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Technical Committee on Noise
of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA)


ASA Technical Committee on Noise

Meeting Wednesday, 11 November 2003, 7:30 pm
Renaissance Austin Hotel, Austin, Texas - Sabine Room

1. Welcome to members, guests, students

2. Introduction of those present and attendance list

3. Minutes approved - Nashville, April 2003

4. Announcements
Leo Beranek: President's National Medal of Science
New Fellows of the ASA: George L. Augspurger
Kenneth A. Cunefare
Timothy J. Foulkes
Ronald R. Freiheit
Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp
Outstanding Young Presenter (Nashville): Matthew McDuffee
Meeting Chair: Clark Penrod
Technical Program Chair: Evan Westwood
Program organizer for Noise: Brandon Tinianov
Organizers of Special Session: Jack Randorff, Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, Klaus Genuit, Jiri Tichy, Kerrie Standlee, Brandon Tinianov, Jesse Ehnert, Daniel Raichel
Distinguished Lecturer: Sandy Fidell
Session chairs and presenters
TC Noise meeting scribe: Arno Bommer
5. Program Planning
a.) New York, 24-28 May 2004: 75th anniversary
     TPOM Representative, 6-7 February: Bennett Brooks and Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp.
General get together Sunday evening. Sit-down banquet/anniversary part Tuesday evening. No technical sessions on Wednesday - special events including concerts and tours. Meeting has 50 special sessions - very tight on space and can't add any more sessions. If possible, we should squeeze two sessions into ¼ days. We need to save some space for contributed papers.
· Leo Beranek 90th Birthday (All TCs but 3 sponsoring) (Tony Embleton)
· Noise Impact Evaluation - Old and New (Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp & Klaus Genuit) 15 Invited speakers. Session is fixed.
· Noise in Large Cities (Dan Raichel)
· Noise Control Enforcement in NYC (NS, ASACOS) (Finegold, Brooks, Erdreich) Trying to get 2 local speakers. Possible ¼ day session.
· Noise and Society (Nancy Nadler)
· Urban Transit Noise (SA-lead/focus & NS) (Paul Burge, Dan Raichel)
· Distinguished/Special Lecture on "Noise: 62 years of it" by Laymon Miller. 1-hr lecture, possibly at end of morning session before lunch.
b.) San Diego, 15-19 November 2004
TPOM Representative - Alan Marsh? If not, Lou Sutherland.
· Memorial Session for Bob Young (ASACOS, NS, EA, UW, MU, AA?) (Paul Schomer, Alan Marsh?) Bob's widow would like to know what day the session will be. We can ask her preference. Marsh can coordinate.
· Implementations of School Acoustics (NS, AA, ASACOS) (John Erdreich, Dave Lubman, Lou Sutherland) Possibly 2 sessions
· Special Topics in Hearing Protection Devices (Bill Murphy)
· Propulsion/Airframe Aeroacoustics (possibly with EA and SA) (Joe Posey, NASA)
· Soundscape/Sound Quality (Patricia Davies & Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp) Followup Session.
· Urban Sound Propagation (Jian Kang, Ning Xiang) Mostly European work to report. Some Japanese. Could be moved to Vancouver.
· Noise Control Feasibility: Technical, Legal, and Economic Issues (NS, ASACOS) (John Seiler & Angie Campanella). Could be moved to Vancouver.
c.) Vancouver, 16-20 May 2005 (joint w/Canadian Acoustical Society)
· Restoring acoustic integrity during building restoration (Dan Raichel).
· NRC's contributions to acoustics (with AA) (Dana Hougland)
d.) Minneapolis, 17-21 October 2005: joint w/NOISE-CON INCE
Most noise sessions will be Noise-Con sessions with written papers required. The joint meeting will run Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. There will probably be 5 concurrent noise sessions and a 6th room with architectural acoustics sessions. It will be similar to the Newport Beach meeting.
e.) Rhode Island, June 2006
f.) Hawaii, 28 Nov. - 2 Dec. 2006: joint with Acoustical Society of Japan, followed by INTERNOISE Hawaii
g.) Salt Lake City, Spring 2007
h.) Open, Fall 2007
i.) Paris, June (23 - 27?) 2008: joint with European Acoustics Association
6. Reports
a.) Report from Technical Council (Mike Stinson) Alan Pierce wants feedback on new submission procedures. Has anyone been missed in recent JASA obituaries? Bill Yost raised issue of ethical treatment of subjects (human and others).
b.) JASA Associate Editors for Noise (Keith Wilson, Ken Cunefare, & Lou Sutherland, ex officio) JASA using Peer XPress to handle manuscripts.
c.) ARLO Associate Editor for Noise (Mike Stinson) Online "papers" with multimedia capabilities and rapid turnaround times.
d.) Medals and Awards (Nancy Timmerman) No news.
e.) Membership (John Erdreich) - When nominating fellows, make paperwork as complete as possible.
f.) ASACOS (Rich Peppin) No ASACOS meeting in NY-a special session instead with a 15-minute paper from each TC. Who will do TC Noise? Peppin?
h.) Public policy (Larry Finegold) No meetings. ASA support is sought for HR475 "Quiet Communities Act." The details can be found on the internet. Report next meeting.
i.) Books+ (Brandon Tinianov) There is a new concert-hall book out. Fill out the book proposal form to request reprintings.
j.) Young Presenters Awards (Ken Cunefare) Thanks to judges. There were 3 candidates. The winner is Meghan Suweikis.
7. Technical initiatives
a.) 2003 (Nashville & Austin)
         · Young presenter awards - $ 500
· Student receptions - $ 600
· Web page maintenance (Blomberg) - $ 300
· Update Noise Online library ( (Blomberg/Brooks) - $ 500
· Forensic Acoustics Workshop - our share, $1000
· Travel funds, Visiting CA state architect to get classroom acoustics on the agenda (Lubman, Sutherland) - $600
· Booth at NHCA for Feb. 2004 in Seattle (Berger) - $1575, We need volunteers to man it: Charles Schmidt?
· Stand-along website for classroom acoustics outreach (with SA) (Carr Everbach, Blomberg) - Blomberg obtained 3 appropriate domain names, all leading to site on classroom acoustics. Corporate sponsorship has been offered, but ASA limits commercial links. $1000 had been allocated but actual cost was $3000. [subsequently, Executive Council agreed to cover]
b.) 2004 (New York and San Diego)
· Young presenter awards - $ 500 x 2 meetings = $1000 requested
· Student receptions - $ 300 (no student reception at NYC meeting)
· Web page maintenance (Blomberg) - $300
· Virtual Classroom Student Design Competition (with AA, SC, PP) (Brooks) - $1500. Speech samples under different acoustical classroom conditions (noise, reverberation, etc.) Competition is a method to create examples to get website started. Like AA design competition. 3 awards? For San Diego meeting? Eventual target audience is the public. Diane Kewley-Port is leading this effort. [in Technical Council later, decided to put this idea on hold until next year]
· Travel support for speakers - $1500
8. Comments on this meeting
Speakers should wear lapel mics - hard to hear sometimes.
Best social hours.
Too far from downtown attractions.
Some noisy rooms.
Some rooms too small.
Some rooms had doors in front instead of back.
Need more computers/longer hours for internet service or router for laptops to connect.
Big problems with no-shows with foreign papers. Options:
         · state that anyone who cannot give a paper should formally withdraw their paper
· state that ASA may reject future abstracts from those who don't formally withdraw papers
· require registration fees with foreign abstracts
9. Old business
     U. of Minnesota will apply guidelines on Classroom acoustics website to classroom renovations. State of NH may have incorporated guidelines. Connecticut didn't.

10. New business
     Fidell gave distinguished lecture on Ldn and other metrics for rating airport noise. Can ASA put pressure on FAA to update/revisit issue of metrics? Issue for Public Policy? Call for papers?

11. Next meeting - Tuesday, 25 May 2004 or Thursday, 27 May 2004, 8:45 p.m. immediately following TC-AA meeting - New York

12. Adjourn

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