Oklahoma Watercraft Noise Regulations, 63 § 4208

(as of June 1999)

§ 4208. Noise control equipment and noise levels

A. No person shall operate upon the waters of this state any vessel or motor which is not equipped with a
muffler or muffler system in good working order. The use of cutouts, removal of mufflers or muffler
baffles, cutting or punching of holes in mufflers or otherwise modifying the original muffler or muffling
system installed by the manufacturer or any subsequent muffler or muffling system so as to increase or
modify the noise level is prohibited. This section shall not apply to vessels in the act of participating in a
sanctioned event.

B. No person shall authorize, cause or permit unnecessary sounding of any whistle, horn, bell, siren or
other sound-producing device on a vessel while such vessel is within any harbor limits or in areas of
congested vessel traffic.

Amended by Laws 1992, c. 284, § 34, eff. Jan. 1, 1993.

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