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Jet skis, cigarette boats, cutouts. Our lakes are too loud. Most powerboats are louder than they could be. NO state boat noise regulation is as stringent as the federal truck noise standard. Remarkably, our lakes would be quieter if we could magically replace the powerboats with diesel trucks that float. Many boats are so noisy that the captain would be required to wear earplugs or earmuffs if he or she was on a factory floor.

Fortunately, our lakes and waterways do not have to be noisy. Quit Lakes is a multi-year project to ensure that sailboaters don't have to listen to cigarette boats miles away; that canoers have opportunities for peace and quiet, away from the buzz of jet skis; and that lake property owners can have relief from oversized engines with undersized mufflers.

We are reaching out to sailors, canoers, kayakers, birders, lake associations, and anyone else interested in quiet lakes. Please join us. Together we have the strength and numbers to make a difference.

Quiet Lakes has three goals

To accomplish these goals, NPC has developed a three-phase plan including the creation of tools and resources for citizens, education and public awareness, and political action.

Phase I, beginning in 2003, will provide research and tools that will establish a foundation of data and knowledge on which to base public relations and political action in subsequent phases.
Phase I will:

  1. Raise public awareness about boat noise and its solutions.
  2. Motivate community action to quiet lakes.
  3. Educate and empower citizens to challenge outdated noise regulations.
  4. Enable citizens and lake associations to educate and motivate local enforcement.
  5. Identify unenforced but otherwise effective existing laws.
  6. Identify opportunities to change outdated and lax boat noise regulations.

The tools in Phase I include a primer detailing the unique acoustical properties of the lake soundscape, a report outlining the weak and ineffective regulations that are supposed to protect the lake soundscape, a study of the relationship between lake property values and quiet, a model noise ordinance for lake communities, and research into the noisiest watercraft.

Phase II, beginning in the summer of 2003, will raise public awareness of the problem of lake noise and the solutions.

NPC will publicize the tools developed in Phase I at lake association meetings, at boat shows, and in media related to quiet lake users. We will also begin recruiting leaders of lake associations and other organizations as well as individuals who are interested in leading local efforts to quiet lakes.

The tone of the campaign will be positive and fun. The self-serving positions taken by the powerboat industry lend themselves to parody and satire. We will point out the excesses of some of the industry in fun and humorous ways (not mean and nasty) and then move on to provide a serious and achievable path to peace and quiet. Many firms manufacturing quieter products, including quieter powerboats, will see Quiet lakes as an opportunity to market their products. In buying or selling a home, "Quiet Neighborhood" is an attractive feature. With our effort, the same will be said about lake homes on quiet lakes.

Phase III, starting in the winter of 2005, will target a handful of key states and communities to set a precedent for peace and quiet, with standards manufacturers will have to build to and regulations that other states and communities can copy. We will be looking to secure and establish substantial legislation and enforcement:

  1. Ban the sale and use of boats with cutouts unless they have been permanently disabled.
  2. Segregate jet skis and airboats to "Noisy Lakes."
  3. Adopt new boat product noise standards that are significantly quieter than tractor-trailer truck noise standards.
  4. Adopt "on the water" noise regulations that are easy, safe, and inexpensive to enforce.
  5. Force compliance with existing noise regulations.
  6. Adopt model noise ordinances and voluntary good neighbor policies in lake communities and associations.
  7. Create quiet lakes, or lakes with quieter times or quiet days.

Budget and Funding
The budget for each phase is $100,000. Funding for Quiet Lakes will come from individuals and corporations that directly benefit from quieter waters. See the return form on the back for ways you can help.

About NPC
The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is a national non-profit organization dedicated to creating more livable cities and more natural rural and wilderness areas by reducing noise at the source. Founded in 1996, NPC is the leader in the effort to protect peace and quiet. NPC's work has created much needed national attention. Smithsonian Magazine called NPC the "battler of rogue sound waves" and ABC News with Peter Jennings described NPC as "the leader in the battle for peace and quiet."

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