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City Farms -- Sacramento's Organic Garden & Landscape Company · Design, Installation, and Maintenance · Contact Keith Lenz at (916) 453-8535 · Doesn't even own a blower! The healthful alternative that doesn't necessarily cost more.

Distinctive Lawn Care -- Quality lawn care with minimal disruption · Serving residential exclusively in East Sacramento, Curtis Park, and South Land Park · Contact Sean-Robert at (916) 733-6698 or cell phone 916 947-7196 · Never uses blowers.

Heede Landscape Co. -- Complete Landscape Services · Licensed - Insured - Bonded · 5901 17th Avenue, Sacramento CA 95820 · (916) 457-2947 · Will work without blowers on request; won't necessarily charge more depending on what the customer wants done.

Robert La Place -- Serving all areas of Sacramento · P.O. Box 854, Walnut Grove CA 95690 · (916) 776-2194 · Will work without blower on request.

Living Resources Company--Owned and operated by Steve Zien - Organic landscape management services including soil analysis, custom organic fertilizer formulation and application, organic pest management, aeration, consultation, and more (no mowing) - (916) 726-5377 - Never uses leaf blowers or toxic chemical pesticides.

Jose Lucero -- Full-service yard care with a special concern for safety · Serving downtown and nearby Curtis Park/Land Park areas · (916) 668-0471 or pager 815-0518 · Will work without blower on request.

Dan McAulay -- Land Park, South Land Park, River Park · High-end residential planting and maintenance · Flower beds, bushes, small trees, fruit tree pruning (no lawns) · Attention to detail and artistry · (916) 925-2952 · Never uses blowers.

Salvador's Lawn Service -- Full-service lawn care including sod installation · Serving Curtis Park, East Sacramento, Land Park, and Pocket · (916) 665-9256 or pager 450-8061 · Will work without blower on request.

Wayne Wato -- Full-service yard care including expert pruning · South Area, East Sacramento, and Carmichael · (916) 443-1437 · Will work without blower on request.

Call 454-5173 if you know a gardener who would like to be added to this list!

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