Invitation to Join the Coalition for Classroom Acoustics

The Coalition's Mission Statement

Dear Colleagues:

As an organizational participant in the December 1997 Classroom Acoustics conference in Los Angeles or an identified supporter of the subject, you are invited to join the above organizations in an active program to overcome acoustic barriers to learning in the classroom.

Specifically, we invite you to join in a short term and long term effort, namely:

1) to join with the above organizations in responding by July 30 to the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board's Request for Information (RFI) on classroom acoustics.

2) take whatever action needed by your organization to formally join the Coalition for longer term action on classroom acoustics.

Concerning Item 1, while it is important for all of our organizations to respond individually to the RFI, we feel that a generic response letter from a coalition of organizations will have a significant impact in demonstrating the urgency of this issue and the collaborative efforts that are being taken to improve it.

We propose that this letter would identify the Coalition organizations and convey the unanimity of all of us in this common objective while respecting differences of opinion that may be put forth in the various RFI responses.

Since we are operating on a very short time line to meet the required July 30 RFI response deadline, this communication is sent as a "heads up notice" via email to the organizational representatives we have been able to identify.

If you are not the appropriate individual within your organization for this activity, please forward this letter on as quickly as possible. Once a generic RFI response letter is prepared, it will be sent to all Coalition organizations for final approval as soon as possible before July 30 to allow time for your review.

Relative to the longer-term action, we have attached a copy of the DRAFT Coalition Mission Statement which outlines the goals and objectives for further, more enduring action by the Coalition.

On behalf of the undersigned preparers of this Invitation, we want to thank you for your continued efforts and support. Should you have questions, please address them to each of the persons named below so that we can be sure to provide you with a timely response. In order to expedite the Coalition response, please return e-mail the following information:

Name of Organization ____________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

Contact Person________________________________________________________ E-mail________________________________ phone__________________ FAX__________________________________

1. __ Yes, our organization would like to join in signing a generic letter of response to the Access Board's RFI given the opportunity to review the letter before July 30.

2. __ Our organization is also preparing a response to the Request for Information (RFI)

3. ___ Yes, our organization would also like to become a member of the Coalition.

4. ____ Our organization will supply comments later on the attached Mission Statement for this Coalition

5. ____ We are interested but our organization needs more information before making a commitment.

6. ____ No, we are not interested in joining the Coalition at this time.

We all sincerely hope you will join with us in this vital effort for the benefit of learning for, and development of excellence in, our children - the foundation of our future society.

Most cordially,

- Organizing Committee for Dec. 1997 Workshop on Classroom Acoustics

E-mail coordinator, Mike Nixon: (612) 745-0315