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Regulate Small Noisy Aircraft

Is your neighborhood plagued by small noisy aircraft? Part of the problem is that the FAA has allowed them to be noisy. And they don't plan on doing anything about the noise. That is why we are asking you to please take 20 minutes to write comments to the FAA objecting to the absence of regulations requiring the muffling of noise from aircraft weighing less than 75,000 pounds.

The FAA recently published its Draft Aviation Noise Abatement Policy and is asking for comments. The last revision occurred in 1976, so it is likely that we will be stuck with this new policy for 25 more years. This draft relies on voluntary agreements by aircraft owners to buy quieter equipment. (See Section 5.4 of the Draft Policy, discussing Stage 1 and Stage 2 phaseouts). Regulations are needed for craft less than 75,000 pounds, just like those for craft more than 75,000 pounds, requiring at least a 10 dB decrease from existing noise levels.

Federal law 49 U.S.C. 44715 directs the FAA to prescribe and amend aircraft noise standards regardless of weight, and it is time for the FAA to address noise from small craft. Please write to the FAA and tell them to require quieter planes less than 75,000 pounds. Tell them how these craft effect your quality of life.

Send comments in triplicate to:
Federal Aviation Administration
Office of the Chief Counsel
Attention: Rules Docket (AGC-200)
Docket No. [30109]
800 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20591

You may also submit your comments via email.
Click here for instructions.

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