Noise News for Week of September 1, 1996

Van Nuys Airport Curfew May Not Meet with FAA's Approval

PUBLICATION: Los Angeles Times
DATE: September 6, 1996
SECTION: Metro; Part B; Page 3; Zones Desk; Valley edition
BYLINE: Dade Hayes
DATELINE: Van Nuys, California
ACTIVISTS, INDIVIDUALS, AND GROUPS MENTIONED: Don Schultz, president of the Van Nuys Homeowners Association; Gerald Silver, of the Homeowners of Encino; both are anti-noise activists

The Los Angeles Times reports that it is likely that the Federal Aviation Administration will reject a proposal -- supported by residents inundated by noise -- to extend a noise curfew at Los Angeles' Van Nuys Airport.

According to the article, approval for the change -- which would change the current 15-year-old 11 p.m. curfew time to 10 p.m. -- has already been secured from the Los Angeles City Council and the Airport Commissioners. The Federal Aviation Administration has warned that the change must comply with the 1990 Airport Noise and Capacity Act; if the change is made without FAA approval, the airport would lose federal funds.

The article concludes, noting that the Los Angeles Airport director plans to meet with the FAA. The head of the citizens group Homeowners of Encino feels that the FAA is saying that "the only bone they city and airport officials threw to us is not going to be acceptable."

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