisfaction of BAA that it was not possible for that aircraft to complete cutback by that point, and provides all relevant information; and - the infringement occurs by day; and - any waiver that is applied is no more than 4dB of the noise recorded at the monitor. *M2 COMMUNICATIONS DISCLAIMS ALL LIABILITY FOR INFORMATION PROVIDED WITHIN M2 PRESSWIRE. DATA SUPPLIED BY NAMED PARTY/PARTIES.*

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Goffstown, New Hampshire Holds Public Hearings In Hopes Of Controlling Residential And Car Stereo Noise Pollution

PUBLICATION: The Union Leader
DATE: April 19, 1997
SECTION: Section A Pg. 5
BYLINE: Steven A. Berger Union Leader Correspondent
DATELINE: Manchester, New Hampshire

The Union Leader reports Town Prosecutor Kerry Steckowych wrote noise prevention ordinances in response to complaints from citizens. The two most significant complaints were against the bass frequency from subwoofer speakers in cars and the disturbance of residential parties, according to Stechowych. The complaints were submitted to Town Administrator John Scruton, who submitted them to the police department. The town of Goffstown plans to discuss the proposed ordinances at a public hearing.

The rental properties of Goffstown provide the opportunity for college students, who host loud parties, and families to live adjacent to one another. The Union Leader reports Steckowych stated: "As of now many of the noise problems are not chargeable under the statute of disorderly conduct. If the ordinance is approved, a person who holds a large party would be responsible for any excessive noise that is generated there."

The ordinances regarding motor vehicle offenses focus on burning rubber, using too much acceleration, or braking when it is not necessary, according to Steckowych. The public hearing will clarify whether the rest of the town supports the new ordinances.

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