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Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics
of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA)


143rd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

4 June 2002; 7:30 PM; Pittsburgh, PA

Chair: K. Anthony Hoover; Secretary: Scott D. Pfeiffer


Thanks to:

  • Program Chair: Courtney B. Burroughs
  • Technical Chair: Richard M. Stern
  • Paper Sorters: David Marsh
  • All Session Chairs: Timothy J. Foulkes, Christopher A. Storch, Ian B. Hoffman, David E. Marsh, Carl P. Giegold, Lily M. Wang, Jesse J. Ehnert, Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham, Murray R. Hodgson
  • All paper presenters
  • First time attendees and students.


Review/Approval of TCAA meeting minutes from Ft. Lauderdale 2001 meeting, distributed Monday and Tuesday for review.


Classroom Acoustics:

  • Report on Status of Power Point Presentation: Bob Coffeen, Robin Glosmeyer
  • Report on ANSI standard adoption. Lou Southerland / David Lubman
  • Report on airing of the TV program. David Lubman
  • Report on status of reprints. Bob Coffeen

TCAA Web Page Update:

  • Minutes of past meetings provided, along with a current member list. Some members who signed up during the Chicago meeting may not have been included in the submission. Apologies for the error. Please sign up now.

Student Council Update - David Bradley

Concert Hall Research Group - Paul Calamia, Lily Wang, Tim Foulkes

Halls for Music Performance update:

  • Timothy J. Foulkes, Christopher A. Storch, Ian B. Hoffman, report from the books committee.

Student Design Competition Update - Lily Wang

  • On display Wednesday morning 10:30 AM in the Kings Garden South Room

New Subcommittee on University / Consultant Partnerships for research - Scott Pfeiffer

Newman Award Update - Bill Cavannaugh

Update on Bios and nominees for 101 careers in acoustics project. Charles Schmid


Congratulations to David E. Marsh for being named Fellow of the ASA.

Nominations of Fellows - Greg Tocci

Tour of Heinz Hall Wednesday. Sign-up Status. Scott Pfeiffer

Growth of TCAA and TCMU

AA, NCAC, NS, MU, and Speech are having a student reception Wednesday at 5:00 in Kings Garden South.

TCAA Appointments:

  • Medals and Awards Representative - Red Wetherill
  • ASACOS Representative - George Winzer

On-line Education Committee - Carr Everbach

  • Students looking for careers. Committee is looking for ideas to get students interested.


Cancun, Mexico December 2-6 2002.

  • TPOM Reps David Marsh and Ang Campenella July 26-28

Special Session Topics for Cancun are as follows:

  • Cancun:
    Deadline for Abstracts: 28 June 2002
    A CD ROM of voluntarily contributed papers will be made available for purchase at the meeting. All authors are encouraged to submit written versions of their papers for publication.
  • Special sessions are as follows:
    Acoustical Design at Hotels -David Marsh
    Acoustic Comfort in Architecture - Fausto Rodriquez, Prof. Elvira B. Viveiros Dr. Eng.Jose Negrete
    Ancient Acoustics - David Lubman
    Design of offices to enhance speech privacy and work performance -
    Duct acoustics and vibration - Prof. Jorge Arenas
    Music buildings in Mexico - Christopher Jaffee
    Recording in Mexico - Jose Negrete
    Scattering topics in room acoustics -
    Speech Intelligibility and metrics for the prediction and evaluation of intelligibility.

    Please identify yourself if you are the chair of those topics above and are not listed. Also, each session should have a Latin American counterpart, so please work with the general session organizers to determine plans for communicating with the society representative from each participating society.

Special Tutorials for Cancun - Topics and Presenters

  • TCAA
    Neil Shaw, Rick Talaske and Sylvio Bistafa “Architectural Acoustics”
    Monday, 2 December 2002, 7:00 PM-9:00 PM
  • TCNS
    Samir Gerges and Brandon Tinianov “Industrial Noise Control”
    Friday, 6 December 2002, 7:00 PM-9:00 PM

Student Reception in Cancun.

Registration Deadlines for Cancun:

  • Hotel: 15 October 2002
  • ASA Pre-registration: 4 November 2002

Nashville, TN April 28- May 2 2003

  • Special Session Topics for Nashville
  • TPOM Rep for Nashville.

Topical Meeting on Testifying. Jack Randorff
Austin, TX November 10-14 2003

  • Special Session Topics for Austin

New York, NY May 17-21 2004 (75th Anniversary of the ASA)
  Co-chairs Russell Johnson and Damien Doria
  75th Anniversary Committee, Chaired by Pat Kuhl and Leo Beranek

Vancouver, BC 2005, Joint with INCE

Hawaii, Dec. 2006, Joint with Internoise.


$750 for Student Paper Awards (Nashville and Austin)
$600 for Student Receptions (Nashville and Austin with NCAC&NS)
$300 for Web Site Maintenance



2002 International Symposium on Musical Acoustics (ISMA) will be held in Mexico City immediately following the Cancun Meeting, 9-13 December 2002.


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