How to Help

If you live in Manhattan Beach and would like to get involved, we could use your input! The leafblower ban is slated to be considered by the City Council on September 1. This is a public hearing. If the City Council meeting goes like they have in other cities, it will be packed by out-of-town gardeners, most likely bussed in by Echo, the company that makes leaf blowers, to issue loud protests.

So we need all the local support we can get. Council members tend to respond to large and vocal outpourings of local, opinionated residents. The meeting begins at 6:30; the address is City Hall, 1400 Highland Avenue.

Council members also respond to letters. There is no current e-mail link to the city, but you can e-mail city staff Rosie Lackow from our home page and she'll pass the letters on to the City Council members.

Or, if you prefer, you can contact council members via snail mail.

To make sure the letters be included in the staff report, please address your letter to:

City Council members
c/o Manhattan Beach City Clerk
1400 Highland
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.

For the record, the council members names are Joan Jones, Steve Napolitano, Jack Cunningham, Linda Wilson and Tim Lilligren.

Jones and Napolitano have been the most consistent supporters of a leafblower ban, while Lilligren has been its most outspoken opponent. The council voted 4-1 on June 16 to write a new proposed ordinance that wuld ban gas powered leaf blowers.

For more informaton contact us by E-mail from our home page.

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