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H.O.R.N. (Halt Outrageous Railroad Noise)

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 Our noise problems started in June of 1996 when New Jersey Transit increased trains by 40% when it started running electric trains directly into New York City. This action caused a shortage of electric trains for local service and NJT purchased refurbished diesel engines previously used to haul freight. The diesel engines have horns with a decibel level of 130 dB at 100 feet. This is far above the FRA minimum of 96 dB at 100 feet. Morris County has ten grade crossings and the vibration and noise from the diesel engines and the horns has destroyed our quality of life.
 Technology is available to run a quiet railroad and the railroads can be forced to incorporate it through legislation on the federal, state, county and local level. It is not necessary to sound horns at a grade crossing which has gates and it is not necessary to operate diesel engines on a track that is electrified.
 A bill has been introduced in the NJ House to replace the sounding of the horn with a less intrusive bell but more voices are needed before this becomes law.
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Halt Outrageous Railroad Noise
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 HORN is dedicated to the safe and quiet operation of trains. We are a volunteer, non-dues paying organization. HORN will accomplish its mission with active members who will write letters, attend local, county, state and federal meetings and address any officials to further our cause. HORN will communicate with members by E-mail and local handouts. A large membership will make our voice more powerful. Recruiting new members shall be every member's priority.
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