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About CQE:

The Citizens for a Quiet Environment was formed by private citizens in Albuquerque, New Mexico who share a concern for the environment and for the problems created by unnecessary and often excessive noise. We are a tax exempt, non-profit corporation working for noise control, abatement and education in the Greater Albuquerque area and are supported by member dues, grants and gifts.

CQE publishes a quarterly newsletter, participates in observance of International Noise Awareness Day and distributes literature on the hazards of noise. We have a children's noise education program and present community noise programs to neighborhood associations and other groups. We provide research and information on noise to other groups fighting to control noise.

Initially called the Citizens Noise Advisory Group, we did extensive research and prepared the 'City Noise Report' (available elsewhere at the web site.) The Report made recommendations for many changes to the city's noise code and to its policies dealing with noise. It was submitted to the Mayor, the City Council and the Environmental Health Department in October, 1999. After extended meetings, hearings and changes by the City, in March of 2001, an extensively revised and much stronger noise code was passed by the City Council with almost all of our recommendations included in the new law.

We urge people in other communities to undertake efforts similar to ours and would be delighted to provide them with support in any way we can. We also urge the to

"Remember.................please don't keep quiet about noise!"

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