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This page lists organizations working to prevent, and help those who suffer from, hearing loss.

The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is one of the world's largest membership organizations and information centers on hearing loss and the auditory approach. AG Bell focuses specifically on children with hearing loss but does address topics impacting people of all ages, providing ongoing support and advocacy for parents, professionals and other interested parties.

The American Society for Deaf Children is a national organization of families and professionals whose primary mission is to advocate for the highest quality programs and services for parents in making sound and informed choices to meet their childrens's educational, communication, personal and social needs so that they may fully participate in the global community of the 21st century.

Association of Late-Deafened Adults
ALDA works collaboratively with other organizations around the world serving the needs of late-deafened people and extends a welcome to everyone, late deafened or not, who supports our goals.

Cochlear Implant Association, Inc.
Cochlear Implant Association, Inc. (CIAI), formerly Cochlear Implant Club International, Inc., is a non-profit organization for cochlear implant recipients, their families, professionals, and other individuals interested in cochlear implants. The Association provides support and information and access to local support groups for adults and children who have cochlear implants, or who are interested in learning about cochlear implants. We also advocate for the rights of and services for people with hearing loss..

National Association for the Deaf
The National Association of the Deaf (NAD), established in 1880, is the oldest and largest constituency organization safeguarding the accessibility and civil rights of 28 million deaf and hard of hearing Americans in education, employment, health care, and telecommunications.

National Coalition on Auditory Processing Disorders
The mission of the National Coalition on Auditory Processing Disorders, Inc. is to assist families and individuals affected by auditory processing disorders through education, support, and public awareness as well as promoting auditory access of information for those affected by auditory processing disorders.

National Hearing Conservation Association
The mission of the National Hearing Conservation Association is to prevent hearing loss due to noise and other environmental factors in all sectors of society.

National Parent Network on Disabilities
The mission of the National Parent Network on Disabilities is to provide a presence and national voice for ALL families of children, youth and adults with disabilities.

Occupational Hearing Loss
This website offers a presbycusis (hearing loss due to aging) calculator, hearing impairment projection, a maximum noise exposure calculator, and more.

Oír Mejor
Translated as "Good Hearing," this group is committed to helping the people of Argentina maintain good hearing. Their website is available in German and English as well.

Self-Help for Hard of Hearing People
Their goal is to enhance the quality of life for people who are hard of hearing.

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