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To facilitate the free exchange of ideas and group networking, the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse maintains this space for noise organizations that could not otherwise afford or maintain their own websites. The respective material within each page expresses opinions that belong to its organization. Contact the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse if you would like us to place a website here for your organization.

QuietNet is sponsored by Resource Systems Group, Scantek, Inc., and Acousticcontrol.

Ban Leafblowers And Save our Town (BLAST) Noise activists in Santa Barbara, California recently launched a successful campaign to ban gas-powered leafblowers after almost fifteen years of work on the issue. BLAST can provide excellent support and strategies for people interested in grassroots activism in their own communities.

Citizens for a Quieter Sacramento (CQS) CQS is a citizens' group working to convince their city council to ban leafblowers in Sacramento, California. The CQS webpage includes CQS positions, leafblower facts (in addition to the history of the leafblower), current events in Sacramento, action steps and networking for leafblower activists, and pages exploring leafblower politics and philosophy.

Citizens for a Quiet Environment (CQE) The CQE is a non-profit corporation formed by its members in Albuquerque, New Mexico to work for noise control, abatement and education in the greater Albuquerque area. CQE succeeded in their efforts to get the city's noise code overhauled, publishes a quarterly newsletter, is a local sponsor of INAD and engages in many other educational and anti-noise activities.

El Comité Científico Interdisciplinario de Ecología y Ruido (CCIER) CCIER es una institución no gubernamental sin fines de lucro con sede en Rosario, Argentina. La integran profesionales pertenecientes a la Asociación de Logopedia, Foniatría y Audiología del Litoral (ASOLOFAL), abocados a mejorar el estado de la contaminación por ruido en la ciudad de Rosario y en otros lugares. Esta página está en español y en inglés.

Halt Outragous Railroad Noise (HORN) HORN is a New Jersey based group, dedicated to quieting train horns that constantly blare through their towns and neighorhoods. This group's strength comes from a large number of members who are active in their community.

New Jersey Coalition Against Aircraft Noise NJCAAN is a volunteer citizens group working to address aviation noise pollution over New Jersey by promoting ocean routing and quieter planes.

Quiet Classrooms: A Project of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) The Classroom Acoustic Coalition of the ASA brings together people engaged in planning, development or use of educational facilities. This website includes information on the Quiet Classrooms project, as well as a call for papers and information about upcoming conferences and workshops.

Residents' Committee to Protect the Adirondacks (RCPA) held a canoe-in for wilderness on August 15th, 1998 on Little Tupper Lake, NY.

Residents Opposed to Airport Racket (ROAR) is an 800 member citizens group fighting aviation noise from the Minneapolis/St.Paul Metropolitan Airport.

Scientific Interdisciplinary Ecology and Noise Committee (SIENC) SIENC is a non-profit and non-governmental committee located in Rosario, Argentina. They are a group of professionals belonging to the Asociación de Logopedia, Foniatría y Audiología del Litoral (ASOLOFAL), devoted to improve the state of noise pollution in the city of Rosario as well as elsewhere. This webpage has a Spanish and an English version.

South Metro Airport Action Council (SMAAC) Citizens associated with the Minneapolis-St.Paul airport are committed to stabilizing and preserving the south metro residential community using environmental and economic advocacy and monitoring.

Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics (TCAA) Technical Committee of the Acoustical Society of America.

Technical Committee on Noise (TCN) Technical Committee of the Acoustical Society of America.

Zero Air Pollution, Manhattan Beach, Chapter (ZAP) Residents of Manhattan Beach, California founded ZAP to advocate a return to their "quiet, clean, small-town beach life." With an upcoming city council meeting to consider a leaf blower ban in September 1998, this group needs your support.

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