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NPC Noise News: Flight Paths of Stage Two Planes May Change at Albuquerque, New Mexico Airport As a Result of Recent Noise Study (score 13).
(Albuquerque Journal, January 8, 1998) The Albuquerque Journal reports that Albuquerque International (New Mexico) Airport officials and a consultant conducting a noise study have been working with airlines and the FAA to change some flight patterns to reduce noise to nearby residents. As a result, some of the older, noisier planes that have plagued residents of Southeast Heights, Albuquerque may start turning south away from the city after taking off. The noisier, stage two airplanes, which include Boeing 727s, must be phased out or outfitted with "hush kits" by 2000.
NPC Noise News: Citizens' Group Takes on Noise in Albuquerque (score 12).
(Albuquerque Journal, February 18, 1999) The Albuquerque Journal reports a citizens' group is working to update Albuquerque's noise laws.
NPC Noise News: Albuquerque Residents Concerned about Noise, Pollution, Danger from News Helicopters (score 12).
(Albuquerque Journal, March 5, 1998) The Albuquerque Journal reports residents of an Albuquerque, New Mexico, neighborhood claim they've lost their peace and quiet to television-news helicopters that frequently fly over their homes.
NPC Noise News: Albuquerque, New Mexico Noise Ordinance to be Rewritten (score 11).
(Albuquerque Tribune, April 11, 2000) The Albuquerque Tribune reports that Albuquerque mayor Jim Baca wants the city's noise ordinance to be rewritten.
NPC Noise News: Albuquerque City Council To Hire Noise Enforcement Officer (score 11).
(Albuquerque Tribune, March 24, 2000) The Albuquerque Tribune reported that Jay Czar, head of the Albuquerque International Sunport is scheduled to interview four people for the newly created position of Noise Abatement Officer.
NPC Noise News: Albuquerque, New Mexico Mayor Wants Airport Takeoffs to Turn South Instead of North to Avoid Communities (score 11).
(Albuquerque Journal, September 9, 1999) The Albuquerque Journal reports that the Mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico wants flights to always avoid northern communities by turning to the South after takeoff instead of North. The FAA is resisting the change, saying that routing all takeoffs to the South may cause safety problems, since many landings arrive from the South. Older planes, whether outfitted with noise-reducing hush-kits or not, gain altitude less quickly and cause the worst noise impact; most of these planes already take off to the South. Also, the North-South Runway closed in 1997 and helped to reduce the noise impact on the Northern communities.
NPC Noise News: Albuquerque, New Mexico Noise Ordinance Needs to be Consistent and Properly Enforced (score 10).
(Albuquerque Journal, April 14, 2000) The Albuquerque Journal published an editorial about a proposed Albuquerque noise ordinance. The writer believes that a noise ordinance is a good idea, but the city needs to make sure that the ordinance will be backed up with proper enforcement ability.
NPC Noise News: Albuquerque Considers Ordinance Restricting Heliports after Residents Complain of Noise from TV News Helicopters (score 10).
(Albuquerque Tribune, September 4, 1998) The Albuquerque Tribune reports the Albuquerque, New Mexico, Environmental Planning Commission is considering an ordinance restricting heliports after residents complained of noise from news helicopters that take off and land near their homes.
NPC Noise News: Albuquerque, New Mexico Plans to Add Noise Control Officer Position, Revise Noise Law (score 10).
(Albuquerque Journal, May 8, 1999) The Albuquerque Journal reports that Albuquerque, New Mexico has requested $66,000 to buy noise monitoring equipment and create a new noise control position to help address the issue of urban noise. Though no noise control position existed, 6,000 hours of staff time were used dealing with noise complaints and related permits last year: the same as three full-time positions. The new position will focus on working with developers to curb noise before it becomes a problem, as well as responding to complaints, issuing permits, and educating the public.
NPC Noise News: Changes in Land-use Policies Recommended to Mitigate the Impact of Airport Noise in Albuquerque, New Mexico (score 10).
(Albuquerque Journal, August 13, 1998) The Albuquerque Journal reports that noise consultants are recommending new land-use policies for the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico and the surrounding county to help mitigate the impact of airport noise.
NPC Noise News: Albuquerque International Sunport Airport Will Attempt to Limit Noise over Residents while Main Runway in Under Repair in New Mexico (score 10).
(Albuquerque Journal, April 4, 1998) The Albuquerque Journal reported that the Albuquerque International Sunport Airport in New Mexico was scheduled to shut the airport's main east-west runway for several weeks beginning April 11, 1998 for repairs. That means neighborhoods north of the airport will have to endure the noise from planes using the north-south and northeast-southwest runways to take off and land.
NPC Noise News: Albuquerque City Council Against the Sound Wall (score 9).
(Albuquerque Tribune, February 18, 2000) The Albuquerque Journal reported on a decision by the city's environmental planning commission to approve the construction of a 10-foot-high, 1,900-foot-long sound barrier against traffic noise near San Mateo Boulevard, a main thoroughfare.
NPC Noise News: Planners In New Mexico Consider Airport Noise In Decision About Proposed Development (score 5).
(Albuquerque Tribune, December 5, 1997) The Albuquerque Tribune reports that Albuquerque, New Mexico area officials are considering a proposal for an enormous development project on a vast tract of open mesa. Among the concerns for the project are the impact of jet noise from a nearby airport on the potential community.
NPC Noise News: Albuqeurque Noise Walls Modified on I-40 (score 5).
(Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, New Mexico), January 24, 1998) The Albuquerque Journal reports that this week in Albuquerque, New Mexico, sections of noise walls recently installed along Interstate 40 near the Rio Grande were adjusted after property owners complained.
NPC Noise News: TV Helicopters Break New Mexico City's Noise Laws; City Officials Want to Mediate Problem (score 5).
(Albuquerque Journal, July 21, 1998) The Albuquerque Journal reports that a recent study in Albuquerque, New Mexico found that three area television stations have news helicopters that operate above the city's noise laws. The article notes that the city monitored the stations helicopter ports in March and April in response to residents' complaints about the noise, fumes, and potential danger of the helicopters taking off and landing near their homes. City officials have offered to set up meetings between the news stations and the residents. Some residents said they are unhappy with the city's response.
NPC Noise News: Activist Who is Hard of Hearing Uniquely Positioned to Advocate for Peace and Quiet (score 5).
(Albuquerque Journal, October 2, 1998) The Albuquerque Journal reports how one man, Stephen Frazier, is speaking out against loud background music and other noise.
NPC Noise News: Aircraft Association Appeals to New Mexico City Mayor to Reopen Runway (score 3).
(The Weekly of Business Aviation, May 19, 1997) The Weekly of Business Aviation reports that the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has asked Albuquerque, New Mexico Mayor Martin Chavez to reopen Runway 17/35 at Albuquerque International Airport, saying that during times of strong wind, the runway is the only safe one available. AOPA believes the mayor may have closed the runway because of noise concerns.
NPC Noise News: New Mexico Noise Activists Hire National Noise Experts (score 3).
(Albuquerque Journal, March 25, 2000) The Albuquerque Journal reported that Airport Neighbors Alliance, a grassroots campaign against jet noise, received the help of two national noise experts to help them challenge jet noise from the Albuquerque International Sunport.
NPC Noise News: San Pedro, NM Residents Protest Proposed Gravel Pit (score 2).
(Albuquerque Journal, June 15, 1999) The Albuquerque Journal reports residents near a proposed gravel pit in San Pedro, NM fear noise from the pit will destroy their lifestyle.
NPC Noise News: Proposed Ampitheater In New Mexico On Hold (score 2).
(The Albuquerque Journal, February 20, 1998) The Albuquerque Journal reports that a regional ampitheater in Bernalillo County, New Mexico
NPC Noise News: Santa Fe, New Mexico Noise Ordinance Soon to Be Passed In an Attempt to Quiet Boom Boxes and Car Stereos (score 2).
(The Santa Fe New Mexica, November 17, 1999) The Santa Fe New Mexica reports that Santa Fe, New Mexico is close to passing a proposed ordinance which would fine operators of loud stereos as much as $500 if they can be heard from 25 feet away. Car-stereo clubs say that their members will be restricted more than necessary, and even city officials from Albuquerque says that 25 feet will mean that even reasonable music volumes will be subject to fines.
NPC Noise News: Bird Sanctuary Owner in La Mesa, New Mexico Told to Enclose His Unroofed Bird Sanctuary After Neighbors' Noise Complaints (score 2).
(Albuquerque Journal, May 14, 1999) The Albuquerque Journal reports that the owner of Albuquerque Aviaries, a bird sanctuary for 600-800 exotic birds, has been told by the city planning department that he must enclose his open-roofed business to reduce the noise. After neighbors complained last year, he was told he needed a conditional use permit, which was denied to him unless he constructs a roof which would cost up to $15,000. He plans to take his case to City Council.
NPC Noise News: New Mexico City Officials Call for Quieter Airport (score 2).
(Albuquerque Journal, January 11, 2000) The Albuquerque Journal reported that city officials approved an airport noise abatement ordinance, calling for changes at Santa Fe Municipal Airport.
NPC Noise News: The City of Sante Fe Seeks to Put a Stop to NightClub Noise. (score 2).
(Albuquerque Journal, April 7, 1998) The Albuquerque Journal reports that city officials of Sante Fe, New Mexico have been attempting for over a year to put a stop to the noise from a local nightclub.
NPC Noise News: La Mesa, New Mexico Man to Appeal a Permit Denial for his Noisy Aviary (score 2).
(Albuquerque Journal, May 13, 1999) The Albuquerque Journal reports that the owner of La Mesa, New Mexico Albuquerque Aviary will appeal the planning board's decision not to issue him a needed permit. Neighbors complained that his open-roofed aviary, housing at least 600 exotic birds, creates too much noise. He was then told to apply for a permit, which was denied.
NPC Noise News: New Mexico Village Residents Oppose Expansion of Tortilla Factory, Citing Constant Noise from Coolers and Air Compressors (score 2).
(Albuquerque Journal, November 25, 1997) The Albuquerque Journal reports that residents in the village of Los Ranchos, New Mexico are opposing the proposed expansion of the Albuquerque Tortilla Co., saying the constant noise from coolers and air compressors already is a nuisance. The tortilla factory is seeking a zone change from "commercial" to "special use" to operate a new warehouse.
NPC Noise News: Air Force Proposes Bomber Training in New Mexico (score 1).
(The Albuquerque Journal, March 10, 1998) The Albuquerque Journal reports that a U.S. Air Force proposal for bomber training in rural New Mexico has residents inflamed.
NPC Noise News: New Mexico County Passes Noise Ordinance (score 1).
(Albuquerque Journal, July 17, 1998) The Albuquerque Journal reports that Grant County Commissioners in Silver City, New Mexico approved a noise ordinance Tuesday that took effect immediately.
NPC Noise News: National Parks Noisy and Congested with Traffic, National Conservation Group Says (score 1).
(Gannett News Service (Washington, DC), March 17, 1998) Gannett News Service reports vacationers may be shocked at discovering smog, traffic congestion, and noise from jet skis and sightseeing planes in national parks this summer.
NPC Noise News: Sante Fe, NM, Lounge Agrees to Noise Restrictions (score 1).
(Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM), May 15, 1998) The Albuquerque Journal reports Santa Fe, New Mexico, city councilors on Wednesday adopted an agreement between the city and El Farol Restaurant & Lounge, ending a lengthy noise dispute with the nightclub.
NPC Noise News: Taos, New Mexico, Will Fight Noisy Air Force Training Flights (score 1).
(Albuquerque Journal, April 15, 1999) The Albuquerque Journal reports government officials and residents on Wednesday unanimously opposed a proposed low-level military flight training route across northern New Mexico.
NPC Noise News: Recent Visitors to Santa Fe, New Mexico Discover There is No Law Against Noisy Trucks (score 1).
(The Santa Fe New Mexican, January 5, 1998) An article in the Santa Fe New Mexican recounted the experiences of two recent visitors to Santa Fe, New Mexico who were treated to the sound of diesel engines all night during their stay. The vacationing couple spent a long, sleepless night in their hotel room, discovering that Santa Fe does not have any laws concerning noisy trucks.
NPC Noise News: Santa Fe, New Mexico, Takes Action Against Bar after Noise Complaints (score 1).
(Albuquerque Journal, September 30, 1998) The Albuquerque Journal reports a popular night spot in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico, is forbidden from offering live music until the bar's owner complies with the city's noise ordinance, a city official said Tuesday.
NPC Noise News: Letters to the Editor About California Airport Facility (score 1).
(San Diego Union Tribune, March 25, 2000) The San Diego Union Tribune printed letters to the editor regarding Miramar military base as a choice for an international airport. The letters are printed in their entirety.
NPC Noise News: Editorial States that Santa Fe, New Mexico's New Noise Laws Could Wait; Loud Car Stereos Have Been Turned Down Recently In Good Faith, and House-Partiers May Follow Suit (score 1).
(The Santa Fe New Mexica, December 1, 1999) The Santa Fe New Mexica prints an editorial asserting that Santa Fe, New Mexico's noise laws don't need to be amended just yet. City Council had originally proposed stiff fines for noise offenders, but clubs representing those with loud car stereos have been voluntarily turning their music down after 10 p.m. This has quieted the council, but house partiers need to do the same or risk overkill restrictions.
NPC Noise News: New Mexico Town Considers Exempting Ice Cream Trucks From Noise Ordinance (score 1).
(Albuquerque Journal, July 29, 1998) The Albuquerque Journal reports that the Village Council in Corrales, New Mexico will consider amending its noise ordinance to exempt ice cream truck vendors. The article says the council voted unanimously Tuesday to consider the issue next month.
NPC Noise News: Santa Fe Airport Neighbors Seek Noise Abatement Ordinance (score 1).
(Albuquerque Tribune, October 15, 1998) The Albuquerque Tribune reports a group of airport neighbors contend Santa Fe Airport officials are ignoring complaints about too many low-flying ear-piercing planes over homes in New Mexico at all hours.
NPC Noise News: Residents in New Mexico Complain About Noisy Training Flights (score 1).
(Albuquerque Journal, July 15, 1998) The Albuquerque Journal reports that residents living near the Four Corners Regional Airport in Farmington, New Mexico are angry about noise from the training flights initiated by the Mesa Air Group. According to the article, residents had hoped that after Mesa Air Group officials announced recently they would be moving their operation, that the noisy training flights would leave the area. But Mesa officials said their subsidiary, the pilot training company Mesa Pilot Development, would remain at the airport and would be increasing flights. Residents are expected to air their complaints at a meeting today of the Farmington Airport Advisory Commission. The commission plans to make a recommendation to the City Council on how to resolve the problem.
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