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Z.A.P. (Zero Air Pollution)

Manhattan Beach Chapter

This is the home page. To Retuen here, click any of the leaves Take a Stand Against Noise & Air Pollution! Ban Leaf Blowers in Manhattan Beach!

Residents of Manhattan Beach, California want to see a return to the quiet, clean, small-town beach life that we once had in the pre-leaf blower era.

The use of blowers is currently illegal in 20 major California cities, including Los Angeles, Hermosa Beach, Lawndale, Lomita, Santa Monica, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Claremont, South Pasadena and Santa Barbara for one simple reason: they are hazardous to our health.To find out How to Help click on the colored text. Let's get these ozone offenders off our streets!

Also, we have included information on How Your Neighbors Feel about Leaf Blowers. There are people in the community taking action against this problem. We have also compiled a more regional list of How others feel about leaf blowers from around the country. For your convenience, we have compiled theTop Ten Reasons why leaf blowers must go!

Feel free to the read The Daily Breeze or The Beach Reporter. It's full of information on what happened at the Manhattan Beach City Council meeting! Also, you can read Jefferson Graham's speech to the Manhattan Beach City Council from June 18, 1998.

We would love to hear you questions and comments. Feel free to Contact us via E-mail.We enjoy feedback! Or,to voice your opinion directly,contact the Manhattan Beach City Council to let them know how you feel about leaf blowers in our town. (If you're a resident, add your address and phone number, please.)

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