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What Others Are Saying About Leaf Blowers

"When gardeners go through the landscape with a leaf blower, they are torching the earth…the blower is very efficient at moving dust, which probably shouldn't be recycled into the garden since much of it comes from particulate pollutants such as bus exhaust and brake linings when the gardeners arrive in the neighborhood, it's a wise idea to close all the windows unless you're really into dusting the house."-Robert Smaus, Los Angeles Times

"Blowers blare and screech, kick up dirt and dust and accomplish nothing. You know there's something wrong when a piece of equipment requires its users to wear ear protectors, goggles and a mask."-Ted Rueter, Christian Science Monitor

"The unlimited use of gasoline-powered leaf blowers impairs the public welfare, peace and quality of life within the Village and the use of gasoline-powered leaf blowers at certain times of the day constitutes a public nuisance"-the city of Winnetka, Illinois

"The leaf blower is one garden tool that ought to be banned. There is no justification for the noise pollution it causes, and there are pleasant alternatives to technology that generates hurricane-force winds."- Charles Fenyvesi , Washington Post .

"The deafening racket is bad enough if you're behind closed doors and windows. But if you venture outside, it's absolutely assaulting, like loud music and raggedy mufflers, I have a solution: Let them get rakes."- Lee May , Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Leaf blowers "swing menacingly from side to side, whining like dental drills gone beserk, leaving the impression that we're fighting mad-but at what? …If this is war, and leaf blowers are the weapons of choice, a new piece of equipment should be standard issue when the trees begin to fire their seasonal salvo of leaves: protective ear muffs."- Detroit Free Press editorial

"A gas-powered blower creates up to 70 decibels of nerve-racking noise at 50 feet, disturbing children's naps, school classrooms and home offices. It also generates significant amounts of volatile organic compounds, particulates and carbon monoxide. These machines don't remove dust and debris, but simply blow it somewhere else. You shouldn't have to wash your car and windows, and sweep your walks repeatedly, just to accommodate a neighbor's gardener."- Santa Barbara initiative to ban leaf blowers, which passed in November, 1997.

"Today's leaf blower is loud enough to cause hearing loss, high blood pressure and numerous other afflictions in those repeatedly exposed to its savage voice."- John Miller , San Francisco Chronicle

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