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Scientific Interdisciplinary Ecology and Noise Committee


The Scientific Interdisciplinary Ecology and Noise Committee (SIENC) is a group of professionals belonging to the Asociación de Logopedia, Foniatría y Audiología del Litoral (ASOLOFAL) devoted to improve the state of noise pollution in the city of Rosario as well as elsewhere.

The Asociación de Logopedia, Foniatría y Audiología del Litoral (ASOLOFAL) was created in October 10, 1961 with the aim of associating people interested or professionally specialized in subjects such as audiology, phonology, otology and laryngology, with residence in the argentine provinces of Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, Corrientes and Misiones. It is a non-profit and non-governmental scientific organisation.

The SIENC is one of the internal Committees within the ASOLOFAL and was created in response to the increasing interest in noise pollution and the urgent need of a consistent action against it. Indeed, as early as in the 1983 Argentine Conference of Phonology organized by the ASOLOFAL the noise issue had been especially focused at in the Symposium on Noise and Community. The Committee was created five years later, i.e., in 1988, with three major aims:



It belongs to the Consulting Board to the Committee of the Environment of Rosario's City Council, and by a special ordinance, prior to the discussion of any subject related to noise pollution, the SIENC must give its opinion regarding to the technical aspects.

The core of the Committee is formed by the following professionals:


Fga. Matilde Della Cella (Phonoaudiologist)
Fga. Nydia Tamburri (Phonoaudiologist)
Lic. Gladys Maresca (Phonoaudiologist)
Lic. Carmen Deni (Phonoaudiologist)
Ps. Sara Romano (Psychologist)
Fga. Silvana Mendizabal (Phonoaudiologist)
Fga. Marcela Murúa (Phonoaudiologist)
Fga. María Cristina Baraldo (Phonoaudiologist)
Arq. Miriam Ruiz (Architect)
Dr. Héctor Ruiz (Medical doctor)
Dr. Carlos Wulfsohn (Medical Doctor)
Dr. Jorge Wulfsohn (Medical Doctor)
Dr. Fabián Braghieri (Lawyer)
Ing. Federico Miyara (Electronic Engineer)

It is our intention to incorporate as soon as possible other specialties and disciplines, such as music, statistics, sociology and anthropology. In the words of the President of the ASOLOFAL, Matilde Della Cella, who has been appointed as an honorary citizen by the City Council, "... nowadays it is no longer possible to do any significant research in science without the assistance of several disciplines."

The SIENC carries out its action by means of scientific and applied research, agreements with other institutions, educational programs at all levels, the organization of Conferences, Symposiums, Panels and courses, the participation in Conferences, Symposiums and Panels, the publication of information addressed to citizens. Our professionals help people affected by noise pollution to take appropriate actions to improve their situation. Currently we are working on the preparation of a Draft Noise Ordinance to be submitted to the City Council for its discussion. We are also organizing a major event, the Second International Multidisciplinary Conference on Acoustic Violence, to be held in Rosario in October 8, 9 and 10, 1998.

The SIENC meets every monday at 7:30 PM (Argentine time) at its office, located in Bv. Oroño 1187 1ºI, Rosario, Argentina, and may be reached by mail to the following address:

Comité Científico Interdisciplinario de Ecología y Ruido
Bv. Oroño 1187 1º I
2000 Rosario

or by phone:

TEL +54 - 41- 55-7969 / + 54 - 41 - 63-1849

or by FAX:

FAX +54 - 41 - 48-8771

or by E-mail:

E-mail: fmiyara@fceia.unr.edu.ar


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