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Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics
of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA)



138th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America
Columbus, OH
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November 3,1999
Chair: Ron Freiheit
Secretary: Tony Hoover



138th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

November 3,1999 Columbus, Ohio

Chair: Ron Freiheit
Secretary: Tony Hoover


Thanks to:

  • Paper sorter: Angelo Campanella
  • Session chairs: Dick Campbell, Tony Hoover, Richard Godfrey, David Lubman, Scott Pfeiffer
  • Tribute Session for Daniel Martin: Dan Clayton & Douglas O’Keefe
  • Tribute Session for Buzz Towne: Angelo Campanella & Bill Cavanaugh
  • Distinguished Lecture: Malcolm Crocker
  • Knudsen Lecture: Larry Kirkegaard
  • Special Session- Organ Concert: Dan Clayton
  • Special Session- Tour of Southern Theater: David Kahn
  • Workshop- Themed Entertainment: Dana Hougland
  • Workshop- Concert Hall Acoustics(at Tanglewood): Bill Cavanaugh
  • All paper presenters


On behalf of TCAA, Ron Freiheit will send:

  • A card of condolences to Bill Cavanaugh on the passing of his mother
  • A get-well card to George Winzer after bypass surgery

From the Technical Committees meeting (report by Ron Freiheit):

  • Student Council, an experiment for the Atlanta meeting:
  • Dorie Najolia is the student (from Penn State) who will attend the Student Council meeting, selected by random drawing from the students present at the TCAA meeting. Dorie will receive $500 for travel expenses.
  • Students will meet with ASA President, Pat Kuhl, to discuss further student involvement.
  • Standards Committee has a goal to break even or become profitable by 2004. Hard copies of standards are available at this ASA meeting. Dan Johnson reported that the trend is to phase out hard copies in favor of on-line service.
  • A new issue of CD-ROMs of JASA from 1929 to 1996 is expected to be available at the Atlanta meeting. The new package will consist of ten CDs.
  • The CD-ROMs will be in a new format, not the currently-used Adobe format.
  • Neil Shaw reported that the projected price for a new package would be $200.
  • A new member status, “Affiliate Member”, will be established by ASA, with a lower fee (estimated to be $60 to $80), aimed at members of other societies and in other countries.
  • Affiliate members will receive JASA-Online, ARLO, announcements via e-mail, and calls-for-papers via e-mail, but they will not be able to hold offices or to vote.
  • Lou Sutherland suggested that benefits of full membership be advertised, and that there be a transitional fee toward full membership.
  • Greg Tocci reported from the Membership Committee that the details for qualification are to be determined.
  • ARLO (Acoustic Research Letters Online) is up and working. ARLO is a “fast-track” method for exchanging new information.
  • 25 articles have been done over the past six months.
  • Authors and reviewers are still needed. Reviewers are entered into a drawing for a laptop computer.
  • ASA Foundation currently has $312,753 with another $170,000 in pledges, and is looking for more donors, especially in the area of “uncommitted” funding. Lou Sutherland advised that corporate contacts should be directed to the Foundation.
  • Consider writing research and presentations for publication in JASA. David Quirt should be contacted for helpful advice on meeting JASA’s standards. David advised that JASA is searching for articles on Applied Acoustics, and that any articles should be delivered early for maximum efficiency.

Congratulations to New Fellows of ASA:

  • Bob Hellweg
  • Larry Kirkegaard
  • Ken Roy
  • Nancy Timmerman


Motion to approve by Neil Shaw, seconded by Dick Campbell. Approved unanimously.


Classroom Acoustics: Report from Lou Sutherland.

  • The third meeting of the Classroom Acoustics committee will be held on Friday and Saturday.
  • Lou invited anyone to actively participate and comment.
  • The committee’s goal is to finish an ANSI standard by May 2001.

Classroom Acoustics presentation materials: Report from Bob Coffeen.

  • Bob and his student, Robin Glosemeyer, passed out copies of the newly completed booklet, for overall review and comment. Note that Lou Sutherland and David Lubman have already favorably reviewed the booklet in detail.
  • The booklet uses simple terminology, primarily intended for non-acousticians.
  • PowerPoint presentations and overhead slides should be forthcoming.

TCAA Webpage: Report from Les Blomberg.

  • Les Blomberg, Angelo Campanella, Ron Freiheit, and Tony Hoover met Monday morning for a final review of the webpage. A complete demo will be available for review in one week, with revisions and additions anticipated for a final version by the Atlanta meeting.
  • The ASA Webpage will link to the TCAA Webpage, which is expected to be the primary access path.
  • TCAA members who wish to be listed on the webpage should send to Tony Hoover ( the following:

Member name, address, firm/company/association name, and e-mail address
One-sentence firm description, to be objective and relatively free of overt commercialism.

Concert Hall Research Group. Dick Campbell reported that the project is lacking personnel, but not funding. The data release date is uncertain.


Atlanta (May 30 –June 3, 2000)

  • TPOM representative will be Scott Pfeiffer.
  • Book Fair.
  • Any ASA author may bring and sell their books.
  • Bill Cavanaugh volunteered to generate and chair a panel discussion/session of authors.
  • Scott Pfeiffer motioned, Neil Shaw seconded, approved by unanimous consent.
  • Electronic Reverberation/Enhancement Session. Scott Pfeiffer will chair, unanimously approved at the Berlin meeting.
  • Poster Session on Learning Spaces:
  • Poster abstracts are needed by January 26,2000. Contact Brandon Tinianow (303/978-3767).
  • Session is co-sponsored by the Committee on Noise.
  • Posters from this session will be collected into a book, as in past sessions. The Books Committee has approved this book.
  • Methods for electronic submission will be in the call for papers.
  • Session on various aspects of learning spaces.
  • Brandon Tinianow volunteered to chair.
  • Brandon Tinianow motioned, David Lubman seconded, approved by unanimous consent.
  • Stadium Acoustics Session.
  • Jack Randorff and Bob Coffeen volunteered to chair at the Berlin meeting.
  • Bob Coffeen expects 7 or 8 papers.
  • Loudspeaker Design Competition
  • Neil Shaw will arrange and chair the session.
  • Neil is looking for help, suggestions on criteria, method of competition, and judges.
  • The session will be a poster competition, with awards based on the posters, lab notebooks, and prototypes. Awards will be roughly $500, with final amounts and criteria to be determined. Brandon Tinianow motioned, Angelo Campanella seconded, approved by unanimous consent.
  • A social will be held.
  • Invite/inform architectural schools.
  • Brandon Tinianow motioned, Bob Coffeen seconded, approved by unanimous consent.
  • Joe Pope noted the success of the social immediately preceding the TCAA meeting.
  • Committee on Noise, NCAC (National Council of Acoustical Consultants), and TCAA will host a student reception social at each future meeting. Ron Freiheit reported that the Executive Council has preapproved moneys for these socials.
  • Joe Pope motioned that we institutionalize a student reception social, Dick Campbell seconded, approved by unanimous consent.

Newport Beach (December 3-8, 2000)

  • IEC and ISO will meet before and after the Newport Beach meeting.
  • Session on Building Standards.
  • Ken Roy and Brandon Tinianow volunteered to chair.
  • Neil Shaw motioned, Steve Brown seconded, approved by unanimous consent.
  • Session on Outdoor Amphitheaters and Outdoor Noise.
  • Dana Hougland and Scott Pfeiffer volunteered to chair.
  • Scott Pfeiffer motioned, Neil Shaw seconded, approved by unanimous consent.
  • Session on Speech Privacy and Intelligibility.
  • Ken Roy volunteered to chair.
  • This session could be held jointly with Noisecon.
  • Neil Shaw motioned, Bob Coffeen seconded, approved by unanimous consent.
  • Session on Integration of Synthesized and Acoustical Music.
  • Dick Campbell and Tony Hoover volunteered to chair.
  • Neil Shaw motioned, Bob Coffeen seconded, approved by unanimous consent.
  • Session on Theme Parks
  • This would be a follow-up to the Themed Entertainment Workshop.
  • A chairperson is needed.

Election of a new TCAA chairperson. Ron Freiheit will form a nominating committee.

Chicago(June 4-8, 2001)

  • Possible session on Chicago-related acoustics was discussed.
  • Possible session on automobile-related acoustics was discussed.



  • Classroom Acoustics:
  • Bob Coffeen reported on estimated costs to print the brochure, roughly $2,500.
  • Neil Shaw motioned for $2,500, Angelo Campanella seconded, approved by unanimous consent.
  • AIA certification: Report by Ron Freiheit.
  • Proposed $500 for each year.
  • Ron Freiheit motioned, Scott Pfeiffer seconded, approved by unanimous consent.
  • Concert Hall Research Group: Dick Campbell reported that none of the $2,000 has been spent this year, and the CD-ROM is still in development.
  • TCAA Website: Les Blomberg reported that the $500 allotted would be spent.
  • Standard for data format/protocol for Classroom Acoustics: Rich Peppin reported that the format requires a protocol that is being done elsewhere, so no progress to date. Rich suggested returning the $500 previously allotted. No funds are requested or spent
  • 1999 Summer Institute on Concert Hall Acoustics: Tony Hoover reported for Bill Cavanaugh and Tim Foulkes (Assoc. Directors). The previously allotted $5,000 was neither requested nor needed. (The Tanglewood ’99 Institute was financially self-sustaining.) A report has been submitted to JASA for publication in the “Soundings” section of a future issue.


  • Student Design Competition (Atlanta)
  • Dana Hougland proposed $250 for seed money for the competition. Ron Freiheit motioned, Scott Pfeiffer seconded, approved with one opposed.
  • Bob Coffeen reported that the $750 award money is not necessary, because he can get donations for awards from other sources.
  • Travel for Students (Atlanta): $500 was proposed, motioned by Scott Pfeiffer, seconded by David Kahn, approved by unanimous consent.
  • Standard IEC TC29/ISO TC43 Meetings (Newport): $2,000 previously allotted. No discussion.
  • Website Maintenance: $300 has been preapproved. Dana Hougland motioned, Bob Coffeen seconded, approved by unanimous consent.
  • Student travel to Columbus: Ron Freiheit will request $500 from the Executive Committee. Dana Hougland motioned, Scott Pfeiffer seconded, approved by unanimous consent.


"Another 20 Years of Music Hall Experience," a book similar to the ASA publication comprised of posters at the Chicago ASA meeting in 1982.

  • Tony Hoover reported for Bill Cavanaugh that the time is right to do a follow-up book in this series. A logical time for a poster session with book publication thereafter would be the Chicago 2001 meeting.
  • Volunteers for a TCAA subcommittee to organize this effort are needed.

An ASA “Registry of Acoustical Places”, which would be organized and maintained along the lines of the National Registry of Historic Places.

  • Proposed by Tony Hoover on behalf of Bill Cavanaugh.
  • Bill Cavanaugh has volunteered to chair this effort.
  • Motion to proceed approved unanimously.

Members of TCAA: Persons who want to become members should see Ron Freiheit after the meeting.


No Reports.


No Reports.


Dan Clayton moved to adjourn, seconded by Angelo Campanella, approved by unanimous consent.

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