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A Bill To Ban Leafblower Bans

On July 1, SB14 passed the Assembly Local Government committee and is now going to the 80 member State Assembly. This is the most recent version of SB1651, "A Bill To Ban Leafblower Bans" sponsored by California Senator Polanco. The Bill SB 1651 would prohibit California cities or counties from banning leaf blowers. Passage of this bill would reverse victories that activists in nearly 20 California cities spent years of their lives achieving.

On June 25, 1998, Senator Polanco took bill SB 14, dealing with juries, and stripped it of its contents. He then pasted in the previously defeated leaf blower bill! The new SB 14 slightly ammends the final version of SB 1651 that was withdrawn from the Senate in May. SB 14 will be heard by the Assembly in the near future.

Send letters or e-mails opposing this bill to your own assembly member today. Ask your Assembly member to oppose SB14, and to allow local communities to determine what is best for themselves, without interference from the state.

You can find your California Assembly member by visiting the Assembly's website at http://www.assembly.ca.gov


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