S.I.L.E.N.S.R. - Stop Island Lake's Excessively Noisy Shooting Range

A group established to eliminate gun noise pollution emanating from the Island Lake State Park Shooting Range.

Noise from the shooting range is disrupting not only Island Lake State Park, but Kensington Park and the surrounding neighborhoods as well. If the DNR can't silence it, they should shut it down!

Green Oak Township is running sound testing to force the range to reduce the noise levels to 65 decibels at the property line per their agreement or close the range down.

Should be another 2-3 weeks before results are available.

Who to contact to voice your complaint
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Facts about the range
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Write a letter to Governor Granholm and copy everyone on the list found in the link to the left or write individual letters to each. Let them know you're dissatisfied. Write often! An individual letter is best, but feel free to send any of the form letters. A form letter is better than no letter!