"Towards a Healthy Sound Environment"

Rosario, Argentina, October 8-10, 1998


Centro Cultural "Bernardino Rivadavia"
San Martín 1080
2000 Rosario


First Announcement


The Second International Multidisciplinary Conference on Acoustic Violence will take place in Rosario, next October 8-10, at the Centro Cultural "Bernardino Rivadavia". It is Organized by the the Ecology and Noise Interdisciplinary Committee of the Asociación de Logopedia, Foniatría y Audiología del Litoral (ASOLOFAL), and it will be sponsored by the Municipal Government.


October 10 is the "Healthy Environment Day" in Rosario, according to a City Council Ordinance of 1997, that being the reason for which this date has been chosen to close the Conference.


Subject Outline

-Acoustic Violence in Society, in Natural and Urban Environment, in Education, and in Labour.

-Interdisciplinary Aspects regarding Health Impairment caused by the Acoustic Violence.

-Legal Aspects of Acoustic Violence

-Preventative Action

-The Costs of Noise


The Conference will consist of lectures, panels, papers, posters, and Audiovisuals.


The Executive Board of the Conference will receive proposals and papers until September 15, 1998. Al submissions shall be posted in two copies, and in 3.5" Diskette (Word 6.0, Word 97 or pure text ASCII)


Some of the panels already confirmed are:

Acoustic Violence and Psychology
Coordinated by: Psychologist Sara Romano.
Lecturers: Prof. Jorge Montaldo, Prof. Gustavo Gauna, Prof. Martha Varela, Ps. Sara Romano, Dr. Cristina Solorzano. Subjects: Prevention and Musicotherapy, Music for the Peace, Prevention of Acoustic Violence during pregnancy and birth, The role of sound during birth.

Acoustic Violence and Architecture
Coordinated by: Architect Miriam Ruiz
Lecturers: Arch. Miriam Ruiz, Arch. Jorgte alberto Mastroissi, Arch. Mirtha Fuentes.

Acoustic Violence: Legal Aspects
Coordinated by Dr. Fabian Braghieri.

Acoustic Violence: Occupational aspects.
Coordinated by: Dr. Carlos Wulfsohn.


Some Lectures and Tutorials already arranged:

"Physiopatology of noise-induced hearing damage and its prosthetic solution", Dr. Alberto Muñoz, Fga. Andrea Fabiana

"Effects of noise on the voice", Ulariaga. Dr. Juan Carlos Tripputi.

"Estimating Hearing Risk by means of International Standard ISO 1999", Ing. Federico Miyara

"High Frequency Audiometry ", Dr. Isaac Kaminszczic (to be confirmed)

"Connections between Noise, Hypoacusis and Stress at the End of the Century", Lic. Patricia Faletty.

"Hearing Threshold in Teenagers and their Recreational Habits", Lic. Clara Levington

"Noise Addiction", Dr. Jorge Wulfsohn

"Adaptability and Fatigue Tests", Lic. Nora Neustadt

"Otoacustic Emissions", Dr. Héctor Ruiz

"A Methodological Study on the Influence of Loud Music on Teenagers", Ing. Mario Serra, Lic. Ester Biassoni, Fga. Silvia Abraham.

"Acoustic Pollution in Uruguay", Fga. Rita Quevedo


The Oficial Language of the Conference will be Spanish, but papers will be accepted also in English. Translation service may be provided for an additional fee if required before September 15, 1998.


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