What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Leaf Blowers

"The noise level from leaf blowers in my neighborhood is getting almost intolerable."
-Madonna Newburg

"Leaf blowers are more accurately dust blowers; they blow dust from one place to another, containing fertilizers, pesticides, dog and cat fecal matter, top soil, etc. Help reduce air contaminants by banning the leaf blower."
-Helen Herrick

"If the blowers are a nuisance and bad environmentally, then let's bite the bullet and get them out of our faces, ears and noses and into the trash heap. Rakes and brooms seemed to have done the job quite adequately in the old days and I think they will still work today."
-Paul Dorr

"Leaf blowers must be banned at once. They serve no public service and harm us all."
-Ruth Stroud

"I am a teacher at Pacific Elementary. Last week when I came to work, we started off the day by having dust and grass clippings blown into our faces by a gasoline-powered blower. What benefits do these blowers add to our community? NONE!"
-Alyse McDonald.

"Dog poop was ground to dust and scattered everywhere, fertilizer and insecticides were blown in the faces of joggers, children going to and from school, nannies caring for babies in strollers and residents getting in and out of their vehicles. Please, please outlaw leaf blowers."-- Lillian Sharon

"Please ban leaf blowers. The dust is medically harmful to me."-Richard Augustus

"Ever watch the efficiency of blowers? It's a bad joke to see them (gardeners) simply blowing leaves and dirt into the adjacent property. The next gardener comes along and simply blows it back again."-Pat Hammer

"They (blowers) should be banned. The gardeners get done sooner because if you really observe, they don't pick up, they blow into the streets toward other neighbors. It's outrageous."-Mary Rossello

"I lived in Pennsylvania before coming here. I don't remember hearing that awful noise from leaf blowers and with the seasons, there were a lot more leaves on the ground. Leave the leaves on the grass to decompose. That's the better alternative. Leaf blowers disturb the peace and are unnecessary. Get up America, get on your knees and work in your own garden. You'd be a lot happier."-Fiona Repola

The use of leaf blowers by gardeners "is harming our gardens, our health and our peace of mind."-Ann Schwind

"The only way residents will be able to enjoy a peaceful and quiet neighborhood is if leaf blowers, and other noisy equipment…are banned throughout the City, and effective enforcement occurs. Please return Manhattan Beach to a peaceful and quiet small town atmosphere !"-Harry Ford

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