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Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics
of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA)



142nd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

4 December 2001; 7:30 PM; Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Chair: K. Anthony Hoover; Secretary: Scott D. Pfeiffer


Thanks to:
  • Program Chair: Joe Cuschieri
  • Paper Sorters: Lily Wang & David Marsh
  • All Session Chairs:
  • All paper presenters


Review/Approval of TCAA meeting minutes from Chicago 2001 meeting. Approved pending review. One week time-frame given for receipt of amendments. (Secretary's note: Lily Wang provided input and corrections were made).


Classroom Acoustics:
Thanks for efforts were offered to Lou Southerland and David Lubman.
  • Report on Status of Power Point Presentation: As of the time of the meeting, it was not ready for distribution.
  • Report on ANSI standard adoption. David Lubman reported that the draft was turned in Nov. 15 / Public review period will end Dec. 31st. Adoption January 2002 under S12.60-2002.
  • Report on TV report. David Lubman continued to report that the show is "in the can". It should air this spring on TV and the internet.

TCAA Web Page Update:

  • Classroom Acoustics Links provided.
  • Minutes of past meetings provided there as well.
  • NCAC links maintained.

Student Council Update

  • David Bradley provided an update. There is to be a student council section on the website. News for students would be provided there, and the prior student receptions will be continued during this meeting.

Concert Hall Research Group

  • Paul Calamia / Lily Wang have received no comments on the "draft" CDs.

Special Session Topics for Pittsburgh and Cancun are as follows:

  • Pittsburgh:
    Halls for Music Performance: Another Two Decades of Experience: 1982-2002 (Poster Session)
    Auditorium and Concert Hall Acoustics
    Adaptive Reuse of Vaudeville and Movie Palaces for Modern Music and Theater Performance
    Computer Modeling in Acoustical Consulting
    Acoustics of Meeting Facilities
    Perceptual Aspects of Real and Virtual Rooms
  • Cancun:
    Acoustical Design at Hotels
    Acoustic Comfort in Architecture
    Ancient Acoustics
    Design of offices to enhance speech privacy and work performance
    Duct acoustics and vibration
    Music buildings in Mexico
    Recording in Mexico
    Scattering topics in room acoustics
    Speech Intelligibility and metrics for the prediction and evaluation of intelligibility.

Short Courses for Cancun - Topics and Presenters

  • Neil Shaw, Rick Talaske and Sylvio Bistafa "Architectural Acoustics"
  • Samir Gerges and Brandon Tinianov "Industrial Noise Control"

ASA Registry of Acoustic Places - No update provided.

Halls for Music Performance update:

  • Second poster session being held in Pittsburgh to allow for some to participate that did not in the first session before proceeding with the book.
  • A need for clarification of the book publishing process and the communication with appropriate societal committees was identified by Neil Shaw.


New member names to be submitted at the end of the calendar year.
Name Email
Rendell R. Torres, Ph.D.
Steven Brown, Ph.D.
Quinsan Ciao or
Felicia Doggett
Brijitte Schulle-Farkamp
Fausio Rodriguez
Ralph Muehleisen

In addition to all those whose term will be up.

Miguel Junger talk was announced to encourage attendance.

Jerry Lily was recognized as a new Fellow of the ASA

The next Student Design Competition was announced by Lily Wang

A new subcommittee on Research was proposed by Scott Pfeiffer to match up consultants and schools where consultants could generate and fund research projects by students and faculty. Concept received support. Direction to be confirmed and explored by members of the subcommittee. All volunteers taken for membership. Sub-committee membership to be reopened at Pittsburgh meeting.

The Newman Award is moving under ASA/TCAA control under the care of Bill Cavanaugh and David Egan. Donna Ellis was identified as proof of the success of the program.


Pittsburgh, PA June 3-7

  • Abstracts with PACs due by February 1st.
  • TPOM Reps Feb. 15-16. David Marsh expected to attend.

Cancun, Mexico December 2-6 2002.

  • TPOM Reps David Marsh and Ang Campenella

Nashville, TN April 28- May 2 2003
Austin, TX November 10-14 2003
New York, NY May 17-21 2004 (75th Anniversary of the ASA)
Vancouver, BC 2005?


Bennett Brooks identified the following technical initiatives:
$750 For student paper awards
$500 for AIA certification

other TI's include:
$600 for Student Receptions (Pittsburgh and Cancun with NCAC&NS)
$750 for Student Paper Awards (Nashville and Austin)
$600 for Student Receptions (Nashville and Austin with NCAC&NS)
$300 for Web Site Maintenance

Charles Schmid moved to provide $500 for printing of Classroom Acoustics brochure. Motion was seconded, and passed unanimously.


Charles Schmid asked for Bios and nominees for 101 careers in acoustics project.


Paul Schomer alerted the TCAA to activity on TC108, Mechanical vibration and shock, Standardization in the field of mechanical vibration and shock and condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines.


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