Loud Motorcycles Do Not Save Lives

Some people suggest that loud motorcycles save lives. There is absolutely no research to prove this statement. There is, however, a lot of research regarding the cause of motorcycle fatalities. Motorcycles have a fatality rate that is 18 times that of cars because of four main reasons:

  1. Motorcyclists choose to drive vehicles that provide absolutely no protection when in a crash. Seatbelts save 10,000 lives each year; airbags an additional 1,000 (USDOT Transportation Statistics Annual Report 1999). Motorcycles have neither a protective frame around the driver nor a restraint system.
  2. 39% of motorcycles operators in fatal crashes had alcohol in their blood, and 28% were intoxicated (USDOT Traffic Safety Facts 2000).
  3. 38% of motorcycles operators in fatal crashes were speeding (USDOT Traffic Safety Facts 2000).
  4. Motorcycle helmets could save 1,000 lives a year (USDOT Traffic Safety Facts 2000).

    Motorcycles operators have the highest rate of DWI convictions, speeding convictions, and suspended or revoked licenses compared to drivers of other vehicle types. They also have the highest rate of single vehicle accidents. 27% of all motorcycle accidents involved fixed objects other than cars (USDOT Traffic Safety Facts 2000).

    Loud motorcycles do not save lives. Driving the speed limit, not drinking, and wearing a helmet do save lives. The sooner motorcycle operators learn these facts, the sooner the motorcycle fatality rate will decrease and the peace and quiet in our neighborhoods will increase.

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