Typical Noise Levels

Take a look at the noise levels of many common appliances and events around the house. You might be surprised. All sounds are measured at the distance that a person would typically be from the source.

Device dBA
Grand Canyon at Night (no roads, birds, wind) 10
Quiet basement w/o mechanical equipment 20
Quiet Room 28-33
Computer 37-45
Refrigerator 40-43
Typical Living Room 40
Forced Hot Air Heating System 42-52
Radio Playing in Background 45-50
Background Music 50
Bathroom Exhaust Fan 54-55
Microwave 55-59
Normal Conversation 55-65
Clothes Dryer 56-58
Printer 58-65
Window Fan on High 60-66
Alarm Clock 60-80
Dishwasher 63-66
Clothes Washer 65-70
Phone 66-75
Push Reel Mower 68-72
Inside Car, Windows Closed, 30 MPH 68-73
Handheld Electronic Games 68-76
Kitchen Exhaust Fan, High 69-71
Inside Car, Windows Open, 30 MPH 72-76
Garbage Disposal 76-83
Air Popcorn Popper 78-85
Hairdryer 80-95
Electric Can Opener 81-83
Vacuum Cleaner 84-89
Coffee Grinder 84-95
Handheld Electric Mixer 86-91
Lawn Mower 88-94
Air Compressor 90-93
1/4" Drill 92-95
Food Processor 93-100
Weed Whacker 94-96
Leaf Blower 95-105
Circular Saw 100-104
Maximum Output of Stereo 100-110

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