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Consumer and Industrial Products Consultants
Books and Periodicals Sound Monitoring Equipment
Sound Control, Soundproofing, and Technological Innovations Watercraft

Consumer and Industrial Products

This company offers a broad range of acoustic and vibration measurement products from measuring microphones to acoustic holography systems.

All Noise Control
Manufacturers of acoustical products.

Bacou-Dalloz designs personal protective equipment, including hearing protection and new "Natural Sound Technology" earmuffs.

The E-A-R/Aearo Company
The Aearo Company produces hearing safety products, including hearing protection devices, communication headsets, and earmuffs.

Earth Ear
The world's best collection of environmental sound art.

Etymotic Research, Inc.
Etymotic Research, Inc. is a research development company whose mission is to design products to measure, improve and protect hearing.

Computer Fans by Microstorm Electronica
Microstorm Electronica claims to help quiet your computer by combining minimum noise with adequate cooling.

End PC Noise
End PC Noise offers quiet computer parts as well as custom made quiet computers to consumers interested in a quiet work/computing environment.

Hocks Corp.
Hearing protection you still hear with. Uses the laws of physics to regulate noise.

McKeon Products Inc.
McKeon Products has been producing the ultra soft silicone earplugs since 1962.

Moldex-Metric, Inc.
Moldex makes hearing protection products, including many different kinds of earplugs.

Noise Busters Direct
Earplugs for personal, recreational, and industrial needs.

Positive Energy
Our products save energy and make for a quieter dwelling. See our fans and sealing products on our website, or call for a catalog.

Rugs Direct
Acoustic materials for absorption.

Sonomax has developed the Sonomax Solution, a hearing protection system that combines a uniquely designed earpiece, the SonoCustom, combined with an optimized proprietary hardware and an easily navigable Windows®-based support application, SonoPass, which drives the fitting process, confirms the acoustic seal, calibrates the level of sound attenuation achieved and records the results.

Sunlawn Push Reel Mowers
Sunlawn Push Reel Mowers says it's not your grandfather's lawn mower! They claim that Brill hand mowers offer precision, efficiency and style expertly crafted by Germany's oldest lawn mower manufacturer. Sunlawn claims that its mowers offer light, quiet, low maintenance and excellent cutting performance with no noise, gas, oil, spark plugs or fumes.

Quiet PC
This company offers three types of products which address the three sources of noise in most PCs - hard drive, the power supply and the processor cooler.


Acentech provides engineers, architects, and designers with professional consulting services for acoustical, audiovisual, and noise and vibration control.

Acoustic Associates
Acoustic Associates performs environmental, industrial, and product noise studies. Located in Palatine, Illinois, they also conduct hearing conservation and industrial noise seminars.

Acoustical Design Collaborative Ltd.

Acoustic Dimensions
Acoustic Dimensions provides consulting and design services in room acoustics, auditorium planning, noise control, sound isolation, sound, video, a/v, and lighting.

Acoustilog, Inc.
We provide professional acoustic measurement, acoustical and noise consultation, expert witness testimony, soundproofing design and troubleshooting services for business and industry, recording and broadcast studios and private individuals. We specialize in practical, no-nonsense solutions to acoustic problems.

D.L. Adams Associates, Ltd.
Consulting engineers specializing in noise assessment, abatement, and control.

Angelvine Acoustical Consultants
Angelvine Acoustical Consultants, Inc. is a consulting firm offering services since 1950 in architectural acoustics, industrial noise, community noise, product noise, and machine and structural vibration.

Arpeggio Acoustic Consulting, LLC
Arpeggio, LLC provides consulting services in all areas of acoustics, including noise and vibration control, architectural acoustics, community and environmental noise, and expert testimony.

ATC provides comprehensive environmental consulting services to clients on a nationwide basis.

AVL Designs, Incorporated
AVL Designs, Incorporated, is a consulting and design firm located in Rocheter, NY. They specialize in projects involving audio, theater lighting, stage rigging, acoustics, video projection, noise control, and video production.

Big Sky Acoustics, LLC
Acoustical consulting firm specializing in environmental noise control and architectural acoustics.

David Braslau Associates
David Braslau Associates, Inc. solves problems in environmental noise and acoustics, both in areas of practical application and research. They currently provide a wide spectrum of services in acoustics and vibration.

Brooks Acoustical Corporation
Acoustical engineering design and test services since 1959.

Campanella Associates

Cerami Associates, Inc.
Cerami and Associates, a certified woman-owned business provides acoustical, audio-visual, and information technology consulting services.

Colin Gordon & Associates
Specializing in internal and environmental noise and vibration control for advanced technology, industrial, and commercial buildings, and for transportation related sources.

Cross-Spectrum Labs
Cross-Spectrum Labs provides cost effective sound and vibration measurements to meet your environmental, architectural and engineering needs.

CSTI Acoustics
CSTI Acoustics offers professional consulting in acoustics, noise and vibration control, hearing damage risk, product design, and literature research for engineering firms, commercial and industrial firms, government agencies, architects, attorneys, and churches.

DMK Environmental Engineering, Inc.
DMK provides noise level emission monitoring services to comply with OSHA.

Eilar Associates
Acoustical and environmental consulting services - since 1974 - offices in California, Colorado, and Washington.

Electro-Media Design, Ltd.
Independant consultants in architectural acoustics and audiovisual systems design.

ESA Consulting Services
Consulting services in the fields of industrial, architectural and community noise measurement and control, litigation and mediation.

Fermata Audio & Acoustics
F E R M A T A Audio and Acoustic, a New England company offering audio recording services and acoustical consulting.

Gordon Bricken & Associates
General acoustic consulting practice.

Great Lakes Sound & Vibration
These are consultants specializing in noise control and acoustics with significant experience in recreational vehicles, automobiles, and industry type problems.

Grozier Technical Systems
Grozier Technical Systems assists to control sound emissions from amphitheaters, other outdoor venues, and nightclubs. They design and build sound level management systems. Grozier helps to continously publish and predict sound level information, helping to monitor sound levels.

Hankard Environmental Inc.
Consultants in environmental, architectural, and sound system acoustics.

Andrew S Harris Inc.
19 University Lane
Manchester, MA 01944-1632
(978) 526-0005
Aviation noise consulting.

Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc.
HMMH provides noise control consulting in all areas of noise and vibrations control solutions for existing highway, aviation and rail systems. HMMH also provides noise and vibration design solutions for new facilities.

Mike Henderson Consulting
Mr. Henderson offers environmental consulting services to individuals and community groups who are looking for assistance in dealing with the impacts of highway projects, including raffic noise issues.

Hessler Associates, Inc.
Hessler Associates, Inc. is an acoustical consultant firm.

HFP Acoustical Consultants Corp.

HFP Acoustical Consultants Corp.
1140, 10201 Southport Rd. SW
Calgary AB Canada T2W 4X9
HFP Acoustical Consultants Inc.
6001 Savoy, Suite 115
Houston TX 77036

This firm specializes in industrial noise control for the oil/gas/petrochemical/power-gen industries, environmental noise impact assessments, architectural acoustical design, and sound system/AV design.

Integrex Testing Systems
Integrex offers systems testing for noise and vibration control. Their services range from materials evaluation to new product development to manufacturing trouble-shooting.

J & A Enterprises
J & A Enterprises is an engineering firm specializing in noise and vibration control of marine craft. J & A approaches new designs and solutions of existing problems with a wealth of experience, training, and diagnostic instrumentation.

Kamperman Associates Inc.
Noise control consulting engineering specializing in commmunity noise and industrial noise control.

McKay Conant Brook Inc.
McKay Conant Brook Inc. provides acoustical consulting services in all areas of Building Acoustics and Audiovisual systems.

Medlin Acoustics
Medlin and Associates provides acoustical consulting services for architectural infrastructure and environmental projects.

Merck & Hill Consultants, Inc.
Merck & Hill Consultants is an independent consulting and design firm specializing in the relationships between sound and the built environment. Providing consulting, design, and evaluation services for both future and existing facilities, the firm’s services include building site and community noise impact assessments; sound isolation and noise abatement designs; acoustics testing and noise exposure monitoring; and expert testimony.

Metropolitan Acoustics
Metropolitan Acoustics is an acoustical consulting firm that provides services for room acoustics, acoustical isolation, noise control, and sound and AV system design.

Nelson Acoustical Engineering Inc.
Nelson Acoustical Engineering, Inc. provides professional noise control consulting services for design and retrofit of products, machinery, and industrial plants.

Noise Consultancy, LLC
The Noise Consultancy (TNC) offers assistance in the following areas: all aspects of community noise enforcement, noise ordinance drafting, expert testimony and studies, certified sound level measurements and surveys, permit applications and Environmental Impact Statements, impacted resident advocacy, and occupational hearing conservation programs.

Orpheus Acoustics
Orpheus Acoustics specializes in room acoustics, noise control and sound system design.

Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering Ltd.
Patching Associates provides acoustic engineering services to the oil and gas industry, transportation engineers and planners, as well as private elements. One of our specialties is road and rail noise assessment and control.

PMK Consultants
PMK is a Texas firm providing consultation in acoustics, theatre, television and audio/visual design.

Resource Systems Group
Resource Systems Group is a consulting firm with a Community Noise, Air Pollution, and Traffic Division. Located in White River Junction, Vermont, RSG has worked on many Vermont land use cases.

RH Lyon Corp.
Consultation on product design for improved sound quality.

Schaffer Acoustics Inc.
Schaffer Acoustics Inc. provides consulting, testing and design services in all areas of architectural acoustics, sound isolation, equipment noise and vibration, environmental noise and ground and floor vibration.

Shen, Milson & Wilke
SM&W provides integrated services in the areas of telecommunications, audiovisual, multimedia, acoustics and trading floor design.

Siebein Associates, Inc.
Siebein Acoustics provides acoustical consulting services.

Steve Rosenberg, Professional Engineer
An Indianapolis Noise and Vibration Consulting Professional (Licensed) Engineer, with 30+ years of field experience.

Roth Acoustical Associates
Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Roth specializes in industrial noise control, office and building noise control, noise control feasibility studies, product noise level testing and control, noise control training, and expert witness testimony.

Rutgers Noise Technical Assistance Center
The RNTAC offers assistance in the development of local noise ordinances, and conducts training in Community Noise Enforcement leading to court recognized certification. They also serve as a reference source on a wide range of noise pollution issues. They are housed within the Department of Environmental Sciences, Rutgers - the State University of New Jersey.

Charles M. Salter Associates
SPL Services Inc. provides Sound Analysis and Mitigation.
3580 El Paso Alto
Vista, CA 92084

SPL Services Inc.
Acoustical and audio/visual consulting.

State Of The Art Acoustik
Acoustic consulting firm in Ottawa.

Lon Sutherland
Consultant in Acoustics
27803 Longhill Dr.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
(310) 541-7654

Svantek America Inc.
Instrumentation for sound & vibration measurements.

The Acoustics & Vibration Group
Consultants in acoustics, vibration, noise control and audio visual design.

The Greenbusch Group, Inc.
The Greenbusch Group specializes in environmental noise studies, mechanical noise and vibration control, interior noise and reverberation control, and audio/video system design.

The Noise Consultancy, LLC
The Noise Consultancy (TNC) offers assistance in the following areas: all aspects of community noise enforcement, noise ordinance drafting, expert testimony and studies, certified sound level measurements and surveys, permit applications and Environmental Impact Statements, impacted resident advocacy, and occupational hearing conservation programs.

The Talaske Group
Consulting firm specializing in acoustics, audio and video systems design for new projects and renovations.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy
Dr. Pawel Jastreboff of Emory University's Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Center uses a device that resembles a hearing aid to help people with tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT), employs a combination of low level noise and counseling to retrain the tinnitus sufferer's neurological functions, such that in twelve to eighteen months the patient is no longer aware of his condition.

Veneklasen Associates
Veneklasen Associates provides complete acoustical, audio-visual and environmental noise design services.

Wakefield Acoustics
2776 Dewdney Avenue
Victoria, BC V8R 3M4
(250) 370-9302
Consulting acoustical engineers.

Wieland Associates, Inc.
Responsive acoustical consultants assisting engineers, architects, developers, planners and government entities by conducting noise and vibration studies.

Wilson, Ihrig & Associates, Inc.
WIA provides a complete range of consulting services associated with acoustics and noise and vibration measurement, evaluation and control.

WJHW, Inc.
Consulting and design services in acoustics, sound, noise control, audio visual, broadcast and theatrical systems.

Wyle Laboratories
Research and consulting in acoustics and vibration.

Young Environmental Sciences, Inc
Aviation noise consulting and planning firm founded in 1984.

Sound Control, Soundproofing, and Technological Innovations

Acoustic Sciences Corporation
Since 1984 we have analyzed, designed and manufactured ready-to-install sound and noise control systems from recording studios to hifi and home theater, classrooms to restaurants, church sanctuaries to fellowship halls, electronic cabinet sound baffles to outdoor sound fencing and we provide DIY soundproofing kits for rooms and doors.

Acoustical Resources
Acoustic Systems manufactures modular noise control enclosures to meet predetermined acoustic performance levels.

Acoustical Resources

Acoustical Solutions
Acoustical Solutions offers sound control and noise reduction products in the areas of industrial noise control, broadcast and recording, architectural acoustics, and teleconferencing and distance learning. They give advice, noise control and reverberation time analyses, installation instructions, and free product samples and color charts.

Acoustical Surfaces Inc.
Acoustical Surfaces Inc. offers the widest range of acoustical and noise control products, serving the architectural, industrial, pro-audio and educational markets. For acoustical analysis, product recommendations, installation advice, visit their web site.

Allied International Corporation
Allied International Corporation designs and manufactures fiber metal media reactive silencers for aircraft and severe environments.

American Micro Industries, Inc.
Global distributor of acoustic and soundproofing foam.

Armstrong World Industries
Armstrong Ceiling Systems; manufacturer of residential/commercial ceilings and suspension systems.

ClearSonic Manufacturing, Inc.
ClearSonic Manufacturing are manufactures of portable acoustic isolation drum shields and absorption panels.

Concrete Impressions
Concrete Impressions manufacture precast soundwall systems.

Manufacturers of elastomeric materials for structure-borne sound.

E.I. Williams
E.I. Williams is a Canadian firm that sells industrial silencers and noise enclosures.

Eckel Noise Control Industries
Eckel develops products for industry testing and research. Products include anechoic chambers, noise control panels, industrial sound enclosures, engine test cells, and turbine silencers.

Ecophon Certaineed, Inc.
Ecophon is a pioneer in integrated acoustic ceiling systems.

Environmental Concepts, Inc.
Experts in acoustics, architectural specialties, and noise & vibration control for Western Michigan.

Environmental Noise Control specializes in rental, sales, design, and installation of interior and exterior sound mitigation products, including equipment enclosures, industrial enclosures, and aesthetic panels and barriers. They are located in Miami, Florida, and may be reached at (800) 407-6863.

Fallon Industrial Resources
Fallon produces "Noise-Busters Acoustical Products." They focus exclusively on industrial soundproofing. Their site has a wealth of information, and links to hundreds of sites for consultants, manufacturers and distributors of various acoustical products and services.

George Koch Sons
More than sixty years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of acoustic enclosures and barriers.

Hoover Treated Wood Products
Hoover Treated Wood Products manufactures PlyWall, a prefabricated, pre-engineered noise barrier system constructed with pressure treated wood.

Humphrey Products Inc.
Humphrey Products offers insulated windows and doors with high noise-reduction ratings.

Illbruck Inc.
Illbruck is a manufacturer of acoustical ceiling tiles, wall panels, baffles and barriers.

Industrial Acoustics Company
Industrial Acoustics Company uses acoustics, aorodynamics, and knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes to provide noise control products and services. They provide assistance to industry, including but not limited to aviation, hearing, broadcast and recording studios, and transportation.

Industrial Noise Control
Industrial Noise Control offers products and systems for industrial plants, schools, architects, and recreation facilities. This website features solutions to a variety of noise problems as well as tutorial information about noise control in general.

Integrity Gasket
You just found the worlds most practical solution for noise control! Stop the vibration! Integrity Gasket improves the STC of a wall by 4 points!!!

Kinetics Noise Control
Kinetics Noise Control manufactures and supplies a wide range of products for Architectural, Industrial, and Specialty Noise and Vibration applications including Sound Rated floors, ceilings, partitions, and enclosures.

Knauf Insulation
Leading manufacturer of acoustical and thermal insulation for air handling systems, commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

Kodet Architectural Group
School and classroom architects.

Krieger Specialty Products
Krieger Specialty Products is a custom, special purpose, door and window manufacturer utilized by leading architects, engineers and designers in premiere structures worldwide. Krieger Sonic acoustical, STC, sound/noise control performance assemblies primarily serve commercial, industrial, and governmental bodies.

MBI Acoustical Products
MBI manufatures creative acoustical products for all types of buildings.

Memtech, Inc.
Memtech offers a variety of products to help control industrial noise in in both new and existing facilities. Solutions include absorption, damping, blocking, and containment.

Netwell Noise Control
Their range of products includes absorption and barrier products, featuring acoustic panels and over 60 other soundproofing materials, in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes tailored to address your specific soundproofing needs. Their products are designed for commercial or residential use.

Neva Associates
Neva provides consultation and sales with respect to architectural acoustical designs and industrial noise control systems.

Noise Cancellation Technologies (NCT)
Noise Cancellation Technologies develops active wave management applications and technology. Active wave management is the electronic coupling of a low frequency noise wave with its exact mirror image. The result is called “anti-noise,” which has the effect of canceling the offensive noise.

Oshex Associates, Inc.
Products and services for complete solutions for industrial, architectural and community noise.

Owens-Corning develops, manufactures and markets advanced glass and composite materials for use in residential building and in industry. A website search for "noise" reveals interesting information about sound control.

Polymer Technologies, Inc.
Polymer Technologies is a leading manufacturer of noise control, vibration, thermal, and molded parts.

Quiet Solution Inc.
Quiet Solution manufactures products using its viscoelastic polymer technology. Construction & Buildings: QuietRock, QuietWood, QuietSeal, QuietGlue. Transportation & Vehicles: QuietAir, QuietBoat, QuietCar, QuietRail, QuietShip. Machinery & Appliances: QuietCoat.

QuietPower Systems, Inc. specializes in the design and installation of transformer active noise control systems for power substations. For a complimentary brochure and videotape, contact QuietPower in New York City at (212) 967-8480. The company also provides free initial assessments of the problem.

R.F. Knapp Co.
R.F. Knapp Co. deals with eliminating the beeping noise from construction site vehicles with back-up warning devices.

Ruskin Sound Control
The leading manufacturer of duct sound attenuators and acoustical panel systems that eliminate noise associated with large fans and machinery utilized by commercial air conditioning systems and industrial processes.

Safe at Work
This is the website hosted by James, Anderson, and Associates, Inc. This site provides information about JAA, the Safe at Work program, and JAA's Sound Exposure Monitoring, Noise Control, and Hearing Loss Prevention Process. This site is a comprehensive resource for workers and management alike.

Silex, Inc.
Silex specializes in the design and manufacture of exhaust silencers, vibration control, and related equipment for stationary diesel engines, natural-gas engines and gas turbines. Their products include acoustic housing and enclosures.

Smart Skin, Inc.
Soundown Corporation manufactures noise control materials for various industries.

Soundown Corp.
Soundown Corporation manufactures noise control materials for various industries.

SoundPlan LLC
Noise and air pollution assessment and mapping software.

Sound Fighter Systems, LLC
Manufacturer of the LSE Noise Barrier Wall System which is an absorptive sound barrier wall.

Sound Proof Windows
Solve your noise problem. Reduce noise levels 75% by adding a second window designed to stop noise. Come review our website.

Super Soundproofing Co.
Super Soundproofing Co. Provides soundproofing materials for the Do- It- Yourself-er and the expert.

Surfacing Solution
Surfacing Solution makes one lb. per square foot 1/8" thick black vynil barriers to stop noise through walls, ceilings, and floors.

Universal Silencer
Universal Silencer manufactures noise control equipment for industrial equipment, especially engines, blowers, fans,compressors, valves, vacuum pumps and gas turbines.

Sound Monitoring Equipment

ACO Pacific Inc.
Measuring microphones and systems for measurements, monitoring and controlling noise - ACOustics Begins With ACO.

Brüel & Kjær
Noise measurements with Brüel & Kjær's legendary reliability and accuracy. Our noise dosemeters, Protection software and the Mediator SLM are featured with the full line of sound and vibration meters.

Casella CEL
Casella CEL makes equipment to monitor noise and sound. These sound level meters are designed to assess community noise and occupational health and safety issues.

Extech Instruments
Extech Instruments offers several types of digital sound level meters, along with a calibrator and other accessories.

Larson Davis Laboratories
Larson Davis offers dosimeters, sound level meters, and real-time analyzers. They also sell used and refurbished noise and vibration instrumentation at specially reduced prices.

McLennan Research, Inc. has developed an entertainment sound level meter to provide instant readouts and continuous information. Features include an adjustable excessive sound alarm. The meter is intended to be mounted in a permanent position, providing instant and continuous sound level information.

Kestrel makes light weight, water proof and easy to use pocket weather meters.

Norsonic supplies portable sound analyzers, sound intensity systems, environmental noise monitoring systems, and handheld sound level meters.

Ptolemy Services
Ptolemy Services produces low-cost Windows software to record environmental noise using simple sound level meters.

Quest Technologies and Metrosonics
Quest Technologies and Metrosonics make sound level meters and noise dosimeters.

Radio Shack
Radio Shack makes digital and analog sound level meters for use by the average citizen. See their website to find a store near you.

Scantek, Inc.
916 Gist Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 495-7738

Technika Sound Meters
Technika offers two sound level meters and an acoustical calibrator.

Books and Periodicals

Acoustics: Architecture, Engineering, the Environment is a 320-page reference handbook for architects, engineers, facilities managers, specifiers, and other professionals. It was published in 1998 by Charles Salter and Associates, acoustic consultants located in San Francisco. The book is available through the William Stout Bookstore.

Airport Noise Report
The Airport Noise Report is a biweekly newsletter on litigation, regulations, and technological developments. It is written for airport or aviation industry professionals, elected officials, aviation consultants, and lawyers specializing in airport noise cases. It strives to provide insight into noise problems at airports throughout the country and help find effective ways to deal with noise problems.

Multi-Science Publishing Co.
This website provides full details about Noise and Vibration Worldwide, Noise and Vibration Bulletin, Noise and Vibration in Industry, Journal of Low Frequency Noise and Vibration, Acoustics Archive, Acoustics Abstracts, Surface Wave Abstracts, Russian Ultrasonics.

Radioland Productions
Radio production and nature recordings.

Silent PC Review
This website provides in-depth articles, equipment reviews and news stories that deal with silencing your computer. We will help you eliminate the unnecessary computer noise pollution so prevalent in our environment today.

Tyre/Road Noise Reference Book
This book is an extremely detailed amd comprehensive reference book on Tire and Road noise. Both of the Authors have been involved in the study of road & tire noise for almost thirty years.

Wild Sanctuary


ACE Adventure Center
ACE Adventure Center is West Virginia's only outfitter providing lodging, dining and a wide variety of outdoor adventure activities on their 1,400-acre resort. Activities include rafting, horseback riding, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, caving trips and rope courses.

Budsin Wood Craft
Builders of exquisitely crafted 15' and 22' quiet electric powered boats.

GAIA Paddlesports
Waterproof gear for canoeing and kayaking made in the U.S.A.

Mitchell Paddles
Your source for the finest wooden and composite paddles.

Pacific Tailboats
Manufacturer of human-powered boats that swim like a fish.

Ray Electric Outboards, Inc.
Ray Electric Outboards is the largest manufacturer of primary power electric outboard boat motors in the world.

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