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The groups below are primarily to grassroots community groups working on noise, and hearing health organizations. To find links to products and services, environmental organizations who generally support the quiet movement, professional societies, or government websites, see the Related Sites homepage. If you would like to see the sites below organized by category, see the Related Sites: Noise Organizations (listed by area of focus) page.

Airport Area Residents Alliance (Memphis, Tennessee)
PO Box 30935
Memphis, TN 38130-0935

Airport Communities Coalition (ACC)
The ACC is committed to stopping a third runway at Sea-Tac Airport and improving quality of life near the airport.

Airport Coordinating Team (Baltimore-Washington International Airport)
339 Silky Oak Ct.
Linthicum, MD 21090
email: sfdebre@email.msn.com

Airport Neighbors Alliance
This group is concerned about growing problems caused by the Louisville, Kentucky Airport Expansion Project. They fear that Lousiville will soon be the world's fifth largest cargo hub, and they are working to protect the quality of life of those affected by airport operations.

Airport Neighbors Decide
This group was formed to fight the expansion at Port Columbus (Ohio) International Airport. They continue to focus on the dangers of airport pollution, including noise, and on the loss of family homes and the destruction of neighborhoods due to airport expansion.

Airport Noise
Airport Noise was created to supply up to date information on citizens' rights and the expansion of Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina. In the Fall of 1998 Federal Express targeted Greensboro for an operations hub.

Airport Noise Action Committee
ANAC is an airport noise group concerned about noise from Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts.

Airport Noise Law
This site is devoted entirely to issues of airport noise law.

Akron/Canton Airport Noise
This group was formed in response to the planned expansion of Akron/Canton Airport, which will bring with it an increase in jet noise. They ask for a 10 PM to 7 AM jet flight curfew.

Alliance of Municipalities Concerning Air Traffic (Teterboro, New Jersey Airport)

Alliance for a New Moffett Field
The Alliance for a New Moffett Field is comprised of volunteers from nearby California communities. Their goal is to promote an open and democratic process to determine the future of Moffett Field and to ensure that this valuable resource will serve the interests of their communities, preserving and enhancing their quality of life.

Alliance of Residents Concerning O'Hare (AReCO)
AReCO is a grass roots organization made up of residents that are affected by noise, pollution and safety concerns caused by O'Hare International Airport located in Chicago, Illinois.

American Academy of Audiology
The slogan of the American Academy of Audiology is "Caring for America's Hearing." The mission of the American Academy of Audiology is to provide quality hearing care to children and adults, enhance the ability of members to achieve career objectives, provide professional development through education and research, and increase public awareness of hearing disorders and audiologic services.

American Hyperacusis Association
Hyperacusis is the intolerance to everyday sound levels in the presence of essentially normal hearing. In other words, individuals experience discomfort and irritation or even pain when they hear certain ordinary sounds. Goals of this association increase public and professional awareness of hyperacusis and its diagnosis, evaluation, and management, to provide support for sufferers, and to fund research.

American Tinnitus Association
Tinnitus is the perception of sound when no external sound is present; it is often referred to as "ringing in the ears." The goal of the ATA is to "promote relief, prevention, and the eventual cure of tinnitus for the benefit of present and future generations."

Ban the Cannons
This group is dedicated to stopping noise pollution from propane cannons and other bird scare devices used by blueberry and grape farmers in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.

Better Hearing Institute
This site is the Better Hearing Institute's "Hearing Help-On-Line." It provides comprehensive information on hearing loss, tinnitus, and hearing aids, as well as a directory of hearing care providers (audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, and otolaryngologists ).

Beverly BLAST (Beverly Lobby Against Sounding Trainhorns)
BLAST's primary focus is to retain the current ban against sounding train horns throughout Beverly, MA, except in cases of emergency.

(BLAST) Ban Leafblowers And Save Our Town
Noise activists in Santa Barbara, California recently launched a successful campaign to ban gas-powered leafblowers after almost fifteen years of work on the issue. BLAST can provide excellent support and strategies for people interested in grassroots activism in their own communities.

Bluewater Network
Bluewater Network is a project of David Brower's Earth Island Institute. Part of their mission is to be a clearinghouse, supporting mechanisms for communities and activists working to regulate and ban polluting vehicles like personal watercraft (PWC). The jet ski pages include fact sheets, sample ordinances, a position paper, and an explanation of the polluting nature of two-stroke engines.

Boulder County Citizens Against Aviation Noise (Denver International Airport)
1705-14th Street
Number 242
Boulder, CO 80302
email: oval@bouldernews.infi.net

Branchburg/Readington Airport Coalition (BRAAC)
BRAAC is fighting the expansion of the privately owned Solberg Airport which may receive public funding for the expansion.
P.O. Box 5254
North Branch, NJ 08876

Bucks Residents for Responsible Airport Management
Bucks Residents For Responsible Airport Management (BRRAM) is a grassroots organization formed by a group of concerned Bucks County, PA citizens responding to past, current and anticipated expansion of the Trenton-Mercer Airport. Air traffic from the Trenton-Mercer Airport severely impacts the quality of Bucks County life.

CARE - Community Airport Restoration Effort
CARE (Community Airport Restoration Effort) is an organization whose mission is to preserve our mountain community’s quality of life and the long-term viability of the Truckee Tahoe Airport by supporting an airport board that will tackle the issues of: noise pollution, community safety, land use restrictions, and appropriate use of the tax dollars the surrounding community provides.
PO Box 8126
Truckee, CA 96162

CHARGE (Coalition of Homeowner Alliances Requiring Government Equity)
CHARGE is a volunteer citizens group working to influence government decisions that affect the quality of life of individuals in the North Houston Area. The immediate concern being addressed by CHARGE is Bush Intercontinental Airport noise and air pollution.

Citizens for a Quality of Life
This is a canadian group very concerned by the pollution (Air-Water-Soil-Noise) associated with Dorval airport, a 60 year old urban airport.

Citizens for the Abatement of Aircraft Noise (CAAN)
CAAN is a coalition of citizens from Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. They are working to reduce the aircraft noise associated with Washington National Airport and Dulles International Airport. CAAN publishes a newsletter periodically which also appears on its website.

Citizens Against Airport Pollution (CAAP)
Citizens Against Airport Pollution is working toward planning for an airport that meets the needs of the citizens--environmentally as well as economically. CAAP's mission is to encourage planning processes that decrease noise at the source, address air quality impacts, and do not promote additional traffic gridlock in the Silicon Valley.
P.O. Box 26142
San Jose, CA 95159
408 - 297 - 9753

Citizens Against Noise (Beverly Hills, CA)
Citizens Against Noise was organized to mobilize residents to take action against horn honking and other community noise issues.
P.O. Box 16895
Beverly Hills, CA 90209

Citizens Against Noise of Hawaii
This citizens group in Hawaii won a huge victory in 1998 against a heliport. Represented by EarthJustice, they sued the owner of a commercial heliport on the border of Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. The Judge ordered the heliport owners to shut down operations at the heliport.

Citizens Against Reckless Expansion (Dayton, Ohio)
2201 Kershner Road
Dayton, OH 45414
email: jellis7218@aol.com

Citizens Against Sea-Tac Expansion (Seattle-Tacoma, Washington)
19900 Fourth S.W.
Normandy Park, WA 98166-4043
email: snorer9@jps.net

Citizens for Airport Accountability (Reno/Tahoe International Airport)
This group is a special project of Citizen Alert. They monitor the actions of the Airport Authority of Washoe County. Their most immediate task is to prevent the establishment of a United States Postal Service Western Sorting Hub at the Reno/Tahoe International Airport. Also see Jackie's Page, which focuses on the Rewana Farms area near the airport.

Citizens for Airport Accountability (Reno/Tahoe International Airport)
This group is a special project of Citizen Alert. They monitor the actions of the Airport Authority of Washoe County. Their most immediate task is to prevent the establishment of a United States Postal Service Western Sorting Hub at the Reno/Tahoe International Airport.

Citizens Alliance on Chester County Airport
Citizens Alliance on Chester County Airport is based in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania. They are a local, non-partisan volunteer group concerned about airport noise, expansion, and use of tax dollars.

Citizens for Amphitheater Awareness
Citizens for Amphitheater Awareness opposes the construction of a large amphitheater in Metro Park in Jacksonville, Florida. The state-of-the-art outdoor concert hall is proposed for the downtown riverfront, where proponents of the construction hope to replace an existing pavilion with a 20,000-seat facility to be used by the largest concert promoter in the country.

Citizens' Coalition For Airport Neighbor Rights (CCANR)
This grassroots group is comprised of neighborhoods and residents surrounding the Birmingham, Alabama International Airport. Feeling like residents have been treated unfairly and dishonestly, the group demands that the Airport Authority honestly address their complaints. They are calling upon the Authority to offer feasible noise mitigation.

Citizens Concerned About Jet Noise (CCAJN)
CCAJN is composed of government employees, government retirees, and civilians who live and work in the community surrounding Oceana Naval Air Station and Fentress Field in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The goal of CCAJN is to minimize noise from Navy jets and its impact on the local community while continuing to support the needs of the Naval Aviation Units.

Citizens for Control of Airport Noise (Naples Airport, Florida)
610 Jacana Circle
Naples, FL 34105-0927

Citizens for the Enforcement of MacArthur Airport Control (MacArthur Airport, Holbrook, NY)
PO Box 344
Holbrook, NY 11741

Citizens Fed-Up with Aviation Noise (CFAN)
CFAN is a group dedicated to improving the "quality of life in the Seattle and Urban King County area by employing the most effective methods possible for minimizing the impacts of aviation noise upon citizens."

Citizens for a Quieter Sacramento (CQS)
CQS is a citizens' group working to convince their city council to ban leafblowers in Sacramento, California. The CQS webpage includes CQS positions, leafblower facts (in addition to the history of the leafblower), current events in Sacramento, action steps and networking for leafblower activists, and pages exploring leafblower politics and philosophy.

Citizens for Safe and Healthy Communities (Orange County, California)
PO Box 249
El Toro, CA 92630

Citizens to Silence LAX
Offering ideas to solve the noise problem, this site focuses on the aviation noise experienced 20 to 30 miles east of LAX, caused by aircraft descending as they approach the airport.

Colorado Citizens Aviation Watch
In cooperation with US-CAW, CO-CAW aims to protect people from aviation industry abuses. This includes protecting the public from adverse environmental impacts that aviation and airport activities have on public health, air/water/ground/noise pollution and property issues affecting everyone on our planet.

Communities Against Runway Expansion (CARE)
Communities Against Runway Expansion is a local organization whose membership represents residents of cities and towns who are opposed to expansion of Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts.

Community Transportation Alliance of Cape Cod (Barstable Municipal Airport, Hyannis, MA)
PO Box 315
West Yarmouth, MA 02673

Concerned Airport Neighborhoods (CAN)
CAN is a coalition of neighborhoods in Rhode Island working to stop irresponsible airport operations and growth at Green State Airport in Warwick, RI.

Concerned Citizens Coalition
The Citizens Coalition is concerned with the expansion of the New Bedford, Massachusetts Airport, located in the rural north end of the town. They are up against a major runway extension, aimed at making their small airport the air cargo hub of Southeastern Massachusetts.

County Residents Against Speedway Havoc (CRASH)
Citizens of Wilson County, Tennessee oppose a superspeedway and dragstrip complex proposed by Delaware-based Dover Downs Entertainment. CRASH members belive that the speedway will have a negative impact on their families and the community.

Cruise Control Inc.
Cruise Control works to encourage the Alaskan tourism industry to be more responsive to citizens concerns about noise and other quality of life issues.

Cut Amplified Noise (CAN)
P.O. Box 166
Loughton, England IG10 4EU
Cut Amplified Noise strives to protect the right to live peacefully without having to hear unwanted music.

Deafening Sound
Deafening Sound is a one-hour program produced for broadcast on Nebraska ETV that explores this noisy, sometimes deafening world. It features interviews with hearing specialists as well as quirky profiles of musicians, technicians and young people hooked on extreme sound.

Echo Newsletter of the Airport Neighbors Association
This newsletter is keeping citizens informed about Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee County, WI.

El Toro Airport Info Site
This web site brings together the many groups concerned with proposed reuse of El Toro, California Marine Corps Air Station as an international airport.

The Environmental Organisation, Copenhagen
The Environmental Organsation is fighting to protect the environment and reduce pollution from Copenhagen airport, Denmark.

The Farm Noise and Hearing Network
The Farm Noise and Hearing Network, located in South Australia, is a group of farmers and health professionals including Speech Pathologists, Audiologists, Community Nurses and Hearing Advisers. They aim to promote hearing conservation in rural communities. The website has several useful fact sheet relating to acoustics and agricultural noise.

The Firing Line Action Group (FLAG)
This is a non profit community website run by volunteers within the community of Oakford/Oldbury and surrounding areas whose views oppose the concept of a high performance motor racing circuit at Oakford. Perth International Motorsport Management (PIMM) wants a high performance motor racing circuit in Oakford, Australia, 30 km south of the Perth Central Business District. Firing Line Action Group (FLAG) opposes the concept.

French National Union Against Aircraft Noise and Pollution (UFCNA)
This group fights aviation noise, air pollution, and the risk of aircraft accidents in France. The site is in French and English, with an English database of aircraft noise information.

Halt Outrageous Railroad Noise (HORN)
Located in Morris County, NJ, HORN fights the train noise and vibration caused by New Jersey Transit diesel train engines.

Hearing Education & Awareness for Rockers (HEAR)
Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the real dangers of repeated exposure to excessive noise levels from amplified sound which can lead to permanent, and sometimes debilitating, hearing loss and tinnitus.

Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (HACAN)
This group is working to reject the BAA's Proposal for a fifth terminal at Heathrow and to create a night flight ban.
P.O. Box 339
Richmond Surrey

Healthier Environment through Abatement of Vehicle Emission and Noise (HEAVEN)
A pan-European project to "develop and demonstrate new tools to allow cities to estimate emissions and noise from traffic in near-real time." Major cities which will be sites for initial demonstration include Berlin, Paris, Prague, Rome, and Rotterdam.

Helicopter Noise Coalition of New York City
The Helicopter Noise Coalition of NYC is a city-wide group of individuals and community groups committed to elimating non-emergency helicopters over land and waterways, and closing heliports in New York City.

Hyperacusis Network
The Hyperacusis Network consists of individuals who have a collapsed tolerance to sound. As a network they have a common goal - to share information and support each other, and educate the medical community about hyperacusis, recruitment and hyperacute hearing.

Institute of Noise Control Engineering
The Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA is a non-profit professional organization incorporated in Washington, DC. A primary purpose of the Institute is to promote engineering solutions to environmental noise problems.

International Committee on Biological Effects of Noise
ICBEN's main goal is to promote a high level of scientific research concerning all the aspects noise-induced effects on human beings and on animals including preventive regulatory measures and to keep alive a vivid communication among the scientists working in that field.

Laborer's Health and Safety Fund of North America: Construction Noise Control Partnership
This partnership is committed to ending this trend of rampant hearing loss among construction workers. It is comprised of the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA), other trade unions, contractors, public health organizations, government agencies, equipment manufacturers, academics and others.

Landscapers Involved With Neighborhoods and Kids (LINK)
Landscapers Involved With Neighborhoods and Kids seeks to provide relief from gas-powered leafblower noise and pollution. They unite the 400 communities in the U.S. that seek to control leafblowers for migraine sufferers, asthmatics, young children and others with one simple request: Run blowers at half-throttle within 150 feet of homes.

League for the Hard of Hearing
The League for the Hard of Hearing is the oldest hearing rehabilitation agency in the country, offering a comprehensive program of services to enable individuals to better function in a hearing world. The League also has a Noise Center, and is an important sponsor of International Noise Awareness Day.

Less Noise Hamp
Striving for a balance between reasonable activities that generate sound and peoples' right to be protected from intrusive noise. Based out of Northampton, MA.

Long Beach Airport Watch
Long Beach Airport Watch monitors events at Long Beach Airport.

Lower The Boom
A website dedicated to stopping boom car noise.

Melbourne Airport F-16
This website is for citizens of Brevard County that are concerned about the flight of Aerogroup F-16s from Melbourne International Airport in Florida.

Mesa Community Alliance
Mesa Community Alliance is a group of concerned citizens that live within the vicinity of Willams Gateway Airport in Arizona. They are opposed to the expansion of the airport. They believe that the airport expansion uses too many taxpayer dollars and damages health, well-being and the environment.

Minnesotans For Responsible Recreation
Minnesotans For Responsible Recreation works to preserving peace, quiet, fresh air, personal safety, and quality outdoor experiences in Minnesota. MRR was founded to give a unified voice to those concerned about problems created by snowmobiles, jetskis and off-highway vehicles.

Move Against Relocating Choppers Here (MARCH)
Formed in 1995, MARCH is comprised of community leaders and concerned residents living in San Diego County, CA. Their goal is to stop the planned relocation of at least 112 USMC helicopters to Miramar Air Station.

National Campaign For Hearing Health
The National Campaign For Hearing Health is sponsored by the Deafness Research Foundation. A primary goal of the campaign is to advocate for the expectation that all hearing loss and tinnitus can be medically ended, and that private funding for research to achieve this objective is a national priority.

National Hearing Conservation Association
The mission of the National Hearing Conservation Association is to prevent hearing loss due to noise and other environmental factors in all sectors of society. NHCA purposes include hearing education, research, exchange of information, development of improved occupational hearing conservation programs,and to develop guidelines and standards for hearing protection.

National Helicopter Noise Coalition (NHNC)
The NHNC publishes a newsletter to keep helicopter noise activists informed and updated on aviation noise. The newsletter includes action alerts for pending legislation relevant to the fight against helicopter noise.
PO Box 260205
Encino, CA 91426

National Organization to Insure a Sound-Controlled Environment (NOISE)
The National Organization to Insure a Sound-Controlled Environment (NOISE) is an association of local governments, community organizations, and interested parties whose mission is to reduce aviation noise and the detrimental impacts on local communities by working at the national level for sound federal aviation policies.

Neighbors Against Noxious Odors Incessant Sounds and Emissions (Neighbors Against NOISE)
Neighbors Against NOISE is a neighborhood organization of people who live and work in New York City's Tribeca West Historic District. They use education, activism, and indentification of noise sources to eliminate harmful noise and other hazardous environmental pollution from commercial machinery installed in neighborhood buildings. For more information, contact Tim Lannan.

New Jersey Coalition Against Aircraft Noise (NJCAAN)
NJCAAN is a not-for-profit incorporated citizens group focusing on reducing noise from New York and New Jersey metro area airports. Their membership represents 18 counties and over 300 municipalities. They promote quieter planes and ocean routing.

No Airboat Noise
Support group to stop airboat noise and disturbances. Victims of Airboat Noise United (VAN) is an active coalition of airboat victims who are exercising their rights by cultivating an environment free of airboat noise.

This a website developed to help inform the citizens of Louisville, Kentucky about their noise ordinance, while promoting the enforcement of it as well.

Noise Abatement Society
Located in the United Kingdom, the Noise Abatement Society works to eliminate excessive and unnecessary noise from all sources. The society actively campaigns to take all possible steps to protect people from assault by noise.

Noise Board
Noise Board targets acoustic and vibration consultants, researchers, professionals and those with a curiosity. The site has news, information, links, book reviews, lists of conferences, papers, programs, and much more.

Noise-Free America
Noise Free America is devoted to fighting noise pollution—from leaf blowers to car alarms, from cell phones in public places to early-morning construction. They strive to educate the public and shape government policy on the federal, state, and local level.

NoiseOFF: The Citizens Coalition Against Noise Pollution
We are a united coalition of citizens, elected representatives, law enforcement professionals, educators, researchers and activists from the United States and abroad. We are dedicated to combating the urban blight of noise that is ruining communities everywhere.

Noise Network UK
Located in the UK, Noise Network actively tries to raise awareness on noise and promote peace and quiet. They work closely with other anti noise groups and are a contact for anyone interested in noise.

Noise and Traffic
Noise and Traffic is a website developed from publically available information in the Netherlands. It has information on the sound levels of different types of motor vehicles as well as outdoor equipment, motor bikes, and quiet road surfaces. Other website features include standards, noise maps, calculation, and regulations for noise control in the Netherlands. This is an excellent site!

The NoiseWays Project
NoiseWays' website provides MP3 sound files of noise samples from various noisy locations in the New York City area and in Portland, Oregon.

NoiseWatch (formerly Citizens' Coalition Against Noise) is a non-profit volunteer organization based in Toronto, Canada, dedicated to raising public awareness of the negative effects of noise. They provide information and assistance to anyone affected by noise pollution.

Notgemainschaft (Hamburg Airport, Germany)
The Notgemeinschaft is the oldest citizens' group opposing the airport Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel. Noise from the European inner city airport impacts more than 400,000 citizens. The website is partly in German, partly in English.

No Way LA!
No Way LA is a coalition of residents from towns around Sacramento, CA. The group works to inform current transportation policies which call for wider surface streets, larger intersections and remodeled arterials, and ever increasing roadway widths. They are concerned that roadway projects threaten the quality of life in Sacramento, increasing noise, air pollution, urban blight and dangers for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Olmsted Falls Airport Committee
The Olmsted Falls Airport Committee is fighting the city of Cleveland and the Cleveland Ohio Hopkins International Airport, which is in the process of expanding its facilities. The OFAC's concerns are focused on the increased noise created by expansion, the proposed 12,500 foot runways, their growth toward Olmsted Falls, and the resulting impact on the city.

PDK Watch (Hartsfield, Atlanta Georgia Airport)
2331 Annapolis Court
Atlanta, GA 30345
email: gumpecho@mindspring.com

Parents Voice Inc.
Coalition for a legal mandate for acoustical criteria for classrooms with hearing impaired children. Help out by supporting their petition for an immediate policy statement from Secretary Paige concerning acoustics as an issue of national importance for functionally hard of hearing children, specific acoustical considerations in the IDEA reauthorization for development of an IEP including reasonable criteria of 0.4 secs. reverberation and 35dB ambient noise, public recognition of acoustics as a barrier for children with hearing loss by the government, immediate field trials and research on the impact of acoustics on functionally hard of hearing children, and to address the needs of millions of functionally hard of hearing students in poor acoustical environments in schools.

Peace and Quiet Coalition
In an effort to fight tourist helicopters, the Peace and Quiet Coalition of Juneau, Alaska filed an Initiative Petition with the City and Borough of Juneau which would regulate for the first time Juneau's tourist helicopter flight industry. The initiative is the right of the people to enact legislation directly.

Peaceful Roads & Trails Vermont

Peninsula Aircraft Noise/Safety Information Commitee
This group was formed when changes made by the FAA began sending more than one hundred commercial aircraft low over the Palos Verdes Peninsula, near LAX in California. In addition this air traffic could more than double if plans for major LAX expansion are approved.

People Limiting Airport Noise and Expansion (PLANE)
This citizens group strives to create an acceptable balance between the citizens of Mercer County, New Jersey, the business community, and the interests of the airport users. They oppose the expansion or renovation of Trenton-Mercer, New Jersey, Airport terminal until the environmental issues of noise pollution, safety, traffic and quality of life to the surrounding communities are identified and resolved.

People Over Planes
People Over Planes is located in Contra Costa County, California. They are an information group providing the community with information on the operation of Buchanan Field airport from the perspective of the community.

Perth Airport Aircraft Noise Exposure
Residents affected by aircraft noise around Perth Airport, Western Australia, have formed PAANE to oppose the Perth Airport Master Plan, which proposes building a new parallel runway and an increase in usage of the existing main runway.

Piedmont Quality of Life Coalition
The Piedmont Quality of Life Coalition is dedicated to protecting the quality of life, health, safety and well-being of all citizens in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. Their current focus is the proposed FedEx cargo hub and its threat to human health and the environment.

Pipedown International
Located in London, England, Pipedown has been formed to "counter one of the under-recognised scourges of contemporary life." Piped Music is also know as muzak, acoustic wallpaper, elevator music or canned music, piped music creates discomfort and adverse health effects. In addition, Pipedown asserts that there is no impartial evidence to show that piped music increases sales! Pipedown stands for the right to silence in public places.

Preserve Our Environment
Preserve Our Environment is a grassroots organization fighting an 19,000 seat outdoor amphitheater planned for Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. POE was formed to deliver accurate and updated information regarding the proposal.

Portland, Oregon Noise Control Task Force
The City of Portland is reviewing noise issues in neighborhoods in order to update the Noise Control Program.  A Noise Control Task Force, consisting of representatives of neighborhoods, businesses and health care, will look at noise issues and recommend changes to the Noise Program to City Council.

Preserve Unique Magnolia Association
This community group located in the mountains of Colorado targets aviation noise from Denver International Airport as one of its issues of concern.

Quiet Skies Alliance
The Quiet Skies Alliance is a group fighting Sedona Airport in Arizona. Sedona Airport has recently implemented an "Aircraft Noise Survey" which was developed by the Sedona Citizen's Noise Abatement Committee.

Quiet Use Coalition
The Quiet Use Coalition is located in Colorado's Upper Arkansas Valley. The Coalition is primarily concerned with the rapidly expanding use of personal motorized recreational vehicles, such as ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and jet skis, on national lands and waters.

Quieter Environment Through Sound Thinking (QUEST)
QUEST was formed by a group of local citizens whose quality of life is impacted by excessive aircraft noise caused by flight operations from Morristown Municipal Airport and by jet operations at Newark International Airport.

Raleigh Durham Airport Noise Committee
This is the site of the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority Noise Abatement Committee. The committee represents individuals as well as towns around the airport in North Carolina.

Regional Commission on Airport Affairs
The Regional Commission on Airport Affairs is a coalition of citizens groups concerned with airport expansion and air transportation issues, and in particular, expansion of the Seattle/Tacoma airport.

Residents' Committee to Protect the Adirondacks (RCPA)
The RCPA held a canoe-in for wilderness on August 15th on Little Tupper Lake in northern New York.

Residents Opposed to Airport Racket (ROAR)
ROAR is an 800 member citizens group fighting aviation noise from the Minneapolis / St.Paul Metropolitan Airport.

Restore Our Airport Rights (Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airports)
150 S. Glenoaks Blvd.; Box 9133
Burbank, CA 91502
email: roar@netthis.org

Right to Peace and Quiet Campaign
P. O. Box 968
London, England SE2 9RL
Tel. (011) 081-312-9997

The Right Price For Air Travel Campaign
The Right Price for Air Travel is a Friends of the Earth Europe campaign to reduce aviation's environmental impact. The campaign unites environment and citizen's groups all over Europe. The campaign's main aim is to reduce the environmental impact of air traffic, by introducing financial measures needed to ensure that air traffic pays for the environmental damage it causes and that it is taxed like other forms of transport.

Right to Quiet Society for Soundscape Awareness and Protection
Right to Quiet is a membership organization working against noise pollution and for the recognition of our "Right to Quiet."

Rochester Soundscape Society
The Rochester Soundscape Society is a public forum for all to discuss soundscape/noise issues, emphasizing, but not limited to the greater Rochester, New York area.

Runway 22 Coalition (Newark Airport)
Please see this letter from a group member discussing impacts of aircraft noise, including pain, annoyance, quality of life issues, and structural damage due to vibrations from aircraft.
email: vibrations@prodigy.net

Rutgers Noise Technical Assistance Center
The Rutgers Noise Technical Assistance Center offers assistance in the development of community noise enforcement programs, including ordinance drafting and court-recognized Community Noise Enforcement Certification courses.

Safeguarding the Historic Hanscom Area's Irreplaceable Resources
ShhAir citizens are dedicated to safeguarding the historic communities around Hanscom Field, Massachusetts. Their current focus is the threat of increased noise, ground traffic, and environmental pollution that would result from either expanded air traffic at Hanscom Field or changes in the character and use of the airport.

The Safe Range Assocation
The Safe Range Assocation is comprised of citizens for gun range safety. They deal with all aspects of gun range safety, opposing attempts to legitimize noise. The site features an article on health aspects of gun noise, and a table of various guns and the sound levels they emit upon firing.

Saint Charles Citizens Against Aircraft Noise
St. Charles CAAN is a group of citizens fighting the expansion (called "W-1W") of St. Louis-Lambert Airport, Missouri. The group meets regularly, and website features include newsletters, information on lawsuits, a noise complaint hotline, technical information, and suggestions on how to get involved.

Sane Aviation For Everyone (SAFE)
SAFE is a coalition of independent citizens groups and individuals in the greater Metro New York region, who are seeking to save the neighborhoods of the greater New York Metropolitan area from the devastation of aircraft generated noise and other pollutants. Their goal is to implement a Sustainable, Accountable, Feasible and Equitable aviation policy.

San Francisco Airport Roundtable
The San Francisco Airport/Community Roundtable monitors a performance-based noise mitigation program, interprets community concerns, and attempts to achieve noise mitigation through a cooperative sharing of authority.

San Lorenzo Citizens Against Airport Noise
This group was formed in response to plans of the City of Hayward, California, to turn its airport into the Bay Area's premiere corporate jet terminal. In addition, the Oakland Airport's plan to quadruple air cargo traffic by the year 2010 will destroy the nightime peace of residents.

Save Our Sky
SOS seeks to improve the quality of life for those living around Indianapolis Airport.

Scarsdale Anti-Noise Patrol
This group is working for enforcement of their leafblower ban.

Seattle Council on Airport Affairs
The SCAA is an association of individuals, community-based organizations, and other entities, located primarily in Seattle, that are concerned about the increasing negative impact on the quality of life of the region by airport and aviation operations.

Self Help For the Hard Of Hearing (SHHH)
SHHH and its members are catalysts that make mainstream society more accessible to people who are hard of hearing. They strive to improve the quality of hard of hearing people's lives though education, advocacy and self help.

The Sight and Hearing Association
The Sight & Hearing Association is a nonprofit organization serving Minnesota. Through effective screening and research, they educate the public on how they can prevent needless vision and hearing loss.

Silent Majority NY
Silent Majority campaigns against the worst aspect of New York City life: the car alarm.

Silent Oceans Project
The Silent Oceans Project is a global program of ocean stewardship and education focusing on the issue of ocean noise pollution. Humans produce noise in the world's oceans and seas, slowly destroying the ability of marine mammals to communicate, echolocate for food, find their mates, and sing their songs.

Sound Rights: Citizens for a Quieter Environment
Sound Rights is a grass roots organization devoted to the protection of everyone's right to a quiet environment, and the restriction and regulation of unwanted and unnecessary noise in the city of Seattle.
P.O. Box 4665
Seattle, WA 98104

South Metro Airport Action Council (SMAAC)
SMAAC is an organization of concerned citizens committed to stabilizing and preserving the south metro residential community by monitoring and advocating positions on environmental and economic issues generated by Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.
5116 Columbus Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55417

South Shore Jet Pollution Council
South Shore Jet Pollution Council is concerned with proposed runway expansion at Boston's Logan Airport. Specifically the group opposes rampant expansion without understanding or addressing the resulting noise pollution.

Stop the Amphitheater Today (STAT)
This group has organized to oppose the proposed Q Prime Clark County Fairgrounds Amphitheater, in Spokane, Washington.

Stop the Boca Raton Airport
This group fights airport noise, addresses safety issues, and targets the expansion of the airport in Boca Raton, Florida.

Stop the Horns
This group is trying to improve the quality of life for many Hohokus and Ridgewood (NJ) residents by safely eliminating noise pollution caused by train horns at the Hohokus train station and grade crossing.

Stop Motorcycle Noise
This site is dedicated to eliminating excessively loud motorcycles! Many states, have existing legal regulations that prohibit (excessively) loud motor vehicles, including motorcycles.

Stop Neighbourhood Noise Pollution
This site provides the basics on noise and the physical effects of noise. It also provides tips on how to deal with neighbour noise problems and offers suggestions on what one can do to prevent noise pollution.

Swan View Coalition
This site, based in Kalispell, Montana, is the "Grassroots Activist Web Site for the Wild Rockies Bioregion." Their goal is to provide up to date information about environmental issues in the northern Rockies. One feature of the site is the "Code of Quiet," a pledge to preserve peace and quiet.

Taxpayers for Responsible Planning
Located in Mesa, Arizona, near Williams Gateway Airport, this group strives to: participate with elected officials in creating an environment in which citizens are informed of major tax expenditure projects, have the opportunity to vote for or against such expenditures based on the project's value to the community, and to ensure that all taxpayer funded projects represent the needs of the community and not solely the wishes of the government.

Thousand Oaks Citizens Action Network
This group encourages public officials to continually improve the residents' quality of life, by dealing with many issues including noise. This is their noise page, which deals with Ventura County Airport and the community noise element.

Ulsterites Fight Overflights
This group focuses on protecting natural quiet in Ulster County, New York
Box 681
Stone Ridge, NY 12484

United against Massport
This group focuses on noise problems at airports in Massachusetts and the Boston area.

UPROAR is a regional group focusing on the San Francisco Airport and its impacts on communities located on the San Francisco Peninsula. Their main concerns include the threat of airport expansion, airport pollution and safety issues, and protecting quality of life and real estate values within the communities surrounding the airport. UPROAR formed to object to existing ineffective procedures for reducing air traffic and noise, and to fight bureaucratic entities which advance the increase in air traffic as a means to increase revenues and tourist trade.

U.S.-Citizens Aviation Watch (US-CAW)
US-CAW is a national organization comprised of local airport/noise/environmental groups whose guiding principle advocates a sustainable, equitable and accountable aviation industry.

Victims of Airport Expansion (Indianapolis Airport)
This site discusses how the Indianapolis Airport and expansion plan affects hundreds of Hoosier households, places of worship, nature/recreational areas and quality of life.

Walnut Creek Citizens Against Gas Powered Leafblowers
Citizens of Walnut Creek, California, have organized to ban leafblowers in their town. This site includes the text of pending California legislation relevant to leafblowers, ideas for "what you can do to reclaim the natural beauty of your hometown," and links to other sites with leafblower or noise information.

We Oppose Ohio State Airport Expansion (Columbus, Ohio)
email: questions@woose.org
WOOSE (We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion) is a group of concerned citizens from all neighborhoods surrounding the airport who question the need for expansion of the airport and its runways. We believe the expansion will have a detrimental effect on property values and our quality of life. This is the home for information, news, and events related to our oposition to the proposed expansion of OSU's Don Scott Airport.

World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE)
The WFAE is an international interdisciplinary coalition of individuals and institutions concerned with the state of the world soundscape as an ecologically balanced entity.

ZAP, Manhattan Beach, Chapter (Zero Air Pollution)
Residents of Manhattan Beach, California founded ZAP to combat leafblower noise in order to return to their "quiet, clean, small-town beach life."

Zero Expansion
Zero Expansion is a nonprofit, politically diverse, volunteer group of concerned Eden Prairie residents who oppose the proposed expansion of Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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