The Daily Breeze,
Torrance, California

News Summary

Dozens of residents at the city council meeting Tuesday night urged the Manhattan Beach City Council to consider an ordinance banning gasoline powered leaf blowers.

One reason for the residents' concern are the health risks allegedly related to leafblower noise and air pollution caused by the blowers.

The city council now holds information from about 20 other cities in California that have instituted gasoline-powered leaf blower bans. Some nearby cities have prohibited both gasoline and electric machines.

Councilman Tim Lilligren is opposed to a ban. He said he would not support a total ban on leafblowers, and there are many other machines in the city that cause noise.

Lilligren is not alone. Mayor Jack Cunningham staed that a total ban on blowers is too restrictive. He said that electric machines should not be prohibited under the ordinance.

City staff was requested to draft an ordinance. The ordinance should be ready for the council's consideration for the first September meeting.

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