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Regulate Helicopters as Well as Experimental and Ultra-Light Aircraft the Same as Other Aircraft

Helicopters and ultralight aircraft are virtually unregulated. They are allowed to fly at any height (that the pilot deems safe), any route (except in regulated airspace), any time, with any frequency, and they are permitted to hover or circle at will. In addition, they often land and take off from residential areas, and are not required to use new quieter technology.

As a result of the lack of oversight, helicopters are used in a manner that destroys the health and well being of citizens near heliports, impacting urban, suburban, and wilderness areas (in the case of helicopter tourism).

Please write to the FAA and tell them to:

Send comments in triplicate to:
Federal Aviation Administration
Office of the Chief Counsel
Attention: Rules Docket (AGC-200)
Docket No. [30109]
800 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20591

You may also submit your comments via email.
Click here for instructions.

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