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Technical Committee on Noise
of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA)


Accredited Standards Committees and International Standards Committees

The independent S committees (S1, S2, S3, and S12) have wide representation from manufacturers, consumers, government, the public, and individual experts. Each committee is assisted in developing specific standards by subcommittees and working groups. After approval by the parent S committee and by ANSI, the standards are published by the Acoustical Society of America through the American Institute of Physics.

The four accredited S Committees also provide U.S. input to various international standards committees: ISO/TC43 Acoustics, IEC/TC29 Electroacoustics, and ISO/TC108 Mechanical Vibration and Shock. The U.S. input is also provided for ISO/TC 94 SC12 Hearing Protection and IEC/SC50A Shock and Vibration Tests.

The Standards Secretariat provides administrative support for four independent national standards committees accredited by ANSI. The names, scopes, and membership of these committees as of May 2003 are:

S12 Noise. Standards, specifications and terminology in the field of acoustical noise pertaining to methods of measurement, evaluation, and control; including biological safety, tolerance, comfort, and physical acoustics as related to environmental and occupational noise.
Paul D. Schomer, Chair; R. D. Hellweg, Vice Chair

Members and Representatives

Abbot Laboratories
D. Walton/B. Muto (Alt.)

Acoustical Society of America
B. M. Brooks/W.J. Galloway (Alt.)

Aearo Company
E. H. Berger

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute
R. Seel/M. Darbeau (Alt.)

W.D. Gallagher

American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery, Inc.
R.A. Dobie/L.A. Michael (Alt.)

American Industrial Hygiene Association
D. Driscoll/J. Banach (Alt.)

American Otological Society
R.F. Naunton

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
G. Linn/R. Levinson (Alt.)

Audio Engineering Society
M.R. Chial/D. Queen (Alt.)

Bruel & Kjaer Instruments, Inc.
M. Alexander/J. Chou (Alt.)

Caterpillar, Inc.
K.G. Meitl/D.G. Roley (Alt.)

Compressed Air & Gas Institute
J.H. Addington/D.R. Bookshar (Alt.)

Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation
R.D. Bruce/E.H. Berger (Alt.)

Howard Leight Industries
V. Larson/E. Woo (Alt.)

Industrial Safety Equipment Association
J. Birkner/J.C. Bradley (Alt.)

Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)
R.D. Hellweg/W.H. Johnson (Alt.)

Institute of Noise Control Engineering
B. Tinianov/M. Lucas (Alt.)

James Anderson and Associates (JAA)
L.D. Hager/R.R. Anderson (Alt.)

Larson Davis Laboratories
L. Davis/L. Harbaugh (Alt.)

National Council of Acoustical Consultants
J. Erdreich

National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA)
K. Michael

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse
L. Blomberg

North American Insulation Manufacturers Association
R. Godfrey/R. Moulder (Alt.)

Power Tool Institute, Inc.
S. Broadbent/J. Nosko (Alt.)

U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Lab
W. Ahroon/D. Ostler (Alt.)

U.S. Air Force
R. L. McKinley

U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (USA-CERL)
L. Pater

U.S. Army Human Research and Engineering Directorate
J. Kalb/T.R. Letowski (Alt.)

U.S. Army, Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine
G.A. Luz/W.A. Russell (Alt.)

U.S. Department of the Navy Naval Surface Warfare Center
S.A. Fisher/J. Niemiec (Alt.)

U.S. Department of Transportation
A. Konheim

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